July 25, 2024
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Kukah charges President Tinubu to end senseless killings of Nigerians

Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah, has charged President Bola Tinubu, to find a way in putting a permanent end to killings of Nigerians by whatever means or name.

Kukah in his Christmas message with a theme, “Time to Reclaim Nigeria’s Greatness”  and made available to our correspondent in Sokoto on Monday said the President, having got what he always wishes for, as the President of the country must use his wealth of experience to end the ugly instrumentalization of religious, ethic or regional identities.
He also spoke on the 2023 elections and it’s consequences on the nation so far,  and called on leaders on every front  to as a matter of urgency to find healing as soon as possible. He explained that this is not an easy job for any nation and there are no short cuts to nation building.
He however said  the last few years did test our collective resolve to stay united. “Now, the government must devise strategies for achieving reconciliation which has eluded us.
“Our injuries are not invisible. Very many national Conferences have been held to chart a way forward. The trove of grievances and hopes are there and all the govern needs to do is to dust them up. No need to re-invent the wheel or attempt some new diagnosis.
He further said, “Mr. President, Sir, congratulations and a happy Christmas. Now, you have what you prayed for, what you dreamt of, what you longed for. For the better part of over twenty years, you have plotted to be our President. For years, you campaigned for a new Nigeria through restructuring or overhauling the defective machinery of the Nigerian state.
“For years, you fought the military and other forms of dictatorships. For years, you fought for the victims of a deep state. For years, you sought to create an egalitarian society. For years, you sought a just society. For years you have built networks with individuals, communities and institutions. Now is harvest time.
“You are on the driving seat now. Under your watch, Nigeria must turn the corner. Under your watch, we must end the ugly instrumentalization of religious, ethnic or regional identities. You have had enough time to think of the answers to many questions that are crying for answers. Your future and that of our country is in your hands.
” Mr President, you have no excuses before God or the people of Nigeria. Neither God nor history will not forgive you if you fail. This is our moment, our date with history. Now, all eyes and ears are on you. Our prayers for a united country are with you.
“We have seen the first faltering steps of policy decisions which have elicited a mixture of controversy, anxiety and praise. This is to be expected. You have promised us a Renewed Hope Agenda, but know that hope has worn thin in our dear nation.
“Nigerians have almost lost hope in the fact that a government can really and truly care for them. Nigerians have lost hope in the fact that our politicians will put our interests first and find a way to deal with the cancer of corruption. We had lost hope in being united again given the seeds of division that had been sown. Ignite our hope again, Sir.
“We now have seen some renewed hope in your effort to run an inclusive government. We want an end to partisanship. The problems of Nigeria are deep seated and they are based on a culture of corruption that has become the foundation stone of governance. This evil structure has to be dismantled.
Nigeria’s problems will not be resolved by palliatives. The problems deep and are structural. Please do not be afraid to reset the template of power no matter the cultural or historical myths. We are tired of promises and stories. We want evidence we can see and touch.
“Mr. President the killings of Nigerians by whatever name must end and end now. These senseless killings, abductions, extortions and kidnappings have to end and the sacredness and sanctity of human life restored. Blasphemy laws have no place in a democracy. We are not in a theocracy.
“Those who take life by whatever means must be fished out and punished. A culture of compensation to victims must be institutionalised and states must take full responsibility while criminals or those who hide them are fished out.  We cannot go on this way. The seeds of hatred that have sprouted in Gaza show us the consequences of allowing a culture of distorted narratives to grow among us.
“You must rid the public service of criminals who have turned the opportunity to serve into an ignoble enterprise. We concede that there are millions of decent men and women who genuinely wish to serve but are crushed by the deadweight of corrupt ogas at the top who use corruption as their oxygen! This surgery must happen if you are to succeed in any of your dreams of delivering much needed services to our people.
“To be able to have credibility, your Renewed Hope agenda must be based on a solid foundation of faith and hope for the restoration of glory for our country. So far, a few of your key policies have unleashed a raft of suffering on the masses of our people. There must be a deliberate effort to restore hope on the faces of the poor and vulnerable in our society.
“We have heard the familiar stories of empty treasuries, and the efforts at investigations. We wait to see if anything will be different. Lay the foundation for ending the unnecessary sufferings of our people”
Kukah also appealed to Nigerians to continue to have faith in the country and stay the course in hope. “God will do great things for our nation, but we each must renew our commitment towards self-examination and repentance.
“Good politics and good politicians can bring about change, but all of these require the commitment and honesty of citizens to be honest at all levels. I therefore call on Christians in particular in this season to become real models of our faith.
“The call to be a Christian is not a call to join an Association or a Club. The fourteenth century English poet Alexander Pope who said, “Christ may be born a thousand times in Bethlehem, but if he is not born in your heart, his birth has no meaning for you.”

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