July 22, 2024
Onitsha Archdiocese


SR. MARY ADELAIDE NDILU, IHMThe Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ welcome with joy the news of the appointment by the Pope of Sr. Mary Adelaide Ndilu, one of her own, as one of the Consultors of the Dicastery for Communication on 29th September, 2022.

Sr. Mary Adelaide made her First Religious Profession in 1989.  After serving many years in the Intitute both in Nigeria and in Kenya, she was employed by the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2011 to work as Programs Manager for Radio Waumini.  She ensures what is going on at the Station is in accord with the National Laws and the teachings of the Catholic Church. She held the position until December, 2013 when she was appointed the Station’s Administrator.  Sr. Ndilu remained the administrator until December, 2019.

In January, 2020, Sr. Mary Adelaide became the Acting Director of the Radio Station as well as the National Executive Secretary for Commission for Social Communications.  She was appointed still by the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops.

From all indications, the job must be demanding and Sr. Ndilu is able to keep the pace and peace of the assignments.  According to her, “It calls for dedication and commitment.  Sometimes I have to supervise young people and make sure every person is doing the job.  Thanks to competent staff who keep working at my absence.”

With the new appointment as one of the Consultors of the Dicastery for Communication, Sr. Ndilu is sure to reach great heights reaching out to more people and doing more for them and the Church.  

The Holy Father appointed Sr. Ndilu along with 9 others: Rev. Fr. Andrew Kaufa, S.M.M, Rev. Srs: Fabio Pasqualetti, S.D.B., and George Plathottam, S.D.B .; the Reverend Sisters Veronica Amata Donatello, S.F.A., and Adelaide Felicitas Ndilu, S.I.H.M .; the very clear Prof. Antonio Cisternino; the Illustrious Doctors: Óscar Augusto Elizalde Prada and Helen Osman; i Messrs: John E. Corcoran and Tomás Insua.

We wish our Sister the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit together with other members.

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