July 14, 2024
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The Claretian Missionaries, West Nigeria Independent Delegation convoked for a week Elective Assembly at their, now famous, Institute of Consecrated Life in Africa (INCLA) located in Bwari Area Council of Abuja, the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory.

However, it was on Thursday, April 28, 2022, at exactly 11:15 that history was made. The President of the VI Assembly of the Delegation, VR Fr Manuel Tamargo, CMF, who is also the Prefect Econome of the Claretian Congregation, announced the new Major Superior and members of the new Government of the Religious Organism for the next three years.

(L-R) Fr John Paul Achi; Fr Gregory Ezeokeke; Fr Augustine Ambrose-Medaiyedu (Superior); Fr Innocent Daniel; Fr Rowland Onuekwusi


The new members of the Council are designated for the following services in the Delegation:

–    VR. Fr Augustine MAB-SEGUNMEDAIYEDU-AMBROSE, CMF – Major Superior

– VR. Fr Gregory EZEOKEKE, CMF – Vicar/Prefect of Bible/Communication/Consultor

– VR. Fr Rowland ChidiebereONUEKWUSI, CMF – Prefect of Formation/Consultor

–  VR. Fr Innocent Omachonu DANIEL, CMF – Prefect of Apostolate/Consultor

– VR. Fr John Paul ACHI, CMF – Econome/Consultor

The Assembly immediately proceeded to the Chapel where the new Superior, Fr Augustine, took the oath and possession of office with the formal Rites of the Claretian Missionaries. The President of the Assembly, Fr Tamargo, cmf, conducted the solemn service.

We congratulate the Claretians and their newly elected Governing Council and pray that they be more rooted in Christ and audaciously relevant, using all means possible – like their Holy Father Founder Padre Claret – in the proclamation of the message of Salvation.

What marvels the Lord has done for us, indeed we are glad.

Immaculate Heart of Mary – Pray for Us!

St Anthony Mary Claret – Pray for Us!


Fr Marcellinus Rebecca Igirigi, CMF

Claretian Communications, Lagos.


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