June 18, 2024

About CBCN

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN)

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria is an organ of unity, communion and solidarity for the over thirty million Catholics, spread across the thirty-six states and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. It is the forum wherein the collegiality of Nigerian Bishops as successors of the Apostles in union with the Pope is expressed, and where the idea of Church as a family is witnessed to.

Through the Catholic Bishops Conference, the Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, and head of ecclesiastical jurisdictions – who as shepherds of souls pray, study and work together, and with the bond of unity created by the Conference – can speak with one voice as they spearhead the teaching, prophetic and pastoral ministry of the Catholic Church in Nigeria.

Plenary Session

The plenary session of the Conference holds twice a year, usually in the first week of Lent and the second week of September. The Plenary session is for prayers, study and deliberations on important issues regarding the evangelizing mission of the Church in Nigeria, the pastoral care of the faithful, and the promotion of human dignity, human rights, truth, justice, reconciliation, peace and wholesome; development in the wider society.

Officers of the CBCN

The Conference has four principal officers. These are:

  1. The President
  2. The Vice President
  3. The Secretary
  4. The Assistant Secretary;

These principal officers are often elected at a Plenary Meeting of the CBCN with a mandate of a four-year non-renewable tenure.

CBCN Agencies

The CBCN Agencies are:

  1. Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN)
  2. Veritas Travel Agency
  3. Opus Securitatis
  4. Salus Trust
  5. CSN Investment Concept Limited (CICL)
  6. Veritas University of Nigeria, Abuja (VUNA)
  7. Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS)
  8. National Catholic Service Centre (NCSC)
  9. CSN Resource Centre (CSN-RC)

The Administrative Board of the CBCN

The administrative Board consists of the following:

  1. The principal officers of the Conference
  2. Episcopal Chairmen of the five departments of CSN.
  3. Other four representatives who are nominated.
  4. The Secretary-General is the Secretary of the Board
  5. Cardinals (are automatic members).