June 19, 2024
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Parents Beware: More youths abusing substance

Below is a comment by a classmate, copied from our old school forum.

I think d government needs to declare a state of emergency on drug abuse. Last year I discovered my daughter had been introduced to ‘loud’, a dangerous substance by a rich handsome kid she met while undergoing JAMB lessons and as hard and meticulous I thought I was, I never suspected, untill she fainted and was rushed to d hospital where after tests she was discovered to have abused d drug, making me spend an unexpected 50k that night. I immediately put her in a rehabilitation center operated by soldiers and legions of an organization in which I am an affiliate. Ive spent over 100k on d matter.

Two days after checking her into d rehab, my childhood friend who is a senior pastor at Redeemed Christian Church of God called me around 3am, it was a distress call. His son who is a final year student of mechanical engineering in LASU, had locked himself up in d master bedroom,where he had chased his parents from, brandishing a machete that it is d room he liked.

That wasn’t a problem for d scared parents. His own room is all ensuite too but d demon in him wanted to deal with his parents. When I got there, having known him from birth, I knocked on the door but he refused to open. We had to turn round and d dad broke d expensive window to his room for us to be sure he was still alive.

I put a call through to my good friend Dr. K Adesokan that day and he advised we immediately take him to a psychiatric hospital after a lengthy lecture.
I had to call my legion boys who broke d door to the room and apprehended him. He was using a substance called Ice, which is much more lethal. He is also undergoing rehabilitation.

My younger brother,a barrister in Lekki called me about 5 days ago if I could help to apprehend two sons of a senior DeeperLife Church pastor,a 70 year-old woman whose husband is still in d mortuary. Her two sons ages 28 and 30 had become menace to d entire area, terrorising people after abusing drugs.

They had taken them to psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation centers in lagos but they were all full. Before the old woman gave up and they became terrors. I had to mobilize my boys to forcefully apprehend them and they are also currently undergoing rehabilitation.

Another 22 years old was apprehended by my boys, after he almost severed his mothers head with a machete. He said his mum was a demon with 2 heads and he needed to take one off. The mother escaped death by whiskers.
About three weeks ago in Ayobo,Lagos,a retired senior Naval Officer was macheted to death by his drug addict son.
Why am I taking time to say all this, it is to enlighten us about d Current trend. Drug use has become a pandemic. When we took my friends’ son to d hospital, majority of d patients were between 16 and 30 years old in staggering numbers mostly from well to do parents.
I want to implore you this evening to please be extra vigilant and constantly remind your kids of this trend and d dangers. Above all constant prayers and admonition are key. It is only God that can keep them safe from those dangers. Cheers fellas☺

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