July 14, 2024
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Vote Wisely Series: Key Performance Indicators


Key Performance Indicators, KPIs, are the indices for measuring performance.
An Agile Organization determines the parameters performance is measured. Once these parameters are defined, everyone in the organization adheres accordingly.

Let me use the Sales Industry that uses KPIs a lot to measure performance. Sales Professionals receive sales target from their organizations periodically. These targets have several variables that must be present to qualify as performance indicators.
KPIs could be measured in terms of sales, cash sales and collection rate, customers acquisition and retention rates, adherence to procedures rate, etc. These help to measure sales performance.

Key Performance Indicators also apply in other sectors and settings. The indicators help to take important decisions.

KPIs help to appraise the performance of the business so that adjustments can be made where necessary.
What is not measured is not done.

Let’s now bring this discussion to our Voting Wisely context. Governance is about managing man and resources to achieve set goals. This means that every arm of Government must be functioning at optimum capacity.

An ideal Nation is the one that builds powerful institutions,not powerful men and women.
One of the problems we have as a people is that we have consistently had leaders that are more powerful than institutions. This is never a good performance indicator!

As you take decision to vote, ask simple questions to know if the people you are voting for score high in leadership performance indicators. Here you measure: integrity, clarity of thought, people and resource management skills, commitment, ability to take the right decisions, ability to get things done, and so on.
Does your would-be leader have the attributes that fix things? Remember, no parochial sentiments.

The decisions you will take in 2023 election will affect you and your family in the next four or eight years. Now, you understand how serious it is to vote for the right candidates that are transformational leaders.

INEC has provided security for voters. The security is in the voting booth where only you and your conscience are allowed to vote. Nobody will be in the booth with you; it’s just you and your conscience. Don’t disappoint Your Conscience. Vote Wisely!

I often imagine how other Countries work, and ours is struggling to work for decades. Where did we get it wrong?

Building a system that works is not rocket science. it’s about electing the right leaders. It’s about setting the right KPIs or parameters that will measure performance and outcomes.This is where people factor come in. This is where puting square peg in square hole, and round peg in round hole come to play.
We cannot continue to elect or appoint the wrong people and expect a turnaround. It doesn’t work that way. We must get serious! We must get rid of tribal politics. We must take decisions based on merit.

The law of cause and effect states that for every cause, there’s a corresponding effect. Nothing happens on nothing. Everything happens for a reason, for every effect, there is a specific cause. This is true.
Aristotle once said, ”we live in a world governed by laws, not chance.” Do we continue to do the wrong things and expect that great results will come by chance? No, we are not magicians!

The one who does the same thing and expects a different result needs help.

Always remember that every action has a corresponding effect. Something must be wrong where someone plants yam and expects to reap mango. What we sow is what we reap. This is spiritual law. It is natural law too.

Let’s set the right KPIs for the candidates we want to vote for, and take decisions on merit. This is the way to go.

Move from Good to Better, then to Best.

Be Patrotic.
Vote For The Future Of Your Children.
Vote Wisely.

George O. Emetuche, is a passionate Nigerian Writer who desires a better Country that works for everyone.

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