Reflections By Rev. Fr. David Okolie




Dearest friends, it is good to remind ourselves that Premarital or Extramarital sexual gratification (Fornication, adultery, lesbianism, homosexuality, etc.) is SINFUL and requires sincere REPENTANCE. If you are already addicted to either of them, please, do not lose hope. Remember that St. Augustine was once into such lifestyle but he cried to God and God saved him and today he is a SAINT. *You also can overcome!* Just keep struggling. Go for Sacramental Confession regularly and Pray your Rosary often; asking for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Help of Christians and the Mother Most Pure.

Also, redefining your relationship with that your Sexual Partner will also help you. Tell him or her that what you people have been doing is SINFUL and cannot promote the temporal and spiritual well-being of both of you. Therefore, you people need to STOP. If he/she refuses to accept your new conviction, then, QUIT the relationship. Remember, if your friend will cause you to go to HELL, cut the relationship off, it is better to please God without him/her than to continue offending God just because of him/her (Cf. Mt 5:27-30). Just ask yourself if you should DIE in such relationship where you would find yourself. Remember that nobody knows when he/she would die. You and I are old enough to die. Dearest friend, just think about the above and the grace of God will surely assist your positive resolve.

Remain blessed🙏🏼

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