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CSN Education Unit holds Workshop for Diocesan Directors and Secretaries of Education

Advocates for affordable fees in Catholic Schools

By Emmanuel Eko

The Education Unit under the Church and Society Department at the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN) organized a three-day workshop on Project Management, Supervision, and Reporting for Catholic Directors and Secretaries of Education in Nigeria from May 21-23, 2024. The event took place at the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria.

In his welcome address presented virtually, the CBCN Chairman for Education, Most Rev. Moses Chikwe, acknowledged the efforts of the directors who attended the workshop despite the challenges of insecurity, the harsh Nigerian economy, and their busy schedules. He praised the CBCN Secretary for Education, Rev. Fr. Dominic Umo, and the organizers for their dedication to enhancing the knowledge and skills of those in educational leadership roles in the church.

Rev. Fr. Michael Banjo, the Deputy Secretary General and Director of Pastoral Affairs, representing the Secretary General, Rev. Fr. Zacharia Nyantiso Samjumi, welcomed the participants and expressed his gratitude for the Education Unit’s initiative in providing the capacity-building workshop. He hoped and prayed for a fulfilling session for all attendees.

Dr. Emmanuel Okechukwu, CSN Health Secretary, delivered a paper emphasizing the need for financial sustainability in Catholic schools in Nigeria. He highlighted that nearly 67% of Nigerians live in multidimensional poverty (NBS 2022), making it difficult for many families to afford Catholic education. Okechukwu advocated for alternative funding methods to make schools more accessible, suggesting that schools could explore investments in assets and financial instruments, and engage in ventures like tree-planting, bakeries, farms, and poultry to ensure long-term sustainability and reduce reliance on only tuition fees.

By focusing on creative funding solutions and resource management, the workshop aimed to equip educational leaders with the tools needed to improve the affordability and sustainability of Catholic education in Nigeria.

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