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LEADERSHIP (Bishop's Profile)

Date of Birth: December 3, 1944 Priestly Ordination: December 27, 1978 Episcopal Ordination: May 17, 1992 Address: Catholic Bishop’s House 16, Umar Audu Road G.R.A. P. O. Box 686, Ilorin, Kwara State Ph: 031 โ€“ 222292; 031 โ€“ 740554, 08052181859; 08033560751
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Ecclesiastical Province of Ibadan

First Mass in the Diocese: 1912 First Missionary: Rev. Fr. I. Ekins First Bishop: Most Rev. W Mahony, SMA Second Bishop: Most Rev. John Onaiyekan


The Province of Ilorin can be linked to the old western region of Nigeria which
was mainly evangelized by the society of African Missions (SMA). We have the accounts of the five earliest contacts with the catholic faith through Western Nigeria from separate locations as follows: Offa 1912, Oro 1918, Eruku 1918, Aare-Opin 1918 and Ayedun, former Aye-Ekan 1912. By 1943, the entire province of Ilorin, which used to be part of the vicariate of the Bight of Benni (Lagos) was removed and formed part of the vicariate of Ondo-Ilorin. And by 1950 the whole area became the diocese of Ondo. With the independence of Nigeria in 1960, it was desirable that church jurisdictions should not cross the Region boundaries; this necessitated the creation of separate prefecture Apostolic in January 20, 1960 called Independent Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Ilorin. By December 6,1961 Rev. Fr. William Mahony was appointed Prefect Apostolic of Ilorin. Later it was raised to the status of a diocese with Rt. Rev. (Dr) William Mahony (SMA) as its first Bishop.
The great task of building the diocese of Ilorin began in earnest in 1969 at the inception of the diocese pastoral exercises commenced. Subsequently parishes were created and Ilorin became the centre of all pastoral and administrative apostolate. Further developments were witnessed in the areas of education and health facilities.
Date of Birth: December 3, 1944 Priestly Ordination: December 27, 1978 Episcopal Ordination: May 17, 1992 Address: Catholic Bishop’s House 16, Umar Audu Road G.R.A. P. O. Box 686, Ilorin, Kwara State Ph: 031 โ€“ 222292; 031 โ€“ 740554, 08052181859; 08033560751
E-Mail: [email protected]; [email protected] Motto: I AM ALL FOR YOU
Province: Ibadan Erection: March 29, 1969
BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DIOCESEBishop William Mahony SMA was succeeded by his auxiliary Bishop the Rt. Rev. (Dr) John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, the first indigenous Bishop of the diocese on the 6th of January 1985.
On the 17th of May 1992, Most Rev. Dr Ayo Maria Atoyebi OP was installed the third Bishop of the Diocese succeeding Most Revd. John Onaiyekan who was appointed the Archbishop of Abuja Archdiocese.
From the very few parishes, the diocese, which now covers the whole of the present Kwara State, has 22 parishes; as well as provides opportunities and facilities for the spiritual and pastoral development of the people of the area.


NAMES Date of Ordination Date of Birth Phone No 1. Most Rev Ayo-Maria 27 Dec., 1978 3 December Atoyebi, OP 2. Most Rev Martin Uzoukwu I981 3. Very Rev. Fr. Michael Ajayi 24 Feb., 1980 2 February 08053524801 4. Very Rev. Fr. Clement 24 Feb., 1980 21 June 08037190017 (Brig Gen) Aina (Rtd) 5. Very Rev. Fr. Andrew Awotoye 1983 6. Very Rev Fr. Jude 19 Dec. 20 May 08033734742 Mbukama, OP 7. Very Rev Fr. Phonsie 17 Dec., 1969 12 February Flatley SMA 8. Rev. Fr. Christopher Agboola 23 Sept. 1989 26 June 08056329582 9. Rev. Fr. Michael Onyemekwe 10. Rev. Fr. Monfort Okaa 17 July, 1983 18 December 11. Rev. Fr. Anthony Okure 13 June, 1992 29 April 08054168415 12. Rev. Fr. Francis Adedara 15 Aug., 1992 28 February 08033343388 13. Rev. Fr. Taiyelolu Oyeyipo 15 Aug., 1992 10 January 14. Rev. Fr. John Odeyemi 13 Aug., 1994 13 August 15. Rev. Fr. John Lawani 13 Aug., 1994 15 October 08062745683 16. Rev. Fr. Jacob Kolawole 13 Aug., 1994 6 November 17. Rev Fr John Duntoye 13 Aug., 1994 08066740560 18. Rev. Fr. Stephen Audu 13 Aug., 1994 25 May 0803821675319. Rev. Fr. Anthony Atoyebi 13 Aug., 1994 11 September 08037227282 20. Rev. Fr. Michael Ajiboye 9 Sept., 1995 18 October 07031176438 21. Rev. Fr. Pius Obikwelu 9 Sept., 1995 6 November 08033812344 22. Rev. Fr. Anthony Ogunleye 9 Sept., 1995 23. Rev. Fr. John Olaniran 30 Aug., 1997 4 September 08037150015 24. Rev. Fr. Fabian Ukachi 30 Aug., 1997 08038244808 25. Rev. Fr. Patrick Adetutu 8 Aug., 1998 18 December 08121508325 26. Rev. Fr. Frank Idayi 8 Aug., 1998 5 August 08033474998 27. Rev. Fr. Francis Adeyemi 8 Aug., 1998 5 July 08037011546 28. Rev. Fr. Joseph Awoyale 8 Aug., 1998 1 November 29. Rev. Fr. Henry Sanni 31 Oct., 1999 08034338351 30. Rev. Fr. John-Rita Adegboyega 15 Aug., 2000 31. Rev. Fr. Godwin Olugbami 15 Aug., 2000 12 October 32. Rev Fr. Anselm Lawani 15 Aug., 20001 2 September 08063109925 33. Rev. Fr. Felix Okoro 8 Sept., 2001 20 January 08034660033 34. Rev. Fr. Dr. Pactrick Nwosu 8 Sept., 2001 08062115560 35. Rev. Fr. Patrick Shola Alabi 8 Sept., 2001 15 March 08038219508 36. Rev. Fr. Augustine Fasiku 30 Nov., 2003 1 August 08030701405 37. Rev. Fr. Raphael Ajewole 5 Feb. 2005 19 September 08035806208 38. Rev. Fr. Peter Awobolaji 13 Aug., 2005 17 February 08066784802 39. Rev. Fr. Titus Aliyu CSSP 13 July, 2002 24 November 08036635250 40. Rev. Fr. Matthew Adejoh CSSP 17 July, 2010 15 October 08065390561 41. Rev. Fr. ASP Anthony Yakubu 42. Rev. Fr. Raphael Adelana 8 Sept., 2006 10January 08060132535 43. Rev. Fr. Joachim Adeyemi 8 Sept., 2006 19 February 08034630321 44. Rev. Fr. Francis Mario-Alao 8 Sept., 2006 12 March 08033799628 45. Rev. Fr. Anthony Adeoye 8 Sept., 2006 22 February 08030939701 46. Rev. Fr. Christopher Atoyebi 8 Sept., 2006 26 November 07039028055 47. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ekundayo 8 Sept., 2006 12 February 08060948098 48. Rev. Fr. Charles Agunmadu 15 Sept., 2007 5 February 08079565227 49. Rev. Fr. Anthony Obada 15 Sept., 2007 3 February 08034200832 50. Rev. Fr. James Adeoye 15 Sept., 2007 31st May 07039248005 51. Rev. Fr. Cyprian Okongwu 15 Sept., 2007 13 October 08026914661 52. Rev. Fr. Solomon Farinto 15 Sept., 2007 20 August 53. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Adeleke 15 Sept., 2007 19 September 54. Rev. Fr. Peter Bandele 15 Sept. 2007 15 January 08067415666 55. Rev. Fr. Matthew Afolayan 15 Sept., 2007 17 April 08032195224 56. Rev. Fr. Christopher Ajiboye 26 June, 2008 28 November 08038083261 57. Rev. Fr. Gideon Olugbami 26 June, 2008 21 May 08038088738 58. Rev. Fr. Thomas Ibironke 26 June, 2009 9 October 08038275627 59. Rev. Fr. Martin Ajiboye 26 June, 2009 11 May 60. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Nwaokenye 26 June, 2009 27 October 08064179079 61. Rev. Fr. Joseph Lawani 10 July, 2010 6 July 08032903440 62. Rev. Fr. Lawrence Abiona 10 July, 2010 25 November 08034212220 63. Rev. Fr. Titus Opadokun 10 July, 2010 11 April 07030303158 64. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Adams 15 Aug., 2011 2 January 08133371221 65. Rev. Fr. David Ajayi 15 Aug., 2011 2 May 0803821950866. Rev. Fr. Philip Balogun 15 Aug., 2011 17 November 08185078395 67. Rev. Fr. James Ipinlaye 15 Aug., 20111 1 January 08065049773 68. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Okami 15 Aug., 2011 23 August 08067419339 69. Rev. Fr. Pius Ogunyebi 15 Aug., 2011 17 April 08032443844 70. Rev. Fr. Anthony Onoko 21 Nov., 2013 71. Rev. Fr. Andrew Oyekanmi Olatunde 21 Nov., 2013 72. Rev. Fr. Pascal Chukwuemeka Rodary 21 Nov., 2013 73. Rev. Fr. Innocent 21 Nov., 2013 74. Rev. Fr. Thomas Baba 21 Nov., 2014 75. Rev. Fr. Seun Olaifa 21 Nov., 2014 76. Rev. Fr. Patrick Umeaka 21 Nov., 2014 77. Rev. Fr. Ezekiel Funsho Afolayan 21 Nov., 2014 ILORIN DIOCESAN PRIESTS ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT
Most Rev. Dr. Martin Igwe Uzoukwu Bishop, Minna Diocese, Nigeria Rev. Fr. Stephen Audu Rector, St. Peter the Apostle Spiritual year Seminary, Eruku, Kwara State Rev. Fr. Philip Gbenga Balogun Dean of Students, St. Peter the Apostle Spiritual Year Seminary, Eruku, Kwara State Rev. Fr. (Leut) Christopher Agboola Ag. Director Chaplain, Roman Catholic Mission Nigerian Navy, Lagos Rev. Fr. (Sub-Leut.) Raphael Olajide Adelana Nigerian Navy (RC) Rev. Fr. (Leut.) Peter Adejinle Bandele, Nigerian Army.
Rev. Fr Matthew Afolayan Nigerian Police Force Fr. Frank Idayi- Principal, Divine Providence Secondary School, Osi, Kwara State Fr. Anthony Adeola Adeoye Principal, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Private Secondary School, Oloje, Ilorin Fr. Thomas Ibironke, Administrator Our Lady of Fatima Schools, Okuta, Kwara State Fr. Lawrence Abiona Principal, St. Joseph Centenary College, GRA, Ilorin.
Fr. Francis Adedara St. Peter and Paul Major Seminary, Ibadan.
Rev. Fr. Andrew Awotoye-ROME Rev. Fr. Jacob Kolawole-USA Rev. Fr. John-Rita Adegboyega-USA Rev. Fr. Joseph Awoyale-USA Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ekundayo-KANO, NIGERIA Rev. Fr. Charles Agunmadu-KANO, NIGERIA Rev. Fr. Titus Opadokun-LAGOS, NIGERIA Rev. Fr. Michael Onyemekwe


Rev. Fr. John Odeyemi-USA Rev. Fr. Francis Adeyemi-CIWA, PORT-HARCOURT Rev. Fr. Godwin Olugbami-USA Rev. Fr. Solomon Farinto-USA Rev. Fr. Christopher Atoyebi, CIWA, PORT-HARCOURT Rev. Fr. Augustine Fasiku, CIWA, PORT-HARCOURT Rev. Fr. Christopher Olalekan Ajiboye, CIWA PORT-HARCOURTRev. Fr Gideon Olugbami-IBADAN, NIGERIA Rev. Fr. Martin Ajiboye-RUSSIA, Rev. Fr. Taiye Obada โ€“ Rome Rev. Fr. Joachim Adeyemi โ€“ USA


Bishopโ€™s Secretary/ Chancellor: Very Rev. Fr. Adams Emmanuel Suleiman Diocesan Chancery, Catholic Bishop’s House 16, Umar Audu Rd, GRA, Ilorin GSM: 08067415666
Vicar General: Very Rev. Fr. Michael Afolayan Ajayi St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekan-Nla
GSM: 08053524801
Vicar For Priests: Very Rev. Fr. (Brig. Gen.) Clement Aina (Rtd) St Michael Catholic Church, Ayedun GSM: 08037190017
Vicar For Religious Very Rev. Fr. Jude Mbukanma OP Adoration Monastery, Oyun, Ilorin GSM: 08033734742
Senate Of Priests President: Most Rev. Dr. Ayo-Maria Atoyebi, OP Chairman (Senate Of Priests) Very Rev. Fr. Anthony Dayo Atoyebi St Gabriel’s Catholic Church, Lafiagi GSM: 08037227282
Other Officers: Rev. Fr Frank Idayi (Vice Chairman), Rev. Fr Peter Awobolaji (Secretary), Rev. Fr Raphael Ajewole (Treasurer) Indigeneous Priests President: Most Rev. Dr. Ayo-Maria Atoyebi, OP
Chairman, Indigenous Priests Very Rev. Fr. Michael Femi Ajiboye Christ the King Catholic Church, Bacita GSM: 07031176438
Other Officers: Rev. Fr. John Lawani (Vice Chairman), Rev. Fr. Chris Ajiboye (Secretary), Rev. Fr Thomas Ibironke (V. Sec.), Rev. Fr Philip Balogun (Treasurer) Board Of Consultors The Vicar General, the Vicar for priests, The Vicar for Religious, Bishop’s Secretary/Chancellor, Rev. Fr Dayo Atoyebi, Rev. Fr Anselm Lawani,


Catholic Institutions Spiritual Year Seminary St Peter the Apostle’s Spiritual Year Seminary, Kwara State.
Diocesan Communication Centre i/c Catholic Bishop’s House 16 Umar Audu Road Tanke Junction GRA P. O. Box 686, Ilorin Nursery And Primary Schools Divine Mercy Catholic Nursery/Primary School P. O. Box 68, Omu Aran St Joseph Catholic Nursery/Primary School, GRA P. O. Box 134, Ilorin Tel: 031 – 222452 E โ€“ mail: [email protected] Mother of Mercy Catholic Nursery/Primary School Tanke, Ilorin i/c Catholic Bishop’s House P. O. Box 686, Ilorin Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Nursery/Primary School Oloje, P. O. Box 161, Ilorin Our Lady Catholic Nursery/Primary School Kulende, P. O. Box 4513, Ilorin St Peter’s Nursery School Okerimi-Oro Our Saviour’s Jubilee Catholic Nursery/Primary School Ekan โ€“ Nla, i/c Queen of Peace Parish, P.O. Box 68, Omu โ€“ Aran All Saints Jubilee Catholic Nursery/Primary School, Osi i/c St Joseph Catholic Church, Osi P.O. Box 139, Omu โ€“ Aran.
Maryland Nursery and Primary School, Jebba.
Christ the King Nursery and Primary School, Bacita.
Ave Maria Nursery and Primary School, Lafiagi Our Lady of Fatima Nursery and Primary Schools Okuta
Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model College Asa โ€“ Dam Road, P. O. Box 4580, Ilorin E โ€“ mail: [email protected] Divine Providence Catholic Secondary School Osi, P.O. Box Kwara State Our Lady of Mount Carmel Private Secondary School, Oloje, Ilorin.
Our Lady of Fatima Secondary Schools, Okuta
St. Joseph’s Centenary Catholic College,
P. O. Box 134, GRA, Ilorin Our Lady Catholic Secondary School Kulende, P. O. Box 4513, Ilorin Tel: 031 โ€“ 222556 Christ the King Secondary School, Bacita
Ave Maria Secondary School, Lafiagi.
Notre Dame Girls Academy, Amoyo HOSPITALS/CLINICS
Carosi Hospital Osi, P. O. Box 186, Omu โ€“ Aran St Cyprian’s Clinic P. O. Box 665, Offa St. Brendan’s Catholic Hospital Bacita, P. O. Box 44, Bacita Tel: 031 โ€“ 641589 St Joseph’s Clinic & Maternity Erin โ€“ Ile, i/c P. O. Box 665, Offa Tel: 031 โ€“ 801654 St James Clinic Sabo โ€“ Oke, Ilorin Catechetics/Religious Education Centre This is the teaching office of the Church. It touches many areas of the Church’s ministry of the word, whose purpose it is to develop in believers a living, explicit and active faith, enlightened by instruction. It is based on Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and Liturgy and on the teaching authority and life of the Churchโ€. (cf. John Burke 2004).
Personnels In The Catechetical Centre Directress: Rev. Sr. Josephine Odorwike, EHJ EHJ Convent, Mount Carmel College, Oloje, Ilorin 08035729116
Administrative Secretary: Mr. Christopher Olushola Olaoyenikan Atunbi St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral Parish, P.O. Box 169, Ilorin, Kwara State. 08051152599, 08035743835
Animator: Miss Augustina St. John the Evangelist Catholic
Church, Adewole, Parish, Ilorin, Kwara State. 07060418506, 08050415836
Catechetical Commission Members Rev. Fr. James Olatunde Adeoye Chairman Rev. Fr. Frank Idayi Member Rev. Fr. Patrick Shola Alabi Member Office Address: Catechetics /Religious Education Centre Offa Road, GRA, Ilorin P. O. Box 686, Ilorin.
Email:catecheticalresourcescentre@ gmail.com


Name Ordained Died Buried at Very Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Felix Ajiboye 1973 2007 St Joseph’s Cathedral Very Rev. Fr. Cosmas Aina 1994 2012 St. Joseph’s Cathedral Very Rev. Fr. Francis Olabanji Adeponle 1984 2013 St. Joseph’s Cathedral Very Rev. Fr. Emilius Yemi Anifarin 1978 2013 St. Joseph’s Catherdal Very Rev. Fr (Dr). Edmund Uche Okere 1989 2014 St. Joseph’s Cathedral Rev. Ademola Adeniran (Deacon) 1978 1978 St. Andrew’s Oro


ORO Deanery Very Rev. Fr Michael Afolayan Ajayi ILORIN Deanery Very Rev. Fr.
James Olatunde Adeoye JEBBA Deanery Rev. Fr. Cyprian Okongwu VOCATIONS DIRECTOR
Very Rev. Fr. Anselm Pendo Lawani St. Cyprian’s Catholic Church, Offa.
GSM: 08063100925
Coordinator, Justice, Development And Peace Commission Rev. Fr. Patrick Adetutu, Marie Julie and Mahony Centre, Oro, P. O. Box 79, Oro.
Catechetical Resource Centre, Ilorin GSM: 08121508325
Chairman, Liturgical Commission Rev. Fr. Patrick Shola Alabi St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Oro GSM: 08033915951
Chairman, Catechetical Commission Very Rev. Fr. James Olatunde Adeoye
St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, Ilorin.
GSM: O7039248005
Diocesan Health Coordinator Rev. Fr. Cyprian Chinedu Okongwu St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Jebba. GSM: 08026914661 Chaplain, Diocesan Laity Council Rev. Fr. Frank Idayi, Divine Providence Secondary School, Osi GSM: 08033474998
Chaplain, Diocesan Youth Apostolate Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Okami 08067419339
Oke-maria Development Commission Rev. Fr. Joseph Lawani Catholic Bishop’s House, Ilorin GSM: 08032903440
Chaplain, All Marian Societies Rev. Fr. John Onimisi Lawani, Catholic Bishop’s House, Ilorin GSM: 08050555605
Chairman, Marriage Tribunal Rev. Fr. John Olalekan Duntoye, Catholic Bishop’s House, Ilorin GSM: 08066740560
Chaplain, Catholic Charistmatic Renewal Of Nigeria Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Nwaokenye, Catholic Bishop’s House, Ilorin GSM:08064179079
Chaplain, Milites ChristiRev. Fr. David Shola Ajayi Catholic Bishop’s House, Ilorin Chaplain, Biblical Apostolate Diocesan Communication Centre Rev. Fr. Pius Olalekan Ogunyebi St. Patrick Catholic Church, Kulende GSM: 08032443844
Co-ordinator, Diocesan Land Committee Very Rev. Fr. (Brig Gen.) Clement Aina St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Ayedun GSM: 08037190017
Diocesan Finance Committee Rev. Fr. Pius Obikwelu St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Okerimi-Oro GSM: 08033812344
Diocesan Representative At Can (State Level) Rev. Fr. Anthony Dayo Atoyebi Catholic Bishop’s House, Ilorin 08037227282
St Cyprian’s Catholic Parish, Offa/Erin โ€“ Ile Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Anselm Pendo Lawan Headquarters: St. Cyprian’s Catholic Church, Offa Outstations: St. Joseph Catholic Church, Erin โ€“ Ile, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ijagbo, Catholic Chapel, College of Education, Ilemona Our Lady of Good Counsel
Chaplaincy, Fed. Poly, Offa Parish Address: St Cyprian Catholic Church, Olofa Way, Offa, P. O. Box 665, Offa GSM: 07039248005
St. Andrew Catholic Parish, Oro Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Patrick Shola Alabi Assistant: Rev. Fr. Ezekiel Funsho Afolayan Headquarters: St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Oro Outstations: St. Emilius Catholic Church, Ajase โ€“ Ipo , Catholic Church, Omupo St. Augustine Catholic Church, Iludun โ€“ Oro St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Edidi Parish Address: St Andrew Catholic Church, P. O. Box 33, Oro GSM: 08030701405
St. Peter’s Catholic Parish, Okerimi โ€“ Oro Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Pius Obikwelu Headquarters: St Peter’s Catholic Church, Okerimi-Oro Outstations: St Michael Catholic Church, Aafin โ€“ Oro St Michael Catholic Church, Igbaja St. Joseph Catholic Church, Oke โ€“ Onigbin St Mary’s Catholic Church, Sie Catholic Community Buhari Catholic Community Okeya Parish Address: St Peter’s Catholic Church, Okerimi โ€“ Oro, P. O. Box 33, Oro GSM: 08124995257St. Anthony Catholic Parish, Omuโ€“aran Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Fabian Ukachi Headquarters: St Anthony’s Catholic Church, Omu-Aran Outstations: St Raphael Catholic Church, Illoffa St Michael Catholic Church, Idofin โ€“ Ayiakale St Michael Catholic Church, Idofin โ€“ Igbana St Peter Catholic Church, Aba โ€“ Akere St Francis Catholic Church, Kajola Catholic Church of the Archangels, Egosi Parish Address: St Anthony Catholic Church, P. O. Box 184, Omuโ€“Aran GSM: 08033474998
St. Paul’s Catholic Parish, Aran โ€“ Orin Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. John Onimisi Lawani Headquarters: St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Aran-Orin Outstations: St.
Joseph Catholic Church, Ipetu St. Clement Catholic Church, Arandun St. Mary Catholic Church, Olowo โ€“ nijere St. Peter Catholic Church, Olomi โ€“ Oja Catholic Church, Agbonda Parish Address: i/c St Paul Catholic Church, Aran โ€“ Orin P. O. Box 184, Omu โ€“ Aran GSM: 08026914661
Queen Of Peace Catholic Parish, Ekan โ€“ Nla Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Michael Afolayan Ajayi Headquarters: St Joseph’s Catholic
Church, Ekan-Nla Outstation: St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Ilale Parish Address: St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekan-nla % P.O. Box 184, Omu-Aran, Kwara State GSM: 08053524801
St Michael’s Catholic Quasi Parish, Ayedun Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Francis Mario Alao Headquarters: St Michael’s Catholic Church, Ayedun Outstation: St. Matthew Catholic Church, Erinmope Parish Address: St Michael Catholic Church, Ayedun % P. O. Box 184, Omu โ€“ Aran.
GSM: 08037190017
St. Joseph Catholic Parish, Osi Parish Priest: Very Rev. Fr. Clement (Brig Gen) Aina (Rtd) Headquarters: St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Osi Outstations: St. Thomas Catholic Church, Odo โ€“ owa St. Francis Catholic Church, Ikerin St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Etan St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church, Obbo -Ejiu Parish Address: St Joseph Catholic Church, Osi i/c Catholic Bishop’s House, P.O. Box 686.IIorin, Kwara State GSM: 08066784802
St Paul’s Catholic Parish, Eruku Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Patrick Adetutu Headquarters: St. Paul’s Catholic Church, ErukuOutstations: St. Paul’s Ejiu-Ile St. Joseph’s Ora-Ayetoro St. Joseph’s Ora-Ayegbaju St. Bernard’s Obbo-Ile Parish Address: St Paul’s Catholic Church, Eruku GSM: 08121508325
E-mail: [email protected] Our Lady Queen Of All Nations, Mediatrix Of All Graces, Epe/isolo-opin Parish Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Joseph Lawani Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Okami Headquarters: St. Peter Catholic Church, Epe โ€“ Opin Outstations: St. Michael Catholic Church, Isolo โ€“ Opin St Catholic Church, Isare โ€“ Opin St Anthony’s Catholic Church, Oke โ€“ Opin St. Joseph Catholic Church, Aare โ€“ Opin
St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Araromi-Opin Parish Address: St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Epe-Opin i/c Bishop’s House P.O. Box 686, Ilorin, Kwara State GSM: 07039028055
St. Michael Quazi Catholic Church, Isolo Priest-in-Charge: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Okami ILORIN DEANERY
St. Joseph Catholic Cathedral Parish, Taiwo Road, Ilorin The Parish Priest: Most Rev. Dr. Ayo-Maria ATOYEBI,
Cathedral Administrator : Very Rev.
Fr. James Olatunde Adeoye Assistants Administrator: Rev. Fr.
Anthony Onoko Out Station: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Akerebiata, Ilorin.
Parish Address: St Joseph Cathedral, Taiwo Road, Ilorin P. O. Box 169, Ilorin GSM: 07031697090
St. James’ Catholic Parish, Sabo โ€“ Oke, Ilorin Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Felix Okoro Assistant Parish Priest: Rev.Fr.
Seun Olaifa Headquarters: St. James’ Catholic Church, Sabo โ€“ Oke Outstations: St. John Catholic Church, Apado, Ilorin East LG Parish Address: St. James Catholic Church, Ilorin, P.O. Box Kabba Street, Sabo- Oke, Ilorin St. John The Evangelist Catholic Parish, Adewole,Ilorin Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Barr. John Oluwole Olaniran Headquarters: St. John the Evangelist, Adewole, Ilorin St. Kelvin Catholic Church, Otte Parish Address: St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Adewole, Ilorin P. O. Box Adewole Estate, Ilorin GSM: 08037150015
Holy Family Catholic (SMA) Parish, Gaa โ€“ Akanbi, IlorinParish Priest: Rev. Fr. Phonsie Flatley, SMA Headquaters: Holy Family Catholic Church, Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin Out Stations: Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Danialu, Ilorin St. William’s Catholic Church, Ganmo Parish Address: Holy Family Catholic Church (SMA Parish) Gaa โ€“ Akanbi, Ilorin, P. O. Box 6417, Ilorin GSM: 08066532747
St. Anthony Catholic Parish, Fate, Ilorin Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Peter Tunde Awobolaji Headquarters: St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Fate.
Outstations: St. Bridget Catholic Church, Oyun, Ilorin Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Olooru All Saints Catholic Church, Oke โ€“ Oyi Parish Address: St. Anthony Catholic Church,Fate, Ilorin
St. Mary Catholic Parish, Asa โ€“ Dam, Ilorin Parish Priest: Very Rev. Fr. Anthony Dayo Atoyebi Assistant: Rev. Fr. Raphael Oludare Ajewole Headquarters: St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Asa-Dam Outstations: Catholic Church, Jimba โ€“ Oja Eucharistic Model College Chapel, Asa-Dam Catholic Church, Airport
Parish Address: St. Mary Catholic Church, Asa โ€“ Dam Road, Ilorin GSM: 08034338351
St. Patrick Quasi Parish, Kulende, Ilorin Priest-in-Charge: Rev. Fr. Pius Olamilekan Ogunyebi Headquarters: Outstations: Parish Address: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Chaplaincy, Unilorin Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Titus Aliyu CSSP Headquarters: St. Thomas Aquinas Chaplaincy, Main-Campus, Unilorin Outstations: St. Thomas Aquinas Chaplaincy, Mini โ€“ Campus, Unilorin St. Albert the Great Catholic Church, Kwara State Polytechnic Kwara State College of Education, Ilorin St. Luke Catholic Church, UITH Parish Address: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Chaplaincy, Unilorin University of Ilorin, Permanent Site, P. M. B. 1515, Ilorin GSM: 08036635250
Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Oloje Priest- in-Charge: Rev. Fr. Patrick Nwosu Assistant: Rev. Fr. Anthony Okure Headquarters: Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Oloje Outstation: Seat of Wisdom, FGC, Ilorin.
Church Address: Mount Carmel Catholic Church, Oloje, Ilorin.
Our Lady Seat Of Wisdom Catholic Chaplaincy, Kwara State, University, Malete Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Adams Address: St Anthony’s Catholic Church, Fate, Ilorin GSM: 08133371221
St. Michael Catholic Army Chaplaincy Chaplain: Rev. Fr. Paul Address: Sobi Barrack, Ilorin 322 Military barrack, Sobi, Ilorin St. Mary’s Police Catholic Chaplaincy JEBBA DEANERY
St. Theresa Catholic Parish, Jebba Parish Priest: Rev Fr. Cyprian Okongwu Headquarters: St. Theresa’s Jebba Outstations: St. Peter’s Bode Sa’adu St. Mary’s Share St. Joseph’s Oke Awon St. Martin’s Arobaye St. Jude’s Iyana Share St. Dominic’s Lasaki St. John De Vianney Lasaki St. Augustine’s Kusa St. Leo the Great Aloko Laro Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Idi Isin / Ajegunle Catholic Community, Dada Parish Address: St Theresa Catholic Church, P. O. Box 3, Jebba GSM : 08062745683
St. Gabriel’s Catholic Parish, Lafiagi
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. David Shola Ajayi Assistant Parish Priest: Rev. Fr.
Patrick Umeaka Headquarters: St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, Lafiagi Outstations: St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Patigi St. Monica’s Catholic Church, Lade Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Gbugbu Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Zambufu St. Augustine’s Catholic Church, Sabo Gada Parish Address: St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, Lafiagi P. O. Box 10, Lafiagi. No. 10 Taiwo Road, Lafiagi.
GSM: 08037227282
E-mail: [email protected] Christ The King Catholic Parish, Bacita Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Michael Femi Ajiboye Assistant: Rev. Fr. Raphael Thomas Baba Headquarters: Christ the King Catholic Church, Bacita Outstations: St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ankoro St. Magdalene Catholic Church, Kenta Catholic Church, Pole wire Parish Address: Christ the King Catholic Church P.O. Box 70, Bacita GSM: 07031176438
St. Martins De Porres Catholic Parish, Okuta Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Thomas Oluwaseun Ibironke Assistant Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Aremu Oyekanmi Andrew Olatunde Headquarters: St. Martin De Porres Catholic Church, Okuta Outstations: St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, Chikanda St. Paul Catholic Church, Gure St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Kosubosu St. Anthony Catholic Church, Shiya St. Andrew Catholic Church, Boriya St. James Catholic Church, Sinawu St. Francis Catholic Church, Ilesha Immaculate Heart Catholic Church, Kenu St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Taberu St. Jude Catholic Church, Yakira St. Dominic Catholic Church, Ningurumi St. Mary Catholic Church, Gbabe St. George Catholic Church, Budo-Aiki St. Peter Catholic Church, Bukuro St. Peter Catholic Church, Abaja St. Suzana Catholic Church, Karonj Parish Address St. Martins De Porres Catholic Parish, Okuta Email Address: stmartinsdeporresparishokuta@gma il.com Phone Numbers: 08061618870; 08111898363
St. Bartholomew Catholic Parish, Kaiama Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Gabriel Adeleke Headquarters: St. Bartholomew Catholic Church, Kaima Outstations: St. Simon Catholic Church, Gbagbsi St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Budo-
Ere All Saints’ Catholic Church, Gwria St. Agatha Catholic Church, Aboki St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Camp St. John’s Catholic Church St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Kemeji Parish Address: St. Bartholomew Catholic Church Tenebo Road, Kaima GSM: 08034630321
St. Paul Catholic Church Patidzuru Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Immanuel Nwaokenye Parish Address: St. Paul Catholic Church, Patidzuru RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES
SMA Fathers i/c Holy Family Catholic Church ( SMA Parish) Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin P.O. Box 6417 Ilorin Spiritual Fathers i/c St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Chaplaincy, Unilorin University of Ilorin Permanent Site P.M.B 1515, Ilorin Tel: 031-221690 GSM 08033468795 Annunciation Benedictine Monastery P.O. Box 63 Eruku, Kwara State.
Sons of the Two Hearts of Love, Novitiate House, Yakuba, P.M.B, 1550, Ilorin Oyun, Ilorin.
Sisters of Notre-Dame.Novitiate, Kulende, P.O. Box 4513, Ilorin Oro Convent, P. O Box 79, Oro Tanke, Ilorin Convent, P.O Box 4513, Ilorin
Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.
GRA, St Joseph N/P School, Ilorin convents, P.O. Box 134, Ilorin E-mail sjups@ilorinskannet. Com Oloje, Mount Carmel Ilorin convent, P.O. Box 254, Ilorin Asa Dam, Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Model College, Ilorin Convent, P.O.
Box 4580, Ilorin http://www.ehjmodelcollege-ilorin.com Osi, Carosi Hospital, Osi convent Sisters of Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy.
Fate- Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy School, Ilorin Convent, P.O. Box 686, Ilorin St Bredan Hospital, Bacita Convent, P.O. Box 44, Bacita Adoration Sisters Monastery for Perpetual Adoration P.M.B. 1516 Ilorin 031-226048
E-mail: adoration@skannet. Com Sisters of the Handmaid of Holy Child of Jesus Offa convent, P.O. Box 665, Offa Sisters of Daughters of Divine Love Omu- Aran Convent, P.O. Box 68 Omu- Aran Sisters of the Two Hearts of Love Novitiate House, Oyun,
Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel Egosi Ile, Kwara State.