July 14, 2024
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“CSN workers cannot afford to behave like typical Nigerian civil servants” – Msgr John Aniagwu

By CSN Media 
In the morning session, day-two, of the just concluded annual retreat of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), the retreat moderator, Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Aniagwu, spoke on the title ‘Working together in the Spirit of Love’, where he challenged the staff of CSN on the need to work in unity  as a united organ of the Church with a common purpose. He charged them not to behave like typical Nigerian civil servants whom he said are neither civil nor servants, but to be polite in their dealings with visitors and desist from unnecessary bureaucratic delays and red tapism by providing services in the easiest convenient manner.
“CSN workers cannot afford to behave like a typical Nigerian civil servant who is neither civil nor servant. CSN workers should be polite to visitors. They should endeavour to cut out unnecessary bureaucracy, red tapism, unnecessary delays in service delivery. CSN should provide ease of doing business.” 
Describing the CSN as a special organ of the Church, the hub and prism of the Catholic Church in Nigeria, Msgr. Aniagwu urged the staff to make conscious efforts to avoid scandals of any kind and live a morally upright life, bearing in mind that their work puts them in the eye of the public. 
“Those who work in the Catholic Secretariat must do God’s will in all things, both in their personal life, and in work place. They should endeavour to live a morally upright life and must avoid scandal, knowing that working here, puts them in the eye of the public. What an average Catholic can get away with, you cannot, because you work in a special organ of the Church.”
Focusing his presentation on ‘Working together in the spirit of love,’ the retreat moderator emphasised that love is the greatest commandment of God and the supreme law of the Church. He therefore urged the participants to develop an affective and effective love for one another by returning God’s love from the heart and expressing it concretely among themselves. 
“Love is the greatest commandment of God and the supreme law of the Church. Therefore, CSN worker should have affective love for one another, have goodwill towards everyone across boards, regardless of social status, gender, position, circumstances, tribe. Show everyone due respect. Subordinates should respect their Superiors, same with the Superiors to the subordinate.
“Appreciate people for what they do, no matter how small. Encourage people in their work, do not put anyone down, do not humiliate. Offer fraternal correction, but correct in love. Corrections should not seek to humiliate, but rather should seek to make the person better. Forgive wrongs readily, and do not create room for resentment.”

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