June 14, 2024
Reflections / Sermons

Prayer for Free, Fair and Peaceful Elections in Nigeria

Catholic Bishops of Nigeria present prayer for free and fair election in Nigeria.
Please join in this prayer for Nigeria at this critical time.

God Our Father
As we stand at the threshold
Of fresh general elections in Nigeria, 
We your children come before you, 
Conscious of how we have misused 
Your gifts and blessings in our country 
Since we started our new democratic journey. 
We also humbly acknowledge how we all,
Leaders and followers, have turned away from You
And favoured corruption, impunity and violence.
We admit that we have allowed greed, hatred and fraud
To permeate and mar our elections up till now  
Merciful Lord, we turn to You,
Pleading for mercy and pardon.
Strip us of greed, corruption and impunity.
Cause your Holy Spirit to expel from us
All unjust tendencies and fraudulent practices
Rid us of the evils of vote-selling, vote-buying and election rigging.
All-powerful and Benevolent God,
Without You, we cannot succeed,
Left to our own devices, we cannot progress. 
We therefore fall on our knees, seeking your intervention. 
Transform our electoral officials into impartial and incorruptible umpires.
Fill them with the spirit of patriotism, justice and fairness 
So that they may conduct free, fair and credible elections.
Make our votes count transparently
That we may have honest, true and just election results.
 Oh God of justice and love,
Inspire us to vote solely for the common good of our nation
So that we may elect visionary, honest and competent leaders,
With hearts that beat for the welfare of one and all in our nation.
Enable us to embrace and usher in 
A new dawn in Nigeria through these elections 
So that our children can look forward with hope 
To a more bright, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria. 
We ask all this through Jesus Christ our Lord – Amen.
Mother Mary, Queen of Nigeria, intercede for us.


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Prayer for Free, Fair and Peaceful Elections in Nigeria

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