June 20, 2024
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2023 Elections: 9 things the Catholic Bishops demanded of Presidential Candidates

By Fr. Mike Umoh, CSN

1. We, therefore, DEMAND that as long as they meet the criteria, all religious groups must have access to lands to build places of worship across the country.
2. We DEMAND the provision and access to lands for the building of Christian Chaplaincies in ALL Tertiary Federal and State Educational Institutions and the proper certifications of lands in northern Nigeria.
3. We also demand the teaching of Christian Religious Knowledge in ALL Primary and Secondary schools in northern Nigeria.
4. We DEMAND the abolition of any law enforcement body that does not conform to the principles f our Constitution. E.g. HISBAH
5. We DEMAND that the sacredness of human life is guaranteed and those who take life must face the law as it violates Section 33(1) of the Constitution.
6. We, therefore, DEMAND a new, open and frank discussion about Catholic schools’ future that the military government forcefully took over after the civil war.
7. TETFUND should extend its resources to private Universities.
8. There is the need to enhance sincere national integration.
9. To achieve a minimum level of the common good, our leaders in the next political dispensation must go beyond rewarding cronyism and sectional interest by fishing out the best that are plentiful in the available human resource in our country.

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