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LEADERSHIP (Bishop's Profile)

Date of Birth: September 29, 1958 Priestly Ordination: August 8, 1987 Episcopal Ordination: May 2, 2009 Address: Catholic Secretariat, Box 302 Enugu State Ph: 08036707388 Email: [email protected] [email protected]

(Bishop Emeritus) Date of Birth: October 29, 1931 Priestly Ordination: November 23, 1958 Appointed Bishop of Issele-Uku: July 5, 1973 Episcopal ordination: September 30, 1996 Appointed Bishop of Enugu: November 8, 1996 Installed Bishop of Enugu: February 8, 1997

Ecclesiastical Province of Onitsha

First Mass: 1910 Missionaries: Rev. Fr Joseph Lutz; Aloyse Muller First Bishop: Most Rev. John Anyogu Second Bishop: Most Rev. Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye Third Bishop: Most Rev. Michael Ugwu Eneja Fourth Bishop: Most Rev. Anthony Okonkwo Gbuji Territory 2,738 Sq km.
Population of the Diocese 2,671,111Catholic Population 1,368,904
Diocesan Priests 364 Missionary Parish Priests 15 Other Priests in the Diocese 125 Religious Women 478 Nigerian Brothers 16 Brother Monks 52 Male Religious Congregations or Institutes 16 Male Religious Houses in the Diocese / Inmates 37 / 235 Female Religious Congregations or Institutes 20 Female Religious Houses in the Diocese / Inmates 55 / 478 Major Seminarians 289 Minor Seminarians 515 Total Number of Parishes 188
Total Number of Deaneries 6


The illumination of the territory of Enugu with the Word of God took various
stages and turns. Enugu was part and parcel of the Apostolic Prefecture of the Lower Niger, which His Holiness, Pope Leo XIII created in 1889 in acknowledgment of the efforts of Fr. Joseph Lutz and his team. Fr. Lutz was made the first Apostolic Prefect of this Prefecture. He and his successors made relentless efforts to spread the Good News to the length and breadth of the new Prefecture. However, it was under Fr. Joseph Shanahan (later Bishop), as the fifth Apostolic Prefect of the Prefecture of Lower Niger, that the Good News of salvation in Christ Jesus had a grip on the soil of Enugu.
Province: Onitsha Erection: November 12, 1992
BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DIOCESEIn 1908, coal was discovered in Enugu. This discovery brightened the beam already focused on the city, and attracted the attention of European explorers and merchants. Christian missionaries saw the opportunity to ‘put out into the deep’ in the region.
They reconnoitered the area and planned the best strategy to adopt.
However, the success of both colonizers and missionaries was linked to the overriding influence of the Paramount Chief of Eke, Chief Onyeama Onwusi, who was long exposed to trade relation with the Europeans.
In 1910, Chief Onyeama, the Okwuloha of Agbaje, was made a Warrant Chief in recognition of his influence in British foreign rule. At this time his interest in western education came to its peak and sought immediate realization. Thus, He invited missionaries of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) to Eke to communicate the white man’s knowledge. Unfortunately, their method and content of education did not appeal to him. He therefore invited the Carholic missionaries through Rev. Fr. Joseph Shanahan in Onitsha.
Fr. Shanahan acted swiftly and sent Fr.
Aloyse Muller, who was resident in Igbariam, to explore the new area and put up scheme for missionary activities. Fr. Aloyse Muller arrived at Eke after his diurnal journey, and celebrated the Holy Mass there the following morning to inaugurate his activities. He started to familiarize himself with the area and drew up his plan. The blueprint designed by Fr.
Muller, which consisted in the erection
of a school, health centres, the use of English language, among other things, in the evangelization of the region, was happily welcomed and approved by Chief Onyeama. This approval led to a decree that forbade missionary activity in Agbaje by any other group outside the Catholics. Thus, Fr. Muller discharged, in 1910, the spark of faith which was to grow from strength to strength. Henceforth, Eke became an outstation of Onitsha Parish.
As an outstation, Eke did not have a resident priest. Priests came periodically. Eke mission progressed, nonetheless.
Meanwhile, the discovery of coal in Enugu pulled people in colossal number to the city. A mission centre was established at the Coal Camp, St.
Patrick’s Station, which was raised to the status of a parish in 1933. Since Enugu was the centre of political and commercial activities, coupled with its strategic position and accessibility, attention shifted from Eke to Enugu. As the Catholic community increased more stations and parishes were created. By 1961, the number of parishes increased to 17, and the stage was already prepared for Enugu to become an ecclesiastical See of its own.
On November 12, 1962, Enugu was carved out of Onitsha Archdiocese and raised to the status of a diocese. It comprised the old Enugu and Nsukka districts. Rt. Rev. Dr. John Cross Anyogu, who had been the Auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha from 1957, was appointed the Chief Pastor of the new diocese. Installed on January 15, 1963, he worked assiduously to give the new diocese a firm foundation.
After a period of four years, Bishop Anyogu died on July 6, 1967. His death came at the outbreak of the Nigerian civil war; consequently, Msgr. S. N.
Ezeanya was asked to administer the diocese and lead it through the war.
This he did very competently.
As soon as the war ended, Bishop Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye, who was the Bishop of Port-Harcourt, was appointed to succeed Bishop Anyogu in 1970. He was installed as Bishop of Enugu on March 17, 1970. He was a dynamic and foresighted bishop, and a go-getter. He acquired a lot of assets for the diocese, and was the founder of the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Love (D.D.L.). He died on March 17, 1977, being the day of his seventh anniversary as the Bishop of Enugu.
On November 10, 1977, Msgr. Michael Ugwu Eneja was appointed as the successor of Bishop Okoye. He was consecrated and installed Bishop of Enugu on February 26, 1978. Bishop Eneja was a pastor of rare qualities. As a loving father and a spiritual giant, he gave Enugu Diocese a solid spiritual foundation. His leadership inspired enormous growth. Under him, Nsukka Diocese was created in 1991 with Most Rev. Francis Okobo as its first Bishop. He retired on November 8, 1996 after 18 years of successful pastoral leadership.
The next bishop was Bishop Anthony Okonkwo Gbuji who, until his
appointment, had been the Bishop of Issele-Uku. He was installed on February 8, 1997. Full of energy and experience, he piloted the affairs of the Diocese and recorded many achievements in different areas. He founded St. Paul’s International Institute of Evangelisation (SPIIEE) and St. Bernard Seminary Hostel, Nchatancha. His leadership gave birth to the Jurisdiction of Awgu on July 8, 2 0 0 5 w i t h M o s t R e v. J o h n Ifeanyichukwu Okoye as its Chief Pastor.
Following the retirement of Bishop Gbuji, Msgr. Callistus Valentine Chukwuma Onaga was appointed the next Bishop of Enugu. He was consecrated and installed on May 2, 2009. From the very beginning, his administration has shown signs of great things to come. We started from the outset to behold an organized and systematic administration that stresses solidification and sanitization in โ€œgoing back to the rootโ€, while paving the way for continual growth and expansion.


S/N Name OrdinationDate Phone No. 1. Ikeme, Charles(27 July) 1958 2. Aluma, Michael(5 April) 1964 3. Ekowa, Paul(2 April) 1967 4. Akubue, Augustine(15 April) 1971 1973
5. Emekaekwue, Sabastine(29 April) 1974
6. Igboaja, Eugene(27 January) 7. Ugwu, Patrick(6 April) 8. Onunwa, Paschal(22 April) 9. Okpalaibekwe, Ferdinand(27 April) 10. Aduaka, Dominic(28 April) 11. Kanife, Edward (11 May) 12. Amadi, John (8 December) 1975
13. Anichebe, Tobias(5 April) 1976
14. Adike, Luke(24 April) 15. Anoje-Eke, Joseph(24 April) 1978
16. Ozoagu, Cosmas(1 July)
17. Ogbo, John(1 July) 18. Anyanwu, Theophilus(5 August) 1979
19. Omenka, Nicholas(25 May) 20. Iloanusi, Obiakoizu A(25 May) 21. Offordile, Christopher(30 June) 22. Mbata, Benjamin(30 June) 23. Okwulehie, Anthony(30 June) 24. Enem, Christopher(1 July) 25. Nwatu, Felix(8 July) 1980
26. Odoemene, Anacletus Nnamdi(15 June) 27. Anijielo, Anthony(5 July) 1981
28. Anyanwu-Azuka, Chris(4 July) 29. Nwafor Ani, Daniel(4 July) Ike, Francis Obiora(4 July) 1982
1. Nwamadi, Chima (14 February) 1983
2. Anochili, Joseph(2 July) 3. Ndulue, Louis(2 July) 4. Onah, Boniface(2 July) 5. Aguigwo, Geoffrey(2 July) 6. Chibuko, Patrick(10 July) 1984
7. Iweh, Emmanuel(28 July) 1985
8. Opara, Benedict(10 November) 1986
9. Ogbozor, Paul(31 July) 10. Nnajike, Innocent(23 August) 11. Ngwoke, Jude(5 October) 12. Ani, Ikechukwu Jude(21 December) 1987
13. Onaga, Callistus(8 August) 14. Egbo, Anthony(13 September) 1988
15. Okafor, Anthony(18 June) 16. Chukwuani, Charles(10 September) 17. Nwafor, John(11 September) 198918. Oleri, Godfrey(12 August) 19. Onyeador, Victor(12 August) 20. Nwankwo, Ambrose(30 September) 21. Affam, Raphael(1 October) 1990
22. Udeani, Christopher(21 July) 23. Igboamalu, Matthew(4 August) 24. Nwodo, Theophilus(4 August) 25. Offor, Evaristus(4 August) 26. Okongwu, Patrick(4 August) 27. Offor, Joseph (4 August) 28. Emeh, Augustine(6 October) 29. Ogbuene, Geoffrey(22 December) 1991
30. Diala, Innocent(10 August) 31. Ozoani, Anthony(10 August) 32. Eneh, Barry(10 August) 33. Agu, Ambrose(8 September) 1992
34. Agu, Paschalis(1 August) 35. Nwatarali, Christian(1 August) 36. Onoh, Anselm(1 August) 37. Onuigbo, Donatus(26 September) 38. Chime, Michael(27 September) 39. Nnaji, Theodore Morgan(18 August) 1993
40. Ugwu, Benneth(14 August) 41. Aneke, Christian(21 August) 1994
42. Okeke, Basil(2 July) 43. Emefo, Ignatius(16 July) 44. Ebunoha, Andrew(6 August) 45. Eze, Benjamin(13 August) 46. Nnajiofor, David(13 August) 47. Ogbozor, Patrick(13 August) 48. Okoh, Michael(13 August) 49. Okwor, Daniel(13 August) 50. Udeh, Patrick(13 August) 51. Eze, Victor(3 September) 1995
52. Ozoufuanya, Victor(13 May) 53. Mbaka, Camillus(29 July) 54. Achu, Kevin(5 August)
55. Ejim, Romanus(12 August) 56. Ekete, Damian(12 August) 57. Nwatarali, Linus(12 August) 58. Ubaka, Victor(12 August) 59. Udengwu, Anthony(12 August) 60. Ugwuozor, Felix(12 August) 61. Okeke, Ernest(12 August) 62. Onyekwe, Anthony(27 August) 63. Chielo, Christopher(2 September) 64. Agu, Leonard(9 December) 1996
65. Aniakor, Celestine(17 August) 66. Amarube, Anthony(17 August) 67. Anieke, Chinedu(17 August) 68. Chiawa, Francis(17 August) 69. Ezeonu, Malachy(17 August) 70. Okuta, Ignatius(17 August) 71. Udeh, Gabriel(17 August) 1997
72. Ani, Raphael(2 August) 73. Ene, Herbert(2 August) 74. Igboamalu, Philip(2 August) 75. Okeke, Peter(2 August) 76. Okongwu, Rorbert(2 August) 77. Udechukwu, Damian(2 August) 78. Okechukwu, Celestine(28 January) 1998
79. Eke, James(8 August) 80. Nzekwe, Jude(8 August) 81. Okolie, Maurice(8 August) 1999
82. Chukwueze, Chris(14 August) 83. Madubuko, John(14 August) 84. Maduechesi, Stanley(14 August) 85. Odo, Marcel(14 August) 86. Offu, Paul(14 August) 87. Okoh, C. Alphonsus(14 August) 88. Ukeh, C. John(14 August) 2000
89. Okachi, Paulinus(8 July) 90. Achonam, Sylvester(22 July) 91. Aneke, Okezie Antholinus(22 July) 92. Ani, Okechukwu Joseph(22 July)93. Anieke, Chikelu Christian(22 July) 94. Anieze, Madukaego Marius(22 July) 95. Chukwu, Mary Donatus(22 July) 96. Egwuyi, Okwuchukwu Hyacinth(22 July) 97. Nnaji, Anthony(22 July) 98. Obodo, Ernest(22 July) 2001
99. Nnadozie, Casmir(6 January) 100. Enyi, JosephMary(14 July) 101. Egwom, Donald(14 July) 102. Onuoha, Christian(14 July) 103. Eze, Cyril(14 July) 104. Malo, Patrick(14 July) 105. Anuka, Adolphus(14 July) 106. Ene, Martin(14 July) 107. Offor, Eugene(14 July) 108. Nebo, Matthew(14 July) 109. Odigbo, Mathias(14 July) 110. Aneke, Paulinus(14 July) 111. Onyigbuo, Cornelius(14 July) 112. Ozor, Bartholomew(14 July) 2002
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125. Aniakor, Louis(13 December) 126. Inmpey, Joseph(13 December) 127. Nwodo, Sylvester(13 December) 128. Nwoye, Alfred(13 December) 2004
129. Ike, Hilary(8 May) 130. Ekediegwu, Tochukwu Paschal(10 July) 131. Nnagbogu, Solomon(10 July)
132. Onyia, Simon Onuora(10 July) 133. Ogwu, Isaac Uchenna(10 July) 134. Mabu, Cosmas(10 July) 135. Onwumelu, Modestus(10 July) 136. Ekesili, Calistus Ejike(10 July) 137. Odinwankpa, Chubuke Fausta(10 July) 138. Ozoagu, Cyrinus Chinedu(10 July) 139. Ude, Anthony Chijioke(10 July) 140. Eze, Michael(10 July) 141. Madukwe, Adoctus Uchenna(10 July) 142. Agubuchie, Wilfred(10 July) 143. Okpe, Balonwu Tabansi(10 July) 144. Ojih, Christian Onyedikachi(10 July) 145. Okudo, Christopher Odinakaolisa(10 July) 146. Ezechi, Joseph Chukwuma(10 July) 147. Nwagu, Richard Ikechukwu(10 July) 148. Onyigbuo, Chimereihe Christian(10 July) 149. Zeowa, Stanislaus Chinedu(10 July) 150. Agu, Wilfred Nnabuike(10 July) 151. Ngwu, Livinus Makuochukwu(10 July) 2005
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191. Achi, Benjamin(7 July) 192. Agboso, Matthias(7 July) 193. Ani, Marcel(7 July) 194. Anieke Lazarus(7 July) 195. Chinweuba, Gregory(7 July) 196. Ezeh, Williams(7 July) 197. Ezeanochie, Vincent(7 July) 198. Ezeoba, Aloysius(7 July) 199. Ibe, John Mary(7 July) 200. Mba, Jude(7 July) 201. Nneji, Michael(7 July) 202. Obodo, Josephat(7 July) 203. Offor, Chibueze(7 July) 204. Okafor, Polycarp(7 July) 205. Okata, Michael(7 July) 206. Okwuiyi, Romanus(7 July) 207. Omeayo, Simon(7 July) 208. Otakagu, Paul(7 July) 209. Otugo, Augustine(7 July) 210. Nwanzi, Nicholas (9 December) 2008
211. Agba Lambert(5 July) 212. Agu Syriacus C(5 July) 213. Amu, Cletus(5 July)
214. Aniebonam, Paul(5 July) 215. Chukwu, Jude K.(5 July) 216. Chukwu, Peter E.(5 July) 217. Egboka, Damian P(5 July) 218. Emehelu, Chinemelu(5 July) 219. Ilo, Paulinus(5 July) 220. Okelue, Jude U.(5 July) 221. Okoye, Patrick C.(5 July) 222. Oluba, Anthony(5 July) 223. Onyia, Chukwuka(5 July) 224. Ude, Humphrey(5 July) 225. Ugwuegbu, Edmund U.(5 July) 226. Uzochukwu, Obu E.(5 July) 2009
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St. Bernard Seminary Hostel, Nchatancha Egwu, Raphael 08037427727 Awgu Rector
Opus Dei Priests Cabanyes, Joachim 9 Trinity Ave., 08034296376 Independence Layout [email protected] De Jรณdar, Diego โ€ 08091531777Isiekwe, Basil Mesomma โ€ 07084717136 [email protected] Okeke, Anthony Awgu No. 3 Ikwuato Uwani / Holy 08059574323 Trinity Parish, Independence Layout Oforji,Peter Onitsha Studies in UNEC, Residence: St. Mary’s Parish, Uwani.
Ogara, Ike Nsukka Supervisor, Special Duties, P.P.S.M.B 08060621665 Enugu Ugorji Chrysantus Orlu A Student-priest at UNEC, 08037426944 Residence: Queen of Peace Parish, Ndoromiri
Igbokidi, James Mary, MST Parakou Kรถnigin des Friedens Secondary School
Capuchin Franciscan Friary St. Francis And St. Clare Friary, G.R.A., Enugu (Custody Curia / House of Formation: Theology) Capuchin Franciscan Friary 32/34 Ridgeway Rd. G.R.A. Enugu, P.O. Box 2021, Enuguโ€“ Nigeria, Tel.: 0803 4777 923
Friar. (Fr.) Charles Chigbata, Regular Superior, 08138873032, [email protected] St. Anthony’s Friary, Emehelu-Aku Layout (Ugbene II) Enugu (Parish Fraternity) St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Ugbene II, Enugu, P.O. Box 2021, Enugu โ€“ Enugu State, Tel.: +234 8026227149; +234 8022108799
Friar (Fr.), Asst. PP , Br. Charles Mary Claretian Missionaries St. Peter’s Parish, Gariki Fr. Stephen Kalu, Parish Priest,
St. Mary Parish, Amurri Fr. Cletus Obasi (Parish Priest) 07032273156
Claret House of Theology P. O. Box 80, Attakwu Fr. Charles Amadi, 08036777960, (Superior/ Assessor Tansian Public Association) Fr. Francis Njoku, 08037239107,
Postulate House, Umuchu Street, Awkunanaw Fr. Francis Iheanacho, 08033982193
Conceptionists Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception Blessed Luigi Maria Monti Community, 26 Ishielu Street Independence Lay-Out Enugu.
Fr. Ephraim UgoduSuperior/Formator, 08038653594
Discalced Carmelites Mount Carmel Prayer Centre, 17 Nike Ave Ekulu; G.R.A. Enugu P.O. Box 3612, Enugu E-mail: [email protected] CONVENTUALS:
Fr. Moses Aburimen, OCD โ€“ Prior St. Theresa’s Parish, Ugbo Odogwu, Trans-Ekulu, P.O. Box 1894, Enugu CONVENTUALS: Prior & Parish Priest Fr. Emmanuel Nwadike, OCD, 08063152459
Marist Provincialate Iva Valley, P. O. Box 688, Enugu 08078847447
Email :[email protected] Br. Joachim Okoye-Ezetulugo (Provincial Superior) 08130770606 Nike Rehabilitation Centre, (Maryville) Br. Jude Anozie Director
Marist Nursery/Primary School, Emene Br. Evans Okpalanechedo Director
St. Michael’s Community, Emene Br. Evans OkpalanechedoCommunity Superior Br. Christopher Onwuasoanya Br. Jude Anozie Br. Mark Omede
Missionaries of Divine Mercy St. Rita Parish, Umuode Fr. Christopher Ikegwuonu, 08034357990
Oder of Preachers, Dominicans Emmanuel Parish, Emene, Ogugua Street, Airport Mainland Fr. Nwannah, Damian Anyalechi, 08035469696
[email protected] Our Lady of Mount Calvary Cistercian Abbey, Awhum P O Box 698, Enugu โ€“ [email protected] Phone: 08162802943, 08033457552, 08061171030, 08031936658,
08058003682, 07033028623
FR. LAURENCE Ezeilo (Admnistrator) 08162802943
Redemptorists Community of Materdomini House, No. 6 / 18 Mike Torrey Street, Trans-Ekulu Phase VI, Enugu Novice Master / Superior Fr. Sabon-Boniface Nnabuike, C.Ss.R., 08033683733, [email protected] Pre-Novice Direcor Fr. Henry Mary Mbanefo, C.Ss.R,โ€“ 08063801350,
[email protected] National Pilgrimage Centre of Mother of Perpetual Help, Ugwogo-Nike Director Fr. Celestine Ndibe Okah, C.Ss.R, 07038317050,
[email protected] Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, Iva Valley, Enugu, P.O. Box 2157, Enugu Parish Priest Fr. Remigius Okere, C.Ss.R. 08167228640
[email protected] Saviourite Priests Saviourite Formation House No. 1 Saviourites Avenue New G. R. A, Trans-Ekulu P.O. Box 2157, Enugu Comm. Superior Fr. Martin Uche 08062750960
St. Paul Parish, Mbulu-Owehe Parish Priest Fr. Paul Obiora (Obimario) 07038708469, 08066095578
Caritas University Fr. Patrick Ida Madonna University (Akpugo Campus) Superior Fr. Isaac Nginga Society of St. Paul, Nchatancha Nike, Enugu Fr. Peter Perunilathil, 08078194459, [email protected] Sons of Mary, Mother of Mercy Congregation 10 Nweke Awkuzo Street, Ugbene 2, Abakpa Nike, Enugu Fr. Paul Dennis Chibuike Okoli, 08037110292, 08096134144,
[email protected]
Somascan Fathers Somascan Fathers Formation House 1 A Lugard Avenue, G.R.A., Enugu 08137921599,
Email: [email protected]
Spiritans SIST Attakwu Rector Fr. Jude Ogbenna 07033065080
[email protected] St Mulumba’s Parish New Heaven, Enugu Parish Priest Fr. Ezeh Valentine 08038901297
St Francis Parish, Umuatugbuoma, Akegbe Parish Priest Fr. Ogbonna Joseph Asst. Priest Fr. Anyika Philip, 08033290825 Br. Adagbor Michael St John Parish, Ebe Parish Priest Fr. Nnoshiri Dominic, 08034947889 Spritian Mission House 15 Nike Lake Avenue, Trans-Ekulu Fr. Ibearugbulem Paulinus Chinedu, 08067166858, [email protected] Madonna University, Akpugo Campus, Ndiagu Fr. Onyeneke Augustine Caritas University, Amoji-Nike, P M B 01784,Enugu, Email: [email protected] 08036673144Deputy Vice Chancellor Fr. Remy Onyewuenyi, 08036673144 Community Layout, Spiritan Fr. Agu Stanislaus, 07064799528 Vincentian Community Provincialate St. Vincent de Paul House; Maryland, Ugwuaji Road, P. O. Box 3356, Enugu.
E-mail: [email protected], Phone: +234-8126244443 Very Rev. Fr. Sixtus Njoku, 08035360024, Provincial Superior, [email protected] Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Maryland Fr. Peter Anyanwu, 07031333779 PP., Our Lady of Lourdes St. Mary’s Parish, Akama Oghe Fr. Basil Okoro, 08033973640, [email protected] RELIGIOUS HOUSES FOR WOMEN
Nigerian Conference Of Women Religious (NCWR) National Secretariat Iva-valley Road 1 P. O. Box 2832 Enugu 400001, Enugu State TEL.: 08034047133, 07068928525
E-mail: [email protected] Sr. Augustina Chigozie Okoroafor, SSH โ€“ Executive Secretary Sr. Emily Onuoha, SSH โ€“ Assistant Executive Secretary National Renewal Centre N.R.C.
P. O. BOX 2832
Tel.: 08038961829, 07055751250 E-mail: [email protected] Sr. Theresa Oiza Ohiani, SSH โ€“ Directress Sr. Catherine Agada, SSH โ€“ Asst. Directress Area Conference Of Women Religious, Enugu Diocese Association of all Women Religious in the Diocese (Executive Members) Sr. Stella Eke, MSHR โ€“ President Sr. Catherine Dioka, HHCJ โ€“ Vice President Sr. Eucharistia, SJS โ€“ Secretary Sr. Ebere Igwebuike, CM โ€“ Treasurerer Sr. Sr. Ndidi Emeh, DDL โ€“ Financial Secretary Sr. Chizorom, DMMM โ€“ P.R.O.
Sr. Norbert Ezenwanne, IHM โ€“ Asst. P.R.O.
Enugu Area Conference Of Women Religious President Sr. Ifeoma Chukwu, SND 08063936290
Carmelite Missionaries Community 26 Nike Aveneu GRA P.O.Box 3905 Enugu โ€“ Tel.: E-mail: [email protected] Sr. Veronica I. Agu, Loc. Sup., 08132755335, 08134956331
Daughters of Divine Love Congregation Motto: Caritas Christi, Urget Nos!
DDL Generalate, Trans-Ekulu 19/29 5th Ave, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu Mother M. Chilota Elochukwu07062058032
DDL Niger Close Comm, Uwani (temporary Regional House) Mother M. Ifechukwu Udorah 08033454754
DDL Novitiate Community Sr. M. Odirachukwu Ugwuanyi, Novice Mistress/LS, 08039590093 DDL Postulate Community, Udi Sr. M. Chinecherem Nwoko – LS, 08068844904
DDL Juniorate Community, Abakpa Nike Sr. M. Joseph Ann Anokwu LS, 08088052625
DDL Community, Annunciation Specialist Hospital, Emene Sr. M. Helen Ugah. L. Sup., 08036699461
DDL Community, Charity Home Amorji Nike Sr. M. Catherine Nanmonu – LS, 07032088599
DDL Community, H. R. C. Uwani Sr. M. Ancilla Umeobieri LS, 08036684928
DDL Community, Housing Estate, Abakpa Nike Sr. M. Livina Ezenagu – LS, 08068094313
DDL Community, Ntasiobi Hospital Sr. M. Josephine Nlebedum, LS, 07030376056
DDL Community, Phase VI, Trans-Ekulu* Sr. M. Joseph Ann Anokwu – LS DDL Community, Sacred Heart Chapel, Abakpa Nike Sr. M. Kamdilichukwu Madubuonu, LS, 0810014221
DDL Community, SIST, Attakwu Sr. M. Chiadika Chukwuemeka Ag LS, 07032171348 DDL Community, St. Theresa Abakpa Sr. Marietta Anisiobi, LS, 08063865647
DDL Residence, New Haven Sr. M. Gloria Njoku LS 08065613687
DDL Residence, Godfrey Okoye University Sr. M. Lilian Charles Egeonu LS, 08022536491
Daughters of Mary, Mother of Mercy Sisters Holy Ghost Cathedral Community Sr. Cajetan Nsofor, Superior 08067346451
Nwanne Di Namba Housing Estate Sr. Mary Lucy Ohadomere 07034321069
Iva-Valley Community Sr. M. Amauchechukwu Ani 08037404766, 0805450561
[email protected] Onoh Crescent, Ekulu Community Sr. Ogonnamaka Umeh 08064203618Independence Layout Community Sr. M. Chizobam Muomah Sr. Ann Lucia Madubuko Daughters of Merciful Heart of Jesus St. Benedict Community, Okpatu Superior / St. Anthony’s College, Umulumgbe (SACU) Sr. Chimamanda Nwofor 08036768254
Handmaids of the Holy Child of Jesus, HHCJ Independence Layout, Enugu Sr. Perpetua Nwosu, 08068098683 Eke Community Holy Rosary SistersRegional House, Independence Layout 1 Amesi Crescent Independence Layout, P. O. Box 9677, Enugu, 08039343202
E-mail: [email protected] Sr. Stella Nwosu (Regional Head) 08039343202
Uwani Community, Holy Rosary College, Zik Avenue 08074034207
Sr. Angela Igwe, 08125770978 Holy Rosary Novitiate New G.R.A.
Trans-Ekulu P. O. Box 2198, Enugu 08037440638
Sr. Ifenyinwa Muoegbunam โ€“ Novice Directress Holy Rosary Community, Shanahan Mission House 19 Umuokoloagu Street, Independence Layout, P. O. Box 4481, Enugu 07034381158
Sr. Anne Attah Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters Immaculate Heart Convent, Ogui, P.O.Box 704, Post Code 400001, Enugu State.
Immaculate Heart Convent, Akama Oghe Sr. Maureen Joseph Maduakor, 07068230502
Sr. Justin Therese Onu, 08062175690 Sr. Mary Therese Ann Ugwuja, 07032772355
Little Sisters of Jesus Formation House No. 10 Ogbodo Onam Street, Maryland Box 3356, Enugu Ph.: 08166669874, 08140767683 Little Sisters of the Poor Mother of Perpetual Help Home for the Elderly 35/37 Ufuma Street, Awkunanaw: Tel.: 0806 4771 061 [email protected] Sr. Ellen Majella Creed Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament Our Lady of Guadalupe Day Care, Nursery and Primary School No. 9A & B Ogidi Crescent, G.R.A., Udi Siding, beside Chief Dennis Memorial Hospital, Enugu School Line: 07039829849 Sr. Anastasia Chiemerie Anigbo (Superior) 07035527020 New Evangelization Sisters of Mother of Perpetual Help Emene Sr. Agatha Kunuba, 07065429664NES Community, Akpuoga Sr. Antonietta Ngozi Osueke 07031622624
Paschal Abbey Amorji Nike, Box 113, Enugu.
Tel.: 07030417489, 07030915546, 07030459695 Enugu Sr. M. Ekenedirichukwu Ohieme Sr. M. Eucharia Nwabueze Religious Venerini Sisters, MPV24/26 Fifth Avenue, City Layout, Box 4346, New Haven, Enugu E-mail: religiousvenerinisistersenugu@gmail .com Sr. Maria Cravedi, Cordinator 07065409330
Secular Institute of St. Raphael the Archangel Daughters of God No. 1D Monrovia Street, โ„… St.
Mulumba’s Parish, P. O. Box 2732, New Haven, Enugu.
Tel.: 08038995379, E-mail: [email protected] Sr. Felicia Ikedigwe, 07065403202 Sisters of Christian Services Camp II Iva Valley, Enugu Sr. Josphine Ape, 08030097998 Sisters of Jesus the Saviour CARITAS, Amorji CommunityP.M.B. 01784 Sr. Carmela Okafor, 08059995172 OSISATECH Boys Community, Emene OSISATECH Polytechnic, Ogui


Higher Institutions of the Diocese a. St. Bernard Hostel, Nchatancha, P. O. Box 302, Enugu. b. Catholic Institute for Development Justice and Peace, 3 Ikwuato St. Uwani Enugu. c. Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwu-Omu Nike, Enugu d. Institute of Ecumenical Education, Thinkers Corner, P. O. Box 302, Enugu e. St. Paul’s International Institute of Evangelization, Emene, Enugu (SPIIEE), c/o Catholic Secretariat, P.O.Box 302, Enugu, email: [email protected] Higher Institutions in the Diocese a. Bigard Memorial Seminary (Uwani),P. O. Box 327, Enugu b. Our Saviour Institute of Science, Agric & Technology, Ogui Road, Enugu. c. Spiritan International School of Theology (SIST), Attakwu, Box 9696, Enugu. d. Caritas University, Amorji-Nike, P.M.B 01784 Enugu, E-mail: [email protected] e. Madonna University, Akpugo Campus, Enugu State, E-mail: [email protected] Seminaries / Secondary Schools of the Diocese a. Queen of Apostles Seminary (Spiritual Year), Imezi Owa; P. O. Box 613 Enugu b. Sacred Heart Seminary, Nsude, P. O. Box 565, Enugu c. College of Immaculate Conception, P. O. Box 307, Enugu d. Ecumenical Community Secondary School, Thinkers Corner, P.O.Box 302, Enugue. Holy Rosary College, Zik Avenue, Uwani, Box 312, Enugu f. St. Patrick’s College, Emene g. St. Joseph’s College, Emene h. St. Paul’s College, Eke i. St. Theresa’s College, Abor j. Sedes Sapientiae Girls’ Secondary School, Oghe k. Sedes Sapientiae Special Science School, Oghe l. Holy Trinity College, Isigwu Umana m. St. Monica Girls Comprehensive College, 1B Market Road, Ogui, Box 302, Enugu: Email โ€“ [email protected] Mission Secondary Schools in the Diocese a. DDL. Juniorate, Ikegbunam St. Abakpa Nike, Box 546 Enugu b. Immaculate Heart Scholasticate, Ogui, P. O. Box 704, Enugu c. Our Saviour Community Secondary School, Ogui Rd, Enugu d. OSISATECH Boys’ Secondary School, Emene, Enugu. e. OSISATECH Girls’ Secondary School, Ind.Layout, Enugu.
Vocational Centres of the Diocese a. Ave Maria Vocational Institute, Box 56, Enugu Ngwo b. Father Gregory Ogbonna Memorial Vocational Centre, P. O. Box 40, Okpatu, Via Enugu c. Nazareth Vocational Skill Centre, 78 Agbani Road, Coal Camp, Enugu d. Olu Aka Di Mma Vocational Industrial Technical Training Centre, Ogbete Enugu e. St. Mark Comprehensive Vocational Institute, Umana-Ndiagu, Ezeagu L.G.A
Mission Vocational Centres in the Diocese a. St. Ann Vocational School, D.D.L., Box 546, Enugu Nursery / Primary Schools: a. Ave Maria Kinder / Nursery School, Box 56, Enugu Ngwo b. Bishop Okoye Memorial Nursery / Primary School, Abakpa-Nike, P. O. Box 546, Enugu c. Daughters of Mercy Nursery School, Iva Valley, Enugu d. Divine Love Nursery School, 4th Ave. Trans-Ekulu, P.O.Box 546, Enugu e. Immaculate Heart Nursery School, P. O. Box 704, Enugu f. Our Lady of Guadalupe Nursery & Primary School, No. 4 Constitution Close, G.R.A., Enugu g. Sacred Heart Nursery School, P.O.Box 405, Uwani-Enugu h. St. Mary Nursery / Primary School, Emene, Enugu i. St. Patrick Nursery School, c/o St. Patrick Parish, Ogbete j. St. Paul Nursery School, Awkunanaw, Enugu k. St. Paul Nursery / Primary School, Ekel. St. Theresa Nursery / Primary School, Abakpa m. St. Rosa Nursery/Primary School, New Haven, Venerini Sisters n. Marist Nursery and Primary School, P. O. Box 104, Emene, 08035434034 o. Central School Akegbe Ugwu Pastoral Institutions a. Divine Love Retreat and Conference Centre (DRACC), P.O.Box 50, Emene Enugu, (042) 55 4450; 559670 b. Enugu Diocesan Catechetical Centre, Ugwu Di Nso, Eke, P. O. Box 1513, Enugu, Director: Rev. Fr. Ralph Affam โ€“ 07035359988 c. Enugu Diocesan Individual, Marriage, Family and Group Counselling Centre, 1-3 Ikwuato St. Uwani, Enugu, Director:Fr.Anthony Okeke, Office: 252727, Home 256517 d. Upper Room Ministries, Office: 18 Aria Road, Enugu, Permanent Site: Emmanuel Town Ugwuomu Nike, P. O. Box 302 Enugu; (042) 25 6512 Director: Rev. Fr. Anthony Nnaji DIOCESAN INSTITUTIONS / PROJECTS
Diocesan Projects a. Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace, 1- 3 Ikwuato St., Uwani, P. O. Box 302, Enugu, (042)252727, Fax: 25 7004, Director: Rev. Msgr. Obiora F. Ike b. Justice and Peace Farms, Ugwuomu Nike c. Diocesan Bulletin Office, Director: Mr. Beneth Nnadi โ€“ 08062339383 d. Diocesan Social Communications, Director: Rev. Fr. Joseph Offor โ€“ 08033400202
e. Diocesan Printing Press, Director: Mr. Kelvin Buolu โ€“ 08037167940 f. Mirindu Water Programme, Catholic Secretariat II, P.O.Box 302 Enugu, Director: Rev. Fr. Chinedu Ozoude g. Nwannedinamba Low Cost Social Housing Scheme, P. O. Box 302, Enugu, (042) 25 2727; Director: Msgr. Obiora F. Ike h. Small & Medium Entrepreneurs Promotion & Training Association Box 302, Enugu i. Trinitas Bureau De Change, No. 1-3 Ikwuato Street, Uwani, Enugu j. Trinitas Oil Ltd., No. 1 Aguabor Layout, Enugu-Onitsha Express Road, Director: Rev. Fr. Chinedu Ozoude k. Trinity Water Factory: Holy Ghost Cathedral Compound Ogui, Enugu. Director: Rev. Fr. Chinedu Ozoude l. Umuchinemere Pro-Credit Micro Finance Bank, 3 Ikwuato St. P.O. Box 302, Enugu.
Projects in the Diocese St. Paul Book Centre, Holy Ghost Cathedral, Ogui โ€“ Enugu. Fr. Sebastian Thomas โ€“ Manager (07066564954); Fr. Francis Maniamkerry โ€“ Director of Publications. Email: [email protected] HEALTH-CARE
Hospitals a. Annunciation Hospital (D.D.L.) Emene, Enugu, (042) 55 7884; 557885 b. Ntasi Obi Ndi No N’afufu Community Specialist Hospital, Trans-Ekulu, (042) 55 9580
c. Nne Nke Ebere Catholic Community Hospital and Primary Health Care Centre, Akama Oghe, Box 302, Enugu d. St. Clara Hospital, Umana, c/o P.O.Box 302, Enugu e. Mother of Christ Specialist Hospital, Ogui, Box 704, Enugu, (042) 25 4440
Maternity Hospitals: a. All-Hallows Maternities, c/o Mother of Christ, Ogui Enugu b. St. Theresa Maternity Hospital, Abakpa Nike, Enugu c. Aru Ike Ndi Oria, Primary Healthcare/Maternity & Medical Centre, Akegbe Ugwu, Box 302, Enugu d. Eze Nwanyi Nke Udo, Primary Healthcare/Maternity & Medical Centre, Ugwu-Omu Nike, Box 302, Enugu e. Inye Aka Ndi I Kristi Catholic Maternity, Iva Valley, Enugu f. St. Anne Maternity, Ngwo g. Our Lady of Lourdes Maternity, Akpugo h. St. Anthony Maternity, Agba, Umana i. Ukamaka Cottage Hospital & Maternity, Akpakwume/Nze
Medical Centres: Ave Maria Dental Centre, c/o Box 302, Enugu
Caring Homes a. Little Sisters of the Poor Mother of Perpetual Help Home for the Elderly, St. Paul Awkunanaw, Enugu, 08064771061 b. Motherless Babies Homes, Holy Ghost Cathedral Ogui, Enugu, Directress, Sr. Cajethan Nsofor, 08083092021 c. Guardian Angels Motherless Babies Home (GAMB), Nwanne din a Mba Estate, Enugu, Directress, Sr. M. Lucy Ohadomere, 07034321069 d. DDL Charity Home, Amorji Nike, P. O. Box 546, Enugu: Directress, Sr. Kate Nnamonu โ€“ 07032088599 e. DDL Pro-life Centre (Home) 23 Aria Road Enugu. Directress, Sr. Maria Goretti Chukwudi, 08036704804PRIESTS ON FURTHER
Rome, Italy 1. Rev. Fr. Romanus Ejim 2. Rev. Fr. Emeka Nwoye 3. Rev. Fr. Humphrey Anih 4. Rev. Fr. Kevin Udenwagu 5. Rev. Fr. Paulinus Aneke 6. Rev. Fr. Eugene Offor 7. Rev. Fr. Cornelius Onyigbuo 8. Rev. Fr. Aloysius Ezeoba 9. Rev. Fr. Fabian Anibueze 10. Rev. Fr. Anthony Ude 11. Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Agu 12. Rev. Fr. Vincent Ezeanochie 13. Rev. Fr. Lambert Agba 14. Rev. Fr. Cletus Amuh Germany 1. Rev. Fr. Leonard Chibuzo Agu 2. Rev. Fr. Robert Okongwu 3. Rev. Fr. John Madubuko 4. Rev. Fr. Basil Okeke 5. Rev. Fr. Adolphus Anuka 6. Rev. Fr. Stephen Ama 7. Rev. Fr. Wilfred Agubuchie 8. Rev. Fr. Gerald Eze 9. Rev. Fr. Josephat Obodo 10. Rev. Fr. Chimezie Agbo 11. Rev. Fr. Chinemelu Emehelu 12. Rev. Fr. Ezekiel Oko 13. Rev. Fr. Jude Ik. Ezimakor 14. Rev. Fr. Kevin Achu America 1 Rev. Fr. Ben Opara 2 Rev. Fr. Hilary Ike 3 Rev. Fr. Damian Ekete 4 Rev. Fr. Paschal Onunwa 5. Rev. Fr. Herbert Ene 6 Rev. Fr. Augustine Emeh 7 Rev. Fr.Barry Ene 8 Rev. Fr. Charles Chukwuani 9 Rev. Fr. Cosmas Ozoagu 10 Rev. Fr. Innocent Diala
11. Rev. Fr. Christopher Udeani 12 Rev. Fr. Morgan Nnaji 13 Rev. Fr. Sylvester Achonam 14 Rev. Fr. Balonwu Okpe 15 Rev. Fr. Linus Nwatarali 16 Rev. Fr. Victor Ozoufuanya 17 Rev. Fr. Pius Akajiaku Eluka 18. Rev. Fr. Martin Ene 19. Rev. Fr. Edmund Ugwoegbu 20. Rev. Fr. Francis Chiawa 21. Rev. Fr. Anthony Onyekwe Austria 1. Rev. Fr. Victor Onyeador 2. Rev. Fr. Matthew Igboamalu 3. Rev. Fr. Philip Igboamalu 4. Rev. Fr. Paulinus Okachi 5. Rev. Fr. Leonard C. Ozougwu 6. Rev. Fr. Samuel Ogwudile 7. Rev. Fr. Richard Ozoude 8. Rev. Fr. Liberatus Isife Switzerland 1. Rev. Fr. Fr. Ernest Obodo
Canada 1. Rev. Fr. Christian Nwatarali 2. Rev. Fr. Maurice Okolie 3. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Udeh 4. Rev. Fr. Anthony Ezeonwueme England 1. Rev. Fr. Christian C. Onyigbuo 2. Rev. Fr. Nicholas Nwanzi 3. Rev. Fr. Ikechukwu M. Odigbo 4. Rev. Fr. Christian E.Onuoha Minna 1. Rev. Fr. Okofia Reuben 2. Rev. Fr. Chukwu Raphael Onwuha Awgu Diocese 1. Rev. Fr. Victor Ozonoh 2. Rev. Fr. Anthony Anichebe 3. Rev. Fr. Jovita Ibe Archdiocese of Benin 1. Rev. Fr. Chiene Nathaniel2. Rev. Fr. Eleke Augustine Ifeanyi 3. Rev. Fr. Okechukwu Christopher 4. Rev. Fr. Ochiagha Benjamin 5. Rev. Fr. Okoye Patrick 6. Rev. Fr. Obu Uzochukwu 7. Rev. Fr. Ibeh John Mary Archdiocese of Lagos Rev. Fr. Jude Okelue (Studies) Archdiocese of Ibadan Rev. Fr. Lazarus Anieke (Studies) Nigerian Army 1. Rev. Fr. Anthony Ozoani 2. Rev. Fr. Cosmas Mabu PRIESTS ON RETIREMENT
1. Msgr. Charles Ikeme 2. Rev. Fr. Paul Ekowa 3. Rev. Fr. Michael Aluma 4. Prof. Augustine Akubue


S/N Name Born Died 1. Bishop John Cross Anyiogu 11-03-1898 05-07-1967 2. Bishop Godfrey M.P. Okoye 19-12-1915 17-03-1977 3. Bishop Michael Ugwu Eneja 1919 14-11-2008 4. Patrick Animba 14-12-1975 5. Godwin Orji 1941 1983 6. Eugene Amanze 1937 28-05-1984 7. Msgr. Raphael Eze 1924 05-01-1985 8. David Opanachi (Panaki) 1903 30-06-1986 9. Philip Aneke 1956 24-01-1987 10. Gregory Ogbonna April 1959 12-02-1990 11. Simeon Ugwu 1940 21-10-1990 12. Bernard Heerey, C.S.Sp. 21-01-1992 13. Msgr. Gregory Emehelu 1929 06-02-1992 14. Livinus Isidienu 17-11-1948 30-10-1993 15. Augustine Nebechukwu 1942 29-09-1996 16. Norbert Madu 06-06-1950 19-02-1997 17. Bartholomew Asogwa 20-12-1949 04-03-1997 18. Osmund Anigbo 1937 29-03-1997 19. Peter Chukwudi Dinan C.S.Sp. 13-08-1924 19-05-2000 20. Sylvester Ogu 17-05-1947 27-03-2001 21. Cletus Okorie 27-01-1958 03-09-2001 22. Damian Nwaeloke 01-11-1953 26-11-2001 23. Emmanuel Anike 12-07-1942 29-06-2002 24. Christopher Ozor 1945 18-03-2004 25. John Amuji 30-12-1950 24-07-2004 26. Anthony Edeh 23-08-1958 19-09-2004 27. Peter Osuchukwu 29-01-1950 16.06.2006 28. Tim Buckley 1924 02-10-2007 29. Christian Ogbo 19-07-1971 07-01-2008 30. Paul Chinawa 1941 12-08-2009 31. Geoffrey Aka 26-04-1961 12-08-2009 32. Charles Ohaeri 1931 14-12-2009 33 Vincent Chiakwa 1-12-1950 15-11-2010 34 Cyriacus Ukpabi 08-12-38 13-04-2012 35 Emmanuel Nnajiofor 06-07-1950 09-11-2012 36 James Chinze 10-11-1951 15-12-2012 37 Stephen Njoku 03-09-1949 30-12-2012 38 Maurice Odoh 22-09-1942 15-09-2013 39 Eneh Geoffrey 13-08-1960 20-01-2014 40 Stanislaus Anih 10-04-1944 23-04-2014 41 Anthony Ugwu 1940 13-09-2014 42 Anthony Aso 03-10-1942 14-09-201443 Godfrey Agu 1941 26-12-2014 44 George Elegalam 20-01-1944 14-09-2015


Agbani Deanery Msgr. Tobias Anichebe Aguobu Deanery Fr. Louis Ndulue Emene Deanery Fr. Donatus Onuigbo Enugu Deanery Msgr. Patrick Ugwu Nkwo Nike Deanery
Fr – Malachy Ezeonu Udi Deanery Fr. Rafael Affam (Ag. Dean: Fr. Ignatius Emefoh) EPISCOPAL VICARS
Vicar for Priests Fr. Nnamdi Ambrose Nwankwo
Vicar for the Religious Fr. Cletus Obasi Judicial Vicar Fr. Michael Chime Vicar for Public Relations Msgr. Chima Nwamadi Vicar for the Laity Msgr. Eugene Ugonna Igboaja Vicar for the Youth Fr. Henry Uwabunkeonye Vicar for New Evangelization Msgr. F. Okpalaibekwe
Diocesan Curia Members S/N Name Office Phone No. 1 Callistus V. C. Onaga Bishop & Chairman 08033375672 2 Msgr. Luke Adike Vicar General 08039301135 3 Fr. Ambrose Chineme Agu Diocesan Secretary 07089364031 /Chancellor 4 Msgr. Geoffrey Ogbuene Cathedral Administrator 08037109095 5 Msgr. Tobias Anichebe Dean, Agbani Deanry 08030998970 6 Fr. Louis Ndulue Dean, Aguobu Owa 08037113444 Deanery 7 Fr. Donatus Onuigbo Dean, Emene Deanery 08163331439 8 Msgr. Patrick Ugwu Dean, Enugu Deanery 08036739255 9 Fr. Malachy Ezeonu Dean, Nkwo Nike 08088155166 Deanery 10 Fr. Rafael Affam Dean, Udi Deanery 07035359988 11 Fr. Nnamdi A. Nwankwo Vicar for Priests 08035486844 12 Fr. Cletus Obasi C.M.F. Vicar for Religious 07032273156 13 Msgr. Ugonna Igboaja Vicar for the Laity 08033738625 14 Fr. Michael Chime Judicial Vicar 08033318211 15 Fr. Henry Uwabunkeonye Vicar for the Youth 08182383976 16 Msgr. F. Okpalaibekwe Vicar for New 08033165765 17 Fr. Joseph Uchenna Financial Administrator 08069014585 Nnajiofor Evangelisation 18 Fr. Valentine Eze Bishop’s Secretary 0806853738619 Msgr. Obiora Ike Foreign Missions: 08034007060 Geneva 20 Fr. Chinedu O. Anieke Diocesan Projects 07036912241 Co-ordinator 21 Msgr. Anthony Anijielo Director of Vocations 08063977564 22 Msgr. Chima E. Nwamadi Vicar for Public Relations08038968104 /Diocesan Psychologist 23 Fr. Geoffrey Aguigwo Diocesan Procurator 08037082415 (Lands and Building) 24 Fr. Anthony Igwe Hospital Administrator 08037113894 / Diocesan Shares 25 Fr. Joseph Offor Director, Social 08033400202 Communications 26 Fr. Christian Anieke Education Adviser 08056948248 27 Fr. Benjamin Eze Diocesan CAN 08036623587 Representative 28 Fr. Jude Nzekwe Education Secretary i 08137951264 29 Fr. Michael Okoh Education Secretary ii 08163067577 30 Fr. Jovitus Aneke Asst. Diocesan Secretary / Chancellor 08038723273 31 Fr. Leonard Onuigbo Asst. Finance 08037656801 Administrator 32 Fr. Michael Ikechukwu Chairman, Year of Faith 08035842782 Ngwu College of Consultors: Msgr. Anthony Anijielo Msgr. Obiora IkeMsgr. Tobias Anichebe Msgr. Patrick Ugwu Msgr. Ferdinand Okplaibekwe Msgr. Anthony Okafor Msgr. Ugonna Igboaja Rev. Fr. Augustine Akubue Msgr. Geoffrey Ogbuene Rev. Fr. Henry Uwabunkeonye
Ex Officio Members: Msgr. Luke Adike Rev. Fr. Ambrose Chineme Agu Rev. Fr. Joseph Nnajiofor The Presbyteral Council Members Most Rev. Callistus V. C. Onaga Fr. Cletus Obasi Msgr. Luke Adike Msgr. Tobias Anichebe Fr. Ambrose C. Agu Msgr. Patrick Ugwu Fr. John Uke Fr. Ndulue Louis Msgr. Ugonna Igboaja Fr. Rafael Affam Msgr. Geoffrey Ogbuene Fr. Theophilus NwodoFr. Anthony Ude Fr. Christopher Chielo Fr. Felix Nwatu Fr. Wilfred Agu Msgr. F. Okpalaibekwe Fr. Liberatus Isife Msgr. Obiora Ike Fr. Hilary Mgbodile Fr. Michael Chime Fr. Polycarp Okafor Fr. Martin Ene Fr. Dominic Alua Fr. Malachy Ezeonu Diocesan Finance Council Name Portfolio Phone No. Callistus V. C. Onaga President 08033375672 Fr. Joseph Nnajiofor Secretary 08069014585 Msgr. Luke Adike Vicar General 08039301135 Fr. Ambrose C. Agu Diocesan Chancellor 07089364031 Msgr. Ugonna Igboaja Member 08033738625 Msgr. Obiora Ike Member 08034007060 Chief Eddy Oyinze Diocesan Auditor 08036148491 Chief Gilbert N. Obu, Diocesan Auditor 08088803342 08037395232
Igwe P. N. Iloeje Member Fr. Anthony Igwe Diocesan Shares 08037113894 Chief G. Akachukwu Member 08033384242 Chief Mrs. Grace Obayi Member Barr. P. C. Egbuna Legal Adviser 08033263636 Fr. Geoffrey Aguigwo Diocesan Procurator 08037082415 Msgr. Geoffrey Ogbuene Member 08037109095 Mrs. Chinyere Umeh Banker Mrs. Maria Ekette Banker 08033545986 DEANERIES AND PARISHES
Agbani Deanery (30 Parishes) Parishes Parish Priests Parish Vicars Agbani (St. John) Okongwu Patrick Iloabuchi Jude Akpawfu (St. Philip) Eze Boris Akpugo (Holy Angels) Okolo Emmanuel Akpugo (Holy Trinity) Ani Patrick Chimezie Akpugo (Sacred Heart) Nebo Matthew Akpugo (St. Brendan) Ozor Bartholomew Amagu (St Patrick) Mbata Benjamin Amagunze (Holy Innocents) Nwodo Sylvester Amankanu (St. Anne) Okwu Linus Amigbo-Ozalla (St. Vincent) Onoh Jude Amodu (St. Peter) Ogbozor Paul PiusAmurri (St. Mary) Obasi Cletus (CMF) Ogbozor, Chrysantus, CMF. Muo, Matthew, CMF Attakwu (St. John) Agu, Bartholomew Odiaka Nonso (C.S.Sp.) (C.S.Sp.) Eziokwe-Amurri (St. Michael) Okoh JohnCross Ihuokpara (St. Mary) Okoh Jerome Imeoha (St. Paul) Ani Daniel Ishienu Nkerefi (St. Augustine) Nwodo Emmanuel Mburubu (St. John) Offor Humphrey Nara (St. Kevin) Ugwu Emmanuel Nara (St. Pius) Nneji Michael Nkerefi (St. Patrick) Onodugo Stanislaus Nomeh (St. Patrick) Ilo Paulinus Obe (St. Anthony) Oleri Godfrey Ogonogo Eji Akpugo (St. Jude) Ozougwu Leonard Obiora Onicha-Agu, Amagunze (St. Martin)Oji Christian Ozalla (St. Paul) Anichebe Tobias Okudo Christopher Ugbawka (Holy Trinity) Eze Louis Mary Ugbawka (St. James) Offu Paul Umuatugbuoma, Akagbe Ogbonna Joseph, C.S.Sp. Ayika Philip (St. Francis) Emenike, C.S.Sp.
Aguobu Owa Deanery (32 Parishes) Parishes Parish Priests Parish Vicars Abonuzu Imezi Owa (St. Martin) Ozonwafor Raphael Agba-Umana (St. Anthony) Ngwoke Jude Aguoba (St. Patrick) Ogbozor Patrick Aguobu Owa (Christ the King) Ndulue Louis Ugwa John Aguobu Umumba (St. Mary) Nnadozie Casmir Awha Imezi (St. Michael) Egwom Donald Awha Agbagbo (St. Paul) Nnaike Crescent Awha Ndiagu (St. John Cross) Odo Marcel Imama Iwollo (Holy Rosary) Nwodo Alexander Ihuonyia Amansiodo (St. Patrick) Nnamani Lawrene Imezi-Owa (Our Lady of Lourdes)Ekediegwu Paschal Igbonekwu Jude Iwollo (Sacred Heart) Uke John Mgbagbu-Owa (St. Paul) Nwagu Richard Obeleagu Umana (St. Augustine) Onah Boniface Obeleagu Umana (St. Peter) Okwor Daniel Obinofia (St. Dominic) Eze Cletus Obinofia (St. Mark) Ugwu Clement Oghe (St. Theresa) Ifeonu Paul Oghe, Akama (St. Mary) Okoro Basil (CM.) Ezeh Victor, CMOghe, Amansiodo (St. John) Agu Chinweike Ogulogu Olo (St. Theresa) Ozoani Charles Ogwofia Imezi-Owa (St. Patrick) Awuluonu Kingsley Okpudo Obeleagu Umana (St. Michael)Madubueze Anselm Okpueze Umumba (Christ the King)Igboamalu Stephen Olo (Christ the King) Nwosu Paschal Olo (St. Joseph) Okwuiyi Romanus Olo Ibite (St. Andrew) Okemuo JohnCross Olo, Imezi (St. Paul) Atukosi John-Marcatan Umuaji-Mgbagbuowa Nnagbogu Solomon (Holy Rosary) Umana Ndiagu (St. Mark) Anochili Joseph Umumba Ndiagu (St. Peter) Onyia Simon Umumba Ndiuno (St. Mary) Egwuyi Hyacinth Emene Deanery (19 Parishes) Parishes Parish Priests Parish Vicars Akpuoga (St. Mary) Okeke Ernest Emene (Emmanuel Parish) Nwannah, Damian Akpomie Paul Anyalechi, OP Emene (Our Lady of the Rosary) Akilo Chinedu Mbaka Camilius Ejike (In Res)Anieke Callistus (Pastoral Attachment) Emene (St. Joseph) Onuigbo Donatus Ozoani Collins Aniebonam Paul (In Res) Emene (Holy Trinity) Aguka Felix Emene, Destiny/ Standard Onoh Anselm Layout, (Queen of Divine Love) Ezza Nkomoro Onuogba Ani Chidiebere M.
Nike (Holy Child) Ezza Nkwubo (Corpus Christi) Amuji Emmanuel Idodo (St. Charles) Nzekwe Jude Nchatancha, Holy Innocents The Paulines – Perunilathil, Peter Nwanne Di Na Mba (St. Dominic) Obodo Charles Chukwuemeka Obinagu (St. Hyacinth) Malo Patrick Onu Ogba-Nike (St. Paul) Agu Syriacus Oruku, (St. Mary) Aneke Ifunanya Owo (St. Mary) Owo Anthony Nkpologwu/ Proda (St. Peter) Otugo Augustine Obodoagu Kenneth (In Res) Ubahu (St. John) Agboso Matthias Ugwuomu Nike (St. Mary) Chukwu Jude K.
Umuode (St. Rita) Ikegwuonu Christopher, MDMChaplaincies Omnium Sanctorum Godfrey Okoye University Enugu Deanery (50 Parishes) Parishes Parish Priests Parish Vicars Akwuke (St Evaristus) Eze Dennis Akwuke (St. Mary) Chukwueze Christopher Amachala Ngwo (St. Michael) Iroha Christian Amechi (St. Jude) Ezechi Joseph Amechi, Amagugwu (Holy Trinity) Maduekwe Adoctus Amechi, Ihuorie (St. Michael) Uwabunkeonye Henry Asata (St. Aloysius) Mecha Anthony Asata (St. Brigid) Igboaja Ugonna Uzo Collins Asata (St. Michael) Ani Callistus Wilfred Agu (In Res) Awkunanaw (Maria Assumpta) Chielo Christopher Okuta Ignatius (In Res) Awkunanaw (St. Paul) Okafor Anthony Udengwu Anthony (In Res) Benignus Ugwu (In Res) Aneke Paschal (to work up St. Patrick Parish, Awkunanaw) Awkunanaw (Virgo Potens) Kanife Edward Ugonwa Longinus (In Res) Awkunanaw, Obeagu (St. Anthony) Eziechina Eric-Claude Awkunanaw (St. Patrick): Aneke Paschal Being worked up Ekulu, G.R.A. (Christ the King) Ozoamalu Theodore Ozor Joseph (In Res) Garriki (St. Peter) Kalu Stephen, CMF. Isidienu, Wenceslaus, CMF Ogaraku, Stanley, CMF Garrriki (St. Raphael) Igboanugo Bartholomew Golf Estate (Holy Spirit) Ubaka Victor Hilltop Enugu (Holy Trinity) Okonkwo Humphrey Idaw-River (St. Gregory Igbokwe Charles Agu Aedesius the Great) Oluchukwu Idaw-River (St. Theresa) Iloanusi Anthony Onoh Michael Ind. Layout (Blessed Sacrament)Ogbozor Victor Aneke Jovitus (In Res) Egboka Damian (In Res) Ono Kenechukwu Ind. Layout (Holy Trinity) Chime Michael Okeke Anthony Chibuko Patrick (In Res) Ozoaniamalu James Ind. Layout (Rosa Mystica) Chima Nwamadi Ugwuozor Felix (Pastoral Attachment) Iva Valley (Our Lady of Mercy) Okere Remigius, Amaechi, Gardinus, CSsR., C.Ss.R. Chijioke John Mary, C.Ss.R., Iva Valley, Pottery (St. Patrick) Omeayo SimonMaryland (Our Lady of Lourdes) Anyanwu Peter, CM Ugwuoke Jacob, CM Maryland (St. Anne) Nwatu Joseph Mount Awkunanaw (St. Andrew) Anieze Marius New Haven (St. Mulumba) Ezeh Valentine CSSp Chukwuka, Innocent, CSSp Onwuzulike, Nicholas, CSSp.
New Haven Okonkwo Clement (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) New Haven (St. Callistus) Ejike Michael Ngene Evu, Camp Ozoana Ifeanyichukwu (St. Ambrose) Ngwo (Christ the King) Eke James Ngwo (St. Mary) Okafor Polycarp (Holding brief for Augustinians) Ngwo, Akama (St. Peter) Anieke Chinedu Raphael Ngwo (St. Theresa) Nnajiofor David Ngwo, Uborji (St. Joseph) Ekesili Callistus Nineth Mile (St. Jude) Okwulehie Anthony Okechukwu John Ogbete (St. Patrick) Igwe Anthony Ugwu Reginald (In Res) Onoja James Ogui (Holy Ghost) Ogbuene Geoffrey Affam Rafael (In Res) (Administrator) Ogbu Michael (In Res) Anigbogu Anthony (In Res) Onwuzu Kyrian Ogui New Layout (St. Anthony) Nwogbu Celestine Uzoechi Uchenna Ologo (Holy Family): Ede Emmanuel Chimeleze Being worked up Ugwu Aaron (St. Peter) Okechukwu Anthony Ugwuaji, St. Michael Mba Jude Ugwu Hilary Umuase-Ngwo (St. Anthony) Ugwu Alexander Uno Okpete (Immaculate Heart) Nwafor-Ani Daniel Iloka Izuchukwu Daniel (Administrator) UNTH (St. Martin de Poress) Okorie Celestine Uwani (Sacred Heart) Maduechesi Stanley Aduaka Dominic (In Res) Ozoude Gabriel (In Res) Ede Emmanuel (to work up Holy Family Parish, Ologo) Uwani (St. Mary) Ugwu Patrick Ndulue Theophilus Offorji Peter (In Res)
Chaplaincies Federal Government College Nnajiofor Joseph (St. Thomas Aquinas) Leonard OnuigboUNEC (St. Mulumba) Odoemene Anacletus Nnamdi HRC Agu Aloysius Nkwo Nike Deanery (25 Parishes) Parishesparish Priestsparish Vicars Abakpa (St. Theresa) Adike Luke Ngwu Oliver Ugwu Benneth (In Res) Abakpa, Anioma Njom Anthony Layout (St. Jude) Abakpa, Edward Nnaji Estate Okeke Peter (St. Joseph) Alulu & Nokpa Nike Enebechi Theophilus (Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary) Federal Housing Anijielo Anthony Onochie Christopher (St. Leo the Great) Agu Aloysius (In Res) Housing Estate Ogwu Isaac (Seat of Wisdom) Ibagwa-Nike (All Saints) Ani Marcel Ifo Layout, Abakpa Nike Nweke George (St. Benedict) Iji Nike (Holy Cross) Emekaekwue Sebastian Okwor Emmanuel (Administrator) Ndorommiri Ani Raphael Ozokeke Bartholomew (Queen of Peace) Ugorji Chrysantus (In Res) Mbano Nike (St. Michael) Chukwu Peter Mbulu-Owehe, Nike (St. Paul) Obiora Paul-Mario, FJS Obi Aloysius, FJS New G.R.A. (St. Anthony) Onyirioha Henry Nkwo Nike (Assumption) Malachy Ezeonu Ikeche Stanley Amarube Anthony (In Residence) Trans-Ekulu (St. Mary) Aguigwo Geoffrey Ekeowa Paul (In Res) Onwumelu Modestus (In Res) Malunze Luke Affam Trans-Ekulu Phase 6 Offor Joseph Aniakor Godwin (In Res) (Blessed Tansi) Trans-Ekulu, Community Estate Chime John (Mater Dei โ€“ Mother of God) Ugbene (SS.Peter & Paul) Zeowa Stanley Nworie John Ugbene II (St. Francis) Uzowulu Cosmas, OFM Eke Charles Mary, Anionye Paschal Ugbo-Odogwu (St. Theresa) Nwadike Emmanuel, OCD Ihunnia Gabriel, OCD, Igbokwe Innocent, OCD Ugwu Stephen, OCD Ugbo Owa (Stella Maris) Offor ChibuezeUgwogo Nike (St. Joseph) Nnajike Innocent Ugwuagor Eze Victor Udechukwu Damian (Queen of the H/Rosary) (Pastoral Attachment) Ugwuegede Ukwuani Thaddeus Okechukwu Celestine (Immaculate Conception) (Pastoral Attachment) Umuchigbo, Iji Nike (St. Mary) Egbo Anthony Eze Benjamin (In Res)
Chaplaincies Agu-Abor (SS Simon & Jude) Anieke Chinedu Udi Deanery (32 Parishes) Parishes Parish Priests Parish Vicars Abia (St. Mark) Eze Cyril Abor (St. Peter) Agu Paschalis Abor (St. Theresa) Enem Christopher Affa (St. John) Okoh Alphonsus Affa Amofia-Agu (St. Mary) Aninweze Samuel Affa Amokwu (St. Michael) Ude Patrick Agbalaenyi Nachi Onyia Chukwuka (St. Maria Goretti) Agbudu (St. Alfred) Ozoagu Cyrinus Akpakwume/Nze (St. Augustine) Ebunoha Andrew Amokwe (St. Patrick) Ezekwu Anthony Amokwe (St. Paul) Ozochi Nicholas Amokwe (St. Theresa) Ene Leo Awhum (St. Luke) Eneogu Irenaeus Ebe (St. John) Dominic Nnoshiri, CSSp Njoku Gregory, CSSp Egede (St. Cyril) Ani Anthony Eke (St. Paul) Okpalaibekwe Ferdinand Aniakor Kingsley Nachi (St. Mary) Anojie-Eke Joseph Nsude (St. Mark) Offiaukwu Luke Nwani Jude (In Res) Obinagu (St. Dominic) Okeke James Obinagu (St. Paul) Nwobodo Peter Obioma (St. Theresa) Oluba Anthony Okpatu (Holy Family) Eze Michael Okpatu (St. Joseph) Amadi John Oma-Eke (St. Anthony) Chukwu Donatus Mary Udi (St. Mary) Emefo Ignatius Okafor Richard (In Res) Ukana (St. Joseph) Aniakor Celestine Umabi (Holy Family) Okafor Donatus Umuoka (St. Andrew) Offor Evaristus Umuaga (St. Peter) Enyi Joe-Mary Umuaga (St. Anthony) Okonkwo AnthonyUmulumgbe (St. Anthony) Ogbo John Umulumgbe (St. Michael) Okechukwu Ani Other Placements Diocesan Master of Ceremonies Chibuko Dezie Patrick Asst. Diocesan M.C. Aneke Jovitus Diocesan Agric Director Ani Marcel & Ani Chimezie Patrick Diocesan Archivist / Historian Omenka Nicholas Asst. Archivist Ezechi Joseph Bishop Anthony Gbuji’s Secretary Anieke Callistus Diocesan Hospital Administrator Igwe Anthony Diocesan Hospitals, Ezeagu Axis Diocesan Education Secretary I Nzekwe Jude Diocesan Education Secretary II Okoh Michael State Education Secretary Ugonna Igboaja Trinity Water/Trinitas Oil Ozoude Gabriel Upper Room Ministries Nnaji Anthony Catholic Adoration Ministry Mbaka Camilius Ejike Holy Angels Secondary School Alua Dominic Registrar for SPIIEE Ndulue Theophilus The Choice Flame Newspaper Ugonwa Longinus Annunciation Hospital Chaplaincy Aniebonam Paul Ntasiobi Ndi N’Ahuhu Hospital Chaplaincy Anieke Lazarus Part-time NotaryIbudialor Remigius Principal NotaryAnigbogu Anthony CIDJAP & Diocesan Project Director Anieke Chinedu Odinkemelu Diocesan Constructions Director Uke John Administrator: Guest House/Caretaker: Akilo Chinedu Joseph Diocesan Rented Houses Diocesan Internal Auditors Agu Wilfred and Ofokansi Hyginus
Priests not Living in the Rectory S/N Name Residence Assignment 1 Msgr. Charles Ikeme No. 78 Nza Street On retirement Independence Layout, Enugu 2 Msgr. Obiora Ike Peace House – CIDJAP Independence Layout, Enugu – Director, Global Ethics Network, Geneva (Foreign Mission) 3 Fr. Augustine Akubue No. 1 Ogoja Street Lecturer, Ebonyi Off Nike Lake Rd State University Trans Ekulu, Enugu – Chaplain: Federal School of Dental Technology, Trans Ekulu, Enugu
4 Fr. Christopher Ofordile Rd 28 House 1, Upper North, Lecturer, UNN Trans-Ekulu, Enugu
5 Fr. Nicholas Omenka No. 6 Abba Close – Lecturer, Abia State Nkwo Nike University, Uturu – Diocesan Archivist 6 Fr. Christian Anieke 28 Awka โ€“Etiti Street VC, GO Univeristy Trans-Ekulu, Enugu
7 Fr. Felix Ugwuozor 12B Ukehe Street – Lecturer, UNN Independence Layout, Enugu -Pastoral Attachment at Rosa Mystica Parish, Ind. Layout, Enugu
8. Fr. Celestine Okechukwu -Lecturer, IMT -Pastoral Attachment at Immaculate Conception Parish, Ugwuegede
Abia State University, Uturu Rev. Fr. Omenka, Nicholas Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu Rev. Fr. Nwatu, Felix (On Sabbatical) Rev. Fr. Anyanwu, Theophilius (On Sabbatical) Rev. Fr. Udechukwu, Damian Rev. Fr. Mba, Hyginus Rev. Fr. Ibudialor, Remigius Rev. Fr. Okoye, Cyprian Chika Iwene Tansi Memorial Seminary, Onitsha Rev. Fr. Mgbodile, Hilary
Catechetical & Pastoral Centre, Ugwu Di Nso, Eke Rev. Fr. Affam, Rafael Rev. Fr. Igwe, Sedius Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA)
Rev. Fr. Chibuko, Patrick 08037860818
Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP) Rev. Fr. Anieke, Chinedu O. 07036912241
Rev. Fr.Agu, Aloysius College of Immaculate Conception, Enugu Rev. Fr. Nwankwo, Nnamdi Ambrose(Principal), 08035486844 Rev. Fr. Okoh Michael Rev. Fr. Alua Dominic Rev. Fr. Aneke Marcellinus Holy Angels Secondary School, Amechi Rev. Fr. Alua Dominic (Administrator) Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu Rev. Fr. Anieke, Christian Vice Chancellor Rev. Fr.Ani, Ikechukwu Rev. Fr.Nwodo, Theophilus Rev. Fr. Eze, Benjamin Rev. Fr. Achi Benjamin Rev. Fr. Ojiogu, Michael Rev. Fr. Obodoagu, Kenneth Rev. Fr.Ozor, Joseph Rev. Fr. Ugokwe, Clement Rev. Fr. Amuji, Henry Rev. Fr. Ekwueme, John Enugu State University of Science and Technology Rev. Fr. Inmpey, Joseph (Chaplain), 08035066456
Institute of Ecumenical Education, Thinkers Corner Rev. Fr. Anieke, Christian Rev. Fr. Nwodo, Theophilus Rev. Fr. Ottakagu, Paul Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu Rev. Fr. Okechukwu Celestine Sacred Heart Seminary, Nsude Rev. Fr. Udeh, Humphrey (Rector) Rev. Fr. Amadi, Anthony St. Bernard Hostel, Nchatancha Rev. Fr. Ngwu, Michael Ikechukwu Rev. Fr. Nwosu, Virginus
Rev. Fr. Odinwamkpa, Chibuike Rev. Fr. Ngwu, Livinus Rev. Fr. Akilo Kenechukwu Rev. Fr. Ezeh, Williams Rev. Fr. Okata, Michael St. Paul’s College, Eke Rev. Fr. Eze Franklin Queen of Apostles Seminary, Imezi Owa Rev. Fr. Nwatu, Christian (Rector) Rev. Fr. Nwogbu, Benedict Rev. Fr. Aluma, Michael (Spiritual Director)
University of Nigeria, Nsukka Rev. Fr. Ofordile, Christopher Rev. Fr. Ugwozor, Felix Olu Aka Di Mma (VTTC) Rev. Fr. Agu, Aloysius CHAPLAINCIES
Institutions: a. Annunciation Specialist Hospital, Emene, Fr. Paulinus Aniebonam b. College of Education, Enugu, Fr. Chibuike Odinwankpa c. D.D.L. Juniorate, Fr. Jovitus Aneke d. D.D.L. Novitiate, Fr. Ambrose Agu e. Dental Clinic, Trans-Ekulu, Fr. Augustine Akubue f. Divine Love Retreat and Conference Centre (DRACC), Fr. Gregory Chijioke Eze g. Federal Government College, Enugu โ€“ Fr. Joseph Nnajiofor h. Federal Training Centre, Emene by PRODA, Fr. Valentine Eze i. Government House, Enugu, Rev. Fr. Chinedu Ozoude j. Holy Rosary College, Uwani, Enugu, Fr. Aloysius Agu k. Institute of Management and Technology, Fr. Ikechukwu Ani l. Ntasiobi ndi N’Ahuhu Hospital, Fr. Godwin Aniakor m. Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Agbani, Fr. David Nnajiofor n. Iwene Tansi, Nike Grammar School, Fr. Williams Ezeh o. Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu, Mary Health of the Sick — Fr. Virginus Nwosu p. Queen’s College, Enugu (Our Lady, Queen of Virgins Chaplaincy), Fr. Michael Okata q. Science Technical Vocational Schools Management Board (STVSMB), Fr. Celestine Nwogbu r. Seat of Wisdom Secondary School, Trans Ekulu, Fr. Christopher Ofordile s. St. Albert, Enugu State University of Science & Technology, Enugu Campus: Fr. Marcellinus Aneke t. St. Albert, Enugu State University of Science & Technology; Agbani Campus: Fr. Joseph Inmpey u. St. Augustine Chaplaincy, Nigerian Law School, Augustine Nnamani Campus, Agbani, PP. of Sacred Heart Parish, Agbani (Fr. Matthew Nebo)
v. St. Martin, Hq. 82 Division, Abakpa Barracks, Rev. Fr. Joseph Ozoani (Col), 08034508422
[email protected] w. St. Mulumba, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Fr. Anacletus Odoemene x. St. Rita, ESUT College of Medicine / Parklane Hospital, Fr. Onwumelu Modestus y. Enugu State Post Primary Schools Management (PPSMB), Fr. Ikechukwu Ogara z. University of Nig. Teaching Hospital —Capuchins aa. The Police Chaplaincies: I. St. Michael Chaplaincy, St. Anthony Chaplaincy, St. Augustine Central Police Chaplaincy, and Police Area Command, Abakpa Nike, Enugu โ€“ Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ogbuefi (ASP)
ii. Gloria Dei Police Detective College, Enugu and St. James Mobile Barracks, Enugu bb. Air Force Chaplaincy: Ascension Catholic Church, Nigerian Airforce Base, Enugu: Rev. Fr.Linus Osuchukwu (Flying Officer), 08037435725, 08077037427,
[email protected]
Associations Chaplains Knights of St John & Lady Auxiliaries Fr. Clement Obasi Knights of St Mulumba & Ladies (a) Enugu Sub-Council (b) Uwani Sub-Council Fr. Raphael Egwu (c) Abakpa Sub-Council Fr. Paul Ekowa(d) St. Joseph Sub-Council Fr. Emmanuel Amuji Catholic Men Organization Fr. Paul Ottakagu Catholic Women Organization Msgr. Anthony Okafor Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS) โ€“ Fr. Okoh Jerome Young Catholic Students (YCS) โ€“ Fr. Gregory Chijioke EzeCatholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON) โ€“ Fr. Henry UwabunkeonyeCatholic Young Men Organization Fr. Jude Iloabuchi Catholic Young Women Organization Fr. Luke Offiaukwu Holy Family Prayer Group Cathedral Administrator St. Vincent de Paul Msgr. Christopher Enem St. Anthony’s Guild Fr. Anthony Owoh Blue Army Fr. Onochie Christopher Legion of Mary Fr. Ralphael Anieke Catholic Workers’ Volunteer Force Fr. Geoffrey Aguigwo Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria Fr. Simon Omeayo Catholic Biblical Movement of Nigeria Fr. Michael Ik. Ngwu Catholic Biblical Instructors’ Union Fr. Leo Ene Catholic Bible Society of Nigeria Fr. Damian Udechukwu Maria Goretti Sr. Beatrice Ilonuba, DDL Block Rosary Fr. Casmir Nnadozie St. Jude Society Fr. Jude Ngwoke Church Wardens Fr. Paul Ogbozor Altar Knights Fr. Anthony Amadi Altar Girls Association โ€“ Fr. Patrick Chibuko Sr. Maria Chiazoka Amaefule, IHMPurgatorian Society Fr. Kyrian Onwuzu Catechists/CCD Fr. Rafael Affam Pioneer Total Abstinence Fr. Marcel Odo Mary League Fr. Anthony Okechukwu Sacred Heart of Jesus Fr. Benjamin Achi Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Fr. Anyanwu Theophilus Holy Ghost Confraternity Spiritans Miraculous Infant I Society Fr. Paul Ifeonu Holy Childhood Association Fr. Nnajike Innocent Marian Movements of Priests Msgr. Charles Ikeme Catholic Nurses Guild Fr. Christopher Chukwueze Divine Mercy Fr. Joseph Inmpey Tansi Solidarity Movement Fr. Raphael Egwu Confraternity of Mary, Queen of all Hearts Fr. Oliver Ngwu Catholic Artists Fr. John Ogbo Sacr. Heart of Jesus and Immac. Heart of Mary Fr. Benjamin Mbata Shanahan Society Fr. John Cross Okemuo Slaves of Love of Mary Msgr. Charles Ikeme St. Rita of Cascia Fr. Michael Onoh Rosa Mystica Society Fr. Christian IrohaAsso. of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament Fr. James Eke Diocesan Lay Readers Fr. Damian Udechukwu People with Disabilities Fr. Lazarus Anieke Association of Precious Blood of Jesus Msgr. Ferdinand Okpalaibekwe
Enugu State Catholic Education Commission Enugu State Catholic Education Secretary Very Rev. Msgr. Dr. Ugonna Igboaja 08033738625 State Secretariat Enugu State Catholic Education Secretariat, Ogui, Enugu (Near Mother of Christ Maternity Hospital)