Good afternoon fathers

The above picture is Tobi Abiona.
Tobi Abiona was an active member of the Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria, Osogbo Diocese, he was once the parish president of Cyon St Johns Ilode, PRO, Cyon ife deanery, Cyon Diocesan PRO, and Ibadan provincial Cyon PRO.

During his time I worked tiredlessly in making sure the Organization grew and with his help we accounted success.
He graduated and got a job in Lagos and from there went to work at Maduguri and was declared missing on Monday 6th of November, 2023.
Since then efforts have been made both by friends and family to make sure we get him back.

Effort made so far.
Made some police reports , swear affidavit and sent someone to maduiguri ( a family member) to fasten hos release.
But at this point, our effort is exhausted as the police at Maduguri are not given the ultimate support to those that went.

Please fathers , we need you at this trailing time, not just to pray only but our connection will go a long way at this time. We need to enforce military personnel to stand up and do their work.

We believe with the influence of our bishop we can reach out to those that can help.

We the youths are crying pleading to your support, as we don’t want to lose any of our member that went to work for what he will eat.

Please fathers your involvement will go a long way.

For any information you can call me on: 08103620868.

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