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LEADERSHIP (Bishop's Profile)

Date of Birth: November 8. 1957 Priestly Ordination: June 11. 1983 Episcopal Ordination: October 21. 1995 Address: Bishop’s House, Box 85 Madakiya Kafanchan, Kaduna State Ph: 08027943484, 08055627619 Email: [email protected]

Ecclesiastical Province of Kaduna

First Mass in the Diocese: 1933 First Missionary: Rev. Fr. Peter Bennett, SMA Population: 1,605,804 Catholic Population: 315,000 Nigerian Priests: 121 Missionary Priests: 3 Nigerian Sisters: 44 Major Seminarians: 117
Catechists: 306 Deaneries: 6 Parishes: 50


Kafanchan Diocese was carved out of the initially existing Archdioceses of
Kaduna and Jos. Even though announcement for the creation of the diocese was made by the Holy See in the month of July 1995, the diocese was officially erected on 21 October 1995 with the Episcopal Ordination of the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Danlami Bagobiri as its first bishop. Ecclesiastically, the Diocese of Kafanchan is bordered by the Archdiocese of Kaduna to the north, the Archdiocese of Jos to the south, the diocese of Makurdi to the east and the diocese of Kano to the west.
Kafanchan is a cosmopolitan little town of about 300,000 inhabitants, well known for its Railway junction from the south to the North which was immensely used as the only road network for evangelization by the early missionaries. Kafanchan Diocese covers the area of seven Local Government Areas namely: Kaura, Jema’a, Jaba, Kauru, Lere, Sanga and Zangon Kataf. The diocese has a total population of 902, 377 inhabitants out of which 222, 377 are Catholics. The Diocese covers a geographical area of about 11,340.63 square kilometers.
In terms of manpower and vocations, the area that make up the present Kafanchan Diocese has produced over 150 Priests. It is also the seat of the Fathers of the Society of African Missions (SMA) located in Kagoro.
Date of Birth: November 8. 1957 Priestly Ordination: June 11. 1983 Episcopal Ordination: October 21. 1995 Address: Bishop’s House, Box 85 Madakiya Kafanchan, Kaduna State Ph: 08027943484, 08055627619 Email: [email protected]
Province: Kaduna Erection: July 15, 1995With an indigenous population where two out of every four is a Catholic, the history of Kafanchan Catholic Mission being the headquarters of the diocese dates back to 1933, when the first attempt to meet the needs of the growing number of Catholics from the southern part of the country working in this area saw the sending of a fulltime priest. Fr. Peter Bennett SMA by the then Apostolic Prefect of Jos Mons.
William Lumley SMA to take care of this fast growing community. The Parish of Kafanchan was officially created in 1936 with Fr. Michael O’Flynn appointed as its first resident Parish Priest. Prior to 1936 it was part of the Parish of Udei (in present day M a k u r d i D i o c e s e ) a n d w a s administered from there. The mission house in Kafanchan was built in 1936 by the Rt. Rev. Mons. Lumley, assisted by Rev. Tony Dwyer.
In the years that followed, the growth of the Church was encouraging and so the Parish of Kafanchan was now taking care of places like Kwoi, Fadan Kagoma and Jagindi all of which are now independent Parishes. Kwoi had its first Parish Priest in 1970 when Fr.
Francis Houriban SMA was appointed as the Pastor in-charge.


Kafanchan Diocesan Priests, Phone Numbers and Dates of Ordination Name (Rev. Fr) Phone Date of Ordination 1 Ya’ah Lucius 08035994196 11.12.1976 2 Biliyock Joseph 08125153517 17.12.1977 3 Jacob Yale 17.12.1977 4 Didam John 08060878639 01.12.1979 5 Yaya Loius 12.10.1980 6 Tanko Peter 08060959090 14.02.1982 7 + Joseph D. Bagobiri 08126655330 11.06.1983 8 Maichiki Daniel 11.06.1983 9 Kabuk Clement 07076357725 01.12.1984 10 Kumai Felix 02.11.1986 11 Bonnet Godfrey 07065782125 09.11.1988 12 Adamu Thomas 16.11.1991 13 Audu John 16.11.1991 14 Sanke Alphonsus 08035892584 16.11.1991 15 Yakubu B. Ibrahim 08033929415 17.10.1992 16 Akau James 07036165642 29.10.1992 17 Anyip Mathias 08126655496 29.10.1992 18 John Lucas G. 08035606542 03.12.1994 19 Umaru Linus 03.12.1994 20 Abba Williams 08034296280 09.12.1995 21 Akut Basil 07038531959 09.12.1995 22 Mathias Peter N. 08126655350 09.12.1995 23 Bulus Vincent 13.07.1996 24 Dodo Wilfred +13479908690 13.07.1996 25 Dogo Timothy 08066181851 13.07.1996 26 Kwasau Philip 08033297055 13.07.1996 27 Amos Barak 08038804147 08.02.1997 28 Tajah Lawrence 08039718359 08.02.1997 29 Tanko Aaron 08126655325 22.11.1997 30 Usman Joel 07063557595 22.11.1997 31 Bala Anthony 08069833011 21.02.1998 32 Damu Mathias 08155092539 21.02.1998 33 Maimaganianthony 08125153531 21.02.1998 34 Mallam Paul 07032153338 21.02.1998 35 Umaru Jacob 08035881469 21.02.1998 36 Ahyuwa Lawrence +18456599665 20.10.2001 37 Bala Benjamin 08033889737 20.10.2001 38 Kwasau Sylvester 08060841956 20.10.2001 39 Magaji Michael 08035370091 20.10.2001 40 Markus Jeremiah +3538996555910 20.10.2001 41 Shawuya Anthony 08062067613 20.10.200142 Yayock Alexander 07036173640 20.10.2001 43 Zaggi Douglas +353876562515 20.10.2001 44 Anana Andrew 07032937958 19.10.2002 45 Attoh John 07039077325 19.10.2002 46 Dunio Daniel Mba 07030650804 19.10.2002 47 Bako Joel Bossan +19723574788 12.07.2003 48 Jang Augustine 08126655327 12.07.2003 49 Kantiok Jeremiah 08126655500 12.07.2003 50 Boman Henry Peter 08065496699 17.07.2004 51 Dankasa Jacob +14693633461 17.07.2004 52 Edeh Emmanuel 08092973151 17.07.2004 53 Osuman Anthony 07039255885 11.05.2005 54 Attoh Sylvanus 08063574698 25.06.2005 55 Jonah Stephen 08075981136 25.06.2005 56 Kabuk Julius 08075981165 25.06.2005 57 Paul Jatau 08033001354 25.06.2005 58 Philip Mathias 08036279693 25.06.2005 59 Yayock Felix 08032975772 25.06.2005 60 Achi Charles +13478251707 08.07.2006 61 Kayit Noel 08031591888 08.07.2006 62 Kudi Patrick 08059372957 08.07.2006 63 Loma Rock 08135258739 08.07.2006 64 Achi Mathias 07067158467 05.07.2008 65 Didam David 08091948428 05.07.2008 66 Fidelis Yakunat 08032820664 05.07.2008 67 Haruna Emmanuel 07081878788 05.07.2008 68 Faweh Emmanuel +393312754659 10.01.2009 69 John Magnus 08065175344 13.06.2009 70 Duwai Joel +393510043063 11.07.2009 71 Kasai Ezekiel La’ah 08075012584 11.07.2009 72 Kyanet Simon 07035854964 11.07.2009 73 Musa Cyprian Elias 08032804006 11.07.2009 74 Mugu K.b. Philip 08073409473 11.07.2009 75 Nabauchi Philip 08076621843 11.07.2009 76 Ojoh Alexander 07056395276 11.07.2009 77 Shanet Jacob Peter 08035493190 11.07.2009 78 Zatiok Julius Bonat 08027645909 11.07.2009 79 Rock Daniel D. 08094568611 26.06.2010 80 Boman John Peter 07039742510 20.11.2010 81 Eyyazo Julius Moses 08076621852 20.11.2010 82 Ggwani John 08034584440 19.11.2011 84 Jega Daniel 08136101294 19.11.2011 85 Kwasau Chris 08135558932 19.11.2011 86 Mark Cheitnum 08065887879 19.11.2011 87 Uke Gabriel 08068108127 19.11.201188 Abasi Jonathan 08035754557 09.04.2012 89 Ninyio Ezekiel 08067779362 24.11.2012 90 Okolo Emmanuel 07031160163 24.11.2012 91 Shekari Joseph 07069668666 24.11.2012 92 Yahaya Emmanuel 08133369984 24.11.2012 93 Philip Christian 08087711737 04.01.2014 94 Kure Jesse 08093597893 04.01.2014 95 Bako A. Jeremiah 08130644852 23.08.2014 96 Adamu Ezekiel 07034966039 23.08.2014 97 Kingsley J. Garba 08072297264 23.08.2014 98 Hosea Isah 08026302698 23.08.2014 99 Festus Didam 07034536864 23.08.2014 100 Gabriel Okafor 08069263065 23.08.2014 101 Joshua Dyachim 08064591139 23.08.2014 102 Donatus S. Cleopas 07069685090 23.08.2014 103 Luka B. Bulus 08032980335 23.08.2014 104 Gaiya Douglas 08034999256 23.08.2014 105 Nni B. Timothy 07033515097 23.08.2014 106 Barnabas Truman 08038524577 13.08.2015 107 Hilary M. Bulus 08062359746 13.08.2015 108 Victor Elekwa 07030552459 13.08.2015 109 Kevin Ngu 08067841211 13.08.2015 110 Emmanuel Silas 09051931154 13.08.2015 111 Cyrus Yayock 07063351508 13.08.2015 112 Marcus Tanyan 08141208781 13.08.2015 113 Raymond Zacheaus 08063439112 13.08.2015 114 Madaki Christian 07036965288 09.07.2016 115 Oliver Okwueze 08091391522 09.07.2016 116 Kingsley Julius 08064611171 09.07.2016 117 Samaila Benjamin 07065560222 09.07.2016 118 Leo Dominic 08073869554 09.07.2016 119 Jerry Yakubu 08066402825 09.07.2016 120 Emmanuel Mallam 08134132136 09.07.2016 121 Emmanuel Soji 07063674377 09.07.2016 Priests Serving Outside The Diocese Names Address Very Rev. Fr. Loius Ya’ya USA Very Rev. Fr. Maj. Felix Kumai USA Army Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Maichiki USA Very Rev. Fr. John Audu USA Rev. Fr. Wilfred Dodo USA Rev. Fr. Dr. Vincent Bulus USA Rev. Fr. Ahyuwa Lawrence USA Rev. Fr. Dr. Jacob Dankasa USARev. Fr. Joel Bako USA Rev. Fr. Charles Achi USA Rev. Fr. Julius Moses USA Rev. Fr. David Didam USA Rev. Fr. Joshua Dyachim USA Rev. Fr. Jacob K. Garba Phillipines Rev. Fr. Dr. Douglas Zaggi Ireland Rev. Fr. John Attoh Ireland Rev. Fr. Joel Duwai Italy Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Faweh Italy Rev. Fr. Elias Cyprian Musa Italy Rev. Fr. Gabriel Okafor Italy Rev. Fr. Joel Usman Ciwa Rev. Fr. Dr. Benjamin Balat Ciwa Rev. Fr. Lt. Col. Anthony Maimagani Nigerian Army Kaduna Rev. Fr. Wg. Cdr. Amos Barak Nigerian Airforce Kaduna Rev. Fr. Wg. Cdr. Philip Kwasau Nigerian Airforce Abuja Rev. Fr. Asp. Julius Kabuk Nigerian Police Force Rev. Fr. Lawrence Tajah Stams Makurdi Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Peter Tanko Abu Zaria Rev. Fr. Dr. Paul D. Jatau Veritas University Abuja Rev. Fr. Linus Umaru Bauchi Rev. Fr. James Akau Bauchi Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Sanke Lafia


Vicar General/Chairman Education Commission: Very Rev. Fr. Ibrahim Bawa Yakubu St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, Bayan Loco โ€“ Kafanchan Ph: 08033929415 Vicar for Special Duties: Very Rev. Fr. Michael Cosmas Magaji St. Charles Borromeo Minor Seminary, Madakiya โ€“ Kafanchan Ph: 08035370091 Chancellor/Secretary: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Uchechukwu Okolo St. Thomas Catholic Church, Takau โ€“ Kafanchan Ph: 07031160163 Procurator: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Yahaya St. Francis Catholic Church, Kurmin-Kwara Ph: 08133369984 Vocations Director: Rev. Fr. Ezekiel Kasai La’ah Holy Cross Catholic Church, Ungwan Bawa Ph: 08095753408 Education Secretary: Mr. Godfrey Yawe c/o Catholic Secretariat Madakiya-Kafanchan Ph: 07030140111Justice, Development & Peace Co-ordinator: Very Rev. Fr. Aaron Tanko St. Francis Catholic Church, Zonkwa Ph: 08039096772 Judicial Vicar (Marriage Tribunal /family & Life): Very Rev. Fr. Jacob Umaru Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Zango Kataf Ph: 08035881469 Liturgical Commission/ Pastoral Affairs Chairman: Very Rev. Fr. Sylvester Kwasau St. Francis Catholic Church, Manchok Ph: 08060841956 Director Of Dialogue/ Ecumenism: Rev. Fr. Andrew Anana Church of the Resurrection, Damakasuwa Ph: 07032937958 Director of Pontifical Mission Society (PMS) Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ifeanyichukwu Edeh St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church, Fadan Karshi Ph: 08050782648 Director of Communications: Rev. Fr. John Cheitnum Mark Church of Mary Immaculate, Gareje Ph: 08065887879 Diocesan Health Co-ordinator Rev. Fr. Henry Boman St. Louis Hospital, Zonkwa Ph: 08065496699
Chaplaincies/ Lay Apostolate: Very Rev. Fr. Alexander Yayock St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Asso
Director, Social Initiatives: Very Rev. Fr. Godfrey Bonnet St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Madakiya Ph: 07065782125


St. Albert de Great Institute for Higher Education, Fayit โ€“ Fadan Kagoma Christ the King Major Seminary, Fayit โ€“ Fadan KagomaChrist the King Propadeutic Seminary, Zambina-Bakin Kogi, Damakasuwa St. Louis School of Midwifery, Box 3, Zonkwa St. Joseph Technical School, Barde St. Francis College, P.M.B 1000, Zonkwa St. Louis Nursery/Primary School, Zonkwa Girls’ College of the Beatitudes, Saminaka St. Andrew’s Nursery/Primary School, Saminaka St. Charles Borromeo Minor Seminary, Madakiya P.M.B 1013 Kafanchan St. Charles Borromeo Nursery/Primary School, Madakiya St. Peter’s Creative Minds Secondary School, Aduwan III Box 54, Kafanchan St. Francis Secondary School, Manchok St. Francis Nursery/Primary School, Manchok St. Stephen’s Secondary School, Jagindi Tasha St. Patrick’s Nursery/Primary School, Jagindi Tasha St. John’s Nursery/Primary School, Damakasuwa Guardian Angels Comprehensive Secondary School, Fadan Kagoma St. Kizito Secondary School, Mariri Bishop Bagobiri Secondary School, Kaku Kurama Immaculate Conception Nursery/Primary School, Wadon St. John’s Nursery/Primary School, Krosha CATHOLIC HOSPITALS:
St. Louis Hospital, Box 3, Zonkwa Zambina Rural Health Centre, Damakasuwa Anchuna Rural Clinic, Anchuna Parish Bethany Health Centre, Kafanchan Community Clinic, Jagindi Tasha


Rev. Fr. David Aje Maikarfi 1995 Rev. Fr. Fidelis Audi 27th May, 1996 Rev. Fr. Stephen Sule Bature 27th July, 1998 Rev. Fr. John Ayuba 6th December, 2000 Rev. Fr. Simon Kabirat 20th April, 2001 Rev. Fr. Christopher Ejeng Gajer 17th March, 2004 Rev. Fr. Sylvester Bakoshi Gimba 4th May, 2005 Rev. Fr. Samuel Chifong Kyuka 13th November, 2005 Rev. Fr. Hilary Balarabe Song 2006 Rev. Fr. John Bagu 10th March, 2007 Rev. Fr. Julius Abrak Shebayan 19th August, 2011 Rev. Fr. Andrew Madaki 11th November, 2012 Rev. Fr. Stephen Musa Atama 25th October, 2013 Rev. Fr. Paul Danjuma Luka 20th June, 2014 Rev. Fr. Yanet Denis Nuwam 6th October, 2014 Sr. Rifikatu Bagobiri 2005 Sr. Paulina Lawrence 2007 Sr. Elizabeth Adie 2012


Kafanchan Deanery Dean Very Rev. Fr. Godfrey Bonnet, St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Madakiya.
Phone: 07065782125 Parishes: 1 Cathedral Kafanchan St. Peter Claver 2 Garaje Church of Mary Immaculate 3 Bayan Loco St. Stephen 4 Takau St. Thomas 5 Kpunyai St. Michael 6 Madakiya St. Paul 7 Attat Chaplaincy St. John Zonkwa Deanery Dean Very Rev. Fr. Aaron Tanko, St. Francis Catholic Church, Zonkwa.
Phone: 08039096772, 08126655325, 08078948763
Parishes: 8 Zonkwa St. Francis 9 Mabushi Maria Assumpta 10 Gidan Bako Holy Family 11 Fadan Kamanton St. Raphael 12 Zango Kataf Our Lady Queen of Peace 13 Wadon St. Gregory 14 Anchuna St. Matthew 15 Zuturung Mago St. Catherine 16 Gora Sagwaza St. Paul 17 Kurmin Bi St. Joseph 18 Zaman Dabo St. Thomas Saminaka Deanery Dean Very Rev. Fr. Matthias Anyip, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Kaku.
Phone: 08126655496 Parishes: 19 Saminaka St. Andrew 20 Yarkasuwa St. Christopher 21 Kaku St. Anthony 22 Jura St. James 23 Kwassam St. Philip 24 Ungwa Bawa Holy Cross 25 Galadimawa St. Jude 26 Krosha St. John
Kagoro Deanery Dean Very Rev. Fr. Sylvester Kwasau, St. Francis Catholic Church, Manchok.
Phone: 08126655329 Parishes: 27 Kagoro St. Joseph 28 Manchok St. Francis 29 Jagindi St. Stephen 30 Anturung St. Brendan 31 Fadan Karshi St. Charles Lwanga 32 Gidan Waya St. Peter 33 Kscoe G/ Waya Chapl. St. Albert De Great 34 Mallagum St. Thomas Damakasuwa Deanery Dean Very Rev. Fr. John Lucas Gugwong, Christ the King Catholic Church, Yadin-Garu.
Phone: 08151684300, 08035606542, 08092972281, 08023298864
Parishes: 35 Damakasuwa Church Of The Resurrection 36 Fadan Kono St. Anthony 37 Mariri St. Kizito 38 Bundu Kahugu St. Mulumba 39 Fadan Kahugu St. Peter 40 Ikulu Pari St. Monica 41 yadin Garu Christ The King42 gure St. Augustine Kwoi Deanery Dean Very Rev. Fr. Paul D. Jatau Christ the King Catholic Church, Fai.
Phone: 08033001354 Parishes: 43 Kwoi Holy Spirit 44 Kagoma
St. Paul 45 Nok St. Paul 46 Asso St. John Vianey 47 Kurmin Kwara St. Francis 48 Sabon Gari Chori St. Raymond 49 Fai Christ The King 50 Fori St. James
Zumunta Mata/cwo Very Rev. Fr. Noel Kayit Zumunta Maza/cmo Rev. Fr. John Magnus Cyon/z-yan Mata Rev. Fr. Jacob Shanet Laity Rev. Fr. Alex Yayock Ccrn/cbmn Rev. Fr. Emmanuel U. Okolo Marian Societies Rev. Fr. Hosea Isah Lay Readers Rev. Fr. Julius Zatiok Bonat Holy Family Rev. Fr. Ezekiel Kasai La’ah Choir Rev. Fr. Matthias Philip Ycs/nfcs/nacc Rev. Fr. Festus Shamboy Didam Ksj Kafanchan Rev. Fr. Fidelis Yakunat Ksj Zonkwa Rev. Fr. Jonah Stephen Ksm Kafanchan Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Biliyock Ksm Zonkwa Very Rev. Fr. Lucius Ya’ah
Sisters of the Beatitudes (SOB) Generalate/ Noviate House, Madakiya Sisters of the Beatitudes (SOB) Community, Manchok Sisters of the Beatitudes (SOB) Community, Fadan Kagoma Sisters of the Beatitudes (SOB) Community, Saminaka St. Louis Sisters Convent, Box 2, Zonkwa DDL Sisters, Anchuna Community, Anchuna Sarki Holy Family Sisters of the Needy, Saminaka DDL Sisters, St. Peter Claver’s Cathedral, Kafanchan DDL Sisters, Kukum Daji Community Holy Family Sisters of the Needy, Kwoi

Diocesan Bookshop/Human Development Centre: Our Lady Queen of Peace Bookshop, St. Peter Claver’s Cathedral, Box 54, Kafanchan Centre of Transfiguration (Pastoral Centre), Madakiya Fayit Petroleum, Fadan Kagoma Jama’a Bakery Industries, Kafanchan Diocesan Publication: Splendour of Truth Newspaper Diocesan Synod Proceedings Diocesan DirectoryMusic and Video Coverage/Editing etc.


St. John Chaplaincy Attat, Madakiya Kaduna State College of Education, Gidan Waya Chaplaincy, P.M.B. 1024 Kafanchan Kaduna State University Chaplaincy, Takau โ€“ Kafanchan