July 14, 2024
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CSN Communications Directorate takes Media Education Workshop to Jos Seminary

With the evolving technological advancement in the media and communication world, which has attracted serious concerns about it ethical usage and appropriate application in relation to morality and evangelization, the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria, through the National Directorate of Social Communications, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), organised an intensive Media Education Workshop for all major seminarians in the various major seminaries in Nigeria.

The pilot edition currently ongoing at the St. Augustine, Major Seminary in Jos, started on Thursday, February 14 is expected to end on Saturday, February 16, 2024. It is designed to educate the seminarians on the responsible use of media and its role in modern communication. The scope of the training is holistically tailored towards equipping the seminarians with the necessary skills to engage with the media thoughtfully and ethically, and to empower them to become informed communicators and advocates for truth and justice in an increasingly digital world.

The National Director of Social Communications and training pedagogue, Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Michael Nsikak Umoh, pointedly emphasized the vital role of seminarians as future leaders of the church and influencers in the society. He went further to highlight the need for religious institutions to embrace media education and empower their members to navigate the complex media landscape with integrity and discernment.

The Media Education Workshop incorporates interactive sessions, group discussions, and practical exercises to enhance participant’s understanding of media concepts and tools, and how to critically analyze media content and discern misinformation. It is organised for all major seminarians across all major seminaries in Nigeria as a forward-looking step by the Church towards building and fostering a media-literate clergy in Nigeria.

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