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LEADERSHIP (Bishop's Profile)

Date of Birth: April 4. 1956 Priestly Ordination: August 18. 1984 Episcopal Ordination: February 21.2004 Address: Bishop’s House. P.O Box 63 Issele-Uku.
Delta State Phone: 08037142369 Email: [email protected]

Ecclesiastical Province of Benin City

First Mass in the Diocese: March 5th, 1888 First Missionary: Fr. Carlo Zappa Creation of the Diocese: July 5th, 1973 The First Bishop of the diocese: Bishop Anthony Gbuji The Second Bishop of the diocese: Bishop Emmanuel Otteh Population of the Diocese: 2,026,302 Catholic Population: 817,853
Date of Birth: April 4. 1956 Priestly Ordination: August 18. 1984 Episcopal Ordination: February 21.2004 Address: Bishop’s House. P.O Box 63 Issele-Uku.
Delta State Phone: 08037142369 Email: [email protected]
Province: Benin Erection: July 5, 1978Parishes 44 Dependent Stations 39 Stations/Mass Centres 82 Issele-Uku diocesan Priests 210 Priests/Brothers of lssele-Uku diocese origin 74 Women Religious of Issele-Uku diocese origin 103 Major Seminarians of the diocese 71


The advent of Catholicism to Issele-Uku is part of the history of the coming of
the missionary to the Southern part of the country, especially, the Benin Kingdom axis. The Diocese comprises six Local Government areas: Aniocha North, Aniocha South, Oshimili North, Oshimili South Ika-North-east and Ika-North-South. The total coverage area is 3011 square Km. The Diocese has grown from the initial 8 parishes with which it began, to now 44 Parishes and 36 independent stations.
The diocese was created out of Benin Archdiocese on July 5, 1973, with Most Rev.
Anthony Gbuji as its first Bishop He was succeeded by the Late Bishop Emmanuel Otteh. The incumbent, Most Rev. Michael Odogwu Elue was ordained the third bishop of the diocese on February 21, 2004; and under him, the diocese has taken commendable strides in spiritual and pastoral developments.


S/n Name Home Town Date of Birth Date of Ordination 1. Rev. Fr. Alexander Nzemeka lIIah 8th Jan. 1961 2 . Rev. Fr. Patrick lsichei Asaba 27/03/37 19th June 1966 3 . Rt. Rev. Msar, Pius Nwaobi lssele-Uku 13/06/39 31st Dec. 1972 4. Rt. Rev. Msar, Michael Mozia Ubulu-Uku 28/07/43 23rd Dec. 1973 5. Rev. Fr. Anthonv Echekwube Ebu 10/09/47 29th Sept. 1974 6. Rt. Rev. Mgsr. Dennis Arimoku Ime-Obi Aabor 22/03/41 29th Dec. 1974 7 Rev. Fr. Anthonv Chinakwe Izbodo 09/09/49 21st Dec. 1975 8 Rev. Fr. Parker Matthew Ozboe Idumuesah 13/04/50 24th March, 1979 9 Rev. Fr. Peter Aduba Onitsha 24th March. 1979 10 Rev. Fr. Augustine Ohanwusi Onicha-Olona 24/05/55 15th March. 1980 11 Rt. Rev. Msar, Stenhen Uzomah Onicha-Olona 25/07/52 15th March. 1980 12 Rev. Fr. Stephen Avozbe Ubulu-Uku 12/07/47 22nd March. 1980 !3 Very Rev. Fr. John Aduba Ubuill-Okiti 28/01/52 31st Oct 1981 14 Rev. Fr. Kevin Ori Ogbe-Ahiara 05/08/53 31st Oct. 1981 15 Very Rev. Fr. Hilary Nwadei Ibusa 13/12/57 14th Feb. 1982 16 Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Ojei Ibusa 27/11147 14th Feb. 1982 17 Very Rev. Fr. Bob Ehirim Mbieri 09/04/47 14th Feb. 1982 18 Very Rev. Fr. Melitus Eze Obollo-Afor 23/06/50 14th Feb. 1982 19 Very Rev. Fr. Pius Okwuazwu Umunede 11/07/54 14th Feb. 1982 20 Rt. Rev. Fr. Buchi Aninve Issele-Uku 18/12/54 14th Aug. 1983 21 Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter Uzor Atta 07/07/55 18th Aug. 1984 22 Rev. Fr. Benedict Okonkwo Adazi-Nnukwu 12/11/57 18th Aug. 1984 23 Rev. Fr. Michael Onwuezbuzie lsheazu 24/08/56 16th Aug. 1986 24 Very Rev. Fr. Michael Nwaokolo Ogwashi-Uku 29/09/49 16th Aug. 1986 25 Rev. Fr. Ignatius Dibieashi Ibusa 24/01/61 7th Oct. 1989 26 Rev. Fr. John Nwanze Ibusa 24/06/64 7th Oct. 1989 27 Rev. Fr. Fidelis Igwenwanne Issele-Azagba 24/06/59 28th April. 1990 28 Rev. Fr. Stephen Chukwurna Akumazi 05/06/62 18th Aug. 1990 29 Rev. Fr. Michael Osemene Ute-Ogbeje 11/02/55 15th Aug. 1992 30 Rev. Fr. Paul lfeadi Ogwashi-Uku 06/12/64 14th Aug. 1993 31 Rev. Fr. PeterClever Ugoagwu Mbise 29/06/63 14th Aug. 1993 32 Rev. Fr. Chukwuekwu S. Nwutu Ewulu 31/12/67 14th Aug. 1993 33 Rev. Fr. Godwin Ukaegbu Umuagwo 15/03/50 14th Aug. 1993 34 Rev. Fr. Victor lbude Emuhu 11/05/67 4th Dec. 1993 35 Rev. Fr. Jude Onyebadi lssele-Uku 28/09/66 4th Dec. 1993 36 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Akalue Ezi 30/10/63 20th Aug. 1994 37 Rev. Fr. Anthony Banye Onicha-Uku 05/09/63 20th Aug. 1994 38 Rev. Fr. Charles Uganwa Okpala 01/10/61 20th Aug. 1994 39 Rev. Fr. Dominic Chukwudi lsheagu 11/07/68 17th Aug. 1996 40 Rev. Fr. Paschal Nduka ldumuje-Unor 14/0-1/68 17th Aug. 1996 41 Rev. Fr. Festus Okocha Egbudu-Akan 11/11/67 17th Aug. 1996 42 Rev. Fr. Norbert Uchuno Ibusa 01/06/68 17th Aug. 1996 43 Rev. Fr. Alexander Nwannearizi Mbiri 13/02/62 27th Jun. 1997 44 Rev. Fr. Leonard Biachi Asaba 03/06/66 16th Aug. 1997 45 Rev. Fr. Jude Orazulume Nnokwa 25/02/66 27th Jun. 1997 46 Rev. Fr. Samuel Rapu Asaba 16th Aug.1997 47 Rev. Fr. Samuel Igwenwanne Issele-Azagba 18/07/68 18th July 1998 48 Rev. Fr. Peter Nkadi Ogwashi-Uku 07/11/70 18th July 1998 49 Rev. Fr. Henry Ogonwa Ejeme-Aniogor 16/09/71 18th July 1998 50 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Onyekwe Ezi 18/12/63 18th July 1998 51 Rev. Fr. James Ndubisi Uzoma Ngugo lkeduru 30/10/60 24th July 1999 52 Rev. Fr. Paul Adione Issele-Uku 01/11/67 7th Aug. 1999 53 Rev. Fr. Mario-David Dibie Owa-Nta 01/01/71 7th Aug. 1999 54 Rev. Fr. Peter Mokwunye Issele-Uku 24/01/67 7th Aug. 1999 55 Rev. Fr. Peter Ndinwa Ukala-Okpunor 05/03/71 7th Aug. 1999 56 Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu Onicha-Uku 07/05/69 7th Aug. 1999 57 Rev. Fr. Francis Ofozor Umueze-Anam 04/10/62 7th Aug. 1999 58 Rev. Fr. Sylvester Chukwurah Ibusa 03/12/67 21st Aug. 1999 59 Rev. Fr. Patrick Ojobu Mbiri 24/06/66 4th Sept. 1999 60 Rev. Fr. Augustine Abude Ime-Obi. Agbor 20/08/67 12th Aug. 2000 61 Rev. Fr. Michael Ashibuogwu Ogwashi-Uku 16/10/71 12th Aug. 2000 62 Rev. Fr. Peter Chukwura Ejeme-Aniogor 27/07/72 12th Aug. 2000 63 Rev. Fr. Julius Ijekeye lsheagu 07/09/71 12th Aug. 2000 64 Rev. Fr. Paulinus Iwueke Emii 19/02/65 12th Aug. 2000 65 Rev. Fr. John Mordi Alisimie 27/04/71 12th Aug. 2000 66 Rev. Fr. Joachim Okpalaji Uga 25/11/63 12th Aug. 2000 67 Rev. Fr. Anthony Azuwike lfakala 03/01/76 1st Sept. 2001 68 Rev. Fr. Stephen Ogonwa Ejeme-Aniogor 07/02/71 1st Sept, 2001 69 Rev. Fr. Francis Onwordi, snr Ubulu-Uku 23/05/68 1st Sept. 2001 70 Rev. Fr. Anthony Ibekwe Amuzi 28th Sept. 2002 71 Rev. Fr. Jude Mordi Okpanam 17/02/72 28th Sept. 2002 72 Rev. Fr. Jude Nwankwo Ibusa 22/05/75 1st Nov. 2003 73 Rev. Fr. Sylvester Modebei lbusa 20/05/74 1st Nov. 2003 74 Rev. Fr. Peter Mobuogwu Ubulu-Uku 04/10/76 8th Nov. 2003 75 Rev. Fr. Uche Nwaonwochei Ewulu 29/05/73 8th Nov. 2003 76 Rev. Fr. Anthony Dibia lIIah 28/08/73 8th Nov. 2003 77 Rev. Fr. Franklyn Odiaka Ubulu-Uku 09/03/74 15th Nov. 2003 78 Rev. Fr. Callistus l. Elue Akumazi 07/07/72 11th Sept. 2004 79 Rev. Fr. Peter Enuanwa Ubulu-Uku 08/07/71 11th Sept 2004 80 Rev. Fr. Ambrose Igwumbor Idumuje-Ugboko 15/04/76 11th Sept. 2004 81 Rev. Fr. Valentine Mobuogwu Ubulu-Uku 26/04/77 11th Sept. 2004 82 Rev. Fr. Mark Nwoko Idumuje-Ugboko 25/04/73 11th Sept. 2004 83 Rev. Fr. Ignatius Offor Nsukwa 17/07/76 11th Sept. 2004 84 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ogbolu Onicha-Olona 10/09/76 11th Sept. 2004 85 Rev. Fr. Jude Okocha Abavo 24/01/75 11th Sept. 2004 86 Rev. Fr. Pius Onwuegbuzie Akumazi 02/06/75 11th Sept. 2004 87 Rev. Fr. Joseph Uqboh Oki 23/05/76 11th Sept. 2004 88 Rev. Fr. Joseph Adigwe Ibusa 15/08/66 20th Aug. 2005 89 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel lkediuba Issele-Uku 05/11/74 20th Aug. 2005 90 Rev. Fr. Victor Ofili Ubulu-Uku 05/10/75 20th Aug. 200591 Rev. Fr. Leonard Onwugbonu Ute-Okpu 10/10/77 20th Aug. 2005 92 Rev. Fr. Peter Okafor Ubulu-Uku 15/11/77 20th Aug. 2005 93 Rev. Fr. Jude Awunor Ezi 25/04/72 19th Aug. 2006 94 Rev. Fr. Jude Azuh Ubulu-Uku 21/06/74 19th Aug. 2006 95 Rev. Fr. Hilary Ibegbulem Otolokpo 05/02/76 19th Aug. 2006 96 Rev. Fr. Emmanuellkenga Abatete 03/04/79 19th Aug. 2006 97 Rev. Fr. Emmanueiliekenri Akumazi 25/12/78 19th Aug. 2006 98 Rev. Fr. Jude lIoba Akumazi 22/02/74 19th Aug. 2006 99 Rev. Fr. Cyril Ofuonve Onicha-Olona 27/06/75 19th Aug. 2006 100 Rev. Fr. Kingsley Ajufo Ibusa 26/11/76 18th Aug. 2007 101 Rev. Fr. Kingsley Idehen Oki 23/01/77 18th Aug. 2007 102 Rev. Fr. John Konyeke Ejeme-Aniogor 01/05/78 18th Aug. 2007 103 Rev. Fr. Solomon Moweta Asaba 16/05/76 18th Aug. 2007 104 Rev. Fr. Andrew Nwulo Ewulu 01/10/77 18th Aug. 2007 105 Rev. Fr. Jude Okwudi Ubulu-Unor 25/10/73 18th Aug. 2007 106 Rev. Fr. Peter Nwakwu Ubulu-Uku 21/01/77 26th June, 2008 107 Rev. Fr. Cyprian Osakwe Ozubulu 16/08/74 26th June, 2008 108 Rev. Fr. Eugene Usifoh Onicha-Ugbo 04/01/83 26th June, 2008 109 Rev. Fr. Peter Osekwute Akumazi 19/07/74 2nd Aug. 2008 110 Rev. Fr. Dennis Arinze Obior 13/07/80 16th Aug. 2008 111 Rev. Fr. Gabriel Azuh Ubulu-Uku 11/05178 16th Aug. 2008 112 Rev. Fr. Kenneth Imasua Otolokpo 30/08/79 16th Aug. 2008 113 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Nwankwo Amenu Okposi 17/09/74 16th Aug. 2008 114 Rev. Fr. Gabriel Ogboli Issele-Mkpitime 04/04/78 16th Aug. 2008 115 Rev. Fr. Andrew Anah Adazi-Ani 02/11/78 15th Aug. 2009 116 Rev. Fr. Justin-Anthony Anene Abagana 08/12/77 15th Aug. 2009 117 Rev. Fr. Donatus Chukwuedo Abavo 18/06/80 15th Aug. 2009 118 Rev. Fr. Isodore Igwekaile Ihiala 18/03/78 15th Aug. 2009 119 Rev. Fr. Francis Mekako Ovwian 22/03/80 15th Aug. 2009 120 Rev. Fr. Malachy Okonkwo Umudioka 10/09/75 15th Aug. 2009 121 Rev. Fr. Peter Omezi Ime-Obi, Agbor 20/03/74 15th Aug. 2009 122 Rev. Fr. Francis Onwordi, Jnr Ubulu-Uku 01/08/80 15th Aug. 2009 123 Rev. Fr. Samuel Agwameseh Umunede 12/01/76 21st Aug.2010 124 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Akumabor Umunede 25/12/79 21st Aug. 2010 125 Rev. Fr. Jonathan AIIana Asaba 16/06/70 21st Aug.2010 126 Rev. Fr. Ignatius Chigbo Umumba Ndi-Uno 27/07/79 21st Aug. 2010 127 Rev. Fr. Stephen – Mario Edward Abavo 02/05/79 21st Aug.2010 128 Rev. Fr. Kenneth Ezeme Obollo-Etiti 04/11/76 21st Aug. 2010 129 Rev. Fr. Elias Ezeuzo Adazi-Ani 18/04/79 21st Aug. 2010 130 Rev. Fr. Andrew Ijegbulem Idumuesah 29/02/80 21st Aug. 2010 131 Rev. Fr. Innocent Chikemagwa Otolokpo 11/04/79 21st Aug.2010 132 Rev. Fr. Benson Irabor Owa-Oyibu 03/07/79 21st Aug.2010 133 Rev. Fr. Augustine Odu Onicha-Uku 18/10/73 21st Aug.2010 134 Rev. Fr. Benjamin Okafor Okpanam 14/01172 21st Aug. 2010 135 Rev. Fr. Charles Okeke Eziowelle 06/11/80 21st Aug. 2010 136 Rev. Fr. Michael Okonkwo Abatete 26/07/82 21st Aug. 2010 137 Rev. Fr. Leonard Onumba Umunuko-Ukpor 10/09/79 21st Aug.2010 138 Rev. Fr. Sylvester Achapu Ogwashi-Uku 10/08/75 20th Aug. 2011 139 Rev. Fr. Anthony Chimekwene Akumazi 02/25/83 20th Aug. 2011 140 Rev. Fr. Frederick Chukwuemeke Ekuku-Agbor 17/09/81 20th Aug. 2011 141 Rev. Fr. Benedict Egbuchunam Ekwuoma 25/04/79 20th Aug. 2011 142 Rev. Fr. Casmir Irechukwu Umuchu 11/07177 20th Aug. 2011 143 Rev. Fr. Francis Okafor Okpanam 14/04/84 20th Aug. 2011 144 Rev. Fr. Paul Okolie Isah Ogwashi-Uku 07/01/71 20th Aug. 2011 145 Rev. Fr. Francis Okpulu Akumazi 10/12/80 20th Aug. 2011 146 Rev. Fr. Godfrey Okwunka Enugwu-Ukwu 25/02/81 20th Aug. 2011 147 Rev. Fr. Charles Mary Onochie Mbiri 28/05/79 20th Aug. 2011 148 Rev. Fr. Romanus Onwusonye Ngugo .Ikeduru 01/10/78 20th Aug. 2011 149 Rev. Fr. Edwin Osaigbobu Abavo 14/05/74 20th Aug. 2011 150 Rev. Fr. Christopher Ubah Ezi 15/10/79 20th Aug. 2011 151 Rev. Fr. Romanus Utomi Ubulu-Okiti 18/04/78 25th Aug. 2012 152 Rev. Fr. Christian Agha Utchi-Umuochi 15/12/80 25th Aug. 2012 153 Rev. Fr. Vincent Agholor Abavo 28/06/75 25th Aug. 2012 154 Rev. Fr. Evaristus Anene Issele-Azagba 29/01/72 25th Aug. 2012 155 Rev. Fr. George Chiedu Onicha-Ugbo 20/10/80 25th Aug. 2012 156 Rev. Fr. Joseph Ebegbuna Issele-Uku 15/05/79 25th Aug. 2012 157 Rev. Fr. Charles Egwuenu Okija 27/05/78 25th Aug. 2012 158 Rev. Fr. Michael lbe Uga 10/07/79 25th Aug. 2012 159 Rev. Fr. Kevin Nwaegbu Agulu 24/05/85 25th Aug. 2012 160 Rev. Fr. Francis Nwanedo Osina 28/06/79 25th Aug. 2012 161 Rev. Fr. Jude Nwaigwa Ezza Effium 06/01/84 25th Aug. 2012 162 Rev. Fr. Benedict Okafor Okpanam 03/01/86 25th Aug. 2012 163 Rev. Fr. Paul Okobi Ibusa 28/06/79 25th Aug. 2012 164 Rev. Fr. Joseph Okoli Otokwu Mmaku 13/03/77 25th Aug. 2013 165 Rev. Fr. Innocent Ogbu Umuma-Isiaku 29/01/81 25th Aug. 2013 166 Rev. Fr. Gerald Ononaiwu Atta 15/01/79 25th Aug. 2013 167 Rev. Fr. Stan-Collins Ubaka Egbudu-AKan 19/12/82 25th Aug. 2013 168 Rev. Fr. Jude Udeagu Igbo-Ukwu 23/05/83 25th Aug. 2013 169 Rev Fr. Jude ugbome Atta 15/01/79 25th Aug. 2013 170 Rev. Fr. Anthony Ukwao Ubulu-Ukiti 23/10/78 25th Aug. 2013 171 Rev. Fr. Antnony Umeanadu Ezinifite 11/03/80 25th Aug. 2013 172 Rev. Fr. Christopher Uruqwe Ozubulu 19/05/83 25th Aug. 2013 173 Rev Fr. Francis Ezechikwelu Adazi-Ani 18/12/79 24th Aug. 2013 174 Rev Fr. Moses Ochei Igbodo 21/03/82 24th Aug. 2013 175 Rev. Fr. Patrick Adigwe Ibusa 06/04/82 24th Aug. 2013 176 Rev. Fr. Peter Agholor Abavo 24/12/77 24th Aug. 2013 177 Rev. Fr. Darlington Edobor Owa-Alero 10/05/82 24th Aug. 20l 3 178 Rev. Fr. Matthew Enebili Ejeme-Aniogor 04/01/82 24th Aug. 2013 179 Rev. Fr. Johnbosco Ezeonwumelu Uga 11/12/81 24th Aug. 2013 180 Rev. Fr. Barnabas Izegede Abavo 05/03/82 24th Aug. 2013 181 Rev. Fr. Simon NJOKU Amuzi, Ahiazu 26/06/75 24th Aug. 2013 182 Rev.Fr. Michael Ogboi Idumuesah 12/11/72 24th Aug. 2013 183 Rev. Fr. PIUS Okawele Ubulu-Okiti 06/04/80 24th Aug. 2013 184 Rev. Fr. Hilary Ukoye Adazi-Ani 21/06/84 24th Aug. 2013 185 Rev. Fr. Festus Uwakwue Ewuru-Agbor 22105/85 24th Aug. 2013 186 Rev. Fr. David Ufoegbune Issele-Uku 22/04/83 24th Aug. 2013 187 Rev Fr. Israel Dibia UKwu-Nzu 09/08/76 24th Aug. 2013 188 Rev. Fr. Anthony Akalue Ezi 09/10/86 23rd Aug. 2014 189 Rev. Fr. Romanus Anayeokwu Otolokpo 09/08/80 23rd Aug. 2014 190 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Dibia Ubulu-Uku 13/12/77 23rd Aug. 2014 191 Rev. Fr. Collins lsimoya Abavo 10/12/73 23rd Aug. 2014 192 Rev Fr. Martins Iyiamah Ewulu 10/11/76 23rd Aug. 2014 193 Rev Fr. Andrew Mozia Ubulu-Uku 10/05/86 23rd Aug.2014 194 Rev. Fr. Paul Nwokolo Akumazi 04/09/76 23rd Aug. 2014 195 Rev. Fr Victor Owah Ekuku-Agbor 20/02/82 23rd Aug.2014 196 Rev. Fr. Ignatius Adinkwu Aban-Unor 10/05/79 22nd Aug. 2015 197 Rev, Fr. Stephen Beonyebideme bn Akumazi 23/03/73 22nd Aug, 2015 198 Rev. Fr. Christopher Dunkwu Ezi 24/02/82 22nd Aug. 2015 199 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Emordi Asaba 01/07/85 22nd Aug. 2015 200 Rev. Fr. Jude Iwediunor Igbodo 25/05/86 22ndAug.2015 201 Rev. Fr. Augustine Monye Ubulubu 09/09/83 22nd Aug. 2015 202 Rev. Fr. Philip Mordi Egbudu Aka 21/02/85 22nd Aug. 2015 203 Rev. Fr. Mark-Anthonv Nwoko Nsukwa 28/10/87 22nd Aug. 2015 204 Rev. Fr. Simon Nkwor Ekuku-Agbor 28/02/85 22nd Aug. 2015 205 Rev. Fr. Cornelius Okeibunor Ute-Ogbeje 12/06/84 22nd Aug. 2015 206 Rev. Fr. Anthony Okolie-Alfred Ubulu-Uku 26/02/81 22nd Aug. 2015 207 Rev. Fr. Simon-Stanley Owuzo Abavo 11/03/84 22nd Aug. 2015


I. Rev. Fr. Peter Clever Ugoagwu New York, USA. 2. Rev. Fr. Samuel Rapu Germany 3. Rev. Fr. Jude Okocha Germany 4. Rev. Fr. Peter Ndinwa Rome 5. Rev. Fr. Peter Okafor Boston, USA 6. Rev. Fr. Peter Mokwunye CIWA, Port Harcourt (08037978192) 7. Rev. Fr. Ignatius Offor CIWA, Port-Harcourt (08037582186) 8. Rev. Fr. Hilary Ibegbulem CIWA, Port-Harcourt (08038393681) 9. Rev. Fr. Francis Onwordi, Jnr CIWA, Port-Harcourt (08136187651) 10. Rev. Fr. Valentine Mobuogwu U. K. 11. Rev. Fr. Benson Irabor University of Lagos 12. Rev. Fr. Stan-Collins Ubaka CIWA, Port-Harcourt (08038532309) 13. Rev. Fr. Ignatius Offor Urbaniana, Rome
1. Rev. Fr. Parker Matthew Ogboe Archdiocese of Miami, USA 2. Rev. Fr. Paschal Nduka Archdiocese of Indianapolis, USA 3. Rev. Fr. Benedict Okonkwo Archdiocese of Indianapolis, USA 4. Rev. Fr. Michael Onwuegbuzie Archdiocese of Indianapolis, USA 5. Rev. Fr. Kevin Ori Diocese of Green Bay, USA 6. Rev. Fr. Ignatius Dibeashi Diocese of San Diego, USA 7. Rev. Fr. Fidelis Igwenwanne Diocese of Phoenix, USA8. Rev. Fr. Michael Ashibuogwu Diocese of Phoenix, USA 9. Rev. Fr. Sylvester Modebei Diocese of Phoenix, USA 10. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Akalue Diocese of Orlando, USA 11. Rev. Fr. Stephen Ogonwa Diocese of Orlando, USA I2. Rev. Fr. Anthony Azuwike Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, USA 13. Rev. Fr. Callistus Elue Diocese of Green Bay, USA 14. Rev. Fr. Anthony Ibekwe Diocese of Green Bay, USA 15. Rev. Fr. Paul Ifeadi Archdiocese of New York, U.S.A 16. Rev. Fr. Alex Nzemeke Archdiocese of Benin, NIGERIA 17. Rev. Fr. Godfrey Okwunka Diocese of Fada N’Gourma, B.Faso +22662300289 18. Rev. Fr. Jude Udeagu Diocese of Fada N’Gourma, B. Faso +22662300253; +22665900993
Priest Resident In America I. Rev. Fr. Peter Aduba Priests On Secondment 1. Rev. Fr. Anthony Echekwube – 0803 6768148
Ambrose Alii University, Ekpoma 2. Rev. Fr. Julius Ijekeye – 0810 084 8362
Seminary of All Saints, Uhiele-Ekpoma 3. Rev. Fr. (ASP) Ambrose Igwmbor – 0803441 9780 Catholic Chaplaincy of the Nigeria Police Force National Headquarter, Abuja 4. Rev. Fr. (ASP) Pius Onwuegbuzie – 0803 492 4277
Nigeria Police Force Catholic Chaplaincy Delta State Police Command Headquarter, Asaba
Priests On Retirement/ Residence 1. Very Rev. Fr. Patrick Isichei – 07036584728
St. Joseph’s Parish, Asaba 2. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dennis Arimoku – 08037215324 St. Columbus’ Parish, Agbor Priests On Secondment In Benin Archdiocese I. Rev. Fr. Dominic Chukwudi (Coordinator) – 08037099949 St. Jude’s Parish, lwogban, Benin-City [email protected] 2. Rev. Fr. Sylvester Chukwurah – 08034016883
St. Mark Parish, Ohovbe, Benin City [email protected] 3. Rev. Fr. Jude Mordi – 08033513852; 08027531639
St. Gabriel’s Parish, Oza 4. Rev. Fr. Cyril Ofuonye – 08059029346,08063274547
St. Michael’s Parish, Evbuesi [email protected] 5. Rev. Fr. Kingsley Ajufo – 08035636329
St. Blessed Teresa’s Parish, Uwelu, Benin-City [email protected] 6. Rev. Fr. Kingsley Idehen – 08032538150
St. Mary’s Parish. Oke-Irhue [email protected] 7. Rev. Fr. Andrew Nwulo โ€“ 08184754639, 08063694515
St. Mary’s Parish, Odiguetue
8. Rev. Fr. Jude Okwudi – 08037458701
St. Gabriel the Archangel’s Parish, Okada [email protected] 9. Rev. Fr. Peter Nwakwu – 08039763732
St Edward’s Parish. Ogbahu, [email protected] 10. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Imasua – 08037893220
[email protected] Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Eyaen, Benin-City


Vicar General: Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia st. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Agbor P. O. Box 749, Agbor Phone: 0703 323 9323 E-mail:[email protected] Diocesan Secretary/ Chancellor & Moderator Of The Curia Very Rev. Fr. John Ike Aduba Bishop’s House, P. O. Box 63, lssele-Uku Phone: 0706 566 8584 E-mail:[email protected] Assistant Diocesan Secretary Rev. Fr. Francis Mekako All Saints Catholic Church, Onicha-Ugbo Phone: 0703 19 I 4329 E-mail: [email protected] Bishop’s Personal Secretary Rev. Fr. Casmir Irechukwu Bishop’s House, P. O. Box 63, lssele-Uku Phone: 0806 240 5474 E-mail: [email protected] Diocesan Accounts Officer Sr. M. Alice Ijoma, DDL Bishop’s House, P. O. Box 63, Issele-
Uku Phone: 0706 241 3287 E-mail: [email protected] Diocesan Secretariat Officer Sr. M. Chineta Otakagu, DDL Bishop’s House, P. O. Box 63, Issele-Uku Phone: 0803 8329135 E-mail: [email protected] REGIONAL VICARS:
Agbor Region Very Rev. Fr. Pius Okwuagwu.
Asaba Region Very Rev. Fr. Michael Nwaokolo Issele-Uku Region Very Rev. Fr. Peter Mobuogwu Ogwashi-Uku Region Very Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu Umunede Region Very Rev. Fr. Melitus Eze OTHER VICARS:
I. Episcopal Vicar for the Clergy Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia II. Episcopal Vicar for the Religious Very Rev. Fr. Matthew Uwaya, O.P
III. Episcopal Vicar for Public Relations Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen Uzomah Episcopal Council: Most. Rev. Dr. Michael O. Elue Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia Very Rev. Fr. John Aduba Very Rev. Fr. Melitus Eze Very Rev. Fr. Michael Nwaokolo Very Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu Very Rev. Fr. Pius Okwllagwu Very Rev. Fr. Peter Mobuogwu Very Rev. Fr. Hilary Nwadei Board Of Consultors Most Rev. Dr. Michael O. Elue Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia Very Rev. Fr. John Ike Aduba Very Rev. Fr. Melitus Eze Very Rev. Fr. Pius Okwuagwu Very Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu Very Rev. Fr. Michael Nwaokolo Very Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu Very Rev. Fr. Hilary Nwadei Very Rev. Fr. Peter Mobuogwu Rev. Fr. Chukwuekwu S. Nwutu Very Rev. Fr. Matthew Uwaya, O.P.
Rev. Fr. Peter Nkadi Presbyterial Council Most Rev. Dr. Michael O. Elue Chairman Rev. Fr. Norbert Uchuno Secretary Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen Uzomah Member Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia Member Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter Uzor Member Rev. Fr. Stephen Ayogbe Member Rev. Fr. Peter Mobuogwu Member Rev. Fr. John Aduba Member Rev. Fr. Peter Nkadi Member Rev. Fr. Samuel Igwenwanne
Member Rev. Fr. Festus Okocha Member Very Rev. Fr. Matthew Uwaya, O.P.
Member Rev. Fr. Bob Ehirim Member Rev. Fr. Pius Okwuagwu Member Rev. Fr. Michael Nwaokolo Member Rev. Fr. Leonard Biachi Member Rev. Fr. Joseph Ebegbuna Member Rev. Fr. Joseph Adigwe Member Rev. Fr. Malachy Okonkwo Member
Diocesan Finance Council Most. Rev. Dr. Michael O. Elue Chairman Very Rev. Fr. Peter Mobuogwu Secretary Very Rev. Fr. John Ike Aduba Member Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia Member Chief Barrister G.C. Onochie Member Sir. Patrick Ikemefuna Member Mr. Martyns Edward Obiefuna, FCA
Member Barr. P.E.C. Dunkwu Member Chief Chike Nwanze Member Just. Pat Elumeze Member Hon. F. O. Chinakwe MemberMr. Michael Brown Njokanma Member Sir. Okey Ofili Member Sr. M. Alice Ijoma, DDL Diocesan Health Management Board Dr. Patrick Onwuachi Chairman Rev. Fr. Jude Onyebadi Executive Secretary Very Rev. John Ike Aduba Member Very Rev. Fr. Hilary Nwadei Member Rev. Fr. Stephen Chukwuma Member Rev. Fr. Anthony Dibia Member Sr. Elizabeth Erhunmwunsee, OLA Member Barr. P. E. C. Dunkwu Member Dr. Anthony Okwunze Member Dr. Anthony Okolo Member Rev. Fr. Peter Mokwunye Member Dr. Francis Nwachoko Member Dr. Hypolite C. Nwaigbo Member Dr. Mrs. Queen Nwaodua Member Mrs. Patricia Oby Nwanze Member
I. Director of Vocation
Rev. Fr. John Konyeke Rev. Fr. Augustine Odu (Assistant) II. Pontifical Mission Societies Rev. Fr. John Konyeke Director (I) Pontifical Missionary Union (PMU)
Rev. Fr. John Konyeke – Coordinator (2) Holy Childhood Association (HCA)
Sr. Rose Mary Ugboma, NES: Co-ordinator 08099855613;
[email protected] Ill. Religious Education in Schools and Catechetical knowledge in Parishes I. Mother Justina Nwaobi Chairman 2. Rev. Fr. Anthony Banye Assistant 3. Rev. Fr. Francis Nwanedo Member IV. Emmaus School of Evangelization (1). Rev. Fr. Joseph Ebegbuna Director Bishop’s House, P. O. Box 63, Issele-Uku, Delta State Phone: 0806229 7198, 0802 543 3369.
joelawrence200 1200 I @yahoo.com (2) Rev. Fr. Bob Ehirim – Assistant Bishop’s House, P. O. Box 63, Issele-Uku, Delta State Phone: 0803 720 6396 V Pastoral Centre Issele-Uku (I) Rev. Fr. Joseph Ebegbuna Director Bishop’s House, P. O. Box 63, Issele-Uku, Delta State Phone: 08062297198, 0802543 3369.
[email protected] (2) Rev. Fr. Bob Ehirim Assistant Bishop’s House, P. O. Box 63, Issele-Uku, Delta State Phone: 0803 720 6396 VI. Directorate of Retreats I. Rev. Fr. Mario David Dibie Director (08034061676) 2. Very Rev. Fr. John Aduba 3. Rev. Fr. Joseph Ebegbuna 4. Mother Justina Nwaobi VII. Social Development, Justice & Peace Rev. Fr. Anthony Dibia – Director VIII. Diocesan Director of Projects Rev. Fr. Hilary Okoye 0806670 9272
Bishop’s House, P. O. Box 63, Issele-Uku, Delta State IX. Diocesan Trained Evangelizers (ACTEN Issele -Uku) Rev. Fr. Joseph Ebegbuna – 08062297198, 08025433369
(Representatives) Liturgical Commission 1. Rev. Fr. Norbert Uchuno
Chairman 2. Rev. Fr. Peter Nkadi Member 3. Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu Member Communication Commission I. Rev. Fr. Charles Uganwa Chairman 2. Rev. Fr. Ignatius Chigbo Member 3. Rev. Fr. Henry Ogonwa Member Education Commission 1. Rev. Fr. Anthony Banye Chairman 2. Rev. Pius Okwuagwu Member 3. Rev. Fr. John Konyeke Member Biblical Commission 1. Rev. Fr. Charles Okeke Chairman 2. Rev. Fr. Jude Nwankwo Member 3. Rev. Fr. Augustine Odu Member Marriage Counselling And Family Life I. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia Chairman 2. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter Uzor Member 3. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen Uzomah Member Priests’ Welfare Commission 1. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia Chairman 2. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ikenga Secretary 3. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen Uzomah Cathedral Building Commission 1. Dr. G. Odumah Chairman 2. Rev. Fr. Peter Mobuogwu Secretary 3. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dennis Arimoku Building & Project Commission 1. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen Uzomah Chairman 2. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter Uzor Member 3. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Buchi C. Aninye Member Further Studies Theological Commission 1. Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Ohanwusi Chairman 2 Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia Member 3. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter Uzor Member Diocesan Pilgrimage Commission 1. Rev. Fr. Norbert uchuno Chairman 2. Very Rev. Fr. Matthew Uwaya Member 3. Rev. Fr. Peter Nkadi Member Catechesis Commission 1. Mother Justina Nwaobi Chairman 2. Rev. Fr. Francis Nwanedo Member 3. Rev. Fr. Jude Nwankwo Member
Legal Commission 1. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Stephen Uzomah Chairman 2. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Buchi C. Aninye Member 3. Very Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu Member CHAPLAINCIES AND CHAPLAINS
1. Illah Monastery Rev. Fr. Augustine Okechukwu Chaplain Rev. Fr. Joachim Okpalaji Confessor 2. Madonna School for the Handicapped, Okpanam Rev. Fr. Donatus Chukwuedo Chaplain 3. Catholic Caplaincy, Deputy Gov.’s Residence, Asaba Rev. Fr. Charles Okeke Chaplain 4. Catholic Chaplaincy of the Nigeria Police Force Delta State Police Command Headquarter, Asaba Rev. Fr. (ASP) Pius Onwuegbuzie Chaplain 5. Lumen Christi Adoration Ministry, Maryland, Issele -Uku Rev. Fr. David-Mario Dibie Spiritual Director 6. Diocesan Laity Council Rev. Fr. Pius Okwuagwu Chaplain 7. Catholic Youths Organizations Diocesan Coordinator/Chaplain Rev. Fr. Jude Awunor 8. Issele-Uku Region Rev. Fr. Justin-Anthony Anene Sr. Laurencia Eze, DDL 9. Asaba Region Rev. Fr. Christian Agha Sr. M. Cajetan Anyanwu, IHM 10. Agbor Region Rev. Fr. Joseph Okoli Sr. Lucy Agbahia, DDL 11. Ogwashi-Uku Region Rev. Fr. Malachy Okonkwo Sr. M. Chrysantus Onwurah, DDL
12. Umunede Region Rev. Fr. Isdore Igwekaile Sr. Victoria George, DC 13. Young Catholic Students (YCS)
Rev. Fr. Jude lloba – Coordinator 14. National Federation of Cath. Students (NFCS) Rev. Fr. Jude Nwankwo – Coordinator
15. Catholic Men Organization (CMO)
Rev. Fr. Michael Osemene 16. Catholic Women Organization (CWO) Rev. Fr. Franklyn Odiaka Chaplain Mother Justina Nwaobi Sister Adviser CATHOLIC KNIGHTS:
1. St. Mulumba Agbor Sub Council: Rev. Fr. John Mardi Asaba Sub Council: Rev. Fr. Stephen Chukwuma West-End Sub Council: Rev. Msgr. Stephen Uzomah lssele-Uku Sub Council: Rev. Fr. Norbert Uchuno Ibusa: โ€œ โ€œ Rev. Fr. Uche Nwaonwochei ii St. John International lssele-Uku Commandry: Rev. Msgr. Buchi C. Aninye Ogwashi-Uku Commandry: Rev. Fr. Michael Osemene iii. St. Paul Rev. Fr. Chukwuekwu S. Nwutu Altar Knights: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel lkediuba Catechists of the Diocese Rev. Fr. Francis Nwanedo Pages of the Blessed Sacrament Rev. Fr. Benjamin Okafor Block Rosary Rev. Fr. Joseph Ugboh Diocesan Co-ordinator Rev. Fr. Joseph Ebegbuna Assistant Legion of Mary โ€“ Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Nwankwo World Apostolate of Fatima (Blue Army) Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ilekenri Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary Rev. Fr. Leonard Onwugbonu Inter-Religious Dialogue/ Ecumenism Rev. Fr. Victor Ofili Mary League Association Rev. Fr. Mark Nwoko St Vincent de Paul Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ogbolu Christian Mothers/St. Anne’s Society Rev. Fr. Romanus Onwusonye Mother Justina Nwaobi St. Anthony Rev. Fr. Emmanuellkenga St. Jude Rev. Fr. Jude Iloba Sared Heart Rev. Fr. Jude Orazulume Divine Mercy Prayer Group Rev. Fr. Joseph Adigwe
Infant Jesus Society Rev. Fr. Samuel lgwenwanne Tansi Solidarity Rev. Fr. Mario David Dibie Catholic Youth Corpers Rev. Fr. Jude Nwankwo Catholic Workers Volunteer Force Rev. Fr. Peter Chukwurah Men of Order (M. O. D) Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Ojei Catholic Mobile Security Rev. Fr. Isdore Igwekaile Charismatic Renewal Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu Rev. Fr. Anthony Dibia – Assistant Diocesan Representative on Family and Life Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter Uzor Catholic Bible Society of Nigeria Rev. Fr. Charles Okeke Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament Society Rev. Fr. Paul Okobi Missionary of Love & Mercy Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia Catholic Nurses’ Guild Rev. Fr. Jude Onyebadi Sr. Anthonia Anusiobi, NES Sr. Adviser Purgatorian Society Rev. Fr. Innocent Ogbu Prisons Chaplain Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ogbolu INSTITUTIONS CHAPLAINCY
a) St. Thomas Aquinas’ Chaplaincy, College of Education, Agbor Rev. Fr. Joseph Ugboh b) St. Anthony’s Chaplaincy, Delta State University, Asaba Campus Rev. Fr. Joachim Okpalaji c) St. Albert the Great Chaplaincy Federal College of Education Technical Asaba Rev. Fr. Emmanuel lkediuba d) St. John’s College, Alihagu Rev. Fr. Jude lloba – Vice Principal- 08037857713, [email protected] e) St. Patrick’s College, Asaba Rev. Fr. Godwin Ukaegbu – Chaplain 0803 750 1853
(A) Minor Seminary, Ejeme- Aniogor 1. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Pius Nwaobi 2. Rev. Fr. Jude Orazulume 3. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Azuh 4. Rev. Fr. Peter Osekwute (B) Ogwashi-Uku Novitiate (NES)
Very Rev. Fr. Augustine Ohanwusi (C) N.E.S. Postulate, Issele-Uku Rev. Fr. Mark Nwoko
(D) N.E.S. Community, Ubulu- Okiti Rev. Fr. Peter Nkadi (E) O.L.A. Community, Agbor Very Rev. Fr. Pius Okwuagwu (F) Daughters of Charity, Umunede Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia (G) Daughters of Charity, Ok pan am Rev. Fr. Chukwuekwu S. Nwutu (H) Daughters of Divine Love, Agbor Very Rev. Fr. Melitus Eze (I) IHM Sisters Okpanam Rev. Msgr. Christopher B. Aninye (J) Issele-Uku Region, Rev. Sisters Very Rev. Fr. Peter Mobuogwu (K) Asaba Region, Rev. Sisters Very Rev. Fr. Michael Nwaokolo (L) Agbor Region, Rev. Sisters Very Rev. Fr. Pius Okwuagwu (M) Ogwashi-Uku Region, Rev. Sisters Very Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu (N) Adoration Nuns, Agbor Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia (O) Missionary of Love & Mercy Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael Mozia


I. Holy Infant International School, Agbor ii. Regina Mundi Nursery/Primary School, Asaba III. Holy Child School, Issele-Uku IV. Holy Child School, Onicha-Olona V. Divine Love School, Ubulu-Uku Vi. St. Maria Gorretti School, IIIah VII. Divine Love Nursery/Primary Sch., Akwukwu-Igbo Viii. Sacred Heart Nursery/Primary School, Umunede IX. Divine Love Nursery/Pri. School,
Ogwashi-Uku x. St. Mary Anne Nursery/Primary School, Ebu XI. Immaculate Conception Nursery/Pri. Sch, Ishiagu XII. New Evangelization Nursery/Primary Sch., Ute- Ogbeje XIII. New Evangelization Nursery/Pri. Sch., Ubulu-Okiti XIV. Mercy Nursery/Primary School, Ibusa xv. Pere Plaque Nursery/Primary School, Boji Boji, Owa Xvi. Franciscan Nursery/Primary School, Ogwashi-Uku B. SECONDARY SCHOOLS
I. St. John’s Secondary School, Alihagu 2. Juniorate Girls’ Secondary School, Issele-Uku 3. Holy Infant Secondary School, Agbor 4. Divine Love Secondary School, Ubulu-Uku 5. Madonna Comprehensive Sec. Sch. Akwukwu-Igbo 6. Dominican Vocational School, Agbor 7. Mercy Girls’ Secondary School, Aliokpu Agbor 8. St. Patrick’s Collage, Asaba 9. St. Brigid’s College, Asaba 10. St. Mulumba’s College, Okpanam 11. St. Augustine’s College, Ibusa 12. St. Rose’s College, Ogwashi-Uku 13. St. Charles’ College, Abavo 14. St. Paul’s College, Ebu 15. St. Columba’s College, Agbor 16. Mary Mount College, Agbor 17. St. Pius XII College, Onicha -Ugbo 18. St. Martin de Pores’ College,Onicha-Olona Resource Personnel (Priests Religious) In The Diocesan Schools A. St. Patrick’s College, Asaba 1. Msgr. Stephen Uzomah – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Godwin Ukaegbu – Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Barnabas Izegede 4. Rev. Fr. Anthony Akalue B. St. Brigid’s College, Asaba 1. Rev. Sr. Celine Onafowope, OSF – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Paul Okobi – Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Michael Ibe 4. Rev. Fr. Israel Dibia C. St. MuIumba’s College, Okpanam 1. Rev. Fr. John Mordi – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Charles Egwuenu – Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Michael Okonkwo 4. Rev. Fr. Elias Ezeuzo D. St. Augustine’s College, Ibusa 1. Rev. Fr. Samuel Igwenwanne – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Uche M. Nwaonwochei – Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Andrew Mozia 4. Rev. Fr. Judethierry Ugbome E. St. Rose’s College, Ogwashi-Uku 1. Rev. Sr. Anne Marie Okoli, NES – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Peter Agholor – Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu 4. Rev. Fr. Leonard Onumba F. St. Charles’ College, Abavo 1. Rev. Fr. Victor Ofili – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Ogboli – Chaplain
3. Rev. Fr. Pius Okawele 4. Rev. Fr. Victor Ibude G. St. Martin de Pores’ College, Onicha-Olona 1. Rev. Sr. Pedro Opara, NES – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Samuel Agwameseh – Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Ezeme 4. Rev. Fr. David Ufoegbune H. St. Paul’s College, Ebu 1. Rev. Fr. Jonathan Allanah – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Cyprian Osakwe – Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Charles Mary Onochie 4. Rev. Fr. Simon Njoku I. St. Columba’s College, Agbor 1. Rev. Fr. Joseph Ugboh – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Michael Ogboi – Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Joseph Okoli 4. Rev. Fr. Leonard Onwugbonu J. Mary Mount College, Agbor 1. Rev. Sr. Winifred Diagboya, OLA – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Collins lsimoya Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Francis Ezechikwelu 4. Rev. Fr. Steve Mario Edward K. Sr. Pius the Xth Grammar School, Onicha-ugbo 1. Rev. Fr. Anthony Banye – Principal 2. Rev. Fr. Jude Azuh – Chaplain 3. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Onyekwe 4. Rev. Fr. Joseph Adigwe INSTITUTIONS
1. Madonna School for the Handicapped, Okpanam 2. Regina Mundi Computers, Ogwashi-Uku Hospitals And Maternities i. St. John’s Hospital, Box 1896, Agbor ii. St. Joseph Hospital, Box 911, Asaba iii. Catholic Hospital and Maternity, Box 98, Ekuku-Agbor iv. St. Theresa’s Hospital, Box 63, lssele-Uku v. St. Mary’s Hospital, Box 38, Ogwashi-Uku vi St. Anthony’s Cath, Maternity, Ubulu-Uku, Box 206 vii. St. Elizabeth Catholic Maternity, Umunede, Box 43 viii. Catholic Health Centre, Ewulu Special Institutions i. Pastoral Centre, Issele-Uku ii. School of Evangelization lssele- Uku iii. Sr. Stella Maris Okonkwo (MLM) 08060022982,08037134191
Missionaries of Love and Mercy Community, No. 15 Green Lam Avenue, by Catholic Church of Ascension, Asaba; E-mail: [email protected] Website: http://www.missionariesoflovean


S/n Name Hometown Date Of Birth Date Of Ordination Date Of Death 1. Rev. Fr. Paul Emecheta Ezi 1888 06/01/20 10/05/48 2. Rev. Fr. John Umunna Asaba 04/01/43 20/12/70 27/02/76 3. Rev. Msqr Agustine Emordi Ubulu-Unor 04/18 05/06/49 09/11/80 4. Rev. Fr. Eusebius Eboh Umunede 14/06/52 24/03/79 03/03/87 5. Rev. F r. John Ibude Ime-Obi, Agbo 26/10/47 24/03/79 17/08/92 6. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Osafile Umunede – 24/03/79 18/01/93 7. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Elue Emuhu 21/06/41 00/08177 04/05/95 8. Rev. Msgr. Patrick Ugboko Asaba 17/03/21 01/04/5 04/02/97 9. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Isidi Asaba 25/12/51 29/03/80 17/02/97 10. Rev. Fr. Anthony Odoh Obollo-Afor 11/03/49 27/03/79 08/03/99 11. Rev. Fr. Joseph Nwajagu Ajali 02/11/65 20106/94 28/05/2000 12. Rev. Fr. Raphael Nweke Aoulu 27/10/38 19/06/66 03/05/01 13. Rev. Fr. Alexander Kifordu Onicha-Ugbo 20/11/70 24/07/99 10107/01 14. Rev. Fr. Michael Mokwenye Ogwashi-Uku 23/06/63 08/11/03 24/04/04 15. Rev. Fr. Januarius Onyebadi Issele-Uku 14/09/52 14/02/82 03/05/05 16. Rev. Fr. Francis Ogagbor Ilah 31/12/40 20/12/69 05/11106 17. Rev. Fr. Michael Onwueme Ubulu-Uku 23/06/45 29/12/68 11/11/07 18. Rev. Msrg Christopher Chukwumah Asaba 04/04/26 01/01/57 30/07/10 19. Rev. Msgr. Matthew Arinze Akumazi 21/09/46 04/02/82 02/03/11 20 Rev. Msgr. Chuka Mary Egbe Onicha-Ugbo 23/04/48 26/12/76 06/02/12 21. Most Rev. Dr Emmanuel Otteh Awkuzu 01/11/27 30/07/61 27/07/12 22. Very Rev. Fr. Callistus Eluchie Obosi 28/10/47 15/03/80 16/10/12 23. Rev. Fr. John Osia Obomkpa 27/12/40 19/06/66 23/12/14 24. Rev. Fr. Ben Ezenwa Achina 08/11/77 16/08/08 30/01/15 25. Rev. Fr Simon Onyewadume Onicha-Olona 22/10/46 14/08/83 12/02/15


I. Issele-Uku Region Regional Vicar: Very Rev. Fr. Peter Mobuogwu I. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Issele- Uku 2. St. Raphael’s Akwukwu-Igbo 3. St. John the Evangelist IIIah 4. St. Theresa’s Ebu 5. St. Andrew’s Ezi 6. St. Matthew’s Idumuje-Unor 7. Our Lady of Lourdes Onicha- Olona 8. All Saints Onicha-Ugbo 9. St. James Ubulu-Okiti 10. Sacred Heart Obomkpa 11. St. Michael’s Onicha-Uku 12. St. Anthony Ogbe-Ofu, Issele-Uku, 13. St. Lawrence, lssele- Mkpitime 14. Christ the King, Idumuje-Ugboko I5. Holy Family, IIIah 16. St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church 2 Asaba Region Regional Vicar: Very Rev. Fr. Michael Nwaokolo 1. St. Joseph, Asaba 2. St. Patrick, West End, Asaba 3. St. Patrick, Cable Point, Asaba 4. Church of Assumption, Zappa, Asaba 5. St. Brigid, Asaba 6. St. John Bosco, Asaba 7. St. Theresa, Okwe 8. St. Benedict, Akwu-Ebolo 9. St. Augustine, Ibusa 10. St. Monica, Ibusa 11. St. Thomas, Ibusa 12. St. Michael, Okpanam
13. St. Michael, Oko 14. Ss. Peter & Paul, Issele- Azagba 15. Ss. Peter & Paul, Ugbolu 16. Sacred Heart, Bonsaic, Asaba 17. St. Albert the Great, Asaba 18. St. John Mary Vianney, Asaba 19. Church of Ascension, Asaba 20. St. Augustine, Akwuofor, Asaba 21. St. Vincent de Paul, Iyiabi 22. Christ the King, GRA Phase II, Okwute-Ugbo 23. St. Jude, Oduke 24. Emmanuel the Savour, Asaba 25. St. Anthony’s Chaplaincy, Anwai 26. St. Christopher, Asaba 27. Sts. Joachim & Anne, Asaba 28. Blessed Michael Iwene Tansi, Asaba 29. Holy Family, Okpanam 3. Agbor Region Regional Vicar: Very Rev. Fr. Pius Okwuagwu I. St. John the Baptist, Agbor 2. St. Joseph, Agbor 3. St. Dominic, Boji-Boji Owa 4. St. Columbas, Agbor 5. St. Patrick, Ime-Obi, Agbor 6. St. Mark, Alisimie 7. St. John the Evangelist, Ewuru 8. Holy Rosary, Abavo 9. St. Patrick, Azu-Owa, Abavo 10. St. Benedict, Agbor-Nta 11. All Saints, Alihame 12. St Matthew, Alibuba 13. St. Luke’s Alihagu 14. St. Michael the Archangel, Agbor 15. St. Charles Borromeo, Agbor- Owa 4. Ogwashi-Uku Region Regional Vicar:Very Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Odiegwu I. Mary Immaculate, Ogwashi- Uku 2. St. Patrick, Ogwashi-Uku 3. Holy Family, Ogwashi-Uku 4. St. Charles, Ubulu-Uku 5. St. Michael, Ubulu-Uku 6. Holy Trinity, Ewulu 7. St. Joseph, Nsukwa 8. Immaculate Conception, Isheagu 8. St. Felix, Ejeme-Aniogor 10. St. John the Baptist, Ubulu- Unor 11. St. Theresa of Avila, Obior 5. Umunede Region Regional Vicar: Very Rev. Fr. Melitus Eze 1. Sacred Heart, Urnunede 2. Immaculate Heart, Umunede 3. St. Dominic, Otolokpo 4. St. Augustine, Ute-Ogbeje 5. St. Joseph, Akumazi 6. St. Francis Xavier, Idumesah 7. St. Luke, Emuhu 8. St. Jude, Owa-Oyibu 9. Immaculate Heart, Ute-Okpu 10. St. Louis, Ekuku-Agbor 11. St. Martin, the Tours Igbodo 12. St. Anthony of Padua, Mbiri PARISHES /OUT STATIONS
1) St. Paul’s Cathedral, Issele- Uku Out Stations: Nil 2. St. Raphael’s Parish, Akwukwu-Igbo Out Stations: 1. St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Atuma 2. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Aninwalo
3) St. John the Evangelist Parish, IIIah Out Stations: 1. St. Anselm’s Catholic Church, Monastery Road Camp 2. St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Utu-Agbor 4) St. Theresa’s Parish, Ebu Out Station: St. Matthias’ Catholic Church, Ukala-Okwute 5) St. Andrew’s Parish, Ezi Out Stations: 1. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ogodor Camp 2. St. John’s Catholic Church Ogbe-Ofu, Anioma Camp 3. St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ugwupa Camp 4. Annunciation Catholic Church, Dagama Camp 5. St. Matthew’s Parish, Idumuje-Unor Out Station: Nil 6. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Onicha-Olona Out Station: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ukala-Okpunor 7. All Saints’ Parish, Onicha- Ugbo Out Stations: Nil 8. St. James’ Parish, Ubulu-Okiti Out Station: St. Rita of Cascia Catholic Church, Ubulu-Okiti Express 9. Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Obomkpa Out Stations: 1. St. Peter Clever’s Catholic Church, Ubulubu 2. Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Ugwuoba 10. St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Onicha-Uku Out Stations: 1. St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Ukwu-Nzu 2. St. Thomas’ Catholic Church, Ugbodu 11. St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Ogbe-Ofu, lssele -Uku Out Station: St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, Idumu-Ogo 12. St. Lawrence’s Catholic Church, Issele-Mkpitime Out Station: St. Francis’ Catholic Church, Ahabadei Camp 13. Christ the King Catholic Church, Idumuje-Ugboko Out Stations: 1. Holy Family Catholic Church, Aniofu 2. Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Church (Camp) 14. Holy Family Catholic Church, IIIah Out Stations: 1. St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Anigene Camp. 2. St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ngegwu Camp. 15. St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, Otulu Out Station: Nil
1. St. Joseph’s Parish Asaba Out Stations: Nil 2. St. Patrick’s Parish, West End, Asaba Out Station: Nil 3. St. Patrick’s Parish, Cable Point, Asaba Out Station: St. Peter’s Cath. Church, Elenchele 4. Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Zappa, Asaba Out Station: Nil 5. St. Brigid’s Parish, Asaba Out Station: Nil 6. St. Augustine’s Parish, Ibusa Out Station: Nil 7. St. Monica’s Parish, Ibusa Out Station: St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Acalla 8. St. Michael’s Parish, Okpanam Out Station: Nil 9. St. Theresa’s Parish, Okwe Out Station: Nil 10. St. Michael’s Catholic Church Oko Out Stations: 1. St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Omeligbome 2. St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Powerline 3. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Oko Amakom 4. St. Thomas’ Catholic Church, Oko-Anala 5. Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Church, Oko-Ogbele 6. St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Ajabukwu 7. St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Aja 8. St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Akpako
9. St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Odifulu 10. Ss. Peter & Paul’s Catholic Church, Issele-Azagba Out Station: Nil 11. St. Benedict’s Parish, Akwu- Ebolo, Asaba Out Station: Nil 12. St. Thomas’ Parish, Ibusa Mass Centre: Federal Govt. Girls College, Ibusa 13. St. John Bosco’s Parish, Asaba Out Station: Nil 14. Ss Peter & Paul’s Catholic Church, Ugbolu Out Station: Nil 15. Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bonsaac, Asaba Out Station: Nil 16. St. Albert the Great Catholic Church, Asaba Out Station: St. Albert’s Catholic Church, College of Education Permanent site, Asaba
17. St. John Mary Vianney’s Catholic Church, Asaba Out Station: Nil 18. Church of Ascension, Asaba Out Station: Nil 19. St. Augustine’s Catholic Church, Akwuofor, Asaba Out Station: Nil 20. St. Vincent De Paul’s Catholic Church, Iyiabi Out Station: Nil 21. St. Jude’s Catholic Church, Oduke Out Station: St Mary’s Catholic Church, Oduke 22. Christ the King Cath. Church, GRA Phase II, Core Area Out Station: Mary the Queen Catholic Church Okotomi, Okpanam 23. Emmanuel The Saviour, G.R.A. Asaba Out Station: Nil 24. St. Anthony’s Chaplaincy, Anwai Out Station: Nil 25. St. Christopher’s Catholic Church, Asaba Out Station: Nil 26. St. Joachim & Anne’s Catholic Church, Asaba Out Station: Nil 27. Blessed Michael Iwene Tansi Cath. Church, Asaba Out Station: Nil 29. Holy Family Catholic Church, Okpanam Out Station: Nil 3. AGBOR REGION
1. St. John the Baptist Parish, Agbor Out Station: Nil 2. St. Joseph’s Parish, Agbor Mass Centre: Adoration Sisters’ Chapel, Agbor 3. St. Patrick’s Parish, Azu-Owa, Abavo Out Station: Nil 4. St. Patrick’s Parish, Ime-Obi, Agbor Out Stations: 1. Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Omumu
2. St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, Alifekede 5. St. Mark’s Catholic Church, Alisimie Out Station: St. Joseph’s Cath. Church, Ozanogogo 6. St. Dominic’s Parish, Boji-Boji Owa Out Stations: 1. St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Owa Eke 2. St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Owa-Nta, Aliosimi 7. Holy Rosary Parish, Abavo Out Stations: 1. St. John Bosco’s Catholic Church, Igbogili 2. St. Mary’s Catholic Church,
Udomi 8. St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Ewuru Out Station: Nil 9. St. Columbas Parish, Agbor Mass Centre: St. Thomas Aquinas’ Chaplaincy College of Education, Agbor Out Station: St. Anthony’s Cath. Church Ohumere Ime- O b i Agbor 10. St. Benedict’s Catholic Church, Agbor-Nta Out Station: St. Gregory’s Cath. Church, Oki 11. All Saints’ Catholic Church, Alihame Out Station: Nil 12. St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Alibuba Out Station: Nil 13. St. Luke’s Catholic Church, Alihagu Out Station: Nil 14. St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, Agbor Out Station: Nil 15. St. Charles Borromeo’s Catholic Church, Agbor-Owa Out Station: Nil 4. OGWASHI-UKU REGION
1. Mary Immaculate Parish, Ogwashi-Uku Out Station: St. Mary’s Cath. Church, Olloh 2. St. Patrick’s Parish, Ogwashi- Uku Out Stations: 1. St Gregory’s Cath. Church, Aboh Ogwashi 2. St. Benedict’s Cath. Church, Azagba Ogwashi 3. St. John the Baptist Cath. Church, Edo Ogwashi 3. St. Charles’ Parish, Ubulu- Uku Out Station: St Jude’s Cath. Church, Anifekede Mass Centre: St. Anthony’s College, Ubulu-Uku 4. St. Michael’s Parish, Ubulu- Uku Out Station: St. Mark’s Cath. Church, Aniagbala 5. Holy Trinity Parish, Ewulu Out Stations: 1. All Saints’ Cath. Church, Aba- Unor. 2. St Paul’s Catholic Church, Olodu
6. St. Joseph’s Parish, Nsukwa Out Stations: 1. St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Ukwu-Oba 2. St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Adonte 7. Immaculate Conception Parish, Isheagu Out Station: Sacred Heart Cath. Church, Umute 8. St. Felix Catholic Church, Ejeme-Aniogor Out Stations: 1. St. Linus’ Catholic Church, Owa
Alidinma 2. St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Agbor Alidinma 3. St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Obi-Dugbo 4. St. Thomas’ Catholic Church, Ejeme-Unor 9. St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Ubulu-Unor Out Stations: 1. St Mary’s Catholic Church, Ashama 2. St. Boniface Catholic Church, Aniugbo 10. St. Theresa of Avila Catholic Church, Obior Out Station: Nil 11. Holy Family Catholic Church, Ogwashi-Uku Out Station: St Anthony’s Catholic Church, Isah Ogwashi 5. UMUNEDE REGION
1. Sacred Heart Parish, Umunede Out Stations: Nil
2) Immaculate Heart Parish, Umunede Out Stations: Nil 3. St. Dominic’s Parish, Otolokpo Out Station: Nil 4. St. Augustine’s Parish, Ute -Ogbeje Out Stations: 1. Christ the king Cath. Church, Owerre-Olubor 2. St. Elizabeth’s Cath. Church, Aninwachokor 5. St. Joseph’s Parish, Akumazi Out Station: St.Charles’ Cath. Church, Ekwuoma 6. St. Luke’s Catholic Church, Emuhu Out Stations: 1. St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Mbiri Town 2. St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, Mbiri Farm Mass Centre: Command Secondary School, Mbiri 7. Immaculate Heart of Mary Cath. Church, Ute-Okpu Out Station: St. Cyprian’s Cath. Church, Ute-Elugu 8. St. Louis’ Parish, Ekuku- Agbor Out Stations: 1. St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Egbudu-Akan 2. St Bernard’s Catholic Church, Obiayima 9. St. Martins of Tours’ Catholic Church, Igbodo Out Station: Nil 10. St. Francis Xavier’s Parish Idumesah Out Station: St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Ute- Erumu 11. St. Jude’s Catholic Church, Owa-Oyibu Out Station: St Martha’s Catholic Church Owa Alero Minor Seminary: St. Felix Minor Seminary Ejeme-Aniogor P. O. Box 174. Phone: 048-888127
1. Rev. Fr. Peter Enuanwa Rector – 0803 608 8290; [email protected] 2. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Pius Nwaobi Spiritual Director I – 0806 III 7714;
3. Rev. Fr. Christopher Ubah Bursar – 0806 738 9036; [email protected] 4. Rev. Fr. Sylvester Achapu Students’ Affairs – 0803 645 1228
5. Rev. Fr. Evaristus Anene Spiritual Director 1- 0806 002 0995;
[email protected] 6. Rev. Fr. Kevin Nwaegbu Formator/Music – 0806 3617559, 07057327521;
MISSION, Cable Point, Asaba I. Rev. Fr. Romanus Onyekuru, SMA – 08068726757
2. Rev. Fr. Cajetan Metu, SMA B. DOMINICANS, Ime-Obi, Agbor I. Very Rev. Fr. Matthew Uwaya, OP – 07062606215
2. Rev. Fr. Fidelis Okudolo, OP 3. Rev. Br. Augustine Momoh,OP C. AUGUSTINIANS, IBUSA
I. Very Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Patrick, OSA – 08036092064 2. Rev. Fr. Joel Anwayi, OSA (Prior) – 08077413041
3. Rev. Fr. Chinonso Egbedike, OSA – 07031634604
I. Rev. Fr. Ogechukwu lbe (Prior) – 080358228913
2. Rev. Fr. Augustine Bernard Okechukwu (Sub-Prior) – 08027508712; 08060422429
3. Rev. Fr. Innocent Igyeje (Canada) E. MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF ST.
1. Rev. Fr. Bernard Oleru, MSP – 08084413124


1. Sr. M. Lucy Agbahia 2. Sr. M. Christiana Udechukwu 3. Sr. M. Dorothy Ezezue 4. Sr. M. Sopuluchukwu Nnedum 5. Sr. M. Clare Emeagha 6. Sr. M. Chiernerie Enu 7. Sr. M. Chidera Omeje II ISSELE-UKU COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Chineta Otakagu 2. Sr. M. Alice ljorna ILLAH COMMUNITY – 08063291315
1. Sr. M. Bernadette Obiora 2. Sr. M. Chikodi Ekeji 3. Sr. M. Chiarnaka Uzukwu 4. Sr. M. Laurencia Eze
1. Sr. Maureen Ezeanya 2. Sr. Maureen Njoku 3. Sr. M. Theresa Ekwozor 4. Sr. M. Chiloromma Mmogbo 5. Sr. M. Chrysantus Onwurah AKWUKWU-IGBO COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Chichebem Obinabo 2. Sr. M. Domitila Ogbanu 3. Sr. M. Coronata Korie 4. Sr. Liz Marie Osogwu DAUGHTERS OF MARY MOTHER
1. Sr. M. Theresa Onwuzurike 2. Sr. M. Angelis Felice Ezeagwu 3. Sr. M. Blessing Ezeh 4. Sr. M. Madonna Onyegbule 5. Sr. M. Vianney Joe Nnabuihe 6. Sr. M. Nodebechi Ohia 7. Sr. M. Chidike Obikili 8. Sr. M. Chimtua Anaba 9. Sr. M. Immaculata Chiaka (Student) UBULU-UKU COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. LilyAntonie Agwulonu 2. Sr. M. Chekwube Amangbo IBUSA COMMUNITY – 08030926648
1. Sr. M. Clarissa Mariette Amaechi 2. Sr. Maria Goretti Nwokogu 3. Sr. M. Martin Daudu 4. Sr. M. Lilian Inegbu ONICHA-OLONA COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Mmasichukwu Ibeka 2. Sr. M. Evarista Ezemuokwe 3. Sr. M. Geraldine Ezike ALIOKPU COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Elofunachi Ikwunemelu 2. Sr. M. Simeon Cordis Ofoegbu 3. Sr. M. FelixBen Ogbu DAUGHTERS OF CHARITY:
1. Sr. Florence Igoche 2. Sr. Scholastica Achinkumur 3. Sr. Ngozika Igwe 4. Sr. Scholastica Ashibuogwu 5. Sr. Janet Deinanaghan 6. Sr. Bibian Azeh UMUNEDE COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. Christiana Igechi 2. Sr. Cecilia Okanawikpo 3. Sr. ElmaMary Ekewuba 4. Sr. Eno-obong Sylvia Ukoh 5. Sr. Victoria George 6. Sr. Monica Akpan OUR LADY OF APOSTLES
1. S r. Francisca Osih 2. Sr. Winifred Diagboya 3. S r. Stella Enenmo 4. S r, Faith Ogbeide 5. Sr. Patience Akpama POSTULATE HOUSE, AGBOR –
1. Sr. Jacinta Onye 2. S r. Patience Ezinigbo iii ASABA COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. Anthonia Suoware 2. Sr. Felicia Mesu 3. Sr. Monica Ukwa 4. Sr. Elizabeth Erhunmwunsee E IMMACULATE HEART SISTERS:
1. Sr. Mary Cajetan Anyanwu 2. Sr. Maria Potens Anomi 3. Sr. Mary Rose Austin Obi F SISTERS OF ST. LOUIS:
1. Sr. Catherine Adelegan 2. Sr. Ruth Mary Buseni 3. Sr. Ruth Catherine Orunpegan 4. Sr. Mary Theresa Ogbe 11 OGWASHI-UKU COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. Lois Moses 2. Sr. Monica Ogodo 3. Sr. Grace Iwok G NEW EVANGELIZATION
OKITI – 07066058499
1. Rev. Mother Justina Nwaobi, Sup. General 2. Sr. M. Immaculata Onujiogu 3. Sr. Rosemary Ugboma 4. Sr. M. Florence Obidike 5. Sr. M. Jacinta Chidera Nwafor 6. Sr. M. Bernadette Onochie 7. Sr. M. Agnes Okpara 8. Sr. Ursullamaris Chukwujieze 11 ISSELE-UKU COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Cynthia Ngozi Osakwe 2. Sr. MaryAnn Chidera Obiji 3. Sr. M. Juliana Chikodi Osuji 4. Sr. M. Andrea Nwanosike 5. Sr. M. Gloria Chioma Ojukwu 6. Sr. Mary Ogbonne Ukpai 7. Sr. M. Linda Adamarabia Odiketa III POSTULATE HOUSE, ISSELE-
UKU – 08069648604
I. Sr. M. Chidiebube Uzowulu IV NOVITIATE HOUSE,
OGWASHI-UKU – 08146769393
I. Sr. M. Josephine Chijiokwu 2. Sr. Marvis Okolie V AGBOR COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Stephen Nnoruka 2. Sr. M. Appolonia Obi 3. Sr. M. Precious Iweanoge 4. Sr. M. Francisca N. Nwachukwu VI EBU COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Onyinye Uwadiegwu 2. Sr. M. Lucy Okafor 1. Sr. Jamesann Aniagboso VII UTEOGBEJE COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Aloysius Ebere Abugu 2. Sr. M. Josephine Nwokeke 4. Sr. Rose Mary Okolie 4. Sr. M. Gertrude Uchechi Osueze VIII ASABA COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Rebecca Chinyere Mogbuo 2. Sr. M. Jacinta Chime 3. Sr. M. Janefrances Iloh IX OGWASHI-UKU COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. AnnMarie Okoli
2. Sr. M. Dorothy Ezeawusiobi X OKWE COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. Michelle Onyeagba XI. CATHEDRAL COMMUNITY –
J. Sr. M. Francisca Chinwendu Umelo 2. Sr. M. Prisca Nwosu 3. Sr. M. Anthonia Uzokwe H OLONA COMMUNITY –
1. Sr. M. Pedro Opara 2. Sr. M. Henrietta Agu DOMINICAN SISTERS OF ST.
1. Sr. Patricia Daaor, OP 2. Sr. Regina Nkechi Odum. OP 3. Sr. Bernadette Okafor, OP FRANCISCAN SISTERS:
1. Sr. Felicity Aghoghovia 2. Sr. Joan Chukwurah 3. Sr. Augustina Adeleke 4. Sr. Queenet Chinakweze 5. Sr. Theresa Ogungbenle 6. Sr. Lucia Cordis Ebuzoeme (Student) J TRINITARIAN MISSIONARIES
1. Sr. Eucharia Chidimma lroh 2. Sr. Lucy Aniekwe 3. Sr. Justina Okwara K AKWUOFOR, ASABA
COMMUNITY – 07037503393
1. Sr. Ifechukwude RoseMary Okotcha 2. Sr. MariaGoretti Ogu L MISSIONARY SISTERS OF OUR
1. Sr. Agnes Effiom (Superior) 2. Sr. Rufina Uzobuife 3. Sr. Madonna Okpaleke 4. Sr. Justina Offordile 5. Sr. Martina Paul 6. Sr. Stella Edet 7. Sr. Mary Assumpta Onumajuru 8. Sr. Patricia Enya M Lumen Christi Benedictine Monastery, Otulu – 08058246119 1. Sr. M. Fidelia Muomah, OSB (Prioress) 2. Sr. M. Paschal Okonkwo 3. Sr. M. Benedicta Onyia