April 15, 2024
Reflections By Rev. Fr. David Okolie



Rev. Fr. David Okolie

Dearest friends, we cannot underestimate the importance and necessity of PROPHETS among the People of God. We have had Prophets from the time of Old, even till today and we cannot really stop having them since they are actually the MOUTHPIECE of GOD. But do not forget that apart from those specially chosen by God, you and I are also Prophets through our BAPTISM (cf. CCC n. 1241). Thus, we are not actually exempted from the roles of the Prophet.

Now, what are the things expected from a Prophet? A Prophet is expected, among other things, to always project and stand for the TRUTH, JUSTICE, REPENTANCE, HOLINESS, etc. Because, the Prophet is speaking on behalf of the DIVINE, his messages should also reflect the heavenly ideals. Consequently, the Catechism affirms:

“The PROPHETS proclaim a RADICAL redemption of the People of God, PURIFICATION from all their INFIDELITIES, a salvation which will include all the nations” (cf. CCC n. 64). Again the Catechism affirms:

“But the PROPHETS accuse Israel of breaking the covenant and behaving like a PROSTITUTE. They announce a new and eternal covenant” (cf. CCC n. 762).

From the above then, we can ask ourselves what is the nature of a number of our Prophets today. Today, we see Prophets who rarely talk about the RADICAL TRUTHS of the gospel message but instead, they are engrossed by the VANITIES of this world. The truth is that when a Prophet is carried away by the FAME, RICHES and PLEASURES of this world, he would be seriously lacking in his vocation and that has consequences (cf. Deut. 18:20). The Bible affirms the above thus: “No one is able to serve two masters… You cannot serve GOD and WEALTH” (cf. Matt 6:24).

Therefore, we encourage our Prophets in particular and all the Baptised in general, to rise up to their PROPHETIC responsibilities and identity and savage our world from DECADENCE and FAITHLESSNESS.

We pray the Blessed Virgin Mary to always support us with her powerful intercession. Amen🙏🏼

READINGS: R1: Deut 18:15-20, R2: 1 Cor 7:32-35, Gosp. Mk 1:21b-28)

Happy Sunday and remain blessed!

Rev. Fr. David Okolie is a Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria. He is a prolific writer, retreat preacher and social media evangelizer.

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