LATE FR. ISAAC ACHI: A testimony

Blaming the victim for the evil done to him is the same reason we are where we are.

I know Fr. Achi personally. He was a very courageous man. He was an indigene of Kafin Koro and had been a victim of the terrorist attack on St. Theresa’s Parish, Madalla in 2011.

Before the unfortunate incident of his murder, Fr. Achi had been encouraging the residents of that area not to flee their villages that have been under constant attack by bandits. The local vigilantes in the area had killed about 22 of the terrorists in November last year when they attacked their village.

About three weeks before his murder, Fr. Achi’s nephew was killed in another attack by the terrorists. They had also sent a threat letter of their impending visit some days before the attack. However, Fr. Isaac was never intimidated by their threats.

Fr. Isaac died because he loved the Church and his People. He died defending the Church. He was not killed<span;> because he campaigned for Peter Obi! Those terrorists, to what political party do they belong? Who is their adopted candidate?

The point here is this, killing a priest whose only crime is being a Nigerian citizen has nothing to do with his political position. A priest who has been a victim on many levels, who saw his parishioners die on Christmas Day! One whose town, village is attacked and destroyed, and many relatives have been killed for just being human beings! One who has seen his parishioners’ means of livelihood destroyed just because they are Nigerians. Anyone who finds himself or herself in such a position and is able to stay aloof as many choose to do at the current state of things in Nigeria apparently has a different liquid in his system, not blood!

Thankfully, before he was murdered, Fr. Achi asked his assistant to hear his confessions and he also listened to his assistant’s confession, so my faith tells me Fr Achi is at peace.

Victim-blaming is evil and we must stop it. Our society delights in it. It is insensitive. People of good conscience should not champion this!