Dearest friends, one of the discouraging dispositions of one who just encountered Jesus Christ in a very special way is that he/she has done that LATELY. Perhaps, that others have been active in one Church Pious associations or the other before he/she arrived (joined). It is not true, dearest friends, do not feel such but begin your work and put in your BEST towards the same demand of the VINEYARD thus: “To know Him (God), love Him, serve Him in this world…” (cf. CCD n. 2).

You can be sure then that once you have been able to work following the above demands of the Vineyard, you would still get the same REWARD which is HEAVEN, irrespective of the time you arrived (you encountered Jesus/got converted).

We can see the above in the Parable of the Workers (cf. Matt 20:1-16) but more concretely in the life of ST. PAUL who was never among the 12 Apostles; but instead was persecuting the disciples. However, when he ENCOUNTERED JESUS, he turned all around and worked with so much commitment in the VINEYARD such that he distinguished himself and equally attained that same GREAT reward –HEAVEN.

However, the above has a CAVEAT, especially for those who, sometimes, they have the feeling that since they arrived earlier that there reward is already CERYAIN and so may begin to RELAX and take things for granted. Such can happen in different fields of human endeavour but also in our HEAVENLY RACE. Thus, you may see one who was ordained many years ago, or who has been an active faithful in the Church for many years then gradually RELAXING to the point of even working contrary to the DEMANDS of the VINEYARD. The danger in the above situation is that, if care is not taken, such a person would not even receive the same reward with those who arrived late but may even be DENIED of the reward entirely. That would surely be a heartbreaking one.

Therefore, dearest friends, if you have arrived earlier, keep working hard to attain the GREAT REWARD and if you have arrived later, do not be discouraged, begin to put in your best in the work but please, do not intentionally plan to come late because that would surely be more disastrous.

We pray the Blessed Virgin Mary to always support us with her powerful intercession. Amen🙏🏼

Happy Sunday and remain blessed!

READINGS: R1: Is 55:6-9, R2: Phil 1:20c-24.27a, Gosp. Matt 20:1-16a)