By CSN Media

The Emeritus Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Most Rev Anthony Obinna, has declared that the sit-at-home order meted out by non-state actors in the Southeastern part of the country, is a reflection of the tragedy of the Nigerian nation and a symptom of leadership failure at the state and national levels.

Archbishop Obinna stated this during an exclusive interview with CSN Media at the ongoing second 2023 plenary assembly of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) in Abuja.

The retired prelate disclosed that the Catholic Bishops, during the military era, fought and confronted the military government to hand over power to a civilian government, and decried that unfortunately, the expectations they had about civilian rule, is far from being realised.

“Unfortunately, the hope we had about the civilian government has not quite matured. We are still hoping for a brighter tomorrow, because Nigeria is still in a state of nastiness. So the sit-at-home order, is a reflection of leadership failure in Nigeria.”

While lamenting that Nigerian leaders are not honest with their policies and are not transparent with their processes, the Emeritus Metropolitan of Owerri, observed that in the just concluded Nigeria’s general elections, if the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was transparent in the process, and conducted a free, fair and transparent elections as they had promised, it would have ushered in a new sense of national healing and cohesion.

“If INEC was transparent in its proceses, and conducted a free, fair and transparent elections as promised, it would have ushered in a new sense of national healing and cohesion; but since the process had failed, we lost the vibe, which is one of our major concerns in this conference, because the nation is still divided.

“Nigeria is now divided into two classes; the very poor, and the very rich. That is why even the youths no longer believe in hard work, because they have seen politicians capture power with threats, intimidation and brutality and they are ready to follow suite,” he asserted.

The plenary assembly which entered day-6 today, started with the Eucharistic adoration and the Lauds, and continued with the business session. The Bishops later visited different pastoral areas, where they had the oppotunity of meeting with the layfaithful of Abuja Archdiocese in their parish communities, celebrate Mass for them, and encourage them in their faith.