June 16, 2024
Reflections By Rev. Fr. David Okolie



Dearest friends, have you ever wondered why HATRED has kept on spreading among a number of Christians – Family members, friends, couples, ministers, pastors, religious, etc.?

Personally, what gives me serious concern when I think about the above is that the above persons claim to be following Jesus Christ. But the words of the same Jesus Christ are very clear in the conclusion of the parable of the ‘UNFORGIVING SERVANT’ thus: “… So, too, shall my heavenly Father do to you, if each one of you will not FORGIVE his brother from your hearts” (cf. Matt 18:21-35).

Well, I think one of the major reasons why this Jesus’ teaching on FORGIVENESS seems impracticable is the role that a number of pastors and ministers in all the Christian denominations play. It is quite unfortunate that a number of pastors and ministers enrich themselves more through the so called ‘REVENGEFUL Prayers, Preaching, Ministration, Prophecy, etc.’ Thus, a number of the members are happy and are ready to donate more MONEY when they hear such words as: ‘That man or woman, who has offended you would not see the light of the day’; then they would shout A……MEN OOO! What an unfortunate situation! That is nothing but PSEUDO-CHRISTIANITY (i.e False Christianity). The Christianity that follows the teachings and exemplary life of Jesus Christ is the one that preaches FORGIVENESS and SINCERE LOVE.

Therefore, dearest friends, if you and I really want to be Christ-like in our Christian life, we must be ready to forgive at all times. Though, sometimes it is very difficult but with the GRACE of God, we can always live it out. Thus, the Catechism affirms:

Christian prayer extends to the FORGIVENESS of ENEMIES…Forgiveness is a high-point of Christian prayer; only hearts attuned to God’s compassion can receive the gift of prayer. Forgiveness also bears witness that, in our world, LOVE is stronger than sin (cf. CCC n. 2844).

We pray the Blessed Virgin Mary to always support us with her powerful intercession. Amen🙏🏼

Happy Sunday and remain blessed!

READINGS: R1: Sir 27:30-28:7, R2: Rom 14:7-9, Gosp. Matt 18:21-35)

Rev. Fr. David Okolie is a Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria. He is a prolific writer, retreat preacher and social media evangelizer.

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