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LEADERSHIP (Bishop's Profile)

Date of Birth: June 21, 1955 Priestly Ordination: May 30,1981 Episcopal Ordination: January 24, 2009 Installed Bishop of Gboko: 24th February, 2013.
Address: Villa Emmanuel; Bishop’s House P.M.B 1955, Gboko, Benue State.
Phone: +234803 965 4924, +234808 236 4898 E-mail: [email protected] Website: http://www.dioceseofgboko.org

Ecclesiastical Province of Abuja

First Missionaries: Fr. Alexander leone Lejuene CSSp; Fr. Jules Douvry CSSp Population of Diocese: 1,594,282 Catholic Population: 708,641 Indigenous Priests: 166 Deacons: 8 Male Religious: 6 Missionary: 1 Nigerian sisters: 23 Major Seminarians: 132 Minor Seminarians: 380 No of Parishes: 30 No of Quasi Parishes: 28 Chaplaincy: 1


On 29 December, 2012, the Holy See announced the creation of Gboko
Diocese by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI. The territory of the diocese covers 10,692 square kilometres, with a total population of 1,594,282. Catholics in the diocese are 708,641, representing 53.1% of the total population. There are thirty parishes, twenty-eight quasi parishes and one Chaplaincy (fifty-nine in all). The diocese shares boundaries with Makurdi Local Government of Benue State on the North; Cameroon Republic on the North East and Ogoja Local Government of Cross River State on the South-East. Currently, the diocese has One Hundred and Sixty-six indigenous priests, including the Bishop, Eight deacons, One Hundred and Thirty-two Senior Seminarians, and Three Hundred and Eighty Junior Seminarians. Seven Male Religious (including one expatriate missionary) and Twenty-three female Religious are currently serving in the diocese.
Gboko town is the seat of the diocese and also the traditional headquarters of the Tiv people and nation. There are seven Local government areas covered by the diocese, namely, Buruku, Gboko, Konshisha, Kwande, Ushongo, Tarka and Vandeikya. The territory is basically rural but all headquarters of the Local Government Areas and other places may be classified as towns.
The area under the jurisdiction of the diocese was part of the former Apostolic Prefecture of the lower Niger. Fr. Alexander Leon Lejeune, C.S.Sp, who
Date of Birth: June 21, 1955 Priestly Ordination: May 30,1981 Episcopal Ordination: January 24, 2009 Installed Bishop of Gboko: 24th February, 2013.
Address: Villa Emmanuel; Bishop’s House P.M.B 1955, Gboko, Benue State.
Phone: +234803 965 4924, +234808 236 4898 E-mail: [email protected] Website: http://www.dioceseofgboko.org
Province: Abuja Erection: February 26, 2013
BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DIOCESEsucceeded Fr. Rene Pawlas, C.S.Sp as Apostolic Prefect is believed to be the first to make contacts with the Tiv people. After the death of Fr. Lejeune in 1905, the Congregation for the Evangelization of the Peoples (Propaganda Fidei) appointed Fr.
Jules Douvry C.S.S.p in 1917 as Administrator for the whole of Cameroon.Fr. Douvry also made exploratory journey among the Tiv people to find out the possibility of establishing a station there but when he travelled to France, he could not return to Nigeria due to ill-health that led to his death in 1924. Before his death, however, he sent a report to Ogoja, expressing hope for the future of the Church among the Tiv people.
Fr. Douvry worked together with Fr.
Mellet, C.S.Sp. All these priests were French nationals.
On 6 June 1920, Fr. Joseph Shanahan, C.S.Sp, an Irish national working in the Eastern part of Nigeria, was appointed Bishop and made Vicar Apostolic of the New Vicariate of Southern Nigeria. The region under the Vicariate was not only quite vast but also composed of diverse ethnic groups. Accordingly, Bishop Shanahan appealed for Missionaries to assist in proclaiming the Good News in the Vicariate.
Under Bishop J. Shanahan, the evangelizing mission of the church in Southern Nigeria received new impetus. From Calabar, one of the coastal towns through which expatriates, including Missionaries came to Nigeria, priests were sent to settle in Ogoja town.
From Ogoja, the Missionaries evangelized towns like Obudu, Ikom, Kakwagom, and Tiv land. Through the hard work of those missionaries, St.
Joseph’s Korinya was erected in 1920.
Among the 29 Titulars of Churches and stations listed in a book, St.
Joseph’s Korinya (but written Kornya) is number 28. From 1931 onwards Fr.
Joseph Kirsten, C.S.Sp was one of the first priests to stay in Korinya. He was eventually appointed Apostolic prefecture in 1936. Within the territory covered by Gboko diocese, therefore, St. Joseph’s Korinya was the first Catholic Church, and it became a parish in 1945. The first Tiv person to be ordained a Catholic Priest in 1970 came from Korinya Parish.
In 1929, Fr. Joseph Soul, C.S.Sp, one of the General Councillors visited the Southern Vicariate, which included Obudu and Tivland. The visit providentially made the Holy Ghost Fathers more determined to evangelize the people of the Lower Benue, where majority were Tiv, Idoma and Igala. Rapid progress in the missionary task in lower Benue was, nevertheless, hampered by cultural differences, language barrier, lack of roads and other challenges.
In 1930, Bishop J. Shanahan negotiated with the German Providential of the Holy Ghost Fathers to send their members to work in the prefecture. An agreement to that effect was signed the same year. The German Holy Ghost priests and brothers arrived Nigeria the same year, 1930. In 1934, a Benue Prefecture was created, comprising Igala, Idoma, Tiv Wukari, Yola and other Northern missions.
In 1959, Monsignor Hagan was made Apostolic Prefect and was ordained Bishop of Makurdi Diocese in 1960. He administered the diocese for six years before he resigned on health grounds.
He was succeeded by Bishop Donald Joseph Murray, C.S.Sp in 1966, who served for 20 years and resigned due to ill-health in 1989. In the same year, the Coadjutor, Late Bishop Athanasius A. Usuh succeeded him. Under Bishop Usuh, four other dioceses have been carved out of Makurdi, namely, Otukpo, in 1995, Lafia in 2001, Gboko and Katsina-Ala in 2012.
St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral, the seat of the diocese of Gboko, was as an outstation of Korinya before its establishment as a parish in 1938. Fr.
Theodor Strick, C.S.Sp was the pioneer Parish Priest of St. John.
Several other missionaries worked in the Parish.
By the determination of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI for effective proclamation of the Good News, the request for the erection of two dioceses by Bishop Usuh, even though considered impossible by many people, became a reality.
Thus, the diocese of Gboko, along with Katsina – Ala Diocese were carved out of Markudi Diocese, and Most Rev.
Williams Amore Avenya, who until 2013, was the Auxilary Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, was installed the first Bishop of Gboko Diocese.


S/n Name Date Of Ordination Home Parish 1. Most. Rev. William AVENYA 30th May, 1981 St. Lucy’s Parish, Awajir 2. Rev. Fr. Dominic JIR 14th July, 1974 St. Leo’s Rectory, Ikpa-Mbatierev ` 3. Rev. Fr. Cornelius AZO 17th Dec, 1975 St. Robert’s Rectory, Gbem 4. Rev. Fr. Peter MALU 14th Dec, 1975 St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape 5. Rev. Fr. Donald AKEGH 18th Dec, 1976 St. Edward’s Parish, Ugah 6. Rev. Fr. Clement MATO 19th Dec, 1976 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 7. Rev. Fr. Francis WEGH 10th Dec, 1977 St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel 8. Rev. Fr. Ambrose AMUE 3rd Dec, 1978 St. Ann’s Parish, Adikpo 9. Rev. Fr. Richard TULE 3rd Dec, 1978 Queen of the Holy Rosary Rectory, Iusa. 10. Rev. Fr. Gregory UGAH 3rd Dec, 1978 St Robert’s Rectory, Gbem 11. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel UDUH 15th Dec, 1979 St. Anthony’s Rectory, Chilemo 12. Rev. Fr. Francis IBER 24th May,1980 St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape 13. Rev. Fr. David AGUH 16th May,1981 St Ann’s Parish, Adikpo 14. Rev. Fr. Patrick ALUMUNKU 16th May,1981 Queen of the Holy Rosary, Iusa 15. Rev. Fr. Thomas DEKAA 14th Feb, 1982 St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse- Agberagba 16. Rev. Fr. Michael IORLIAM 14th Feb, 1982 St. Michael’s Parish, Jato-Aka 17. Rev. Fr. Henry AKAABIAM 28th May, 1983 St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungul 18. Rev. Fr. Titus ASHWEH 28th May,1983 Holy Trinity Parish, Dagba 19. Rev. Fr. Godwin AGBERAGBA 30th June, 1984 Queen of the Holy Rosary Rectory, Iusa 20. Rev. Fr. Pius AJIKI 30th June, 1984 St. Robert’s Rectory, Gbem 21. Rev. Fr. Michael BUTER 10th June, 1984 St. Robert’s Rectory, Gbem 22. Rev. Fr. Stephen AKANGE 19th July, 1986 Christ the King Parish, Vandeikya 23. Rev. Fr. Innocent SHAGHER 19th July 1986 St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape 24. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel AKOKODAGA 11th July, 1987 Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya 25. Rev. Fr. Peter AGEMA 2nd July, 1988 St. Veronica’s Parish, Agidi 26. Rev. Fr. Simeon IBER 2nd July, 1988 St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape 27. Rev. Fr. Cosmas TSOKAR 15th July, 1989 St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough 28. Rev. Fr. Donatus ZUNGWE 15th July, 1989 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 29. Rev. Fr. Hyacinth ALIA 7th July, 1990 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh. 30. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel DOKI 7th July, 1990 St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar 31. Rev. Fr. Sebastian AKOUGH 12th Oct, 1991 St. Anthony’s Rectory, Amua 32. Rev. Fr. Peter ASAN 12th Oct, 1991 Christ the King Parish, Vandeikya 33. Rev. Fr. Augustine IGBUM 12th Oct, 1991 St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse- Agberagba 34. Rev. Fr. Daniel MELABA 12th Oct, 1991 St Veronica’s Parish, Agidi 35. Rev. Fr. Stephen SUEGA 12th Oct, 1991 St. Peter’s Parish, Buruku 36. Rev. Fr. Jacob TONDO 12th Oct, 1991 St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough 37. Rev. Fr. Gabriel GBERIKON 11th July, 1992 St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya 38. Rev. Fr. Thaddeus IKOR 11th July, 1992 Queen of the Holy Rosary Rectory, Iusa 39. Rev. Fr. Didacus KAJO 3rd July, 1993 Holy Ghost Rectory Tyulen. 40. Rev. Fr. Joseph AGBECHA 6th Aug, 1994 Iyol I Kristu Parish, Abwa 41. Rev. Fr. Michael BUUL 6th Aug, 1994 St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel 42. Rev. Fr. Isaac AJAI 1st July 1995 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 43. Rev. Fr. Joseph AKAASHIMA 1st July, 1995 St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel 44. Rev. Fr. Fidelis AKUME 1st July 1995 St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya 45. Rev. Fr. David HANGEIOR 1st July, 1995 St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya 46. Rev. Fr. Linus HUABO 1st July 1995 St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel 47. Rev. Fr. Titus IGYESE 1st July, 1995 St. Ann’s Parish, Adikpo 48. Rev. Fr. Titus IMOJIME 1st July, 1995 St. Peter’s Parish, Mkar 49. Rev. Fr. Denis KORAYOM 1st July, 1995 St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 50. Rev. Fr. Francis KUSAH 1st July, 1995 Holy Ghost Rectory Tyulen. 51. Rev. Fr. Nathaniel MMA 1st July 1995 St. Veronica’s Parish, Agidi 52. Rev. Fr. Macellinus SAAONDO 1st July,1995 Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya 53. Rev. Fr. Andrew ADAGA 3rd Aug, 1996 Iyol I Kristu Parish, Parish, Abwa 54. Rev. Fr. Isaac BATUR 3rd Aug, 1996 Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya 55. Rev. Fr. Vincent AHAR 2nd Aug, 1997 St. Ann’s Parish, Adikpo 56. Rev. Fr. John ASEN 2nd Aug, 1997 St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape 57. Rev. Fr. Daniel ASUE 2nd Aug, 1997 Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya 58. Rev. Fr. Simon IKPUM 2nd Aug, 1997 St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar 59. Rev. Fr. Clement IORLIAM 2nd Aug, 1997 St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungur 60. Rev. Fr. Celestine AAYONGO 15th Aug, 1998 St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough 61. Rev. Fr. Gabriel NGBEA 15th Aug, 1998 St. Agatha’s Parish, Wajir 62. Rev. Fr. Moses TYOSENDA 15th Aug, 1998 St. Leo’s Rectory, Ikpa. 63. Rev. Fr. Marcellinus Wende 15th Aug, 1998 St. Martin,s Parish, Mbape 64. Rev. Fr. Isaac DUGU 21st Oct 2000 St. Lucy’s Parish, Awajir 65. Rev. Fr. Francis TOR 21st Oct, 2000 St. Ann’s Parish, Adikpo 66. Rev. Fr. Isaiah TER 18th Aug, 2001 St. Edward’s Parish, Uga 67. Rev. Fr. Moses AGAA 13th July, 2002 St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 68. Rev. Fr. Joseph AHILE 13th July, 2002 St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel 69. Rev. Fr. Matthew DZER 13th July 2002 St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 70. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel AGBIASE 9th Aug, 2003 Iyol I Kristu Parish, Abwa. 71. Rev. Fr. Fidelis AKUMBUL 9th Aug, 2003 St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 72. Rev. Fr. Timothy ANOM 9th Aug, 2003 St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar 73. Rev. Fr. Michael DOGO 9th Aug, 2003 St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape 74. Rev. Fr. Robert LAHA 9th Aug, 2003 St Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 75. Rev. Fr. George SHENGE 9th Aug, 2003 St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse -Agberagba 76. Rev. Fr. Daniel YIYEH 9th Aug, 2003 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 77. Rev. Fr. Daniel YOUGH 9th Aug, 2003 St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough 78. Rev. Fr. Fedinard IORNYUME 14th Aug, 2004 Queen of the Holy Rosary Rectory, Iusa 79. Rev. Fr. Paschal KUMAGA 14th Aug, 2004 St. Veronica’s Parish, Agidi 80. Rev. Fr. Solomon UKEYIMA 14th Aug, 2004 St. Ann’s Parish, Adikpo 81. Rev. Fr. Gabriel WANKAR 14th Aug, 2004 St. Michael’s Rectory, Bua. 82. Rev. Fr. Gabriel AGULE 6th Aug, 2005 St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya 83. Rev. Fr. Abraham ALUEIGBA 6th Aug, 2005 St. Ann’s Parish, Adikpo 84. Rev. Fr. Alexander IORHII 6th Aug 2005 St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungul 85. Rev. Fr. Isaac KAASHIMA 6th Aug, 2005 St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough 86. Rev. Fr. Samuel LAMEN 6th Aug, 2005 St Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 87. Rev. Fr. Jacob TYAVGER 6th Aug, 2005 St. Michael’s Rectory, Bua. 88. Rev. Fr. Desmond UZAN 6th Aug, 2005 St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 89. Rev. Fr. Benjamin VESUWE 6th Aug, 2005 St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungul 90. Rev. Fr. John GBATSORUN 5th Aug, 2006 St. Lucy’s Parish, Awajir 91. Rev. Fr. Thomas ORPIN 5th Aug, 2006 St. James’ Parish, Mbadeda 92. Rev. Fr. Mark TOR 5th Aug, 2006 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 93. Rev. Fr. Paul UTSER 5th Aug, 2006 St. Edward’s Parish, Uga 94. Rev. Fr. Julius AGAH 4th Aug, 2007 St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel 95. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel ASUE 5th Aug, 2007 St. Joseph the Worker’s Parish, Tyowanye 96. Rev. Fr. Daniel AKPOUGHUL 4th Aug, 2007 St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse -Agberagba 97. Rev. Fr. Samuel FILA 4th Aug, 2007 St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya 98. Rev. Fr. Ignatius HIM 4th Aug, 2007 St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse -Agberagba 99. Rev. Fr. Raphael TARLUMUN 4th Aug, 2007 St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel 100. Rev. Fr. Lawrence ADUDU 5th July , 2008 St. Agatha’s Parish, Wajir. 101. Rev. Fr. Justine AONDO 5th July, 2008 St. Michael’s Rectory, Bua. 102. Rev. Fr. Christopher CHAFA 5th July, 2008 Holy Ghost Rectory, Tyulen. 103. Rev. Fr. Joseph HON 5th July, 2008 St. Lucy’s Parish, Awajir. 104. Rev. Fr. Innocent JANDE 5th July, 2008 St. Edward’s Parish, Uga 105. Rev. Fr. Barnabas NYAM 5th July, 2008 St. Agatha’s Parish, Wajir 106. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel AGBA 1st Aug 2009 St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar 107. Rev. Fr. Peter AKAA 1st Aug, 2009 St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya 108. Rev. Fr. Cyprian AKIGHIR 1st Aug, 2009 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 109. Rev. Fr. Andrew IGBANA 1st Aug, 2009 St. Edward’s Parish, Uga 110. Rev. Fr. Timothy IGBUDU 1st Aug, 2009 St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough 111. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel IJEH 1st Aug, 2009 St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape 112. Rev. Fr. Godwin OMANGA 1st Aug, 2009 Christ the King’s Rectory, Damkor. 113. Rev. Fr. Moses SHAWON 1st Aug, 2009 Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya 114. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel ABUR 7th Aug, 2010 St. Joseph’s Rectory, Iyon 115. Rev. Fr. Bernard ACHAKU 7th Aug, 2010 St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya 116. Rev. Fr. Gabriel ACHIAGA 7th Aug, 2010 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 117. Rev. Fr. Moses ANGBANDE 7th Aug, 2010 St. Christopher’s Parish, Wannune 118. Rev. Fr. Justin ANKWAGH 7th Aug, 2010 Queen of the Holy Rosary Rectory, Iusa 119. Rev. Fr. Stephen AWUA 7th Aug 2010 St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse -Agberagba 120. Rev. Fr. Moses ATE 7th Aug, 2010 St. Joseph’s Rectory, Iyon 121. Rev. Fr. Sylvester BAKA 7th Aug 2010 St. Peter’s Parish, Mkar 122. Rev. Fr. Richard MGBANNGUN 7th Aug, 2010` St. Leo’s Rectory, Ikpa-Mbatierev 123. Rev. Fr. Solomon MENGER 7th Aug, 2010 St. Francis Parish, Tse-Kucha 124. Rev. Fr. Daniel SAAMEAKPE 7th Aug, 2010 St. Anthony’s Rectory, Amua 125. Rev Fr. Samuel AKOMBO 6th Aug, 2011 St. Joseph the Worker’s Parish, Tyowanye 126. Rev Fr. Julius AKOSU 6th Aug, 2011 St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar 127. Rev Fr. Joseph ASAKA 6th Aug, 2011 St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya 128. Rev Fr. Gerald AYUA 6th Aug, 2011 St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 129. Rev. Fr. Stephen IORTYER 6th Aug, 2011 St. Christopher’s Parish, Wannune 130. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel NYITAR 6th Aug, 2011 Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya 131. Rev. Fr. Raphael USAKA 6th Aug, 2011 St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough 132. Rev. Fr. Paul AENDE 4th Aug, 2012 St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 133. Rev. Fr. Godwin AGENA 4th Aug, 2012 St Robert’s Parish, Adamgbe 134. Rev. Fr. Cyril ANJEMBE 4th Aug, 2012 St. Lucy’s Parish, Awajir 135. Rev. Fr. Benjamin ASAGH 4th Aug, 2012 St. Veronica’s Parish, Agidi 136. Rev. Fr. Moses BUTER 4th Aug, 2012 Holy Trinity’s Parish, Dagba 137. Rev. Fr. Paul GOON 4th Aug, 2012 St. Christopher’s Parish, Wannune 138. Rev Fr. Vincent IKYOBO 4th Aug, 2012 St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough 139. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel INIENGER 4th Aug, 2012 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 140. Rev. Fr. Philip KOR 4th Aug, 2012 St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse -Agberagba 141. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel ADA 6th July, 2013 St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape. 142. Rev. Fr. Linus ADEKE 6th July, 2013 St. Robert’s Rectory, Gbem, 143. Rev. Fr. Christopher AGEV 6th July, 2013 St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya 144. Rev. Fr. Isaac AKIISHI 6th July, 2013 St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar. 145. Rev. Fr. Gerald AZERIGBA 6th July, 2013 St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungul. 146. Rev. Fr. Moses BEBA 6th July, 2013 St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungul. 147. Rev. Fr. Noel Eki DAAOR 6th July, 2013 Christ the King’s Rectory, Damkor, 148. Rev. Fr. Clement DETSO 6th July, 2013 St. James’ Parish, Yandev. 149. Rev. Fr. Jonathan KAAINJO 6th July, 2013 St. Mary’s Rectory, Uma, 150. Rev. Fr. Samuel KETE 6th July, 2013 St. Leo’s Rectory, Ikpa-Mbatierev. 151. Rev. Fr. Isaac IORNYAGH 6th July, 2013 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 152. Rev. Fr. Victor NYAM 6th July, 2013 St. Peter’s Parish, Buruku 153. Rev. Fr. Basil TUMBA 6th July, 2013 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 154. Rev. Fr. Simon TYOYILA 6th July, 2013 Iyol I Kristu’s Parish, Abwa, 155. Rev. Fr. Felix USMAN 6th July, 2013 St. Peter’s Parish, Buruku. 156. Rev. Fr. Michael ZAR 6th July, 2013 St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh 157. Rev. Fr. Clement APEIOR 14th June, 2014 St. Agatha’s Parish Wajir 158. Rev. Fr. Nicholas ASHIR 14th June, 2014 St. Mary’s Parish, Gungul. 159. Rev. Fr. Dominic ASOR 14th June, 2014 St. Theresa’s Parish, Rice Mill. 160. Rev. Fr. Reuben AWAJI 14th June, 2014 St. Martin’s Catholic Church, Mbape 161. Rev. Fr. Gabriel DAV 14th June, 2014 St. Leo’s Rectory, Ikpa-Mbatierev. 162. Rev. Fr. Theophilus OSUGH 14th June, 2014 St. Robert’s Rectory, Adamgbe. 163. Rev. Fr. Isaac SHALEGH 14th June, 2014 St. Agatha’s Parish Wajir 164. Rev. Fr. Solomon TOMTILE 14th June, 2014 St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo 165. Rev. Fr. Martin TSEGBA 14th June, 2014 St. Justin’s Mission, Mhambe 166. Rev. Fr. Michael ABURU 30th May, 2015 St. Peter Mkar 167. Rev. Fr. Donald ADABO 30th May, 2015 St. Peter’s Parish, Buruku 168. Rev. Fr. Timothy CHIOR 30th May, 2015 Holy Ghost Rectory, Tyulen 169. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel DEM 30th May, 2015 St Peter’s Parish, Buruku 170. Rev.Fr. Innocent DEMAWA 30th May, 2015 St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar 171. Rev.Fr. Lawrence IGBANGOHOL 30th May, 2015 St. Agatha’s Wajir 172. Rev. Fr. Joseph IORLAHA 30th May, 2015 St. Winifred’s Ihugh 173. Rev. Fr. Simon NYIEKAA 30th May, 2015 St. Francis Tse-Kucha 174. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel NYINYA 30th May, 2015 St. Robert’s Adamgbe 175. Rev. Fr. Eugine Sefa ORTESE 30th May, 2015 Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya


1. Rev. Fr. Thomas DEKAA Study USA 2. Rev. Fr. Daniel MELABA Mission USA 3. Rev. Fr. Nathaniel MMA Mission USA 4. Rev. Fr. Vincent AHAR Mission USA 5. Rev. Fr. Patrick ALUMUNKU Mission ABUJA 6. Rev. Fr. Simeon IBER Mission USA 7. Rev. Fr. Stephen AKANGE Study USA 8. Rev. Fr. Daniel ASUE Study USA 9. Rev. Fr. Clement IORLIAM Study USA 10. Rev. Fr. Gabriel WANKAR Study USA 11. Rev. Fr. Paul UTSER Study USA 12. Rev. Fr. Moses AGAA Study Italy 13. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel ABUR Study Italy 14. Rev. Fr. Cornelius AZOR Sabbatical Lagos 15. Rev. Fr. Clement MATO Sabbatical Lafia PRIESTS ON STUDIES WITHIN NIGERIA
1. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel IJEH BSU, Makurdi 2. Rev. Fr. Ignatius HIM CIWA, Port-Harcourt 3. Rev. Fr. Godwin OMANGA CIWA, Port-Harcourt 4. Rev. Fr. Victor Nyam CIWA, Port-Harcourt 5. Rev. Fr. Gerald AYUANTI Kaduna 6. Rev. Fr. Timothy ANOM Nsukka 7. Rev. Fr. Innocent JANDE Nsukka 8. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel ADA University of Mkar PRIESTS WORKING IN OTHER DIOCESE
S/N NAME Place of Assignment 1. Rev. Fr. Solomon MENGER Katsina-Ala Diocese 2. Rev. Fr. Moses TYOSENDA Katsina-Ala Diocese 3. Rev. Fr. Benjamin VESUWE Katsina-Ala Diocese 4. Rev. Fr. Isaac AJAI Katsina-Ala Diocese5. Rev. Fr. Samuel FILA Katsina-Ala Diocese 6. Rev. Fr. Fidelis AKUMBUL Katsina-Ala Diocese 7. Rev. Fr. Francis IBER Katsina-Ala Diocese 8. Rev. Fr. Barnabas NYAM Katsina-Ala Diocese 9. Rev. Fr. Stephen IORTYER Katsina-Ala Diocese 10. Rev. Fr. Michael BUUL Katsina-Ala Diocese 11. Rev. Fr. Francis TOR Katsina-Ala Diocese 12. Rev. Fr. Joseph HON Katsina-Ala Diocese 13. Rev. Fr. Julius ANKWAGH Katsina-Ala Diocese 14. Rev. Fr. Daniel SAAMEAKPE Katsina-Ala Diocese 15. Rev. Fr. Stephen AWUA Katsina-Ala Diocese 16. Rev. Fr. Michael ZAR Katsina-Ala Diocese 17. Rev. Fr. Simon TYOYILA Katsina-Ala Diocese 18. Rev. Fr. Martin TSEGBA Katsina-Ala Diocese 19. Rev. Fr. Celestine AAYONGO Katsina-Ala Diocese 20. Rev. Fr. Peter ASAN Lafia Diocese 21. Rev. Fr. Gabriel NGBEA Lafia Diocese 22. Rev. Fr. Samuel IKPUM Lafia Diocese 23. Rev. Fr. Marcellinus SAAONDO Lafia Diocese 24. Rev. Fr. George SHENGE Lafia Diocese 25. Rev. Fr. Robert LAHA Lafia Diocese 26. Rev. Fr. Gabriel AGULE Lagos Arch Diocese 27. Rev. Fr. Christopher CHAFA Lagos Arch Diocese 28. Rev. Fr. Ambrose AMUE Makurdi Diocese 29. Rev. Fr. Hyacinth ALIA Makurdi Diocese 30. Rev. Fr. Titus IGYESE Makurdi Diocese 31. Rev. Fr. Solomon UKEYIMA Makurdi Diocese 32. Rev. Fr. Titus IMOJIME Makurdi Diocese 33. Rev. Fr. Justine AONDO Makurdi Diocese 34. Rev. Fr. Joseph AKAASHIMA Italy PRIESTS ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT
S/N Name Place of Assignment 1. Rev. Fr. Henry AKAABIAM STAMS Mkd 2. Rev. Fr. Godwin AGENA STAMS Mkd 3. Rev. Fr. Pius AJIKIBSU Makurdi 4. Rev. Fr. Francis WEGHBSU Makurdi 5. Rev. Fr. John GBATSORON Police Chaplaincy 6. Rev. Fr. Mark TOR Police Chaplaincy 7. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel AGBIASE St. Charles Lwanga, Prep- Seminary, Makurdi 8. Rev. Fr. Paul AENDE St. Charles Lwanga, Prep- Seminary, Makurdi 9. Rev. Fr. Andrew Igbana St. James’ Minor Seminary, Yandev, Gboko. 10. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel IJEH St. James’ Minor Seminary, Yandev, Gboko 11. Rev. Fr. Didacus KAJO University of Agriculture Makurdi. 12. Rev. Fr. John ASEN Mount St. Gabriel’s Secondary School, Makurdi.
S/N Name Place of Assignment 1. Rev. Fr. Edward ATEL CSSp St. Paul’s Parish Kontien. 2. Rev. Fr. Mark UGBUDU CSSp St. Paul’s Parish Kontien. 3. Rev. Fr. Clement TYAVMBI Catholic Rectory, Uma. 4. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel MGBAKPA Holy Ghost Rectory, Tyulen. 5. Rev. Fr. Patrick FOLEY, CSSp Abwa. 6.
S/N Name Place of Assignment 1. Rev. Fr. Joseph ASAKA Federal Government College, Vandeikya/St. Peter’s Vandeikya 2. Rev. Fr. Paul GOON St. Andrew’s Secondary School, Adikpo. 3. Rev. Fr. Dominic ASOR Queen of the Rosary Secondary School/St. John’s Day Secondary School, Gboko. 4. Rev. Fr. Dominic ASOR Queen of the Rosary Secondary School/St. John’s Day Secondary School, Gboko. 5. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel ADA Government Secondary School, Gboko. 6. Rev. Fr. Isaiah TER St. Francis of Assisi Chaplaincy, Fidel Polytechnic, Gboko. St. Augustine of Hippo’s Chaplaincy, Gboko College of Education, and Gboko Prisons
S/N Name Place of Assignment 1. Rev. Fr. Donald AKEGH St. Thomas’ Hospital, Ihugh 2. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Atachia AKOKODAGA St. Monica’s Hospital, Adikpo.
1. Rev. Jacob Aondover ATSU Christ the King’s Chancery/St. George’s Parish, Vandeikya Rectory, Tyobo. 2. Rev. Thaddeus Terlumun AUVE Holy Ghost Rectory, St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Tyulen. Gboko. 3. Rev. David Terzungwe GOLOZO St. Pius Rectory, St. Christopher’s Parish, Lough Wannune. 4. Rev. Theophilus Ushahemba HILE St. Simon’s Parish, St. Anthony’s Rectory, Chilemo.
Tsar.5. Rev. Christian Fateman IORYEM St. Robert’s Rectory, St. Thomas’ Parish, Gboko South Gbem. 6. Rev. Matthew Tertseagha KAI St. Stephen’s Parish, St. Robert’s Rectory, Gbem. Lessel. 7. Rev. Emmanuel Terkula ORONGU St. Simon’s Parish, St. James’ Parish, Mbadeda.
Tsar. 8. Rev. Herbert Terngu TYOZUA St. Jude’s Parish, St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo. Koti-Yough.
1. Rev. Fr. Titus ASHWEH Rev. Fr. Peter MALU Rev. Fr. Linus ADEKE St. Christopher’s Parish, Wannune. 2. Rev. Fr. Michael BUTER Rev. Fr. Moses BUTER Rev. Fr. Clement APEIOR St. James’ Parish, Yandev. 3. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel AGBA Rev. Fr. Emmanuel INIENGER St. Peter’s Parish, Buruku. 4. Rev. Fr. Ferdinand IORNYUME Rev. Fr. Vincent IKYOBO St. Francis’ Parish, Tsekucha. 5. Rev. Fr. Cosmos TSOKAA St. Leo’s Rectory, Ikpa. 6. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel ASUE St. Michael’s Rectory, Bua. 7. Rev. Fr. Daniel AKPOUGHUL Rev. Fr. Basil TUMBA St. Lucy’s Parish, Awajir. 8. Rev. Fr. Dominic JIR Rev. Fr. Emmanuel NYITAR Rev. Fr. Samuel KETE St. Veronica’s Parish, Agidi. 9. Rev. Fr. Andrew ADAGA Rev. Fr. Innocent DEMAWA St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungul. 10. Rev. Fr. Jacob ITYAVGYER St. Pius’ Rectory, Lough. 11. Rev. Fr. Julius AGAH Rev. Fr. Gabriel DAV Rev. Fr. Simon NYIEKAA St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya. 12. Rev. Fr. Godwin AGBERAGBA St. Anthony’s Rectory, Chilemo. 13. Rev. Fr. Sebastian AKOUGH Rev. Fr. Philip KOR Rev. Fr. Gerald AYUA St. Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh. 14. Rev. Fr. David AGU Rev. Fr. Isaac IORNYAGH St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse-Agberaba. 15. Rev. Fr. Stephen SUEGA St. Anthony’s Rectory, Amua. 16. Rev. Fr. Gregory UGAH St. Robert’s Rectory, Gbem. 17. Rev. Fr. Julius AKOSU St. Justine’s Rectory, Mhambe.18. Rev. Fr. Matthew DZER Rev. Fr. Nicholas ASHIR St. Ann’s Parish, Adikpo. 19. Rev. Fr. Pius UZAN Holy Trinity Parish, Dagba. 20. Rev. Fr. Moses SHAWON Rev. Fr. Jonathan KAAINJO St. Patrick’s Parish, Use-Ushongo. 21. Rev. Fr. Gabriel ACHIAGA Rev. Fr. Emmanuel NYINYA St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape 22. Rev. Fr. Samuel AKOMBO St. Joseph’s Rectory, Iyon 23. Rev. Fr. Joseph AGBECHA Rev. Fr. Fidelis AKUME Rev. Fr. Moses BEBA Iyol I Kristu Parish, Abwa 24. Rev. Fr. Thaddeus IKOR Rev. Fr. Clement DETSO Rev. Fr. Gerald AZERIGBA. St. Joseph the Worker’s Parish, Tyowanye 25. Rev. Fr. Lawrence ADUDU St. Clement’s Rectory, Garba 26. Rev. Fr. Pascal KUMAGA St. Mary’s Rectory, Uma 27. Rev. Fr. Timothy IGBUDU Christ the King’s Rectory , Damkor. 28. Rev. Fr. Richard MGBANNGUN Rev. Fr. Solomon TOMTILE Rev. Fr. Emmanuel DEM Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya 29. Rev. Fr. Clement TYAVMBI St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough 30. Rev. Fr. Innocent SHAEGHER St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar 31. Rev. Fr. Michael IORLIAM St. Robert’s Rectory, Adamgbe 32. Rev. Fr. Donatus DZUNGWE St. William’s Rectory, Ugyeh 33. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel MGBAKPA Holy Ghost Rectory, Tyulen 34. Rev. Fr. Marcellinus WENDE Rev. Fr. Cyril ANJEMBE St. Michael’s Parish, Jato-Aka 35. Rev. Fr. Benjamin ASAGH Rev. Fr. Noel DAAOR St. Paul’s Parish, Ikyogen 36. Rev. Fr. Moses ANGBANDE St. Mary’s Rectory, Anwase 37. Rev. Fr. Sylvester BAKA St. Peter’s Rectory, Uchagh 38. Rev. Fr. Peter AKAA St. Luke’s Rectory, Ikyoawen. 39. Rev. Fr. Gabriel GBERIKON Rev. Fr. Isaac AKIISHI Rev. Fr. Emmanuel ADA St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Gboko 40. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel UDU Rev. Fr. Timothy ANOM Rev. Fr. Dominic ASOR St. Thomas’ Parish, Gboko-South 41. Rev. Fr. Daniel YOUGH Rev. Fr. Lawrence IGBANGOHOL St. Francis’ Parish, Gboko-East. 42. Rev. Fr. Michael DOGO Rev. Fr. Donald ADABO St. Peter’s Parish, Mkar 43. Rev. Fr. Alex IORHIIRev. Fr. Michael ABURU St. Gabriel’s Parish, Gboko-West 44. Rev. Fr. Joseph AHILE Rev. Fr. Christopher AGEV St. Theresa’s Parish, Rice Mill 45. Rev. Fr. Edward ATEL CSSp Rev. Fr. John AGBERAGBA CSSp Rev. Fr. Dennis YIYEH CSSp St. Paul’s Parish, Parish Kontien 46. Rev. Fr. Isaac DUGU St. George’s Rectory, Tyobo 47. Rev. Fr. Thomas ORPIN St. Joseph’s Rectory, New Road. 48. Rev. Fr. Augustine, IGBUM St. Rita’s Rectory, Aornan 49. Rev. Fr. Bernard ACHAKU Regina Caeli’s Rectory, Akile 50. Rev. Fr. Richard TULE St. Michael’s Rectory Agbile, 51. Rev. Fr. Isaiah TER St. Francis of Assisi Chaplaincy, Fidel Polytechnic, Gboko. St. Augustine of Hippo’s Chaplaincy, Gboko College of Education, and Gboko Prisons 52. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel DOKI Rev. Fr. Theophilus OSUGH St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel 53. Rev. Fr. Jacob TONDO St. Agatha’s Parish, Wajir 54. Rev. Fr. Dennis KORAYOM Rev. Fr. Eugene ORTESE St. Edward’s Parish, Ugah 55. Rev. Fr. Richard IYAGHIGBA Queen of the Holy Rosary Rectory, Iusa. 56. Rev. Fr. David HANGEIOR St. Brendan’s Rectory, Ande. 57 Rev Fr ASAKA St. Thomas’ Rectory, Tur CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLS
1. Rev. Fr. Andrew IGBANA St. James’ Minor Seminary, Yandev. 2. Rev. Fr. Raphael TARLUMUN St. John’s Day Secondary School, Gboko. 3. Rev. Fr. Linus HUABO St. Peter’s Sechool School, Vandeikya. 4. Rev. Fr. Jonathan KAINJO St. Patrick’s Secondary School, Use- Ushongo. 5. Rev. Fr. Isaac KAASHIMA St. Stephen’s Secondary School, Adikpo -Mbaagwa. 6. Rev. Fr. Moses ATE St. Peter’s Secondary School, Mede -Mbangur. 7. Mrs. Roselyn WELGHGBA Queen of the Rosary Secondary School, Gboko. 8. Mr. Oliver T. AGBER St. Andrew’s Secondary School, Adikpo. 9. Mrs. B.H ORKUMA St. Mary’s Secondary School, Adikpo. 10. Mrs. Priscilla AGWAZA St. Winifred’s Girls’ Secondary School, Ihugh. 11. Sr. Theo Notre Dame Secondary School, Mkar. 12. Mr. Joshua AGBER St. Winifred’s Secondary School, Mbajor. 13. Mr. Emmanuel AGINDI Our Lady of Apostles’ Secondary School,Vandeikya. 14. Mr. Vincent TYOULE St. Joseph and Mary Secondary School, Korinya. 15. Mr. Joseph AGUSE Holy Trinity Secondary School, Dagba. 16. Mr. Mbauhar A. ORSAR Ivever Memorial Secondary School, Garba. 17. Mr. Emmanuel IEEVE Holy Family Secondary School, Jato-Aka. 18. Mr. Maurice D.SHAMANGE St. Francis Xavier’s Secondary School, Ikyogen. 19. Mr. Peter ANWAGH St. Lucy’s Secondary School, Awajir. 20. Mr. Charles ORSHI St. Jude’s Technical College, Tse-Mker. 21. Mr. FAGA St. Thomas the Apostles’ Secondary School, Ugah. 22. Mr. Joseph M. ATOZY St. Joseph the Worker’s Secondary School, Ashamena. 23. Mr. J.I ATULE St. Veronica’s Secondary School, Agidi. 24 Mr. Emmanuel TYOZENDA St. Anthony’s Secondary School, Chilemo.
1. Sr. Benedicta NAMAKAA St. Thomas’ Hospital, Ihugh. 2. Mr. Samuel ADASU St. Monica’s Hospital, Adikpo. 3. Mr. Samuel GUM St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Vandeikya 4. Mr. Terwase ADZU St. Christopher’s Comprehensive and Maternity Health Care, Wannune 5. Mr. Samuel TSEA St. Joseph’s Comprehensive and Maternity Health Care, Korinya 6. Mr. Celestine ZAKAA St. Veronica’s Primary Health Care, Agidi 7. Mr. Samuel YESE St. Dorathy’s Primary Health Care, Agur Achia 8. Mr. Donatus IKPA St. Paul’s Primary Health Care, Ashamena, Buruku 9. Mr. Philip VAVAR St. Agnes’ Primary Health Care, Yande, Ikyogen 10. Mr. Williams IYUHE St. Paul’s Primary Health Care, Sambe, Tse -Mker 11. Mr. Ericsson IORLAHASt. Theresa’s Primary Health Care, Vandeikya 12. Mr. Isaac HIANSt. Francis’ Primary Health Care, Hiitom 13. Mr. Titus LIAMBEESt. Mary’s Primary Health Care, Alumuku 14. Mr. John AKOSUSt. Monica’s Primary Health Care, Atimenya 15. Mr. Sunday SHAGBASt. Augustine’s Primary Health Care, Tarungwa 16. Mr. Isaac GBILINSt. Augustine’s Primary Health Care, Ayaga 17. Mr. Felix KUMBURSt. Theresa’s Primary Health Care, Jorbua-Kwande 18. Mrs. Ukwase TYODAA Holy Trinity Primary Health Care, Dagba19. Mr. Ezekiel ANONGO St. Paul’s Primary Health Care, Ikyaator -Vandeikya 20. Mrs. Jennifer IJIR St. Gerald’s Primary Health Care, Damkor 21. Mr. Michael IGBANATORGIR Medical Centre, Ivenge Torjir 22. Sr. Susan NDUH St. Martin De Porres’ Primary Health Care, Abwa 23. Mr. Samuel AGBAYGA St. Simon’s Primary Health Care, Javer 24. Mr. Stephen APUU Primary Health Care, Dagba Mbaduku Tsar 25. Mr Emmanuel AKAWE 36 Martyrs Comprehensive and Maternity Health Care, Mbape


1. Rev. Fr. Peter Paul BOAGER 1st Dec., 2013 St. Clement’s Rectory, Garba. 2 Rev. Fr. Edward IGBOKO 9th Feb., 2015 2. Rev. Fr. Simon AWELI 30th Mar. 2015 St Winifred’s Parish, Ihugh


1. Iyol I Kristu Parish, Abwa. 2. St. Joseph the Worker’s Parish, Tyowanye. 3. St. Ann’s Parish, Adikpo. 4. Holy Trinity Parish, Dagba. 5. St. Patrick’s Parish, Use -Ushongo. 6. St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape. 7. St. Lucy’s Parish, Awajir. 8. St. Veronica’s Parish, Agidi. 9. St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Gboko. 10. St. Thomas’ Parish, Gboko-South. 11. St. Francis’ Parish, Gboko -East. 12. St. Peter’s Parish, Mkar. 13. St. Gabriel’s Parish, Nyamor. 14. St. Theresa’s Parish, Rice -Mill. 15. St. Paul’s Parish, Parish Kontien. 16. St. Michael’s Parish, Jato -Aka. 17. St. Paul’s Parish, Ikyogen. 18. St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya. 19. St. Winifred Parish, Ihugh. 20. St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse Agberagba. 21. St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel. 22. St. Agatha’s Parish, Wajir. 23. St. Edward’s Parish, Ugah. 24. St. Christopher’s Parish Wannune. 25. St. James’ Parish Yandev. 26. St. Peter’s Parish, Buruku. 27. St. Francis Parish Tse-kucha. 28. Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya. 29. St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough. 30. St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar.
1. St. George’s Rectory, Tyobo. 2. St. Robert’s Rectory, Gbem. 3. St. Justine’s Rectory, Mhambe. 4. St. Joseph’s Rectory, Iyon. 5. St. Clement’s Rectory, Garba. 6. St. Mary’s Rectory, Uma. 7. Christ the King’s Rectory, Damkor. 8. St. Robert’s Rectory, Adamgbe. 9. St. William’s Rectory, Ugyeh. 10. Holy Ghost Rectory, Tyulen. 11. St. Mary’s Rectory, Anwase. 12. St. Peter’s Rectory, Uchagh. 13. St. Luke’s Rectory, Ikyoawen. 14. St. Joseph’s Rectory, New Road.
15. St. Rita’s Rectory, Aornan. 16. Regina Caeli Rectory, Akile. 17. St. Michael’s Rectory, Agbile. 18. Queen of the Holy Rosary Rectory, Iusa. 19. St. Leo’s Rectory, Ikpa. 20. St. Michael’s Rectory, Bua. 21. St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungul. 22. St. Pius’ Rectory, Lough. 23. St. Anthony’s Rectory, Chilemo. 24. St. Anthony’s Rectory, Amua. 25. St. Francis of Assisi Chaplaincy, Fidei Polytechnic. 26. St. Brendan’s Rectory, Ande 27. St. Thomas’ Rectory, Tur 28. St. Monica’s Rectory, Tomatar DEANERIES
Abwa 1. Iyol I Kristu Parish, Abwa. 2. St. Joseph the Worker’s Parish, Tyowanye. 3. St. Clement’s Rectory, Garba. 4. St. Mary’s Rectory, Uma. 5. Christ the King’s Rectory, Damkor.
Adikpo 6. St. Ann’s Parish, Adikpo. 7. Holy Trinity Parish, Dagba. 8. St. Patrick’s Parish, Use -Ushongo. 9. St. Martin’s Parish, Mbape. 10. St. Joseph’s Rectory, Iyon.
Awajir 11. St. Lucy’s Parish, Awajir. 12. St. Veronica’s Parish, Agidi. 13. St. Mary’s Rectory, Gungul. 14. St. Pius’ Rectory, Lough. 15. St. Anthony’s Rectory, Chilemo.
Gboko 16. St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Gboko. 17. St. Thomas’ Parish, Gboko -South. 18. St. Francis’ Parish, Gboko-East. 19. St. Peter’s Parish, Mkar. 20. St. Gabriel’s Parish, Nyamor. 21. St. Theresa’s Parish, Rice Mill. 22. St. Paul’s Parish, Kontien. 23. St. George’s Rectory, Tyobo. 24. St. Joseph’s Rectory, New Road. 25. St. Rita’s Rectory, Aornan. 26. Regina Caeli Rectory, Akile. 27. St. Michael’s Rectory, Agbile. 28. St. Francis of Assisi Chaplaincy, Fidel Polytechnic. 29. St. Brendan’s Rectory, Ande
Jato Aka 30. St. Michael’s Parish, Jato-Aka. 31. St. Paul’s Parish, Ikyogen. 32. St. Mary’s Rectory, Anwase. 33. St. Peter’s Rectory Uchagh. 34. St. Luke’s Rectory Ikyoawen.
Korinya 35. St. Joseph’s Parish, Korinya. 36. St. Winifred Parish, Ihugh. 37. St. Gabriel’s Parish, Tse -Agberagba.
38. St. Anthony’s Rectory, Amua. 39. St. Robert’s Rectory, Gbem. 40. St. Justine’s Rectory, Mhambe.
Lessel 41. St. Stephen’s Parish, Lessel. 42. St. Agatha’s Parish, Wajir. 43. St. Edward’s Parish, Ugah. 44. Queen of the Holy Rosary Rectory, Iusa.
Vandeikya 45. Christ the King’s Parish, Vandeikya. 46. St. Jude’s Parish, Koti-Yough. 47. St. Simon’s Parish, Tsar. 48. St. Robert’s Rectory, Adamgbe. 49. St. William’s Rectory, Ugyeh. 50. Holy Ghost Rectory, Tyulen. 51. St. Thomas’ Rectory, Tur Wannune 52. St. Christopher’s Parish Wannune. 53. St. James’ Parish, Yandev. 54. St. Peter’s Parish, Buruku. 55. St. Francis Parish, Tsekucha. 56. St. Leo’s Rectory, Ikpa. 57. St. Michael’s Rectory, Bua.