Something symbolic happened early this morning at the 17th edition of The Experience in Lagos.

I watched the event till the early hours of this morning to the very end, joining millions of Nigerians in praising God.

I was particularly touched when Pastor Paul Adefarasin called for a minute’s silence for Sammie Okposo, a legend in the Gospel music sector in Africa.

But that wasn’t the symbolism I wish to write about.

There was supposed to be a rendition of the National Anthem in the line up of events. The singers came on stage and began singing but the microphones packed up. Suddenly, the microphones began to have issues. Nonetheless, they sang the anthem till the end and got a moving applause.

But Pastor Paul would have none of that. He asked that the microphones issues be fixed and the anthem rendered a second time.

And they did it.

Watching the whole scenario at home, a lump came to my throat and something struck me. It might not mean anything to a lot of people but I see things from a prism of symbolism at times. And this was spiritual symbolism to me as my spirit moved me.

The first rendition of the anthem which has technical issues, signifies the present state of Nigeria. We are in a rut, a descent to anomie and hardship by a ruling class of insensitive political brigands and while on the outside it seems fine (which is the first rendition of the anthem with the instruments), the decay has eaten into our voices (the microphones which were faulty).

The second rendition signifies the New Nigeria coming soon. A country which would deliver on hopes and promises to its citizens, the African continent and the world.

I believe in that second symbolism.

That belief got stronger when Peter Obi was recognized by the MC at the event a few minutes later and the audience cheered and cheered.

Because a New Nigeria deserves a symbol of hope and difference. And for millions of Nigerian people, they know who they wish to lead them in the New Nigeria they desire.

Fix those microphones in the country which has drowned us with discordant machinations.

And let’s sing that anthem with the spirit of the second take.

Copied: Charles Novia