July 25, 2024
News Nigeria


Fr A. N Abiagom, CM.

A soldier who returned from the battlefield fresher than he was before he left, probably went for holidays. If he were to tell his children of his being a gallant soldier, what evidence would be worthwhile if he had no scars of war?

Often, people are concerned with the glories of service at the expense of scars. Jesus showed Thomas the holes made by the nails on his palms and the hole by his side that was pierced with a lance. A hen that has not battled with an eagle in the bid to protect its chicks might have no scars.

For every authentic service to humanity, there is a corresponding scar. If there is no scar, there is no service. Implicit in the idea of service itself is the concept of sacrifice which makes vivid the scars of service. The glory of service is beautiful only when there is a scar to show. The medal that adorns the neck of an Olympian is not a gift but a reward.

It is criminal to be rewarded or to seek reward when no service is done. A reward is the fruit of service. If asked to show my scar or yours, shall we have any to present concerning our services over the years? If there are scars to show, it means one has truly served. If there are no scars to show, it means one has been served instead. Is my vocation to serve or to be served?


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