July 14, 2024
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Speaking with the heart: Nigeria’s Comweek at a glance

The Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has described the just-ended Communications Week in Nigeria as “innovative and highly informative, thus expanding the voice of the church.”

Sr. Georginia Chidalu Ohalete, PHJC – Vatican City.

World Communication Day was this year commemorated in Nigeria for an entire week as “Comweek.” Across Nigeria, dioceses engaged with media practitioners and parishioners under this year’s World Communications Day theme: Speaking with the heart.

From 14 May to 21 May, daily communication-related activities were organised and animated by the diocesan communications offices under the direction of the Directorate of Social Communications of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, situated in the country’s capital, Abuja.

Tell your truth in love

Providence Ayanfeoluwa writing for the national paper, Vanguard, reports that in Lagos, the Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos, Alfred Adewale Martins, in his message to the media, said the truth must be told in love, which is the way to win the heart of listeners. Archbishop Martins, who was represented by the Archdiocese of Lagos’s Communications Director, Fr Anthony Gandonu, said, “In our nation today, we have been divided along tribal, religious and party lines, so much so that we are no more ready to speak and accept the truth in love.”

Bishop of Osogbo Diocese, John Oyejola during Nigeria's Comweek.

Bishop of Osogbo Diocese, John Oyejola during Nigeria’s Comweek.

Bishop Oyejola: Cultivate genuine communication as a habit

In the Diocese of Abeokuta, Bishop Peter Olukayode Odetoyinbo hosted top media executives and practitioners in a symposium to commemorate World Communications Day. The Catholic Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria, Abeokuta Diocese chapter, organised the day.

The Bishop of Osogbo Diocese, John Oyejola, marking the 57th World Day of Communication at St. Benedict Cathedral Osogbo, said that for honest, genuine and meaningful communication to take place, people must cultivate the habit of speaking the truth from the heart and in love.

For his part, the Director of Social Communication at the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Fr. Dr. Mike Umoh, speaking from Abuja last Sunday, pointed to the impact of this year’s theme as one that calls attention to communication as a sign. The quality of the signs that we are, as Church and as individuals, matters a lot. Media practitioners are called upon to reflect on how they communicate.

Nigeria’s Comweek improving media literacy

Engagment with stakeholders during Comweek.
Engagment with stakeholders during Comweek.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria initiated “Comweek,” meaning Communication Week. The idea is to improve media literacy, awareness and formation in Nigeria’s parishes, seminaries, convents and Catholic institutions.

The week is now commemorated as an annual week-long event in Nigeria.

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