July 22, 2024


LEADERSHIP (Bishop's Profile)

Date of Birth: October 20, 1953 Priestly Ordination: July 11, 1981 Episcopal Ordination: February 9, 2002 Address: Archdiocesan Catholic Secretariat, Archbishop’s House P.O Box 411, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.
Ph: 08033243780 E-mail: secretariat@onitsha- archdiocese.org Website: http://www.onitsha-archdiocese.org
(Auxiliary Bishop) Date of Birth: January 24, 1956 Priestly Ordination: September 28, 1985 Episcopal Ordination: May 1, 2015 Address: Auxiliary Bishop’s House, St. Joseph’s Aguleri, P. O. Box 411, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.
Motto: Entirely for God.

Ecclesiastical Province of Onitsha

First Mass: Dec.26, 1885 First Missionary: Rev. Fr. Joseph Lutz CSSp First Bishop: Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Shanahan CSSp Second Bishop: Most Rev. Charles Heery Third Bishop: Most Rev. Francis Arinze Fourth Bishop: Most Rev. Dr. S.
Ezeanya Fifth Bishop: Most Rev. Dr. Albert. Obiefuna Established as Mission 1885 Prefecture of Lower Niger 1889 Vicariate of Southern Nigeria 1920 Vicariate of Onitsha 1948 Archdiocese of Onitsha , 1950 Granted a Basilica 2007 Population of Diocese 2,214,500 Catholic Population 1,476,326 Archdiocesan Priests 482 Episcopal Regions: 8 Deaneries: 20 Parishes/Quasi Parishes 169


The Archdiocese of Onitsha was founded by the missionaries of the Holy
Ghost Congregation mostly from Ireland, France and Alsace Lorain. The missionaries landed at the present site of the Holy Trinity Cathedral on 5th December, 1885.
Onitsha was erected a Prefecture in July, 1889. It became the Vicariate of Southern Nigeria April, 1920; and in 1950, it was raised to the status of an Archdiocese with the establishment of the hierarchy in Nigeria. The same year Lagos and Kaduna were also made Archdioceses.


S/No Name of Priest Year of Ordination 01. Archbishop Valerian M. Okeke 11.07.81; 09.02.02
02. Bishop Denis C. ISIZOH 28.09.85; 01.05.15
01. Rt. Rev. Mgr. Matthew OBIUKWU 27.07.58
02. Rev. Fr. Nicholas TAGBO 31.07.60 03. Rt. Rev. Mgr. Nathaniel ODIAGBA 01.05.65
04. Rev. Fr. Peter Damian AKPUNONU 06.01.6605. Rev. Fr. Celestine OBI 17.04.66 06. Rev. Fr. Anthony OKAFOR 02.04.67 07. Very Rev. Mgr. Basil ONWUASOMBA 27.01.68
08. Rev. Fr. Hilary ANISIOBI 28.01.68 09. Rev. Fr. Joseph AJAKOR 20.12.70 10. Very Rev. Mgr Emmanuel Nwosu 27.08.72
11. Rev. Fr. Michael ESOTU 28.04.73
12. Very Rev. Mgr. Boniface ASUZU
13. Rev. Fr. Michael OKOYE 20.04.74 14. Rev. Fr. Moses NNAJIOFOR 20.04.74 15. Rev. Fr. Elias MENUBA 20.04.74 16. Rev. Fr. Lawrence MADUBUKO20.04.74 17. Rev. Fr. Christopher ADINUBA 20.04.74 18. Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Nwosu 08.12.74 19. Rev. Fr. Godwin OKEKE 08.12.74 20. Rev. Fr. Kieran UDEGBOKA 08.12.74 21. Very Rev. Mgr. John Bosco AKAM 24.04.76
22. Rev. Fr. Christopher OCHUBA 16.04.77 23. Rev. Fr. Basil GBUZUE 08.07.78 24. Rev. Fr. Anthony IDIGO 20.07.79 25. Rev. Fr. Josephat EZENWA 29.07.79 26. Rev. Fr. Joseph OKOGBA 27.01.80 27. Rev. Fr. Nicholas A. AKWANYA 05.07.80 28. Rev. Fr. Patrick NDULUE 05.07.80 29. Rev. Fr. Frederick UCHE 12.07.80 30. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel NWABUDE 20.09.80 31. Rev. Fr. John UZUAKPUNDU 08.07.81 32. Rev. Fr. Michael NDIVE 09.07.81 33. Rev. Fr. Gregory ADIBE 10.07.81 34. Rev. Fr. Pius NWEKE 11.07.81 35. Rev. Fr. Marius Emeka OBIAGWU 11.07.81
36. Rev. Fr. Godwin OKOLO 11.07.81 37. Rev. Fr. Cyprian UBAKA 12.07.81 38. Rev. Fr. Sylvanus NNORUKA 14.02.82 39. Rev. Fr. Bartholomew OKONKWO 14.02.82
40. Rev. Fr. Edwin Obi EZIKE 02.07.83 41. Rev. Fr. Benjamin IKEJI 02.07.83 42. Rev. Fr. Celestine MBAEGBU 02.07.83 43. Rev. Fr. Michael OZODIGWE 10.07.83 44. Rev. Fr. Jude NWABUGWU 16.06.84 45. Rev. Fr. Valentine NWACHUKWU 24.06.84
46. Rev. Fr. John ANOSIKE 30.06.84 47. Rev. Fr. Batholomew UBA 07.07.84 48. Rev. Fr. Mathias OKPALA 15.08.84 49. Rev. Fr. John UGOBUEZE 07.09.85 50. Rev. Fr. Mathew OBIEKEZIE 07.09.85 51. Rev. Fr. Jude ANYAECHE 07.09.85 52. Rev. Fr. Andrew IZUKANNE 23.12.85 53. Rev. Fr. James AKUNNE 16.08.86 54. Rev. Fr. Pius EJIOFOR 16.08.86 55. Rev. Fr. Linus EDOGWO 16.08.86 56. Rev. Fr. Anthony IGWEAGU 16.08.86 57. Rev. Fr. Peter NWACHUKWU 16.08.86 58. Rev. Fr. Augustine OBUROTA 16.08.86 59. Rev. Fr. Josephat Obi OGUEJIOFOR 16.08.86
60. Rev. Fr. Josephat NZEKWESI 16.08.86 61. Rev. Fr. Francis EZUMEZU 06.09.86 62. Rev. Fr. Christopher ODINA 26.09.86 63. Rev. Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE 22.08.87 64. Rev. Fr. Anthony ASOANYA 22.08.87 65. Rev. Fr. Peter OBIDI 22.08.87 66. Rev. Fr. Peter OKOLO 22.08.87 67. Rev. Fr. Bartholomew OKAGBUE 13.08.88
68. Rev. Fr. Leonard MOZIE 13.08.88 69. Rev. Fr. John Bosco IGBOKA 13.08.88 70. Rev. Fr. Edwin EMELI 13.08.88 71. Rev. Fr. George EKWUNIFE 13.08.88 72. Rev. Fr. Charles ANENE 13.08.88 73. Rev. Fr. Clement AGHADINUNO 13.08.88
74. Rev. Fr. Martin ONUKWUBA 15.07.89 75. Rev. Fr. Philip NWAFOR 15.07.89 76. Rev. Fr. Joseph NWAKOBY 15.07.89 77. Rev. Fr. Francis OBORJI 15.07.89 78. Rev. Fr. Augustine ODIMMEGWU15.07.89
79. Rev. Fr. Linus OKIKA 15.07.89 80. Rev. Fr. Louis ASOBI 05.08.89 81. Rev. Fr. John OKEKE 23.09.89 82. Rev. Fr. Gregory EZEANYA 23.09.89 83. Rev. Fr. Cletus OKOYE 14.07.90 84. Rev. Fr. Augustine EZEANYA 14.07.90 85. Rev. Fr. Christopher NGWU 14.07.90 86. Rev. Fr. Jacob ANIOKE 05.08.90 87. Rev. Fr. Jude MGBOBUKWA 25.08.90 88. Rev. Fr. Fabian CHIKELUBA 17.11.90 89. Rev. Fr. Martin EMELI 17.11.90 90. Rev. Fr. Paul EKWEALOR 13.07.91 91. Rev. Fr. Christopher EZEOKE 13.07.91
92. Rev. Fr. James NWOFOR 13.07.91 93. Rev. Fr. Evaristus OBI 13.07.91 94. Rev. Fr. Paul OBIAGA 13.07.91 95. Rev. Fr. Cyril UDEBUNU 13.07.91 96. Rev. Fr. Benjamin UDE 13.07.91 97. Rev. Fr. Daniel CHUKWULETA 13.07.91 98. Rev. Fr. Francis IGBOANUGO 03.07.92 99. Rev. Fr. Cornelius OJENE 03.07.92 100. Rev. Fr. David OJUKWU 03.07.92 101. Rev. Fr. Patrick OKAFOR 03.07.92 102. Rev. Fr. John Bosco OKOYE 03.07.92 103. Rev. Fr. Vincent ONUNKWO 03.07.92 104. Rev. Fr. Joseph EZEUGO 03.07.92 105. Rev. Fr. Mathew UGWUOJI 29.07.92 106. Rev. Fr. Alexander ANOSIKE 03.07.93 107. Rev. Fr. Cyprian ADIBE 03.07.93 108. Rev. Fr. Michael AGUNNA 03.07.93 109. Rev. Fr. Titus EGBUE 03.07.93 110. Rev. Fr. Thaddeus EZE 03.07.93 111. Rev. Fr. Cyril EZE 03.07.93 112. Rev. Fr. Anthony MADU 03.07.93 113. Rev. Fr. Victor MBANISI 03.07.93 114. Rev. Fr. Godwin MUODUM 03.07.93 115. Rev. Fr. Michael NWOYE 03.07.93 116. Rev. Fr. Gabriel OGBAJI 03.07.93 117. Rev. Fr. Nicholas OKOSA 03.07.93 118. Rev. Fr. Charles OKWUMUO 03.07.93 119. Rev. Fr. Luke OMALIKO 03.07.93
120. Rev. Fr. Patrick OMUTA 03.07.93 121. Rev. Fr. Celestine UMEH 03.07.93 122. Rev. Fr. Frederick NDIMAEME 10.04.94 123. Rev. Fr. Jude ONYEKA 02.07.94 124. Rev. Fr. Aloysius ENEMALI 02.07.94 125. Rev. Fr. Celestine CHIGBO 02.07.94 126. Rev. Fr. Joe Barth ABBA 02.07.94 127. Rev. Fr. Aloysius IKEKWE 02.07.94 128. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel EGWUOBA 02.07.94 129. Rev. Fr. Martin IWUDO 02.07.94 130. Rev. Fr. Izunna Cele. OKONKWO 02.07.94
131. Rev. Fr. Benignus OGUEJIOFOR 02.07.94
132. Rev. Fr. Ignatius NWANKWOCHA 02.07.94
133. Rev. Fr. Lawrence OLISAEMEKA 02.07.94
134. Rev. Fr. Raphael ODIKE 02.07.94 135. Rev. Fr. Lawrence EZEOLISA 02.07.94 136. Rev. Fr. Paul IFEDI 02.07.94 137. Rev. Fr. Cyprian OKPALAKUNNE 02.07.94
138. Rev. Fr. Patrick EZEIFEDI 02.07.94 139. Rev. Fr. Benedict OKAKPU 02.07.94 140. Rev. Fr. Paul NWAKOR 05.07.95 141. Rev. Fr. Bartholomew OGUMELU 15.07.95
142. Rev. Fr. Peter OFORJI 15.07.95 143. Rev. Fr. Cyprian NWENYI 15.07.95 144. Rev. Fr. Linus OKONKWO 15.07.95 145. Rev. Fr. Paul NWANKWO 15.07.95 146. Rev. Fr. Kieran UDEZE 15.07.95 147. Rev. Fr. Michael MBONU 15.07.95 148. Rev. Fr. Hyacinth JEMIGBOLA 15.07.95 149. Rev. Fr. Benedict ONWUDINJO15.07.95 150. Rev. Fr. Alexander AGBATA 15.07.95 151. Rev. Fr. Joseph ONYIA 15.07.95 152. Rev. Fr. Anselm OFORDUM 16.07.95 153. Rev. Fr. Theodore MBAEGBU 17.08.96 154. Rev. Fr. Dominic OBIELOSI 17.08.96 155. Rev. Fr. Raymond AKPUNONU17.08.96 156. Rev. Fr. George NZE MUOBA 17.08.96157. Rev. Fr. Anthony IBEAZOR 17.08.96 158. Rev. Fr. Innocent AMASIORA 17.08.96 159. Rev. Fr. Felix UDOH 17.08.96 160. Rev. Fr. Godwin OYEKWE 17.08.96 161. Rev. Fr. Gregory EKE 17.08.96 162. Rev. Fr. Fabian EKE 17.08.96 163. Rev. Fr. Henry OKEKE 02.08.97 164. Rev. Fr. Maurice ABASILIM 02.08.97 165. Rev. Fr. John EKWOANYA 02.08.97 166. Rev. Fr. Michael MACHI 02.08.97 167. Rev. Fr. Ignatius OKEKE 16.08.97 168. Rev. Fr. John Bosco OKAFOR 16.08.97 169. Rev. Fr. John OMUTAH 16.08.97 170. Rev. Fr. Peter OBIAGA 16.08.97 171. Rev. Fr. John Emeka OKAFOR 16.08.97 172. Rev. Fr. Charles ANAEMELU 16.08.97 173. Rev. Fr. Celestine ANIOFOR 16.08.97 174. Rev. Fr. Donatus EZENNEKA 31.07.98 175. Rev. Fr. Linus AGHAMELU 15.08.98 176. Rev. Fr. Boniface OKAFOR 15.08.98 177. Rev. Fr. Pius UKOR 15.08.98 178. Rev. Fr. Abden ONWUEGBUSI 15.08.98 179. Rev. Fr. Wilfred AKPUNONU 15.08.98 180. Rev. Fr. Ignatius OKONKWO 15.08.98 181. Rev. Fr. Samuel CHUKWUJEKWU 15.08.98
182. Rev. Fr. Peter NWADIMKPA 15.08.98 183. Rev. Fr. Jude ORAKWE 15.08.98 184. Rev. Fr. Stephen AKUJIOBI 15.08.98 185. Rev. Fr. Stephen ORANUBA 15.08.98 186. Rev. Fr. Charles ANAEDO 19.03.99 187. Rev. Fr. Anthony CHIDOZIE 14.08.99 188. Rev. Fr. Anthony Arinze OBUMSE 14.08.99
189. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel OKOYE 14.08.99 190. Rev. Fr. Christian ONUEKWUSI14.08.99 191. Rev. Fr. Aloysius ORAKWE 14.08.99 192. Rev. Fr. Edwin UDOYE 14.08.99 193. Rev. Fr. Jacob UKPOGU 14.08.99 194. Rev. Fr. Kevin EZENNA 14.08.99 195. Rev. Fr. Innocent OKONGWU 14.08.99 196. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel UDECHUKWU 14.08.99
197. Rev. Fr. Augustine CHIGBO 14.08.99 198. Rev. Fr. Emeka ONYEOGUBALU
199. Rev. Fr. Fidelis KWAZU 14.08.99 200. Rev. Fr. Anthony TAGBO NZEGWU 14.08.99
201. Rev. Fr. Paul EJIKEME 21.08.99 202. Rev. Fr. Fidelis ONWUDUFOR 22.08.99 203. Rev. Fr. Gabriel OKAFOR 04.12.99 204. Rev. Fr. Patrick OKWUMUO 19.08.00 205. Rev. Fr. Hyginus NWANDU 19.08.00 206. Rev. Fr. Michael Uchenna AKAIGWE 19.08.00
207. Rev. Fr. Prudentus Emeka AROH 19.08.00
208. Rev. Fr. Justin ILEKA 19.08.00 209. Rev. Fr. Sylvester ILEKA 19.08.00 210. Rev. Fr. Sebastine MADIKE 19.08.00 211. Rev. Fr. Alfred Chukwuemeka OKAKPU 19.08.00
212. Rev. Fr. Jude OKEKE 19.08.00 213. Rev. Fr. Jude UDECHUKWU 19.08.00 214. Rev. Fr. Patrick Paul UDOH 19.08.00 215. Rev. Fr. Francis NDUBUISI 19.08.00 216. Rev. Fr. Francis ARONU 14.07.01 217. Rev. Fr. Edmund ANI 04.08.01 218. Rev. Fr. John NWIZIOGO 04.08.01 219. Rev. Fr. Kenneth ORAEGBUNAM 04.08.01
220. Rev. Fr. Justin OLISAEMEKA 04.08.01 221. Rev. Fr. John EKWUNIFE 04.08.01 222. Rev. Fr. Juventus AMADIKE 04.08.01 223. Rev. Fr. Philip IBENEME 04.08.01 224. Rev. Fr. Paschal ONUSELOGU 04.08.01 225. Rev. Fr. Innocent EGBUNIKE 11.08.01 226. Rev. Fr. Anthony UDECHUKWU 18.08.01
227. Rev. Fr. Christopher IGBOANUA 18.08.81
228. Rev. Fr. Cosmas NZEABALU 18.08.01 229. Rev. Fr. Callistus AKORAH 18.08.01 230. Rev. Fr. Gabriel C. OKOYE 18.08.01 231. Rev. Fr. Marcel CHUKWUNONYE 18.08.01
232. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel EMENU 25.08.01 233. Rev. Fr. Victor EZEANYA 25.08.01 234. Rev. Fr. Felix Okey AKAMONYE 13.10.01
235. Rev. Fr. Francis ABOH 03.08.02 236. Rev. Fr. Paschal OKAGBUE 17.08.02 237. Rev. Fr. Joseph Mary AMUJI 17.08.02 238. Rev. Fr. Innocent EJIOFOR 17.08.02 239. Rev. Fr. Francis OFOEGBU 17.08.02 240. Rev. Fr. Norbert CHILOBE 17.08.02 241. Rev. Fr. Henry EZEIFEDI 17.08.02 242. Rev. Fr. John EZEORUONYE 17.08.02 243. Rev. Fr. Anthony CHUKWU 17.08.02 244. R e v . F r . V i n c e n t O B I 17.08.02
245. Rev. Fr. Martin ELUKE 24.08.02 246. Rev. Fr. Ernest EZEWUZIE 24.08.02 247. R e v . F r . C h r i s t i a n O J E N E 24.08.02
248. Rev. Fr. Michael Emeka ONWUAMA
249. Rev. Fr. Fidelis CHIEFE 24.08.02 250. Rev. Fr. Samuel NWADIKE 24.08.02 251. Rev. Fr. Jude OGUGUA 24.08.02 252. Rev. Fr. Vincent ONUCHUKWU 24.08.02
253. Rev. Fr. Gabriel M.P. OKOYE 09.11.02 254. Rev. Fr. Basil EKWUNIFE 09.11.02 255. Rev. Fr. Benedict UCHEGBU 02.08.03 256. Rev. Fr. Nichodemus ALOEFUNA 16.08.03
257. Rev. Fr. Chrysanthus IGWE 16.08.03 258. Rev. Fr. Augustine MUOGHALU 16.08.03
259. Rev. Fr. Christopher ONUEKWUSI 16.08.03
260. Rev. Fr. Cornelius EZEILOAKU16.08.03 261. Rev. Fr. David OZOEMENA 16.08.03 262. Rev. Fr. Vitus OGUJI 16.08.03 263. Rev. Fr. Justin OGUAMA 16.08.03 264. Rev. Fr. Jude OBIDIGBO 16.08.03 265. Rev. Fr. Peter EGWUONWU 16.08.03 266. Rev. Fr. Jude ONWUKWE 16.08.03 267. Rev. Fr. John Smart MGBAKOR16.08.03 268. Rev. Fr. Peter NWALI 16.08.03 269. Rev. Fr. Charles ANYAOKU 16.08.03 270. Rev. Fr. Evaristus NWAGBARA 14.08.04
271. Rev. Fr. Cletus OBIDIKE 14.08.04 272. Rev. Fr. Patrick OKONKWO 14.08.04 273. Rev. Fr. Francis UNEGBU 14.08.04 274. Rev. Fr. Gabriel ANOCHILIONYE 14.08.04
275. Rev. Fr. Francis ANIGBOGU 14.08.04 276. Rev. Fr. Paul OGBOH 14.08.04 277. Rev. Fr. Vincent EJIDIKE 14.08.04 278. Rev. Fr. Cyril MUOKWE 14.08.04
279. Rev. Fr. Donald UZOH 21.08.04 280. Rev. Fr. Bartholomew NNAKWE 21.08.04
281. Rev. Fr. Christopher ODIMEGWU 21.08.04
282. Rev. Fr. John ACHEBE 21.08.04 283. Rev. Fr. Francis OBIEGBU 21.08.04 284. Rev. Fr. Remigius IKECHE 21.08.04 285. Rev. Fr. Paschal ONWUGBENU 21.08.04
286. Rev. Fr. Celestine OKAFOR 21.08.04 287. Rev. Fr. Jude UCHEGBUSI 21.08.04 288. Rev. Fr. Paul NWANEGBO 21.08.04 289. Rev. Fr. Gabriel NKWUDO 02.04.05 290. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel ANYANSI 16.07.05 291. Rev. Fr. Felix CHUKWUMA 16.07.05 292. Rev. Fr. Patrick EGWUATU 16.07.05 293. Rev. Fr. Felix EKE 16.07.05 294. Rev. Fr. Anthony EZEUGO 16.07.05 295. Rev. Fr. Johnbosco EZIKA 16.07.05 296. Rev. Fr. Oliveer IDEMILI 16.07.05 297. Rev. Fr. Christopher IFEM 16.07.05 298. Rev. Fr. Thaddeus IKEH 16.07.05 299. Rev. Fr. John MANAFA 16.07.05 300. Rev. Fr. Michael CHIGBATA 30.07.05 301. Rev. Fr. Alexander OBIORAH 27.08.05 302. Rev. Fr. Samson OFUONYE 27.08.05 303. Rev. Fr. Michael OKAGBUE 27.08.05 304. Rev. Fr. Cornelius OKOYE 27.08.05 305. Rev. Fr. Ignatius OKWUONU 27.08.05 306. Rev. Fr. Augustine ORAKWUE 27.08.05 307. Rev. Fr. Livinus UGOCHUKWU27.08.05 308. Rev. Fr. Hyginus ZIKORA 27.08.05 309. Rev. Fr. Boniface AGBATA 08.07.06 310. Rev. Fr. Oliver ANOLUE 08.07.06311. Rev. Fr. Aloysius ANYICHIE 08.07.06 312. Rev. Fr. Thaddeus EYA 08.07.06 313. Rev. Fr. Stephen EZENWAGU 08.07.06 314. Rev. Fr. Celestine MADUBUKO08.07.06 315. Rev. Fr. Vitus MBAMALU 08.07.06 316. Rev. Fr. Jude MBONU 08.07.06 317. Rev. Fr. Collins OKOYE 08.07.06 318. Rev. Fr. Donald UDEAJA 08.07.06 319. Rev. Fr. Christian NWEKE 15.07.06 320. Rev. Fr. Charles NWEZE 15.07.06 321. Rev. Fr. Damian OBI 15.07.06 322. Rev. Fr. Vincent OBIDINNU 15.07.06 323. Rev. Fr. Bedemoore OBIEKEZIE
324. R e v . F r . J u d e O K O L O 15.07.06
325. Rev. Fr. Peter OLISA 15.07.06
326. Rev. Fr. George ADIMIKE 07.07.07 327. Rev. Fr. Anselm CHIDUME 07.07.07 328. Rev. Fr. Henry EKE 07.07.07
329. Rev. Fr. Vincent EZENWAKA 07.07.07 330. Rev. Fr. Joseph EZEORUONYE 07.07.07
331. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel IBEKE 07.07.07 332. Rev. Fr. Alphonsus IGBOKWE 07.07.07 333. Rev. Fr. Jude IKENZE 07.07.07 334. Rev. Fr. Peter MBANUGO 07.07.07 335. Rev. Fr. Simeone NWABUIFE 07.07.07 336. Rev. Fr. Gerald EZEANYA 14.07.07 337. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel IKEOBI 14.07.07 338. Rev. Fr. Joseph NWANKWO 14.07.07 339. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel OKEKE 14.07.07 340. Rev. Fr. Basil OKELU 14.07.07 341. Rev. Fr. Augustine OKONKWO 14.07.07 342. Rev. Fr. Callistus OPKONENWU 14.07.07
343. Rev. Fr. Tochukwu ONYEANWUNA 14.07.07
344. Rev. Fr. Elthekbert ORABUCHE 14.07.07
345. Rev. Fr. Benedit UDEOGWU 14.07.07 346. Rev. Fr. Peter ANENE 05.07.08
347. Rev. Fr. Patrick BOSAH 05.07.08 348. Rev. Fr. Joachim IGWE 05.07.08 349. Rev. Fr. Cosmos MUODUM 05.07.08 350. Rev. Fr. Matthew NDIVE 05.07.08 351. Rev. Fr. Joseph NNALUE 05.07.08 352. Rev. Fr. Peter OKAFOR 05.07.08 353. Rev. Fr. Mathias OKOLO 05.07.08 354. Rev. Fr. Daniel ONUORAH 05.07.08 355. Rev. Fr. Stanislus ONUORAH 05.07.08 356. Rev. Fr. Stephen UGWU 05.07.08 357. Rev. Fr. Raphael ANAENYE 11.07.09 358. Rev. Fr. Martin ATUMANYA 11.07.09 359. Rev. Fr. Cletus EDELU 11.07.09 360. Rev. Fr. Oliver EZEANI 11.07.09 361. Rev. Fr. Augustine EZENWELU 11.07.09 362. Rev. Fr. Felix EZEONU 11.07.09 363. Rev. Fr. Martin IKEAGU11.07.09 364. Rev. Fr. Chukwueloka NWACHUKWU 11.07.09
365. Rev. Fr. John Paul OBIGWE 11.07.09 366. Rev. Fr. Cornelius OKEZIE OKOYE 11.07.09
367. Rev. Fr. Stanley OZIGBO 11.07.0 368 Rev. Fr. Thaddeus UGWUOKE 11.07.09 369. Rev. Fr. Aloysius UZODIKE 11.07.09 370. Rev. Fr. Samuel UZONDU 11.07.09 371. Rev. Fr. Simeon AMULUCHE 25.07.09 372. Rev. Fr. Bona CHRISTUS UMEOGU 05.04.10
373. Rev. Fr. Linus NNABUENYI 05.04.10 374. Rev. Fr. Charles EBELE 10.07.10 375. Rev. Fr. Basil ACHUSIM 10.07.10 376. Rev. Fr. Augustine MUOBIKE 10.07.10 377. Rev. Fr. Hilary ETOMIKE 10.07.10 378. Rev. Fr. Francis OJUKWU 10.07.10 379. Rev. Fr. Sampson OGBUEBUNA 10.07.10
380. Rev. Fr. Benjamin EZEKWUDO10.07.10 381. Rev. Fr. Peter EGBOO 10.07.10 382. Rev. Fr. Callistus MBANWUSI 10.07.10 383. Rev. Fr. Paul NWOSU 10.07.10 384. Rev. Fr. Joseph IGWEAGU 10.07.10 385. Rev. Fr. Gabriel OKEKE 10.07.10 386. Rev. Fr. Charles OHAKA 10.07.10 387. Rev. Fr. Aloysius AGBA 10.07.10388. Rev. Fr. Francis OKAFOR 10.07.10 389. Rev. Fr. Peter NWANSOH 10.07.10 390. Rev. Fr. Christian ADIKE 10.07.10 391. Rev. Fr. Michael CHIKA 10.07.10 392. Rev. Fr. Peter OKONGWU 17.07.10 393. Rev. Fr. Michael ANYICHIE 06.08.11 394. Rev. Fr. Jerome EZENWELU 06.08.11 395. Rev. Fr. Francis IZUAKOR 06.08.11 396. Rev. Fr. Pius NWANKWO 06.08.11 397. Rev. Fr. Ireneaus NWIMO 06.08.11 398. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel OBIMMA 06.08.11 399. Rev. Fr. Augustine OGBUNUKO 06.08.11
400. Rev. Fr. Benjamin OGBUNUKO 06.08.11 401. Rev. Fr. Patrick ORJIAKOR 06.08.11 402. Rev. Fr. Sebastian ATTAMA 13.08.11 403. Rev. Fr. Ferdinand MBA 13.08.11 404. Rev. Fr. Clinton NKEM 13.08.11 405. Rev. Fr. Benjamin ODO 13.08.11 406. Rev. Fr. Benjamin OJUKWU 13.08.11 407. Rev. Fr. Anthony Nonso OKOYE 13.08.11
408. Rev. Fr. George OKPARA 13.08.11 409. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel UGONABO 13.08.11 410. Rev. Fr. Kenneth ANONA 07.07.12 411. Rev. Fr. Gerald EFOBI 07.07.12 412. Rev. Fr. Fabian MUOEDU 07.07.12 413. Rev. Fr. Jude NDINECHI 07.07.12 414. Rev. Fr. Joseph UMEASIEGBU 07.07.12 415. Rev. Fr. Anthony I. OKOYE 07.07.12 416. Rev. Fr. Gabriel AMOBI 07.07.12 417. Rev. Fr. Joseph IKEGBUNAM 07.07.12 418. Rev. Fr. Paul IHEBIGHI 07.07.12 419. Rev. Fr. Charles OKEKE-ODOGWU 07.07.12
420. Rev. Fr. Augustine NWEKE 07.07.12
421. Rev. Fr. Francis OKEKE 07.07.12 422. Rev. Fr. Cosmas MADUEKWE 07.07.12 423. Rev. Fr. George UDENABO 07.07.12 424. Rev. Fr. Anthony NZOMIWU 07.07.12 425. Rev. Fr. Paschal UZZIH 07.07.12 426. Rev. Fr. Stephen IFEANYI 07.07.12 427. Rev. Fr. Michael NWOBODO 07.07.12 428. Rev. Fr. Anthony OKOYE 01.03.12
429. Rev. Fr. Anthony ONWUGBENU 06.07.13
430. Rev. Fr. Clement MOFUNANYA 06.07.13
431. Rev. Fr. Anthony ENWEDO 06.07.13 432. Rev. Fr. Jude NWORA 06.07.13 433. Rev. Fr. Jude Francis ORUCHE06.07.13 434. Rev. Fr. Fabian OZOKECHI 06.07.13 435. Rev. Fr. Innocent NWALIEJI 06.07.13 436. Rev. Fr. Jude MUOKWE 06.07.13 437. Rev. Fr. Chimaobim J.B OKOYE 06.07.13
438. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel OBINEMELU 06.07.13
439. Rev. Fr. Charles OBI 06.07.13 440. Rev. Fr. Stephen ODINDE 06.07.13 441. Rev. Fr. Remigius EZINNE 06.07.13 442. Rev. Fr. Cletus IDU 13.07.13 443. Rev. Fr. Vincent De Paul OGBATUE 13.07.13
444. Rev. Fr. Anthony EZEPUE 13.07.13 445. Rev. Fr. Linus EZEDINACHI 13.07.13 446. Rev. Fr. Benjamin OKONKWO 13.07.13 447. Rev. Fr. Ignatius NWOSU 13.07.13 448. Rev. Fr. Michael IDOKO 07.12.13 449. Rev. Fr. Paschal OKONKWO 07.12.13 450. Rev. Fr. James OBIAJU 12.07.14 451. Rev. Fr. Joseph ANYALOGBU 12.07.14 452. Rev. Fr. Ferdinand OKIGBO 12.07.14 453. Rev. Fr. Anthony AGGIAH 12.07.14 454. Rev. Fr. Gregory OKAFOR 12.07.14 455. Rev. Fr. Evaristus EZEANI 12.07.14 456. Rev. Fr. Anthony OKOYE 12.07.14 457. Rev. Fr. John NNAEMEKA 12.07.14 458. Rev. Fr. Patrick OKIGBO 12.07.14 459. Rev. Fr. Christopher OKEKE 12.07.14 460. Rev. Fr. Fidelis NWANZE 12.07.14 461. Rev. Fr. Augustine ANIEKWE 12.07.14 462. Rev. Fr. John Paul ONYEOGUBALU 12.07.14
463. Rev. Fr. Lawrence ORAZULUME 12.07.14
464. Rev. Fr. Kelvin CHUKWUKA 11.07.15 465. Rev. Fr. Paschal EZEANI 11.07.15 466. Rev. Fr. Johnbosco EZENEZI 11.07.15467. Rev. Fr. John EZEANOWI 11.07.15 468. Rev. Fr. Christogonus IBEMERE 11.07.15
469. Rev. Fr. Kingsley IKWUEME 11.07.15 470. Rev. Fr. Josephat-Mario MADUBUONU 11.07.15
471. Rev. Fr. Anthony OBI 11.07.15 472. Rev. Fr. Clement OBI 11.07.15 473. Rev. Fr. Peter OBIMMA 11.07.15 474. Rev. Fr. Charles UTUTO 11.07.15 475. Rev. Fr. Collins OGBANU 18.07.15 476. Rev. Fr. Damian OJUKWU 18.07.15 477. Rev. Fr. Peter OKOLI 18.07.15 478. Rev. Fr. Henry OLUMBA 18.07.15 479. Rev. Fr. Innocent UDOLISAH 18.07.15 480. Rev. Fr. Henry UGOKWE 18.07.15


Vicar General: Most Rev. Denis Chidi ISIZOH Chancellor & Secretary to the Archdiocese: Fr. Anthony ASOANYA Vice-Chancellor & Coordinator, Health Services: Fr. Patrick OMUTAH.
College Of Consultors Archbishop Valerian M. OKEKE (Vicar General)
Bishop Denis Chidi ISIZOH Fr. Anthony ASOANYA (Chancellor) Fr. Patrick OMUTAH (Vice Chancellor) All the Six Episcopal Vicars Rector of the Basilica Msgr. N. C. OBIAGBA Msgr. Basil ONWUASOMBA Presbyteral Council Members: Archbishop Valerian M. OKEKE Bishop Denis Chidi ISIZOH Msgr. Basil ONWUASOMBA Fr. Anthony ASOANYA Fr. Patrick OMUTAH Fr. Jude MGBOBUKWA Fr. Christopher ODINA Fr. Emmanuel EGWUOBA Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE Fr. John ANOSIKE Fr. Josephat NZEKWESI Fr. Nicholas A. AKWANYA Fr. Jude Boniface OBOSHI, BSS.
Fr. Hilary ANISIOBI Fr. Kieran UDEGBOKA Fr. Patrick NDULUE Fr. Godwin OKOLO Fr. Peter OBIDI Fr. Celestine UMEH Fr. Celestine ANIOFOR Fr. Jude UDECHUKWU Fr. Alexander OBIORAH EPISCOPAL VICARS:
Onitsha Episcopal Region: Fr. Jude MGBOBUKWA Aguleri Episcopal Region: Fr. Christopher ODINA Iyiowa-Odekpe Episcopal Region: Fr. Emmanuel EGWUOBADunukofia Episcopal Region: Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE Nnobi Episcopal Region: Fr. John ANOSIKE Igbariam Episcopal Region: Fr. Josephat NZEKWESI Episcopal Vicar for Civil Servants: Fr. Nicholas A. AKWANYA Episcopal Vicar for the Religious Fr. Jude Boniface OBOSHI, BSS.
Episcopal Vicar, Priests in U.S.A and Canada: Fr. Patrick Chudi OKAFOR Episcopal Vicar, Priest in Europe: Fr. Josephat NNAJIFOR Secretary to the Archbishop: Fr. Evaritus OKAA-ONWUOGU Assistant Secretary to the Archbishop: Fr. Kenneth ANONA Secretary to the Auxiliary Bishop: Fr. Oliver EZEANI Assistant Secretary to the Auxiliary Bishop: Fr. Innocent UDOLISAH Archdiocesan Health Services: Fr. Patrick OMUTAH (Coordinator) Fr. Marius OBIAGWU (Assistant) Archdiocesan Pharmacist: Fr. Kevin EZENNA
Managers, Onitsha Archdiocesan Hospitals: Fr. Celestine I. OKONKWO Fr. Francis OJUKWU Fr. Peter ANENE Fr. Augustine NWEKE Fr. Fabian MOEDU Fr. Linus EZEDINACHI Fr. Chimaobim OKOYE Confidential Secretaries to the Archbishop: Sir Samuel OBIDILE, KSS.
Br. Goodnews IWUOHA, BSS Adviser on Political and Economic Matters: Dr. Obiora Okonkwo Executive Officer: Mr. Joseph ASOGWA General Office: Mrs. Juliana EZUGWU Miss Chibuzo CHUKWUDOLUE Immigration Department: Giselda Maria de Sousa Confidential Secretary (Chancery): Chinwe ONYEJEAKA Financial Administrative Office: Financial Administrator: Fr. Philip IBENEME Accountant/ Auditor: Fr. Remigius IKECHE
Typist: Mrs. Anasthasia EMMANUELInter-Diocesan Marriage Tribunal/Canon Law Office: Fr. Joseph NWAKOBY (Judicial Vicar) Members: Fr Titus NNABUGWU Fr. Evaritus OGBUAGU Fr. Jude EZEANOKWASI Fr. Emanuel NWABUDE Fr. Anthony CHIEGBOKA Fr. Aloysius ENEMALI Fr. Clement AGHADINUNO Fr. Michael AGUNA Fr. Wilfred AKPUNONU Fr. Calistus AKORAH Fr. Cyril MUOKWE Sr. Miriam Perpetua EGBUNA,IHM Sr. Mary Jane ARIRIGUZO, IHM
Notaries: Fr. Joseph UMEASIEGBU Fr. Oliver ANOLUE Typists: Mrs Florence IKEME Miss Maureen EDOZIUNO COMMISSIONS, COMMITTEES AND
Liturgy Commission: Fr. Michael AKIGWE (Chairman) Fr. Alfred OKPAKPU Masters of Ceremonies/ Liturgy Commission Fr. Alfred OKAKPU (Chairman) Fr. Vitus MBAMALU Fr. Michael AKAIGWE Fr. Evaritus OKAA-ONWUOGU Fr. Olive EZEANI Music Commission: (Representatives Only) Fr. Joseph EZEUGO (Chairman)
Fr. Patrick ORJIAKOR (Asst. Chairman) Fr. Alexander Ojo ANOSIKE Holy Trinity Basilica Pilgrimage Commission: (Representatives Only) Fr. Peter Damian AKPUNONU (Chairman) Msgr. N. C. OBIAGBA Fr. Bartholomew UBAH (Asst. Chairman) Archdiocesan Health Insurance Scheme: Fr. Patrick OMUTAH (Chairman) Fr. Philip IBENEME Fr. Edwin UDOYE Justice, Development & Peace Commission: Fr. Edwin UDOYE (Coordinator) Justice, Development & Peace Consultants: Fr. Kenneth ORAEGBUNAM Fr. Cyril ANENE, CSSp.
Fr. James AKUNNE.
Archdiocesan Caritas: Br. Emeka MADUKA, BSS.
Archdiocesan Agricultural Projects: Fr. Francis ANIGBOGU Youth Village Personnel: (Representatives Only) Fr. Dominic OBIELOSI: Rector Fr. Benjamin OJUKWU: Bursar Fr. Michael NWOBODO: Spiritual Director/Network Manager Fr. Cletus EDELU: Spiritual DirectorHistory Commission: Fr. John ANOSIKE Fr. Patrick NDULUE Mr. Gregory NTUKOGU Title Commission: Fr. Fidelis ONWUDUFOR (Chairman) Building Commission: (Representatives Only) Mgr. Nathaniel OBIAGA (Chairman) Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE (Asst Chairman) Surveyor Patrick NWOBU Engr. B. C. OBIELOSI Hospital/School Contract Board: (Representatives Only) Fr. Paschal ONWUGBENU Fr. Cyprian OKPALAKUNNE Fr. Anthony OBUMSE Ethics Committee: (Representatives Only) Fr. Leonard MOZIE (Chairman) Mgr. Emmanuel NWOSU Fr. Patrick NDULUE Fr. John ANOSIKE Fr. Cyprian OKPALAKUNNE Fr. Anthony OBUMSE Fr. Kenneth ORAEGBUNAM Lands Committee: (Representatives Only) Msgr. Nathaniel OBIAGA (Chairman) Very Rev. Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE The Chancellor The Vice Chancellor All Episcopal Vicars- Ex-officio members
Boundary Adjustment Committee: (Representatives Only) Msgr. Nathaniel OBIAGA (Chairman)
The Chancellor The Vice Chancellor Episcopal Vicar of the Region Priests’ Welfare Committee: (Representative Only) Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE Fr. George NZE MUOBA Fr. Gregory ADIBE Further Studies Committee: (Representatives Only) Fr. Nicholas A. AKWANYA Fr. Patrick OMUTAH Fr. Leonard MOZIE Education Strategic Committee Chairman: Fr. Prof. Nicholas AKWANYA Supervisors of Schools: (Representatives Only) Fr. Michael ESOTU (Consultant) Fr. Paschal ONWUGBENU (Chairman) Fr. Calistus MBANWUSI Fr. Simeon AMULUCHE (Project Manager) Education Secretaries: Fr. Anthony ASONAYA Fr. Paschal ONWUGBENU Regional Education Secretaries: Aguleri Region: Fr. Anthony Izzu OKOYE Dunukofia Region: Fr. Anthony Nonso OKOYE Igbariam Region: Fr. Anthony NZOMIWU Iyiowa Region: Fr. Anthony EZEPUE Nnobi Region: Fr. Benjamin EZEKWUDOOnitsha Region: Fr. Michael IDOKO Education Supervisors โ€“ Special Duties: Ogidi Zone: Fr. Benignus OGUEJIOFOR
Ogbaru Zone: Fr. James AKUNNE Onitsha Zone: Fr. Nicholas OKOSA Aguleri Zone: Fr. Luke OMALIKO Managers of Catholic Schools/ Institutions: Fr. Charles OKWUMU: Christ the King College, Onitsha (Manager/Principal) Fr. Stephen UGWU: Christ the King College, Onitsha (Deputy Manager/Chaplain) Fr. Vitus MBAMALU: St. Charles College, Onitsha (Manager/Principal) Fr. Peter NWANSOH: St. Charles College, Onitsha (Deputy Manager/Chaplain) Fr. Anthony Chukwudi OKOYE: St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Awka Ekiti (Manager/Principal) Fr. Paschal OKONKWO: St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Awka Etiti (Deputy Manager/Music Master) Sr. Maria Chijioke Nwankwo, IHM: Queen of the Rosary College, Onitsha (Manager/Principal) Fr. Jerome EZENWELU: Regina Pacis Secondary School/ St.
Rita’s Institute of Management (Director/Principal) Fr. Anthony Izzu OKOYE: St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Aguleri.
Fr. Peter OLISAH: Our Lady’s Group of School (Secondary/Special Science) , Nnobi.
Fr. Christopher ONUEKWUSI:
St. John’s Secondary School, Alor.
Fr. Anthony Nonso OKOYE: St. Kizito Secondary School, Umudioka.
Fr. Felix ONYEANWUNA: Matter Amabilis Secondary School, Umoji.
Fr. Cletus IDU: Girls’ Secondary School, Umuleri.
Fr. Peters NWADIMKPA : Boy’s Secondary School, Ogidi (Archbishop Heerey Secondary, Technical College) Fr. Stephen IFEANYI: Trinity (Basilica) Group of School (Nursery, Primary & Secondary) Fr. Benjamin EZEKWUDO: Seat of Wisdom Secondary School, Nnobi.
Fr. Michael ANYICHIE: Blessed Michael Tansi Secondary School, Aguleri.
Fr. Ferdinand OKIGBO: Sacred Heart College, Nteje.
Fr. Stephen ODINDE: Mater Christi Group of Schools, Iba Pope, Awada.
Fr. Anthony ONWUGBENU: St. Raphael’s Secondary School, Anumudu.
Fr. Anthony NZOMIWU: St. John’s Secondary School, Alor Medical Advisory Council: Dr. Gabby NWANKWO (Chairman) Civil Law Office/Legal Advisers: Msgr. Dr. Barr. Nathaniel OBIAGBA.
Fr. Barr. Cyprian OKPALAKUNNE.
Fr. Barr. Cyprian ADIBE.
Fr. Barr. Kenneth ORAEGBUNAM Fr. Barr. Justin ILEKA Fr. Barr. Anthony CHIDOZIE Barr. S. OPUTABarr. G.E. EZEUKO, SAN Barr. A.C. ANAENUGWU, SAN Book Censors: Msgr. Boniface ASUZU Fr. Lawrence MADUBUKO.
Fr. Godwin OKEKE.
Fr. Jeremiah NWOSU.
Fr. Christopher ODINA.
Fr. Charles ANENE.
Fr. Dominic OBIELOSI.
Fr. Patrick Paul UDOH.
Holder of Faculty to Absolve from Censures: The Chancellor The Vice Chancellor All Episcopal Vicars.
The Basilica Rector/Administrator Msgr. Nathaniel OBIAGBA.
Fr. Nicholas TAGBO.
Fr. Hilary ANISIOBI Fr. Jeremiah NWOSU.
Doctrine and Faith Committee: Fr. Jude MGBOBUKWA (Chairman) Ecumenism and Dialogue: Fr. Prudentius AROH (Chairman) Fr. Victor MBANUSI (Assistant) Cultural Heritage of the Church: Fr. Fidelis ONWUDUFOR (Chairman) Board of Editors, Trinitas Publications: Fr. Aloysius ORAKWE (Chairman) Editor, Archdiocesan Newspaper, Trinitas Fr. Pius UKOR Archdiocesan Gallus Caritas Centre, Abatete:
Fr. Donald UZOR (Chairman) Documentation, Library & Archive: Bishop Denis Chidi ISIZOH (Coordinator) Fr. Frederick NDIMAEME (Chairman) Fr. Ferdinand OKIGBO (Secretary) Fr. Fidelios ONWUDUFOR Fr. Samuel NWADIKE Fr. Basil ACHUSIM Fr. Emmanuel NDUBISI, BSS Fr. Damian OJUKWU.
Blessed Iwene Transi (BIT) Devotions Bishop Denis Chidi ISIZOH (Coordinator) Msgr. Emmanuel NWOSU (Postulator) Fr. Michael AKAIGWE (Assistant Postulator) Secretariat for Worldwide BIT Societies: Fr. Innocent UDOLISAH (Secretary) BIT Central Shrine/Pilgrimages Bishop Denis ISIZOH (Chairman) Fr. Innocent UDOLISAH (Secretary) Directorate of Catechetics: Fr. Jude MGBOBUKWA Director, Social Communications: Fr. Pius UKOR Director, Pontifical Mission Societies: Sr. M. Benet Azuka EZEOKOLI, IHM.Director of Vocations: Fr. Leonard MOZIE Assistant Director of Vocations: Fr. Celestine UMEH Directors, Vocations Supporters: Fr. Anthony IGWEAGU Fr. Abden ONWUEGBUSI Director, Marian Movement of Priests: Fr. Michael AKAIGWE Archdiocesan Laity Council: Mr. Ben ONYEKA (Chairman) Catholic Men Organization (CMO) Hon. Ifeanyichukwu NNAJIAKU (President General) Catholic Women Organization (CWO)
Lady Beatrice MADUEKE (Director) Catholic Youth Organization (CYON):
Mr. Vincent AKUEWULU (President General) Coordinators, School of Evangelization: Fr. Anthony IGWEAGU Rector, all Hallows’ Seminary, Onitsha; Vice Rector, All Hallows’ Seminary, Onitsha.
Coordinator, Hospital Chaplaincies: Fr. Boniface OKAFOR Hospital Chaplaincies: FR. Boniface OKAFOR:
St. Charles Borromeo Hospital, Onitsha Fr. Benedict ONWUDINJO: St. Charles Borromeo Hospital, Onitsha Fr. Emmanuel UDECHUKWU Holy Rosary Specialist Hospital, Onitsha Rev. Fr. Samuel CHUKWUJEKWU: Fatima Catholic Hospital, Awka-Etiti Chaplain, Onitsha Prisons: Fr. Pius Nwankwo Chaplains, Catholic Teachers: FR. Michael ESOTU FR. Gregory ADIBE Fr. Paschal ONWUGBENU Organizing Secretary, Catholic Teachers: Mrs. Priscilla ONYEALUSI Chaplains, Archdiocesan Laity Council: Fr. Innocent EGBUNIKE Fr. John MANAFA Chaplains, Catholic Men Organization (CMO): Fr. Philip NWAFOR Fr. Christopher IFEM Chaplains, Catholic Women Organization (CWO): Fr. Gregory ADIBE Fr. John Bosco OKAFOR Directorate for Youths: Fr. Vincent EZENWAKA (Director General) Fr. Jerome EZENWELU (Assistant Director General)Spiritual Advisers, Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON) Brother JOHN IHEANACHO, BSS Sr. Loretta OKOLI, DDL Chaplain, Catholic Boysโ€™ Organization (CBO) Fr. Jude IKENZE (General Coordinator) Chaplain, Catholic Girlsโ€™ Organization (CGO) Fr. Collins OKOYE (Archdiocesan Chaplain) Spiritual Director, Catholic Girls Organization (CGO) Sr. Mary Edith ONYILO, IHM Chaplain, Focolare Movement Fr. Innocent OKONGWU Chaplains, Knights of St Mulumba (KSM):
Msgr. Nathaniel OBIAGBA Fr. Jeremiah NWOSU Fr. Benjamin UDE Fr. Patrick OMUTA Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE Fr. Celestine UMEH Fr. Fidelis ONWUDUFOR Fr. Peter ANENE Chaplains, Knights of St. John International (KSJI): Fr. Emmanuel NWABUDE Fr. John UZUAKPUNDU Fr. Michael ESOTU Fr. George NZE MUOBA Fr. Donald UZOR Fr.. Anthony IGWEAGU Fr. Michael OKOYE
Chaplains ONYCAS Fr. Gabriel NKWUDO Fr. Boniface AGBATA FR. Stanislaus ONUORA Chaplain, Oblates: Fr. Charles ANENE Chaplain, Pioneer Associations: Fr. Anthony IGWEAGU Chaplain, Legion of Mary: Fr. Pius UKOR Chaplain, Nurses’ Guild: Fr. Benignus OGUEJIOFOR.
Fr. Kevin EZENNA Chaplain, Block Rosary Crusade: Fr. Paul NWANEGBO Chaplain, Shanahan Society: Fr. Anthony IDIGO.
Chaplain, St. Anthony’s Society: Fr. Anthony A. OBUMSE.
Chaplain, Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary: Fr. Pius UKOR.
Chaplain, Bible Society: Fr. Prudentius AROH Fr. Patrick Paul UDOH Chaplain, Purgatorian Society: Fr. Peter ANENE.
Chaplain, Queen of All Hearts: Fr. Anthony CHUKWU.
Chaplain, Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria (CCRN): Fr. George NZE MUOBA (General).Archdiocesan Spiritual Adviser, Mary League: Sr. M. Florence OHIAGBAJI, IHM.
Chaplain, Apostleship of Prayer League of the Sacred Heart: Fr. Francis ARONU.
Chaplain, St. Theresa’s Society: Fr. Cletus IDU Chaplain, Marriage Advisory Council: Fr. Clement AGHADINUNO Chaplain, Marriage Encounter Movement: Mgr. Nathaniel OBIAGBA Chaplain, Catholic Workersโ€™ Volunteer Force (CWVF): Fr. Bartholomew OKONKWO.
Chaplain, Catholic Doctorsโ€™ Association: Fr. Marius OBIAGWU.
Chaplains, Catholic Bible Instructors Union (CBIU): Fr. Prudentius AROH Fr. Patrick Paul UDOH Chaplain, Madonna Mercy Family International: Fr. Boniface OKAFOR Chaplain, St. Vincent’s Society: Fr. Peter EGWUONWU Chaplain, St. Jude’s Society: Fr. Jude OKOLO
Chaplains, Catholic Choirs Association: Fr. Joseph EZEUGO Fr. Alexander Ojo ANOSIKE Fr. John NWIZIOGO Fr. Jude ORAKWE Fr. Thaddeus EYA Fr. Emmanuel IKEOBI Fr. Patrick ORIJAKOR Fr. Stephen IFEANYI Fr. Ekene OKOYE Chaplain, St. Stephen’s Society: Br. Emeka MADUKA, BSS Assistant, Secular Franciscan Order (SFO): Fr. James OKAFOR, OFM. Cap.
Chaplain, Lifeguard Rehabilitation & Safety Organisation: Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE.
Chaplain, Couples for Christ: Fr. Donald UZOR Chaplain, Holy Family Military Catholic Church, Nigeria Army, Onitsha: Fr. Vitalis Titus OGBU Catholic Association of Media Practitioners (CAMP): Mgr. Boniface ASUZU (Chairman & Chaplain) Fr. Pius UKOR (1st Vice Chairman & Assistant Chaplain) Chaplain, St. Catherine of Siena’s Society: Fr. Ignatius OKWUONUChaplain, Altar Knightsโ€™ Association (AKA): Fr. John Bosco EZIKA Chaplain, Divine Mercy Prayer Group: Fr. Anselm CHIDUME Chaplain, Marist Brothers of the Schools, Njete: Fr. Gabriel M.P. OKOYE Chaplain, Apostolate for the Family Consecration: Fr. Josephat NZEKWESI Chaplain, Servants of the Poor: Fr. Ignatius OKEKE Chaplain, Soldiers of Jesus and Mary Movement: Fr. Charles OKEKE-ODUGWU Chaplain, Our Mother of Perpetual Help: Fr. Thaddeus EYA Chaplain, Catholic Church Warden Association: Fr Stephen UGWU Chaplain, Padre Pio Prayer Group: Fr. Henry ANYABUIKE, CSSp.
Chaplain, Confraternity of the Miraculous Infant Jesus: Fr. Celestine MADUBUKO.
Chaplain, World Apostolate of Fatiima ( Blue Army of Our Lady): Fr. Victor EZEANYA.
Chaplain General, Marian Societies: Fr. Pius UKOR FR. David OZOEMENA Fr. Peter Ejike OKAFOR Chaplain, Archdiocesan Mary League: Fr. Gabriel OKEKE.
Chaplain, Precious Blood: Fr. Michael CHIGBATA Chaplain/Coordinator, Archdiocesan Human Life Unit: Fr. Anthony C. ASONAYA Chaplain, Boys’ Scout Onitsha Archdiocese: Fr. Jeremiah NWOSU Chaplain, Cardinal Arinze Football Club Fr. Francis OBIEGBU Assistant Chaplain: Fr. Vincent EZENWAKA Chaplain, Soldiers of the Cross Society: Fr. Joseph EZEUGO Chaplain, Maria Consolata: Fr. Jude NWORAH Chaplain, Holy Family Society: Fr. Benjamin OGBUNUKO Vicars for the Mission: Fr. Kenneth ANONA Sr. M. Benet Azuka EZEOKOLI, IHM.THE SIX EPISCOPAL REGIONS
Onitsha Episcopal Region: Fr. Jude NGBOBUKWA Nnobi Episcopal Region: Fr. John Anosike Aguleri Episcopal Region: Fr. Christopher ODINA Iyiowa-Odekpe Episcopal Region: Fr. Emmanuel EGWUOBA Dunukofia Episcopal Region: Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE Igbari am Epsicopal Region: Fr. Josephat NZEKWESI


Bishops 1. Most Rev. Joseph I. SHANAHAN, CSSp 25 โ€“ 12 โ€“ 43
2. Most Rev. Charles HEEREY, CSSp 07 โ€“ 02 โ€“ 67
3. Most Rev. Stephen N. EZEANYA, CSSp 12 – 11 – 96
4. Most Rev. Albert K. OBIEFUNA 11 โ€“ 05 – 11
Priests 1. Msgr. William OBIELAGU 01 -02 -77 2. Fr. Michael UZUEGBUNAM 11 โ€“ 04 – 80 3. Fr. Felix EDOKWE 10 -12 – 86 4. Fr. Christopher NWADIKE 06 โ€“ 03 โ€“ 92 5. Fr. Paul UGOCHUKWU 28 โ€“ 04 โ€“ 92 6. Fr. Raphael NWANKWO 16 โ€“ 08 โ€“ 93 7. Msgr. Alfred ANYICHIE 14 โ€“ 03 โ€“ 95 8. Msgr. Patrick ACHEBE 25 โ€“ 01 โ€“ 97 9. Fr. Stephen AKAMELU 24 – 03 โ€“ 97 10. Fr. John OKAIH 14 โ€“ 06 โ€“ 97 11. Fr. Innocent UDEMBA 05 โ€“ 08 โ€“ 97 12. Fr. Vincent NWOSU 01 โ€“ 03 โ€“ 98 13. Fr. John OFFIAH 21 โ€“ 04 โ€“ 98 14. Msgr. Francis AKUKWE 15 โ€“ 06 – 98 15. Fr. Emmanuel ODIBE 10 โ€“ 3 – 99
16. Fr. Paul EZEOKE 13 โ€“ 01 โ€“ 00 17. Fr. Edmund IKENGA-MTUH 30 โ€“ 01 โ€“ 00 18. Fr. Augustine ANIEKWE 25 โ€“ 04 โ€“ 00 19. Fr. Innocent EGBUJIE 28 โ€“ 06 โ€“ 00 20. Msgr. Joseph NWIBEGBUNAM 16 โ€“ 02 โ€“ 01
21. Fr. Christopher CHUKWURAH 20 โ€“ 03 โ€“ 01
22. Fr. Godwin IKEOBI 14 โ€“ 03 โ€“ 03 23. Msgr. Vincent MADIKE 08 โ€“ 07 โ€“ 03 24. Fr. Gilbert OHAI 16 โ€“ 07 – 03 25. Fr. Vincent OKOLO 29 โ€“ 12 – 03 26. Msgr. Ferdinand UGWUEZE19 โ€“ 05 – 04 27. Fr. Denis NWAFOR 25 โ€“ 10 โ€“ 04 28. Fr. Timothy ANUNOBI 03 โ€“ 10 – 05 29. Fr. Gerald UBA 17 – 10 โ€“ 05 30. Fr. Clement ILCHKWU 25 โ€“ 10 โ€“ 05 31. Fr. Louis ILOKA 21 โ€“ 12 โ€“ 05 32. Msgr. Pius OKPALAOKA 15 โ€“ 11 – 06 33. Fr. Charles EZEABIKWA 15 โ€“ 01 โ€“ 07 34. Fr. Raphael OZIGBO 28 โ€“ 03 โ€“ 07 35. Fr. Michael EZEABASILI 26 โ€“ 07 โ€“ 07 36. Fr. Dominic OKAFOR 22 โ€“ 04 โ€“ 08 37. Fr. Mathias AJULU 25 โ€“ 11 โ€“ 08 38. Fr. Henry EMEKWUE 10 โ€“ 08 – 09 39. Fr. Peter EKWENZE 11 – 08 โ€“ 09 40. Fr. Collins NDUBUISI 08 โ€“ 03 โ€“ 10 41. Fr. Joseph AMADI 15 โ€“ 01 โ€“ 11 42. Msgr. Clement OKPALA 20 โ€“ 02 โ€“ 11 43. Fr. Denis SOKEI 23 – 10 โ€“ 11 44. Fr. Donatus EZIKE-IHEOMA 13 – 05 – 12 45. Fr. Stephen OBIUKWU 09 – 08 โ€“ 12 46. Fr. Constantine ESIAKA 13 โ€“ 05 – 13 47. Fr. Cyril EJINKONYE 03 โ€“ 10 – 13 48. Fr. Leonard OBIESIE 15 โ€“ 01 โ€“ 14 49. Fr. John Bosco OBUBOEGBUNAM 03 โ€“ 11 โ€“ 14
50. Fr. Peter Okafor 17 โ€“ 02 โ€“ 15 51. Fr. Augustine ANYANWU 11 โ€“ 05 โ€“ 15 Fr. Raymond MADUEKE 10 โ€“ 07 – 15


Deanery One Holy Trinity Cathedral, Onitsha.
Sacred Heart Parish, Onitsha St. Theresa’s Parish, Mba Farm.
St. Stephen’s Parish, Housing Estate, 3-3.
Our Lady Queen of All Satins Housing Estate 3-3.
St. Valerian Parish, Akpaka Blessed John Paul II Parish, Oyolu Layout St. Augustine’s Independent Station, Oyolu Layout St. Ignatius of Antioch, Otakpo Layout St. Francis’s Chaplaincy of the Capuchin Father 3-3 Deanery Two St. Joseph’s Parish, Onitsha St. John’s Parish, Onitsha
Christ the King’s Parish, Onitsha Our Lady of Fatima’s Parish, Onitsha Immaculate Conception Parish, MCC, Onitsha Deanery Three St. Mary’s Parish, Onitsha Holy Spirit’s Parish, Onitsha St. Charkes Borromeo’s Parish, Onitsha St. Charles Borromeo Hospital Chaplaincy, Onitsha St. Thomas Independent Station, Inland Town, Onitsha Deanery Four SS. John & Paul , Awada-Onitsha St. Joseph’s Parish, Awada.
St. Michael’s Parish, Awada.
St. Mary’s Parish, Awada Holy Trinity Parish, Awada St. Hilary’s Independent Station, Awada Blessed Iwene Tansi Independent Station, Awada St. Peter the Apostle’s Parish, Uwuagba-Obosi Holy Trinity Independent Station Ugwuagba Obosi Army Chaplaincy, Onitsha Deanery Five St. Jude the Apostle’s Parish, Onitsha Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Onitsha St. Michael the Archangel’s Parish, Onitsha St. Dominic’s Parish, Onitsha Immaculate Heart of Mary’s Parish, Onitsha St. Benedict’s Parish, Onitsha.
Deanery Six St. Gregory’s Parish, Iyiowa-Odekpe.St. Patrick’s Parish, Odekpe SS. Peter & Paul’s Parish, Nkutaku Madonna Parish, Iyiowa Odekpe St. Mary’s Independent Station, Iyiowa Odekpe Deanery Seven St. Charles Lwanga’s Parish, New Haven St. Patrick’s Parish, New Haven St. Francis of Assisi Parish, New Haven St. Raphael’s Parish, Anumudu Deanery Eight Kristi bu Chukwu Parish, Ogwuikpele Chukwu bu Eze Parish, Ossomala St. Joseph The Worker’s Parish, Atani St. Mary’s Parish, Ochuche-Umuodu St. Theresa’s Parish, Akili Ozizor St. John’s Parish, Ogbakuba Deanery Nine Holy Cross’ Parish, Nkpor Holy Family’s Parish, Akuzo-Nkpor St. Joseph’s Parish, Enekwasumpu Deanery Ten All Saints’ Parish, Nkpor Our Lady’s Parish, Nkpor St. Edmund’s Parish, Nkpor Madonna Ind. Station, Nkpor St. Michael’s Independent Station Nkpor Deanery Eleven St. Augustine’s Parish, Nkpor St. Anthony’s Parish, Nkpor St. Albert the Great Parish, Odume-Obosi.
Deanery Twelve Most Holy Name of Mary’s Parish, Abatete
St. Dominic’s Parish, Abatete.
St. Martin of Tours’ Parish, Abatete St. Joseph’s Parish, Odida-Abetete St. Michael’s Parish, Abacha St. Edward’s Parish, Eziowelle St. Paul’s Parish, Ideani Christ the King Parish, Abatete.
Deanery Thirteen St. Anthony’s Parish, Umudioka-Dunukofia St. Gabriel’s Parish, Umunnachi Holy Trinity Parish, Ogidi Our Lady of Assumption’s Parish, Ogidi St. Vincent’s Parish, Ogidi St. Monica’s Parish, Ogidi St. Joihn De Baptist Parish, Umunnachi Blessed Iwene Tansi Parish, Umudioka Holy Spirit Independent Station Ogidi Deanery Fourteen St. Joseph’s Parish, Oraukwu St. Mary’s Parish, Alor St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Alor St. Mary’s Parish, Nnokwa Madonna Parish, Nnobi St. Theresa’s Parish, Nnobi St. Paul’s Parish, Nnobi St. Joseph’s Parish, Awka Etiti.
Holy Family Parish, Awka Etiti St. Ann’s Parish, Awka-Etiti St. Albert the Great Parish, Oraukwu St. Kevin’s Parish, Nnobi St. Mary’s Independent Station, Oraukwu Holy Family Parish, Oraukwu.
Deanery Fifteen Our Lady of Seven Sorrows’ Parish, Umuoji St. Francis’ Parish, UmuojiHoly Family Parish, Umuoji Regina Caeli Parish, Umuoji Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Umuoji St. Dominic’s Parish, Uke St. Thomas Parish, Nkwelle Uke St. Odilia’s Parish, Ojoto-Uno St. Alphonsus’ Parish, Nkpor St. Theresa’s Independent Station, Umuoji Deanery Sixteen St. Paul’s Parish, Ojoto-Obofia St. John’s Parish, Oba St. Joseph’s Parish, Awkuzu-Oba St. Augustine’s Parish, Oba St. John’s Parish, Akwu-Ukwu St. Theresa’s Parish, Obosi St. Albert the Great Parish, Odume-Obosi St. John’s Parish, Obosi St. Stephen’s Parish, Obosi St. John Bosco Centre Chaplaincy St. Peter’s Independent Station, Ojoto-Obofia Deanery Seventeen St. Joseph’s Parish, Aguleri.
St. Paul’s Parish, Aguleri-Otu St. Francis Parish, Ivite Aguleri Our Lady of Victory’s Parish, Umuleri St. Mark’s Parish, Umuleri St. John the Baptist’s Parish, Nsugbe St. Mary’s Independent Station, Eziagulu-Otu Nwafor Orizu College of Education Chaplaincy, Nsugbe St. Joseph’s Parish, Nsugbe Deanery Eighteen St. Theresa’s Parish, Umunya Sacred Heart Parish, Nteje St. Anthony’s Parish, Nteje St. Raphael’s Parish, Awkuzu
St. Patrick’s Parish, Awkuzu St. Catherine’s Parish, Awkuzu St. Michael’s Parish, Ivite Awkuzu St. Peter’s Parish, Umudioka Awkuzu St. Vincent’s Parish, Ogbunike St. Stephen’s Parish, Ogbamgba-Ogbunike St. William’s Parish, Nkwelle-Ezunaka St. Peter’s Independent Station, Oze, Nkwelle-Ezunaka St. Theophilus Independent Station, Nkwelle Ezunaka St. Stephen’s Chaplaincy of BSS, Novitiate Nkwelle Ezunaka Deanery Nineteen St. Joan of Arc’s Parish, Nando St. Jude’s Parish, Nando St. Francis Parish, Nando St. Anthony’s Parish, Igbariam Holy Trinity Parish Farm Settlement, Igbariam St. Anthony ‘S Parish, Ifite-Ogwari Christ the King’s Parish, Omor St. Paul’s Parish, Anaku St. Luke’s Independent Station, Omor St. Joseph’s Parish, Anaku St. Joseph’s Parish, Umuerum St. Joseph’s Parish, Umueje St. Paul’s Parish, Omasi-Agu St. Andrew’s Parish, Omasi-Uno St. Mary’s Parish, Igbakwu SS. Peter & Paul Parish, Umumbo Blessed Iwene Tansi Chaplaincy, Anambra State University (Igbariam Campus) Deanery Twenty Holy Cross’ Parish, Oroma- Etiti Holy Trinity Parish, Umuenwelum St. Mary’s Parish Umudora โ€“Anam St. Mary’s Parish, Nzam St. Jude’s Parish, Innoma Our Lady of Lourdes’ Parish, Mmiata-Anam St. Theresa ofthe Child Jesus Independent Station, Mmiata Anam Holy Trinity Parish, Ega-Oja (Olumbanasa) Farm Independent Station, Owelle Ukwalla Christ the King Parish, Ode St. Michael Independent Station, Igbokenyi S. S. Peter & Paul Independent Station, Umuenwelum St. Vincent de Paul Independent Station Odekpe.
All Hallows’ Seminary, Onitsha.
Fr. Leonard MOZIE (Rector) Fr. John UZUAKPUNDU Fr. Gabriel NKWUDO Fr. Emmanuel OBINEMELU Fr. Stanislus ONUORA Fr. Patrick OJIAKOR Fr. Francis OKEKE St. Pius X Spiritual Year Seminary, Akwu-Ukwu.
Fr. Celestine UMEH (Rector) Fr. Emmanuel IKEOBI Fr. Cornelius Okezie OOKOYE Blessed Iwene Tasnsi Major Seminary, Onitsha (Provincial Seminary): Tel: 046-215830, 090-508164, 210063 Fr. Lawrence MADUBUKO Fr. Bartholomew UBA Fr. Charles ANENE Fr. Hyginus ZIKORA Fr. Gerald EFOBI Fr. Michael AKAIGWE Fr. Patrick Paul UDOH
Fr. Alfred OKAKPU Sr. Miriam Perpetua EGBUNA, IHM.
State Education Commission: Ogbar Zone:- Fr. James AKUNNE (Supervisor Special Duties) Idemili Zone:- Fr. Benignus OGUEJIFOR (Supervisor Special Duties) Aguleri Zone:- Fr. Luke OMALIKO (Supervisor Special Duties) Onitsha Zone:- Fr. Nicholas OKOSA (Supervisor Special Duties) Anambra State University, Igbariam Campus โ€“ Chaplaincy: (Blesssed Iwene Tansi Chaplaincy, Igbariam Campus) Fr. Paul OBIAGA (Chaplain) Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe: St. Catherine’s Chaplaincy: Fr. Benjamin UDE (Chaplain) Fr. Fidelis ONWUDUFOR Fr. Pius EJIOFOR Seat of Wisdom Chaplaincy, Metallurgical Institute, Owerri Road, Onitsha Fr. Emmanuel IKEOBI (Chaplain) St. Rita’s Chaplaincy, Anambra State Schools of Nursing & Midwifery, Nkpor: Fr. Benignus OGUEJIFORMater Misericordiae Catholic Chaplaincy, Federal Govt. College 3-3, Onitsha: Fr. Kenneth ANONA (Chaplain) PRIESTS OUTSIDE THE
Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, Nigeria: Fr. Sylvanus NNORUKA FR. Francis IGBOANUGO FR. John Bosco OKOYE Pope John Paul II Major Seminary, Awka, Nigeria: Fr. Linus OKIKA Fr. Cyril UDEBUNU University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu, Nigeria: Lecturers: Fr. Prof. Nicholas AKWANYA.
Fr. Michael Emeka ONWUAMA.
Students: Fr. Emeka ONWUAMA Fr. Gregory EKE University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Enugu: Lecturer: Fr. Edwin OBI-EZIKE University of Ibadan: Innocent EJIOFOR (Student) Enugu State University of Science & Technology, Enugu: Fr. Peter OFORJI (Lecturer)
Catholic Institute of west Africa (CIWA) Port Harcourt, Nigeria: Lecturers: Fr. Godwin OKEKE Fr. Jacob ANIOKE Fr. Aloysius ENEMALI Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka, Nigeria: Lecturer: Fr. Prof. J. Obi OGUEJIOFOR Fr. Celestine MBAEGBU Fr. Kenneth ORAEGBUNAM Fr. Bonachristus UMEOGU University Of Abuja: Fr. Christian ONUEKWUSI (Student) University of Benin: Fr. Fabian MUODU Fr. Linus EZEDINACHI Fr. Chimaobim OKOYE Nigeria Law School, Lagos: Fr. Jude MBONU Fr. Christian NWEKE Army Chaplaincy: Fr. Jude OGUGUA (Infantry) Fr. Jacob UKPOGU (Navy) Fr. Johnsmart MGBAKO Fr. Cletus OBIDIKE (Infantry) Police Chaplaincy: Fr. Francis OFOEGBU Fr. Vitus OGUJI Fr. Peter NWALI Fr.. Paul OGBOH Fr. Simpson OFUONYE Fr. Peter MBANUGO Rome, Italy Pontifical Urban University, Rome, Italy:Fr. Prof. Francis OBORJI Students: Fr. Emmanuel EMENU Fr. Fabian CHIKELUBA Fr. Felix AKAMONYE Fr. Basil EKWUNIFE Fr. Jude UDECHUKWU Fr. Francis UNEGBU Fr. Celestine OKAFOR Fr. Anthony EZEUGO Fr. George ADIMIKE Fr. Gabriel ANOCHILIONYE Fr. Basil OKELU Fr. Henry EKE Fr. Daniel ONUORAH Fr. Sranley OZIGBO Fr. Linus NNABUENYI Fr. Gabriel OKEKE FIDEI DONUM (Priests on Mission) Fr. Anthony UDECHUKWU Fr. Linus AGHAMELU United State Of America. (a).Sabbatical Fr. Elias MENUBA Fr. Christopher ADINUBA Fr. Anthony IDIGO (b).Fidei Donum (Priest on Mission) Fr. Joseph OKOGBA Fr. Jude NWABUGWU Fr. John UGOBUEZE Fr. Jude ANYAECHE Fr. Linus EDOGWO Fr. Peter NWACHUKWU Fr, Bartholomew OKAGBUE Fr. Edwin EMELI Fr. Augustine ODIMMEGWA Fr. Louis ASOBI Fr. Evaritus OBI Fr. Christopher EZEOKE
Fr. Daniel CHUKWULETA Fr. Patrick Chudi OKAFOR Fr. Matthew UGOWOJI Fr. Vincent ONUNKWO Fr. Anthony MADU Fr. Anslem OFORDUM Fr. Kieran UDEZE Fr. Charles ANEMELU Fr. Anthony NZEGWU Fr. Vincent OBI Fr. Livinus UGOCHUKWU Fr. Felix CHUKWUMA Fr. Charles ANYAOKU Fr. Cornelius EZEILOAKU Fr. Ireneus NWIMO Fr. Ethelbert ORABUCHE (c) Students: Fr. Gregory EZEANYA Fr. Thaddeus EZEH Fr. Ignatius NWANKWOCHA Fr. Alexander AGBATA Fr. Hyacinth JEMIGBOLA Fr. Theodore MBAEGBU Fr. Innocent AMASIORA Fr. Raymond AKPUNONU Fr. Maurice ABASILIM Fr. Stephen AKUJIOBI Fr. Donatus EZENNEKA Fr. Gabriel OKAFOR Fr. Charles ANEDO Fr. Sylvester ILEKA Fr. Edmund ANI Fr. Cosmas NZEABALU Fr. Felix UDOH Fr. Bartholomew OGUMELU Fr. Ignatius OKONKWO Fr. Patrick OKWUMUO Fr. Patrick OKONKWO Fr. John EKWOANYA Fr. Michael MBONU Fr. Justin OLISAEMEKA Fr. Sebastian MADIKECanada: (a).Fidei Donum Fr. Titus EGBUE Fr. Anthony Mary IBEAZOR Fr. Jude ONYEOGUBALU Fr. Charles NWEZE (b) Student: Fr. Aloysius ANYICHIE Germany (a) Students: Fr. Fabian EKE Fr. Lawrence OLISAEMEKA Fr. John EKWUNIFE Fr. Fidelis KWAZU (b) Fidei Donum: Fr. Moses NNAJIOFOR Fr. Stephen ORANUBA Fr. Henry OKEKE Fr. Martin ELUKE Fr. Simeon NWABUIFE Fr. Gerald EZEANYA Austria (Fidei Donum): Fr. Juventus AMADIKE Fr. Christian OJENE London, England (Fidei Donum) Fr. Josephat EZENWA Belgium (Fidei Donum) Fr. Callistus OKPONENWU Australia (Fidei Donum) Fr. Jude ONWUKWE Fr. Felix EKE Fr. Boniface AGBATA Fr. Thaddeus IKE Fr. Alexander OBIORA Fr. Christopher ONUOKWUSI
Ireland (Students) Fr. CLINTON NKEM Fr. Hilary ETOMIKE Philipines (Students) Fr. Evaristus EZEANI Fr. Christopher OKEKE Fr. Gabriel AMOBI Fr. Lawrence ORAZULUME Benin Republic (fidei Donum) Fr. Emmanuel UGONABO Fr. Jude NDINECHI Nigeria (Fidei Donum) Uyo Diocese: Fr. John OMUTA Priests On Special Apostolate Msgr. John Bosco AKAM (School Apostolate) Fr. Celestine I. OKONKWO (Manager, St. Charles Borromeo Hospital) Fr. Francis OJUKWU (Manager, Holy Rosary Hospital) Fr. Peter ANENE (Manager, Fatima Catholic Hospital) Fr. Kevin EZENNA (Archdiocesan Pharmacy) Fr. Anthony OBUMSE (Managing Director, Oluchukwu Microfinance Bank Ltd) Fr. Aloy ORAEKWE (Managing Director, Sapientia Media International) Priest-Members Of Clerical Religious Institutes And Societies Of Apostolic Life Congregation of the Holy Ghost Fathers & Brothers (Spiritans)Provincial House, 3-3 Junction, P. O.
Box 1603, Onitsha, Ph: 090-500515; 046-414488 Provincial Superior: Very Rev. Fr. (Arch) Peter AGBONOME, CSSp.
Provincial Secretary: Fr. Joseph OKAFOR, CSSp Provincial Bursar: Fr. James IBEH, CSSp In-residence: Fr. Andrew NNOJE, CSSp; Fr. Augustine /EJIKE CSSp Our Lady of Fatima’s Parish, Woliwo, Onitsha: Parish Priest: FR. Valentine EZEH, CSSp Parish Vicar: Fr. Cletus EKWEZIA, CSSp Parish Vicar: Fr. Fr. Emmanuel ONWUDIWE, CSSp Parish Vicar: Fr. Godian OGUEJIOFOR, CSSp In-residence: Fr. Cyril ANENE, CSSp In-residence: FR. Austin Mario IBEH, CSSp In-residence: Br. Linus UGWU, CSSp Capuchin Franciscan Friars Fraternity House, 3-3 Junction, Onitsha, Ph: 08063911263 E-mail:[email protected] Guardian, Vocation Director, Vice Director of Postulants: Fr. James OKAFOR, OFM Cap Vicar, Postulants Director, Assistant Vocations Director: Fr. Anthony ESIEN, OFM Cap Spiritual Assistant to Secular Franciscan Order: Fr. Nicholas OSHOMAH, OFM, Cap Franciscan Youth Director:
Fr. Fidelis AKPORS, OFM, Cap Bursar: Fr. Michael ABOGUNRINE,OFM, Cap Little Brothers of Jesus c/o St Edmund’s Parish, Nkpor Agu, P.O. Box 411, Onitsha, Anambra State.
Ph; 08063914025; 08033105359 Salesians of St. John Bosco Km. 07. Onitsha-Owerri Road, P.O. Box 314, Onitsha.
Ph: 046-270588 http://www.donbosconigeria.org; Email: [email protected] [email protected] Fr. Charles UZETO, sdb, Rector Fr. Nicodemus NEBIGWE, sdb, Vice Rector/Bursar Fr. Anthony EKEZIE, sdb, Chaplain Fr. Samuel AGDOSI, sdb, Training Director Br. Bonaventure UGHONU, sdb.
Practical Trainee Br. Alpheus AGBO, sdb, Trainee.
Missionary Society of St Paul SS Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nkutaku, East Niger Layout, Onitsha Ph: 046-211335 E-mails: [email protected]; [email protected] Parish Priest: Fr. Polycarp OJINGWA, MSP
Parish Vicar: Fr. Francis AGADAUJA, MSP
In-residence: Fr. Cyriacus OFFOR, MSP
Order of Preachers (Dominicans) St Albert the Great Parish, Odume-Obosi Ph: 046-251223, 251231, 251003 E-mail: [email protected];[email protected] Parish Priest: Fr. Alexius AGBA, OP Parish Vicar: Fr. Alphonsus OZOEMENA, OP
Parish Vicar: Joseph OSUNDE OP I n – r e s i d e n c e : B r. M a t t h e w OMAREGHAN, OP
The Discalced Carmelite Community St Theresa’s Parish, Umueze Anam Ph: 07062606400 Parish priest: Fr. Franklin UDENZE, OCD
Parish Vicar: Fr. Stephen UGWU, OCD
Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (The Redemptorists) St. Augustine’s Parish, Gerald Majella House Oba.
Ph: 08034034487; 08032304117 Parish Priest: Fr. Obinna OZOR CSsR Parish Vicar: Fr. Ekene D.
01. Our Lady of Angels Cistercian Monastery, Nsugbe. 02. Congregation of Brothers of St. Stephen. 01. BSS Generalate, Holy Trinity Cathedral Compound, P.O Box 1821, Onitsha, Nigeria. Ph: 046-413265, 046-487029. 08033126889, 08034014337,
08033808429, 08033355577.
E-mail: [email protected] 02. BSS Novitiate, Nkwelle-Ezunaka. 03. BSS Postulate, St. Anthony,
Umudioka-Dunukofia. 046-611547.
04. BSS Fraternity, Sacred Heart Parish, Onitsha. 05. BSS Fraternity, Immaculate Heart Parish, Onitsha. 06. BSS Fraternity, St. Mary’s Parish, Onitsha. 07. BSS Novitiate Fraternity, Nkwelle-Ezunaka. 08033125780, 0803405929.
08. BSS Fraternity, St. Joseph’s Parish, Aguleri. 09. BSS Fraternity, St. Mary’s Parish, Nzam. 10. BSS Fraternity, All Hallowsโ€™ Seminary, Onitsha. 08037078368
11. BSS Fraternity, St. Stephen’s Press, All Hallows’ Seminary, Box 1568, Onitsha. Phone: 090-508711, 08033233266, 08036747073.
12. BSS Auto Engineering Workshop, Trans-Nkisi, Onitsha. 046-485599, 08033470755,
E-mail: ststephenautoengineeringonline@ya hoo.com
03. Marist Brothers of the Schools. Marist Comprehensive Secondary School, Nteje. 04. Focolare Movement Igbariam. {Men} 05. Focolare Movement 3-3 Junction, Onitsha {Women} 06. Miles Jesu Eziowelle. {Men} 07. Miles Jesu {Men}Holy Spirit Parish, Omagba- Onitsha. Phone: 046-485087 08. Miles Jesu Nimo {Women} 09. Seculr Franciscan Order. 3-3 Junction, Onitsha. 10. St. Scholatica Benedictine Abbey. P.O. Box 301, Umuoji, Anambra State, Nigeria. 11. Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregation. 01. IHM Generalate, Onitsha P.O.Box 1551, Onitsha, Nigeria. Phone: 046-463727, 410765. 02. IHM Convent, Waterside, Onitsha. Phone: 046-411092 03. IHM Residence, QRC, Onitsha. 04. IHM Convent, Inland Town, Onitsha 05. IHM Convent, Ogboli Community, Inland Town, Onitsha 06. IHM Convent, Oguta Road, Onitsha. 07. IHM Postulate, Oguta Road, Onitsha. 08. IHM Convent, Nkpor. 09. IHM Novitiate, Nkpor. 10. IHM Convent, Madonna Renewal Centre, Nkpor. 11. IHM Convent, Awka Etiti. 12. IHM Convent, Aguleri. 13. IHM Convent, Umudioka -Dunukofia. 14. IHM Convent, Mmiata-Anam. 15. IHM Convent, Nnokwa. 16. IHM Convent, Iyiowa-Odekpe. 17. IHM Convent, Ideani
12. Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus Congregation. 1. HHCJ Central Eastern Privincialate, Immaculate Heart Parish. P.O. Box 2687, Onitsha, Phone: 046-413121 02. HHCJ Convent, Omagba -Onitsha. 03. HHCJ Convent, Alor. 04. HHCJ Convent, Iyiowa-Odekpe. 13. Daughters of Divine Love Congregation. 01. DDL Convent, St. Michael’s Parish, Onitsha. 02. DDL Convent, St. Joseph’s Parish, Oraukwu. 03. DDL Convent, BORACC, Nkpor. 04. DDL Convent, Awkuzu. 05. DDL Convent, St. Anthony’s Parish, Nkpor. Phone: 046-253300 06. DDL Convent, Oba. 07. DDL Regional House, Inland Town, Onitsha. 08. DDL Good Shepherd Community, Onitsha. 14. Holy Family Sisters of the Needy Congregation. 01. HFSN Convent, St. Mary’s Parish, Awada. 02. HFSN St. Joseph’s Provincial Home for Mentally & Physically challenged Children/Community of Children in Need, N0. 10 Niger Street, Fegge, Onitsha. Tel: 08029782994. 15. Daughters of St. Joseph Congregation. DSJ Convent, Ss John & Paul’s Parish, Awada.Phone: 046-214087. Fax: 090- 501199. 16. Missionaries of Charity {Mother Teresa Sisters}. MC Convent, Immaculate Heart Parish, Onitsha. 17. Clarissan Missionary Sisters Congregation. 01. Clarissan Missionary Sisters Regional House, Obosi. Phone: 046-485885, 0803336697
02. Clarissan Missionary Sisters, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Onitsha. Phone: 046-485241 03. Clarissan Missionary Sisters Convent, St. Peter the Apostle’s Parish, Ugwuagba-Obosi. Phone: 046489655 04. Clarissan Missionary Sisters, SS John & Paul’s Parish, Awada. Phone: 046-488709 05. Clarissan Missionary Sisters Novitiate House, Obosi. 06. Clarissan Missionary Sisters, Umuota Obosi. 18. Little Sisters of Hesus Congregation. LSJ Convent, St. Charles Lwanga’s Parish, New Haven. 19. Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena. Dominican Sisters’ Convent, Most Holy Name of Mary’s, Abatete. 20. Secular Institute of St. Raphael the Archangel. {Daughters of God}.
I. Headquarters, Most Holy Name of Mary’s, Abatete.
ii. Community at No.6 New Nkisi Road, G.R.A, Onitsha. iii. Community at No. 3, Ekwulobia Street, Onitsha. 21. Holy Rosary Sisters, Basilica of the Most Holy Trinit, Onitsha. Community at No. 9, Magazine Avenue, GRA, Onitsha. 22. Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy Congregation: i. DMMM, St. Jude’s Fegge Onitsha ii. DMMM Convent Umuoji iii. DMMM Community, Nsugbe 23. Missionary Sisters of Divine Mercy i. Community at No. 6 Park Road, G.R.A., Onitsha ii. Actus Dei International School, Akpaka G.R.A, Phase II, Onitsha iii. St. Gabriel’s Parish, Umunnachi iv. St. Edward’s Parish, Eziowelle. v. Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Ogidi. 09:49 03/10/2016