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LEADERSHIP (Bishop's Profile)

Date of Birth: 25 May, 1962 Date of Priestly Ordination: 4 July. 1987 Date of Episcopal Ordination: 12 July, 2008 House Address: Bishop’s House. Ajilosun, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Nigeria.
Postal Address: P. O. Box 136. Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti E-mail: [email protected] Motto: Christ is my Strength

(Emeritus Bishop) Date of Birth: 17 April, 1935.
Place of Birth: Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria Date of Priestly Ordination: 4 July, 1965 Date of Episcopal Ordination: 10 October, 1971 House Address: Porta Caeli, (Heaven’s Threshold: Ajilosun, Ado-Ekiti. Ekiti State. Nigeria.
E-mail: [email protected] Motto: Confide in Deo

Ecclesiastical Province of Ibadan

Towards the end of the 19th Century and early 20 Century, many Ekiti young
men travelled to Lagos, Ibadan and Abeokuta and came in contact with the Catholic Faith. In 1913, a group of such young men left Usi-Ekiti to invite Rev. Fr. Loius Friess from Ibadan. These pioneering seekers of Christ were Ajidahun, Agbo, Mosofe, Ode and Ogidi. Bishop Terrien of Lagos approved the invitation and Fr Friess, accompanied by these young men, travelled by train to Offa now in Kwara State. They all walked the rest of the journey via Ila- Orangun (Osun State), Otun-Ekiti down to Usi-Ekiti where the mustard seed of the Catholic faith was first planted in Ekitiland on 19 March, 1913, when the first Mass was celebrated by Fr Friess. Fr Friess returned to Lagos via the same route and reported his mission to Bishop Terrien for further action.
Province: Ibadan Erection: July 30, 1972No sooner this mustard seed was planted in Usi than Ekiti was created as an Administrative Division by the British colonial masters with Captain Alexander Livingstone as the first District Officer. The officer was an old friend of Fr Friess and Fr Paulisen who were sent by the Bishop to evangelize Ekiti. Captain Livingstone met Fr Paulisen at Ilesa. They walked down to Ado-Ekiti in November 1914. They went round Ekiti territory visiting Efon-Alaaye, llawe and other villages and towns in company of the first Catechist in Ekiti, Mr l. O. Odumosu. Fr Friess handed over to Fr Erkins, Osogbo and E k i t i a x e s w i t h O s o g b o a s headquarters. He visited Efon in 1915 where he baptized Matthew Borisade along with others.
In 1916, Fr Wouters arrived Ado-Ekiti as the first resident Priest and stayed in Matthew Akinyede’s father’s house where he celebrated the Sacrifice of the Mass for the first time in Ado. He was joined by Fr George Laugel in January 1917 as his Assistant.
Because of its strategic position as an Administrative Headquarters, Ado-Ekiti has become the Headquarters of the Catholic Church in Ekiti ever since.
Between 1913 and 1929, Missionaries from the French Province of the SMA were in charge of Ekiti. Fr Laugei was the most outstanding among these pioneer Missionaries. Assisted by Catechists who were from outside Ekiti, he planted churches and founded schools around Ekiti. In December 1917, Philip Akinyede was appointed Baba Egbe (lay leader) of the faithful in Ado- Ekiti. Between 1929
and 1943, after World War II, with Nigeria allotted to the British as a Colony, French Nationals were not welcome by the British in Nigeria.
Hence, the Irish Province of the SMA replaced the French Province in Nigeria.
Ekiti was once part of the ancient Bight of Benin covering the area South of the River Niger and the Delta to Lagos, then administered by Bishop O’Rourke, SMA, in 1929 when he succeeded Bishop Terrien, SMA.
Ondo, including Ekiti and llorin areas, became a Vicariate in 1943 under Bishop Thomas Hughes, SMA. In 1948. what is now known as Ondo and Ekiti States (Ondo and Ekiti Dioceses) became a Diocese under the same Bishop Thomas Hughes, SMA. He was succeeded in 1958 by Bishop William Field, SMA. It was with Bishop William Field that Ondo Diocese was divided into two, with Ondo Diocese in the South and Ekiti Diocese in the North in 1972. The Diocese of Ekiti was erected as the Diocese of Ado-Ekiti on 30th July, 1972, and on the request of the pioneer Bishop, the name was changed to the Diocese of Ekiti on 11 December, 1972.
Bishop Michael Patrick Olatunji Fagun then became the first Bishop of this Diocese. He retired on 17 April, 2010, and Bishop Felix Femi Ajakaye who was ordained a Co- adjutor to Bishop Fagun on 12 July, 2008, publicly assumed the office as the Bishop of Ekiti on 1 May. 2010, thus becoming the second Bishop of Ekiti.The society of African Missions (SMA) fathers were assisted in their evangelization apostolate by the St Louis Sisters who arrived in the area in 1948. These Sisters catered for the material and spiritual welfare of the womenfolk.
Ekiti diocese was the first in the South-West Zone of Nigeria, comprising Lagos, Ibadan, and Benin City Ecclesiastical Provinces (the ancient Bight of Benin), to be fully indigenized.
Ekiti Diocese has a total of I09 Diocesan serving Priests. As the substantive Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Most Rev Michael Olatunji Fagun founded a Female Religious Congregation of a Diocesan Rite, Sisters of St Michael the Archangel, SSMA, on 6 November, 1986, with its seat in Ekiti Diocese. At the moment, t h e D i o c e s e h a s 3 7 M a j o r Seminarians: 43 full-time Catechists, 54 Voluntary; Catechists; 515 Graduates of the School of Evangelization and several voluntary Catechists and Lay Evangelizers. It has a Technical Workshop, named after St Joseph the Worker.
The Diocese has a Pastoral Centre, named after the late Pontiff, St Pope John Paul II, used for pastoral activities and also open to the public. It has a virile Justice Development and Peace Initiative (JDPI) committed to the social development of the people and in defence of human rights. Ekiti Diocese continues to send out Priest Missionaries to give a helping hand (fidei donum) in the work of
evangelization to other dioceses in Nigeria, while at the same time it enjoys the services of Religious Priests and Sisters from outside Ekiti Diocese. The Diocese celebrated in 2013 the Centenary of the Catholic Faith in Ekitiland (1913 – 2013),


Following their Order of Ordination Names D.O.B Ordination 1. Bishop M.O. Fagun 17/04/35 04/07/65 10/10/71 2. Bishop F.F. Ajakaye 25/05/62 04/07/87 12/07/08 3. Msgr P.O. Adesina 28/09/49 21/12/75 4. Msgr E.A. Ogidan 13/10/49 19/12/76 5. Msgr J. Ayeni 12/12/52 17/12/77 6. Fr M.O. Fayomi 21/09/56 14/02/82 7. Msgr C.C. Ohaeri 12/12/49 31/07/83 8. Msgr J. O. Ojo 22/06/51 07/08/83 9. Fr C. Ogunsusi 18/03/60 28/04/84 10. Msgr D. S. Ajayi 09/02/58 25/08/84 11. Fr F-M. Ogundare 07/07/52 08/09/84 12. Fr J. Olaogun 18/08/58 08/09/84 13. Fr R. Osegboun 30/08/59 19/07/86 14. Fr R. Aborisade 02/05/59 08/08/87 15. Fr P.A. Ajayi 01/09/60 15/08/87 16. Fr P. Adelusi 01/l0/61 16/07/88 17. Fr K.K. Fakehinde 26/06/63 07/01/89 18. Fr A. Famuagun 11/09/59 14/01/89 19. F r Pius Famosaya 04/05/61 05/08/89 20. Fr Michael Omojola 21104/65 14/07/90 21. Fr Michael Ilori 18/12/59 14/07/90 22. Fr Emmanuel Ogundele 27/06/64 14/07/90 23. Fr F.O. Adeleye 11/12163 06/04/91 24. Fr A. Fadola 16/07/61 13/04/91 25. Fr A. Oge 29/08/65 03/08/91 26. Fr G O. Ajana 09/07/69 08/10/94 27. Fr. A. O. Ijasan 26/06/69 08/10/94 28. Fr E. A. Ojo 28/12/68 08/10/9429. Fr P. Ajibade 26/05/65 12/10/96 30. Fr M. Olofinlade 10/07/64 12/10/96 31. Fr C. Ogunlusi 23/11/67 21/12/96 32. Fr A. Kehinde- Bello 20/12/65 27/06/97 33. Fr P. Aduloju 20/12/64 19/07/97 34. Fr W. Aso 12/01/66 19/07/97 35. Fr E. Oladele 09/10/66 19/07/97 36. Fr Augustine Aina 20/04/63 18/07/98 37. Fr E. Akingbade 22/09/71 18/07/98 38. Fr F. Odesanmi 04/07/68 18/07/98 39. Fr Vincent Ojo 12/03/71 18/07/98 40. Fr J. Okunmuyide 12/08/62 18/07/98 41. Fr J. Oloniyo 12/06/64 18/07/98 42. Fr P. K. Amubiaya 27/05/66 04/09/99 43. Fr Benedict Joseph 07/04/71 04/09/99 44. Fr A. Oyelami 07/11/71 04/09/99 45. Fr P. Akodu 15/01/70 12/08/00 46. Fr L. Olaniyan 06/09/66 12/08/00 47. Fr L. Jegede 16/11/68 03/08/02 48. Fr P. Osuntoyinbo 23/03/76 03/08/02 49. Fr J. Adewumi 08/06/71 19/07/03 50. Fr A. Bankole 07/07/74 19/07/03 51. Fr Alexander Ilori 21/02/75 19/07/03 52. Fr Louis Omojola 21/09/74 19/07/03 53. Fr P. Adeusi 18/04/72 06/12/03 54. Fr L. Akinbo 12/08/73 10/07/04 55. Fr M. Awoyinka 12/03/77 10/07/04 56. Fr I Ashaolu 27/06/74 10/07/04 57. Fr C. Elegbeleye 15/04/75 07/08/04 58. Fr J. lbuola 22/10/77 07/08/04 59. Fr J. Ogunmoroti 31/05/74 07/08/04 60. Fr Lucas Ojo 15/01/74 07/08/04 61. Fr M. Adeola 28/03/75 13/08/05 62. Fr Ambrose Aina 18/03/74 13/08/05 63. Fr M. Akinyemi 14/02/78 13/08/05 64. Fr P. Alesin 09/01/77 13/08/05 65. Fr N. Oguntuase 06/12/77 13/08/05 66. Fr J. Onijigin 15/12/75 22/07/06 67. Fr Charles Odeyemi 04/06/75 29/12/06 68. Fr F. Adelabu 27/03/81 18/08/07 69. Fr A. Faola 30/12/77 18/08/07 70. Fr C. Kayode 03/08/75 18/08/07 71. Fr P. Adesugba 15/12/70 26/06/08 72. Fr Christopher Ojo 21/05/81 26/06/0873. Fr V. Olaseeni 02/10/80 26/06/08 74. Fr A. OIogunja 27/07/78 26/06/08 75. Fr P. Adaja 12/03/81 18/07/09 76. Fr E. Alao 03/01/83 18/07/09 77. Fr J.T. Awe 15/03/81 18/07/09 78. Fr A. Dada 04/09/81 18/07/09 79. Fr Andrew Odeyemi 13/04/76 18/07/09 80. Fr I. Olowookere 09/04/77 18/07/09 81. Fr C. Odeluyi 10/10/82 28/12/09 82. Fr J. Abegunde 21/09/82 18/09/10 83. Fr L. Adetola 23/02/78 18/09/10 84. Fr L. Ayodele 05/I2/83 18/09/10 85. Fr J.P. Ogundipe 17/07/80 18/09/10 86. Fr P. Olowolafe 03/01/80 18/09/10 87. Fr T. Adebisi 26/03/79 26/12/11 88. Fr M. Adewumi 07/05/79 26/12/11 89. Fr E. Oluwatuyi 01/10/76 26/12/11 90. Fr S. Oyeniran 11/11/77 26/12/11 91. Fr A. Arowolo 21/05/85 28/12/12 92. Fr P. Ayemowa 10/09/80 28/12/12 93. Fr Patrick Aina 07/04/77 28/12/12 94. Fr F. Ajiboye 28/12/72 20/07/13 95. Fr D. Akor 30/06/84 20/07/13 96. Fr F. Alade 28/06/78 20/07/13 97 Fr C. Atoki 01/10/79 20/07/13 98. Fr Marcus Famosaya 15/05/80 20/07/13 99. Fr A. Omoleye 30/01/83 20/07/13 100. Fr A. Alaran 15/03/79 20/09/14 101. Fr R. Fadogba 16/07/85 20/09/14 102. Fr Emmanuel Ogundele 16/02/82 20/09/14 103. Fr T. Oluwadare 17/02/86 20/09/14 104. Fr Joseph Bamidele 24/12182 03/10/15 105. Fr Jerome Ogundele 28/06/83 03/10/15 106. Fr Peter Ola 03/02/83 03/10/15 107. Fr Charles Olayemi 02109/86 03/10/15 108. Fr Stephen Ojo 17/02/75 03/10/15 109.Fr Cyril Osadare 21/06/87 03/10/15 RELIGIOUS PRIESTS WORKING IN THE DIOCESE
104. F r C. Udeh, cmf 14/11/58 05/07/97 105. Fr A. Mbaocha, cmf 18/11/73 05/07/03 107. Fr R. Kpooh, cmf 14/03/63 04/07/98 108. Fr B. Nwabor, cmf 23/05/76 01/07/06 109. Fr D. lkede, cmf 05/01/70 07/07/07 110. Fr A. S. Kondovoh, C.S.Sp 02/03/80 06/09/14 CHAPLAINCIES
Chaplain: Rev. Fr Charles Udeh, cmf Assistant: Rev. Fr Adolphus Mbaocha, cmf 2. ST THOMAS AQUINAS CHAPLAINCY, EKITI STATE UNIVERSITY, ADO-
Chaplain: Rev. Fr Emeka Okeke, cmf Chaplain: Rev. Fr Charles Atoki (Satellite Campus) 4. ST ANTHONY CHAPLAINCY, COLLEGE EDUCATION,IKERE-EKITI
Chaplain: Rev. Fr Fidelis Adeleye Assistant: Rev. Fr Emmanuel Oluwatuyi 6. HOLY CHILD CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL CHAPLAINCY, ADO-
Chaplain: Rev. Fr Clement Ogunlusi 11. POPE JOHN PAUL II PASTORAL CENTRE, ADO-EKITI
Chaplain: Rev. Fr Emeka Okeke, cmf DIOCESAN PRIESTS ON MISSION (Fidei Donum) 1. Rev. Fr (Captain) Martin Awoyinka, Military Chaplaincy, Abuja, FCT. 2. Rev. Fr (ASP) Martin-Rita Akinyemi, Police Chaplaincy, Abeokuta, Ogun State. 3. Rev. Fr Cyril Ogunsusi, (Lagos Archdiocese, Fide Donum). 4. Rev. Fr Emmanuel Ogundele, (Lagos Archdiocese Lecturer, Augustine University, Epe). 5. Rev. Fr Michael Omojola, All Saints Major Seminary Uhiele-Ekpoma, Edo State. 6. Rev. Fr Vincent Ojo, All Saints Major Seminary, Uhie Ekpoma, Edo State. 7. Rev. Fr Williams Aso, All Saints Major Seminary Uhiele-Ekpoma, Edo State 8. Rev. Fr Emmanuel Alao, Abuja Archdiocese 9. Rev. Fr Patrick Osuntoyinbo, (Priest Student- Lagos Archdiocese) 10. Rev. Fr Marcus Famosaya, St Cyprian, Oko-Oba, Lagos Archdiocese 11. Rev. Fr Alfred Omoleye, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ajah, Lagos Archdiocese 12. Rev. Fr George Ajana, National Director, Pontifical Mission Societies, Abuja 13. Rev. Fr Peter Akodu, (Priest Student- Unilag) 14. Rev. Fr Lucas Ojo, ljebu-Ode Diocese


Vicar General: Rev. Fr. Felix T. Odesanmi Pastoral Vicar: Rev. Fr. Raphael Osegboun Spiritual Vicar: Rev. Fr. Obinna Nwabor, C.S.Sp Religious Vicar: Rev. Fr Obinna Nwabor, C.S.Sp Diocesan Secretary: Rev. Fr Charles Atoki Diocesan e-mail: [email protected] Diocesan Secretariat Phone No: 08125674455
Diocesan Website: http://www.catholicdioceseotekiti.org Diocesan Secretariat Address: Catholic Diocese of Ekiti, Bishop Fagun Building, Pope John Paul II Pastoral Centre, P.O. 136. Ikere Road.
Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Nigeria.
Rev. Fr Felix T. Odesanmi, Msgr. P.O.
Adesina, Msgr. E.A. Ogidan, Msgr J.O Ojo, Rev. Fr. J. Olaogun, Rev. Fr R. O.
Aborisade, Rev. Fr K. K. Fakehinde, Rev. Fr A.O. Famuagun, Rev. Fr A.
Fadola and Rev. Fr Barnabas Obinna Nwabor, C.S.Sp. BISHOP’S SENATE
President Most Rev. Felix Femi Ajakaye Chairman Rev. Fr Raphael Aborisade Secretary Rev. Fr Anthony Kehinde-Bello Assistant Secretary Rev. Fr Augustine Aina Other Members: Consultors and appointed Parish Priests DIOCESAN PASTORAL COUNCIL
President: Bishop Felix Femi Ajakaye Chairman: Dr Emmanuel Onijigin Vice Chairperson: Mrs Esther Olaoye Secretary: Prince Thomas Abaekere Assistant Secretary: Miss Victoria Alagogooko Financial Secretary: Mr James Ale Public Relations Officer: Mr Adebayo Oluwole Laity Chairman: Engr. Lucas Dele Orubuloye DIRECTORATES
Religious Education: Rev. Fr. James Ogunmor Biblical Apostolate: Rev. Fr. Edward Oladele Assistant: Rev. Fr. Jude Awe Catechetical Institute: Rev. Fr. James Ogunmoroti Communications Team: Rev. Fr. Anthony Ijasan (Director), Rev. Fr. Anthony Kehinde-Bello Rev. Fr. Charles Olayemi Ecumenism: Rev. Fr. Louis Omojola (Chairman) Rev. Fr Christopher Odeluyi (Secretary)
Inter-religious Dialogue: Rev. Fr. Louis Omojola Education Commission: Rev. Fr Pius Adelusi (Director) Mrs Felicia Arabi (Chairperson) School of Evangelization: Msgr. J. Ojo (Director) Rev. Fr. Innocent Olowookere (Assistant Director) Health Co-ordinator: Sr Pemette Maris Anuhuebo
J. D. P. I:
Rev. Fr Raphael Aborisade, (Director) Rev. Fr Emmanuel Akingbade (Assistant Director) Prison Apostolate: Rev. Fr Emmanuel Akingbade Juridical Commission: Rev. Fr Benedict B. Joseph.
Msgr Pius Adesina, Rev. Fr. Pius Famosaya Rev. Fr. Augustine Fadola Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Akingbade.
Liturgy Team: Rev. Fr. Clement Ogunlusi, Rev. Fr. Joseph Onijigin, Rev. Fr. John Asaolu Rev. Fr. Clement Kayode Rev. Fr. Richard Fadogba
Music: Rev. Fr. Clement Kayode (Chaplain) Rev. Fr. Richard Fadogba (Assistant Chaplain)
Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS): Rev. Fr. Joseph Abegunde (Director) Rev. Fr. Anthony Alaran (Assistant Director) HC.A Coordinator: Sr. Felicia Adeola, SSMA Vocations Team: Rev. Fr. K. K. Fakehinde (Director) Msgr. P. Adesina (Chairman), Rev. Fr. F. Odesamni, Rev. Fr.A. Fado Rev. Fr. L. Adetola Ekiti Catholic Diocesan Strategy Commission (ECDSC): Chairman: Professor Francis’ Wale Olajide Secretary: Fr John Paul Ogundipe Diocesan Projects Committee: Rev. Fr. F. T. Odesanmi (Chairman) Rev. Fr. R. O. Aborisade, Rev. Fr. K.K. Fakehinde, Rev. Fr. A. O. Famuagun, Rev. Fr. P. O. Aduloju, Rev. Fr. E.K. Akingbade, Rev. Fr. P. O. Aina Engr. E.O. Oluwafemi ASSOCIATIONS
1. Diocesan Priests Association (NCDPA) Chairman: Rev. Fr Fidelis Adeleye Vice Chairman: Rev. Fr Anthony Ijasan Secretary: Rev. Fr Clement Elegbeleye 2. National Conference Of Women Religious (NCWR) President: Sr Michael Akinlusi, SSMA Secretary: Sr Maria Onyinye Kristi Inegbu, IHM Chaplain: Fr Barnabas Obinna
Nwabor, C.S.Sp 3. Ekiti Catholic Diocesan Catechists Association President: Catechist Francis Adeusi Secretary: Catechist Augustine Fele Director: Fr James Ogunrnoroti 4. Catholic Laity Council President: Engr Lucas Dele Orubuloye Secretary: Mr Vincent Jegede, KSM Chaplain: Fr Augustine Fadola.
Assistant: Fr Augustine Aina. 5. Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) President: Lady Grace Iyabo Dada Secretary: Chief Susan Modupe Omoniyi Chaplain: Msgr Dominic Sunday Ajayi Assistant: Fr. Emmanuel Oluwatuyi 6. Confraternity Of Christian Mothers President: Chief R. Y. Babalola Secretary: Lady F. Olajuyin Chaplain: Fr Pius Ajibade Assistant: Fr Peter Olowolafe 7. Catholic Youth Organisation Of Nigeria (CYON) President: Mr Gabriel Toyin Ogunlade Secretary: Mr Emmanuel Damilola Owoofe Youth Team: Fr John Paul Ogundipe (Chaplain) Fr Jerome Ogundele (Assistant) Sr Margaret Ajayi. SSMA (Adviser) 8. Church Wardens Association President: Mr Louis Adedayo Secretary: Mr Sylvester Adeyanju Chaplain: Msgr Jerome Ayeni Assistant: Fr Innocent Olowookere 9. Knights Of St John International ST PATRICK COMMANDRY NO
Worthy President: Sir. Albert Ogunsina, KSJ, Recording Secretary: Sir Peter Ayodele, KSJ.
Chaplain: Fr Dominic Ikede, C.S.Sp 10. Knights Of St John International, ST MICHAEL COMMANDRY NO
Worthy President: Sir Joseph Omodara, KSJ.
Recording Secretary: Sir Romanus Obasi, KSJ Chaplain: 11. M.O.D Association President: Mr Oliver Eya Secretary: Mr John Kayode Ayodele Chaplain: Fr Charles Udeh, cmf 12. National Association Of Catholic Corps Members (NACC)
President: Hilary Sochima Asomba Secretary: Emmanuel Ogedegbe Chaplain: Fr Barnabas Obinna Nwabor, C.S.Sp Assistant: Fr Christopher Ojo 13. Marriage & Family Life Apostolate Chairman: Chief Johnson Faleyimu Secretary: Mr John lgboro P.R.O: Catechist Francis Adeusi Chaplain: Fr Anthony Kehinde-Bello 14. Altar Servers Association President: Ezekiel lbikunle Secretary: Clement Olootu Oluwole
Chaplain: Fr Pius Adesugba 15. Association Of Catholic Public Officers (ACAPO) President: Mr Jide Oguntimeyin Secretary: Mr Felix Fagbamigbe Chaplain: Fr K. K. Fakehinde 16. Ekiti Diocesan Catholic Nurses Guild President: Lady M.A. Falana Secretary: Mrs F. A. Oso Chaplain: Fr Ambrose K. Dada 17. Association Of Catholic Trained Evangelizers Of Nigeria (ACTEN) Chief Servant: Evangelizer Gabriel Ayeni Secretary: Evangelizer Roseline Faeji Chaplain: Msgr Joseph Olu Ojo 18. Ekiti Diocesan Evangelization Commission (EDEC) Chairman: Msgr Joseph Olu Ojo Vice Chairman: Evangelizer Philip Amujo Secretary: Evangelizer Solomon Ojajuni
19. Ekiti Diocesan Choir Association President: Mr Tobias Busayo Famusan Secretary: Mr Philip Asigidi Chaplain: Fr Kayode Clement Assistant: Fr Richard Fadogba Pious Associations 1. Legion Of Mary President: Bro. Anthony Adelusi Secretary: Sister Janet Adewale Chaplain: Msgr Jerome Ayeni Assistant: Fr Ambrose K. Dada 2. Sacred Heart Association President: Sir F.O. Adu Secretary: Mr .S. A. Aladedahunsi Chaplain: Fr Francis Mary Ogundare Assistant: Fr Joseph Onijigin 3. St Anthony Of Padua President: Bro. E. Ajayi Secretary: Bro. Emmanuel Fatore Chaplain: Fr. Anthony Paola 4. Companions Of Priests & Religious Chairman: Sir M. A. Ajayi, KSJ, JP.
Secretary: Sir V. O.lbuola Chaplain: Fr Augustine Tunde Aina 5. St Jude Thaddeus’ Society President: Mr. R. O. Arabi Secretary: Mr. Vincent Jegede, KSM Chaplain: Fr Nicholas Oguntuase 6. St. Vincent De Paul President: Mr Patrick Ajibola Secretary: Mr Sylvester Adeniji Adewale Chaplain: Fr Patrick Aduloju 7. Calvary Intercessory Association Overseer: Evangelizer Joseph Falasinu Secretary: Evangelizer Emilia Awopetu Director: Msgr Joseph Olu Ojo 8. Pages Of The Blessed Sacrament Promoter: Aladedahunsi Patricia Secretary: Alademomi Victoria Spiritual Director:Fr Christopher Ojo 9. Block Rosary Crusade Chairman: Bro. Emmanuel Nwofoke
Secretary: Bro. Simon Emmanuel Chaplain: Fr Adolphus Mbaocha, cmf 10. Divine Mercy Association Coordinator: Dr Christopher Ehinomen Asst Coordinator: Chief Florence Aina Adeparusi Secretary: Evangelizer P.A.O.
Akintunde Chaplain: Fr Clement Elegbeleye 11 Catholic Charismatic Renewal Of Nigeria (CCRN) Chairman: Evangelizer Roseline Faeji Secretary: Evangelizer Prince Jonathan Eze Chaplain: Fr Andrew Odeyemi Assistant: Fr Thomas Adebisi


1. Very Rev. Monsignor Ogunleye Oguntuyi, First Ekiti Catholic Priest. Born in Iworoko-Ekiti in 1907. Ordained Priest on March 21. 1946. Died on December 5, 1986. 2. Sr Winifred Kehinde Kolawole, SSMA, Born in Awo-Ekiti on February 15, 1969 Professed Religious on August 20. 1993. Died on January 2, 1999. 3. Rev. Fr Cosmas Taye Ogunsina, Born in Ilawe-Ekiti on April 8, 1961. Ordained Priest on December 24, 1991. Died on December 28,1999. 4. Rev. Fr Lawrence Gbemi Adetoye, Born in Oye-Ekiti on February 2, 1970. Ordained Priest on September 4, 1999. Died on August 10,2001 5. Rev. Fr Philip Oluwabusuyi Osadare, Born in Ilawe-Ekiti on March 23, 1961. Ordained Priest on July 12, 1986. Died on March 23, 2002. 6. Rev. Fr Peter Obawale Olawumi, Born in Ado-Ekiti on June 12, 1955. Ordained Priest on 14 Feb, 1982. Died on November 20.2006. 7. Sr Benedicta Kehinde Oyebiyi, SSMA Born in Omuo-Ekiti on February 25, 1975. Professed Religious on 28/4/01; 29/9/07. Died on December 7, 2007. 8. Rev. Fr Rufus Olukayode Pariola Born in Efon-Alaaye-Ekiti on April 3, 1931. Ordained Priest on December 17, 1961. Died on March 1,2014.


Ado Deanery 1. St Patrick’s Cathedral, Ado-Ekiti 2. Blessed Michael Tansi lgbo Chaplaincy. 3. St Mary’s Church, lrona, Ado-Ekiti 4. Holy Family Church, Basiri, Ado- Ekiti 5. Christ the King Church, Aj ilosun, Ado-Ekiti 6. St Fidelis Church, Ayegunle Street, Ado-Ekiti I) St. Augustine’s Church, Ago- Aduloju, via Ado-Ekiti ii) St Patrick’s Church, Ago Araromi, via Ado- Ekiti 7. St Michael’s Church, Opopogbooro, Ado-Ekiti I) St Pius Church, Aba Ilokun, via Ado-Ekiti Mass Centres I) Mary Queen of Angels,Olorunsogo ii) St Michael, Adehun iii) St Michael, Federal Housing iv) St Michael, Onala 8. St Monica’s Church, Odo-Ado, Ado-Ekiti I) St Philip’s Church, Igirigiri, via Ado-Ekiti ii) St Mary’s Church, Idege, via Ado -Ekiti iii) St Lawrence’s Church, Erifun, Ado-Ekiti iv) St Dominic’s Church, Oke-Ureje, Ado-Ekiti 9. St Anthony’s Church, Iworoko- Ekiti 10. St Thomas Aquinas Chaplaincy, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti (EKSU)
11. Holy Cross Federal Polytechnic Chaplaincy Satellite Campus, Ado-Ekiti Ilawe Deanery 1. St John’s Pro-Cathedral. Ilawe- Ekiti 2. St Joseph’s Church, Afuremu, Oke-Bedo, Ilawe Ekiti. 3. St Patrick’s Church, Oke Erno, Ilawe-Ekiti i) St Raphael’s, Ilawe-Ekiti 4. Ss. Peter & Paul Pro-Cathedral, Igbara-Odo-Eki i) Holy Family Church, Surulere, Igbara-Odo-Eki ii) Holy Rosary’s Church, lgbara -Odo-Ekiti 5. St Thomas’ Church, Ogotun Ekiti I) St Joseph’s Church, Alagbede Camp, via Ogotu Ekiti ii) St Mary’s Church, Johnson Camp, via Ogotun-Ek iii) C. K. C, Osogbotedo. via Ogotun- Ekiti
6. St Benedict’s Church. 1gede-Ekiti 7. St Michael’s Church.Iyin-Ekiti 8. St Theresa’s Church, Awo-Ekiti i) St Philip’s Church. Esure-Ekiti ii) St Joseph’s Church, lropora-Ekiti Usi Deanery 1. St Joseph’s Church. Usi-Ekiti 2. St Benedict’s Church, Ido-Ekiti I) Church of Assumption, Alapo Quarters. Ido-Ekiti 3. St Mary’s Church. Ilogbo-Ekiti 4. St Stephen’s Church. Otun-Ekiti i) St Mary’s Church. Otun-Ekiti ii) St Michael’s, Otun-Ekiti 5. St Augustine’s Church. Osun- Ekiti. i) St Andrew’s Church, Osan-Ekiti ii) St Michael’s Church. Ofale (Mass Centre) Iii) St Mary’s Church. Baba Orioke (Mass Centre) iv) St Jude’s Church, Erinrnope, – Ekiti v) St Michael’s Church, Aaye-Oja- Ekiti vi) St Benedict’s Church, Epe-Ekiti (Mass Centre) 6. St Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral, Igogo- Ekiti i) St Thomas’ Church, lkun-Ekiti ii) St John’s Church, Isaoye-Ekiti iii) Good Shepherd, lgogo-Ekiti 7 St Michael’s Church. Osi-Ekiti i) St Peter’s Church, Igbole-Ekiti 8. St John’s Church. Orin-Ekiti i) Corpus Christi Church. lletin, Orin-Ekiti ii) St Mary’s Church, Ora-Ekiti 9 St Paul’s Church. Wlki-Ekiti i) All Saints Church. Aaye-Ekiti ii) St Thomas’ Church. Ifisin-Ekiti Lkere Deanery I. St Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral, Ikere- Ekiti 2. Holy Ghost Church, Ikere-Ekiti 3. St Paul’s Church, Afao, Ikere-Ekiti i) Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Obasanjo Estate, Fagbohun, Ikere-Ekiti 4. St Pius’ Church, Iro, Ikere-Ekiti i) St Anthony’s Chaplaincy, Ekiti State College of Education. Ikere- Ekiti 5. St Theresa’s Church. Ise-Ekiti i) St Raphael’s Church, Orun-Ekiti ii) St Francis’ Church. Afolu, via Ise- Ekiti iii) St Augustine’s Church, Obada, via Ise-Ekiti iv) St Mary’s Church, Kajola, via Ise- Ekiti v) St Agnes Church, Ajebamidele, via Ise-Ekiti vi) Ss Peter & Paul Church, Ajegunle, via Ise- Ekiti vii) St Mary’s Church, Aba-Panu, via Ise-Ekiti viii) St Joseph’s Church, Ogbese, via Ise-Ekiti 6. Sacred Heart Church, Emure- Ekiti i) St Patrick’s Church. Emure-Ekiti ii) St Joachim’s Church, Emure-Ekiti iii) St Peter’s Church. Emure-Ekiti iv) St Peter’s Church. Eporo, via Emure-Ekiti v) St Richard’s Church, Okeseri, via Emure- Ekiti vi) St Ambrose’s Church, Owode, via Emure- Ekili vii) St Luke’s Church, Alapoto, via Ernure-Ekiti viii) St Thomas’ Church, Aba-Egin, via Emure Ekiti ix) St Jude’s Church, Oge, via
Emure-Ekiti x) Holy Ghost Church, Sasere, via Emure-Ekiti xi) St Michael’s Church, Akeregun via Emure-Ekiti Ijan Deanery I. St James’ Church, Ijan-Ekiti i) St Paul’s Church, llupeju. via ljan- Ekiti ii) St Peter’s Odo-Ijan-Ekiti 2. St Columba’s Church, Igbemo- Ekin I) Our Lady Help of Christians, Igbemo-Ekiti ii) St Patrick’s Church, Are-Ekiti iii) St Joseph’s Church, Afao- Ekiti 3. St Michael’s Church, Ilumoba- Ekiti i) St Catherine, Iluomoba-Ekiti 4. St Paul’s Church, Agbado-Ekiti i) St Cyprian’s Church, Aisegba- Ekiti ii) St Agnes Church, Agbado-Ekiti iii) St Comfort’s, Oko-Agbado, iv) St Francis’ Church, Imesi (Lasigidi)- Ekiti v) St Matthew’s Church, Egbe-Ekiti Efon Deanery 1. St Michael’s Church. Efon- Alaaye-Ekiti I) St Bridget’s Church. Ipole-Iloro -Ekiti 2) St Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral, Efon- Alaaye-Ekiti I) Federal Government Girls College Chaplaincy, Efon-Alaaye- Ekiti. 3. St Anne’s Church, Aramoko-Ekiti I) St Joseph’s Church, Aramoko -Ekiti ii) St Augustine’s Church, Ikogosi -Ekiti iii) St Patrick’s Church, Erinjiyan -Ekiti iv) St Edward’s Church, Erio-Ekiti 5. St Peter’s Church, Okemesi-Ekiti I) St Augustine’s Church, Ido-lle -Ekiti ii) St Paul, Odoba, Okemesi- Ekiti Oye Deanery I. Ss Peter & Paul Pro-Cathedral, Oye- Ekiti i) St Mary’s Church, Oye- Ekiti ii) St William’s Church, Ayegbaju- Ekiti 2. St Gregory’s Pro-Cathedral, Ire- Ekiti i) Christ the King Church, Ire- Ekiti 3 St Anthony’s Church, Ire-Ekiti 4. St John’s Church, Ilupeju-Ekiti 5. St Michael’s Church, Osin-Ekiti i) St Philomena’s Church, Itapa- Ekiti 6. St Benedict’s Church.Ayede-Ekiti i) St Peter’s Church, Itaji-Ekiti ii) All Saints’ Church, lmojo-Ekiti iii) St Anthony’s Church, Oloje 7 St Martin’s Church, lsan-Ekiti 8. St George’s Church, Omu-Oke- Ekiti i) St Anthony’s Church, Omu-Odo- Ekiti ii) St Benedict’s Church. Ijelu-Ekiti 9. St Paul’s Church, Iludun-Ekiti i) St Joseph’s Church Iye-Ekiti ii) St Anthony’s, Ipere-Ekiti Ikole Deanery 1. Ss Peter & Paul Church. lkole- Ekiti i) St Jude’s Catholic Community. Ikole- Ekiti ii) St Joseph’s Church, Ijesa-Isu- Ekiti 2. St Thomas’ Church, Odo-Oro-
Ekiti i) St Anthony’s Church, Odo-Oro- Ekiti ii) Federal Government College Chaplaincy, Ikole- Ekiti 3. St Patrick’s Church, Oke-Ayedun- Ekiti I) St Joseph’s Church, Odo- Ayedun-Ekiti ii) St Mary’s Church, Ayebode-Ekiti iii) Holy Family Church, Ipao-Ekiti 4. St George’s Church, ltapaji-Ekiti i) St Mark’s Church, Oke-ako-Ekiti ii) Christ the King Church, lrele-Ekiti iii) St Gabriel’s Church, Iyemero-Ekiti 5. St Paul’s Church, Iludofin, Omuo- Ekiti i) St John’s Church, Ode-Ekiti ii) St Anthony’s Church. Isinhode- Ekiti iii) St Mary’s Church, Omuo-Ekiti iv) St Augustine’s Church. Eda-Ile- Ekiti 6. St Anthony’s Church. Omuo-Oke- Ekiti i) St Anthony’s Church, llasa-Ekiti 7. St Patrick’s Church. Kota -Ekiti Ijero Deanery 1. St Peter’s Church, P.O. Box 1 L Ijero-Ekiti i) St Michael’s Church.Oke-Oro- Ekiti ii) St Martin’s Church, Ayegunle -Ekiti iii) St Michael’s Church, Iroko-Ekiti iv) St Matthew’s. Igerno, Ijero-Ekiti v) St Peter’s, Ilukuno-Ekiti vi) St Raphael the Archangel Chaplaincy, College of Science & Health Technology, Ijero-Ekiti 2. St Columba’s Church, Ikoro-Ekiti i) Church of Ascension, Oke-Oja, Ikoro-Ekiti ii) St Joseph’s Church, Aba-Sakoro, Ikoro-Ekiti 3. St Mary’s Church, Araromi-Ekiti i) St Anthony’s Church, Ara-Ekiti 4. St Mary’s Church, Iloro-Ekiti I) St Matthew’s Church, Ayetoro -Ekiti 5. St Boniface’s Church, Ewu-Ekiti 6. St George’s Church, ljurin-Ekiti i) St Martin’s Church, Ipoti-Ekiti ii) St Thomas’ Church, Odo-Owa -Ekiti iii) St Patrick’s Church, Temidire-Ekiti FEMALE RELIGIOUS
1. Sisters Of St Louis (SSL) Arrived in Ekiti on 7 October. 1948 St. Louis Convent. Ikere-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching i ) St Louis Girls Sec. School, lkere- Ekiti, ii) St Louis Nursery/Primary School, lkere-Ekiti, Personnel: Sisters Christiana Ogundele. Agatha Nwanyanwu, Veronica Obi, Francisca Akinwumi (Student), and Vivian Ajonuma (Student). 2. Immaculate Heart Of Mary Sisters ( IHM) Arrived in Ekiti in 1977 (a) IHM Convent, Ilawo-Ekiti: Apostolate: Hospital i) St Theresa’s Hospital, Ilawe-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Mary Julia Odemigbo, Sr. Mary Rose Virginia Ibeh Sr. Miriam Joseph Enemuo
(b) IHM Convent, Ado-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching St Joseph’s Nursery/Primary School, Ado-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Mary Greta Aluma, Sr. Antoinette Marie Afoamuta, Sr. Maria Chuckwudiebele Ike, Sr. Onyinye-Kristi lnegbu, Sr. Vera Marriette Nwankwo Sr. Noelle Marie (c) IHM Convent, Ikole-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching I) St Theresa’s Nursery/Primary School, Ikole-Ekiti ii) St Theresa’s Sec. School, Ikole- Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Mary Ethel Opara, Sr. Mary Gladys Nwaobilo, Sr. Maria Salem Nwogwugwu, Sr. Maria Eldora Okwuosa (d) IHM Convent, Igede-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching Mater Christi Girls Sec. School, Igde-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. John Mariette Onyejekwe, Sr. Mary Anselm Nwachukwu, Sr. Maria Justitiae Amuh, Sr. Maria Chiwado Agba, Sr. Mary Uchenna Asogwu, Sr. Sussane Mariette Arumona Sr. Maria Nzubenna Ojih Student: Sister Mary Rose Blessing Eladonye 3. Daughters Of Mary Mother Of Mercy (DMMM) Arrived in Ekiti in 1985 Apostolate: Hospital I) St Mary’s Catholic Hospital, Igbara-Odo-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Star Maris Ogundeji, Sr. Mary-Blessing Kurumeh Sr. Pernette Maris Anuhuebo. 4. Sisters Of Saint Michael The Archangel (SSMA) Founded by Bishop M.O. Fagun on November 6, 1986 Formal Canonical Erection: February 26, 2000
(a) Generalate: Ado-Ekiti. P. O. Box 1360.
Apostolate: Administration, Bookshop, Pax Herbal Shop, Vocational Centre.
Personnel: Sr. Adenike Regina Oke, (Superior General), Sr. Mary-Anne Mowobi, Sr. Aina Patricia, Sr. Emmanuel-Mary Fadiya, Sr. Caroline Ogundiran Sr. Cecilia Obi (b) SSMA Novitiate, Ado-Ekiti: Novice Mistress: Sr Emmanuella Ojo, SSMA
(c) SSMA Postulate, Ado-Ekiti: Postulant Mistress: Sr. Christiana lshola, SSMA (d) SSMA (Mary Immaculate) Convent, Ado-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching Michaelian Nursery/Primary School, Vocational Centre Ado-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Catherine Oluyemo, Sr. Immaculata Omojola
Sr.Benedicta Eromosele, Sr. Mary-Anne Obama Sr. Scholastica Balogun. (e) SSMA (Maria Assumpta) Convent. Ado-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching Holy Child Catholic Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.
Personnel: Sr. Marcellina Barnisaye Sr. Agnes Ajobiewe.
Sr Pauline Ojo: Working at the Maria Assumpta Catholic Hospital, Ado-Ekiti (f) SSMA Convent, Ikoro-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching St James’ Nur/ Pry Sch., Ikoro-Ekiti Personnel: Srs EIizabeth Akinbolade and Priscilla Daodu, Sr Lucy Akinsipe: Working at the State Government Hospital, Ijero-Ekiti (g) SSMA Convent, Ilawe-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching Michaelian Nur/ Pry School, Ilawe-Ekiti; Corpus Christi Secondary School, llawe-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Margaret Ajayi. Victoria Dada Sr. Christiana Oloworuwase. (h) Pope John Paul II Pastoral Centre Convent: Apostolate: Pastoral Centre Administration.
Personnel: Sr. Veronica Owoso Sr. Mary Arasanmi (j) SSMA Convent, Kota-Ekiti Apostolate: Michaelian Nur./ Pry School, Kota-Ekiti I) Holy Child Catholic Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Personnel: Sr. Marcellina Barnisaye Sr. Agnes Ajobiewe.
Sr. Pauline Ojo: Working at the Maria Assumpta Catholic Hospital, Ado-Ekiti (I) SSMA Convent, Ikoro-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching St James’ Nur./ Pry Sch., Ikoro-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Elizabeth Akinbolade Sr. Priscilla Daodu.
Sr Lucy Akinsipe: Working at the State Government Hospital, Ijero-Ekiti (g) SSMA Convent, Ilawe-Ekiti: Apostolate: Teaching Michaelian Nur./Pry School, Ilawe-Ekiti; Corpus Christi Secondary School, llawe-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Margaret Ajayi, Victoria Dada Sr. Christiana Oloworuwase. (h) SSMA Convent, Kota-Ekiti Apostolate: Michaelian Nur. /Pry School. Kota-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Felicia Adeola Sr. Elizabeth Omotu Sr. Theresa Obende Sr.Victoria Akanbi. (I) SSMA Convent, (Emure-Ekiti) Apostolate: Immaculate Heart Nursery/Primary School, Emure-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Michael Akinlusi Sr. Joan Julie Ayeoribe (j) SSMA Convent, (Orin-Ekiti) Apostolate: Health Delivery Mother Emmanuel Nursery/Primary School, SSMA Clinic, Orin Ekiti.
Personnel: Sr. Veronica Babalola Sr. Catherine Ojolo Sr. Veronica Adepoju 5. PASSIONIST SISTERS (CP)
Arrived Ekiti on 2 October, 2014 Apostolate: Teaching I) St Philip’s Nursery/Primary School, Otun-Ekiti Personnel: Sr. Patricia Anyanwu Sr. Pauline Omemgbeoji Sr. Kechinyere Korie MALE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES
1. Holy Ghost Fathers (C.S.Sp.) Arrived in Ekiti in 1985 Apostolate: Pastoral Work St Joseph’s, lkere-Ekiti, Holy Ghost, lkere-Ekiti and St Pius, Ikere-Ekiti Personnel: Rev. Fr. Dominic lkede, Rev. Fr. Andrew Sao Kondovoh, Rev. Fr.Raphael Kpooh Rev. Fr. Barnabas Obinna Nwabor. 2. Claretian Missionary Fathers (CMF) Arrived in Ekiti in 1993 Apostolate: Pastoral Work Blessed Tansi Chaplaincy, Ado-Ekiti and Holy Cross Catholic Chaplaincy, The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti Personnel: Rev. Fr. Charles Udeh Rev. Fr. Adolphus Mbaocha Rev. Fr. Emeka Okeke 3. Marist Brothers Of The Schools (FMS) Arrived in Ekiti in 2012 Apostolate: Teaching Christ the King Catholic College (CKCC), Ire Ekiti.
Personnel: BrotherOkey Anochie, fms (Principal) Brother Basil Nwude, fms (Bursar) Brother Ferdinand Okororie, fms (Dean of Students , Affairs) INSTITUTES
I. Catechetical Centre St Joseph’s Catechetical Centre, Usi-Ekiti 34 Full time Catechists and 9 Part Time Catechists, 51 Voluntary Catechists, 18 Catechists in Training and 51 Evangelizers 2. SSMA Vocational Centre Mary Immaculate Secondary School premises, P. O. Box 10, Ado-Ekiti. 3. SSMA Candle, Host and Soap Factory, SSMA Generalate, Ado-Ekiti 4. SSMA Bookshop and Pax Herbal Centre, Ado-Ekiti St Patrick’s Cathedral premises. Ado-Ekiti
5. Diocesan Pastoral Centre Pope John Paul II Pastoral Centre, P.
O. Box 136, Ikere- Road, Ado-Ekiti. 6. St Joseph’s Technical Workshop Wood and Steel works, lkere Road, Ado-Ekiti
7. Health Care Delivery i) Maria Assumpta Hospital, Ado- Ekiti ii) St Theresa’s Hospital, llawe-Ekiti iii) St Mary’s Hospital, lgbara-Odo iv) Our Lady of Lourdes Clinic, Emure- Ekiti v) Divine Mercy Health Centre, Orin- Ekiti SCHOOLS
106 Primary Schools were lost to the government in 1975 with 7 Secondary Schools and a Technical School forcibly taken over by the then Military Government of Nigeria. (a) PRIMARY SCHOOLS I) St Joseph’s Nursery/Primary School, Ado-Ekiti ii) St Theresa’s Nursery/Primary. School, Ikole-Ekiti iii) St Philip’s Nursery /Primary School, Otun-Ekiti iv) St James’ Nursery/ Primary School, Ikoro-Ekiti v) Michaelian Nursery/Primary School, Ilawe-Ekiti vi) Our Lady of Fatima Nursery/Primary School, Ire-Ekiti vii) St Benedict’s Nursery/Primary School, ljelu-Ekiti viii) Divine Mercy Nursery/Primary School, Igbara- Ekiti ix) Mother Emmanuel Nursery/ Primary School, Orin-Ekiti x) Michaelian Nursery/ Primary School,Ado-Ekiti xi) St Michael’s Nursery/Primary School, Igogo-Ekiti xii) Michaelian Nursery/Primary School, Kota- Ekiti xiii) St Louis Nursery/Primary School, Ikere-Ekitixiv) Seat of Wisdom Nursery/Primary School, ljan-Ekiti xv) Immaculate Heart Nursery/Primary School, Emure- Ekiti
(b) SECONDARY SCHOOLS I) Holy Child Secondary School, Ado-Ekiti. ii) St Theresa’s Secondary School, Ikole-Ekiti
iii) Christ the King Catholic College (CKCC), lre-Ekiti iv) Mater Christi Girls Secondary School, Igede- Ekiti v) Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Secondary School, Oye- Ekiti vi) St Gabriel’s Secondary School, Ijero-Ekiti vii) Lumen Christi Secondary School, Otun-Ekiti