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LEADERSHIP (Bishop's Profile)

Date of Birth: January 17. 1950 Priestly Ordination: October 7. 1978 Episcopal Ordination: April 28, 2001 Address: Bishop’s House Diocesan Catholic Secretariat Box 99, Okigwe, Imo State Ph: 08034723212, 08035690936 Email: [email protected]

Ecclesiastical Province of Owerri

First Missionary: Rev. Fr J. Treich CSSp First Bishop: Most Rev. Dr Anthony E. llonu Population of Diocese: 1,200,215 Catholic Population: 420,570 Nigerian Priests: 315 Nigerian Sisters: 154 Nigerian Brothers: 22 Major Seminarians: 261


The missionaries evangelized the present Okigwe Diocese from two wings
namely: Adazi in Anambra State and Emekuku in Owerri (Imo State). While Okigwe North was evangelized from Adazi, Okigwe South was taken care of from Emekuku. Consequently, they created two parishes: Holy Cross Parish, Uturu (1912) and St. Columba’s Parish Nsu (1917). From these two parishes, the Catholic faith sprouted and grew into what we have today as Okigwe Diocese.
The Church in the zone continued to grow from strength to strength under the able leadership of Bishop A. G. Nwedo of Umuahia Diocese. Early in 1981, His Holiness Pope John Paul II carved out Okigwe zone from Umuahia Diocese and elevated it to a Diocese of its own. Most Rev Dr. Anthony E. Ilonu (of blessed memory) who was appointed by the Holy Father as the pioneer Bishop was consecrated on the 29th of March 1981. Bishop Ilonu diligently pastured the diocese for 25 years. Briefly before his retirement, the then Auxiliary Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Rev Dr. Solomon A. Amatu was appointed the Coadjutor Bishop of Okigwe Diocese on July, 2005. Bishop Amatu took over as the local Ordinary of the diocese at the retirement of Bishop Ilonu on 22nd April 2006 and was installed on the 1st of July 2006.
The diocese is currently blessed with 101 parishes, 31 parishes โ€“ in โ€“ building and 6 chaplaincies, (138 in all). It has 390 priests, 243 major and 605 minor seminarians. Serving in the diocese are 32 Rev Brothers and 173 religious women of different congregations. The diocese is blessed with about 800, 000 lay
Date of Birth: January 17. 1950 Priestly Ordination: October 7. 1978 Episcopal Ordination: April 28, 2001 Address: Bishop’s House Diocesan Catholic Secretariat Box 99, Okigwe, Imo State Ph: 08034723212, 08035690936 Email: [email protected]
Province: Owerri Erection: January 24, 1981faithful.


SN Name Date of Ordination. 1. Very Rev. Msgr. Donatus Abiamiri 04/08/63 2. Rev. Fr. Simon Okeke 03/04/65 3. Rev. Fr. Boniface Osuji 06/01/66 4. Rev. Fr. Francis Nwachukwu 11/12/66 5. Very Rev. Msgr. Celestine Nwokocha 16/12/66 6. Very Rev. Msgr. Luke Ilonu 17/12/67 7. Very Rev. Msgr Eugene Onuoha 02/08/70
8. Very Rev. Msgr. Patrick Uchendu 17/04/71
9. Rev. Fr. Stephen Onuoha 08/04/72 10. Rev. Fr. Kevin Madu 09/04/72 11. Rev. Fr. Albert Osuchuo 29/04/73 12 Rev. Fr. Gregory Ohagwu 29/04/73 13. Rev. Fr. Wilfred Nwoko 05/05/73 14. Very Rev. Msgr. Patrick Obike 20/04/74
15. Rev. Fr. Kevin Ikpah 20/04/74 16. Rev. Fr. Edwin Njoku 20/04/74 17. Rev. Fr. Louis Nwankwo 27/04/74 18. Rev. Fr. James Opara 05/04/75 19. Rev. Fr. Simon Anyanwu 24/04/76 20. Rev. Fr. Edwin Igwegbe 11/04/77 21. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Osuji 16/04/77 22. Rev. Fr. Cletus Madu 01/07/78 23. Rev. Fr. Felix Okonkwo 08/07/78 24. Rev. Fr. Robert Michael Chukwu 09/12/78
25. Rev. Fr. Donatus Uwa 08/07/79 26. Rev. Fr. William Onu 08/07/79 27. Rev. Fr. Oliver Chanama 05/07/80 28. Rev. Fr. Christopher Chukwu 05/07/80 29. Rev. Fr. Edwin Nwachukwu 12/07/80 30. Rev. Fr. Nicholas Iwuagwu 12/07/80 32. Rev. Fr. Michael Diochi 12/07/80 33. Rev. Fr. Fr. Ignatius Osuji 11/07/81 34. Rev. Fr. Fidelis Ekemgba 18/07/81
35. Rev. Fr. Reginald Nnamdi 08/07/81 36. Rev. Fr. Jerome Okonkwo 08/11/81 37. Rev. Fr. Marcelinus Uwandu 14/02/82 38. Rev. Fr. Cyprian Onyeihe 14/02/82 39. Rev. Fr. Patrick Ikekamma 14/02/82 40. Rev. Fr. Oliver Nwachukwu 14/02/82 41. Rev. Fr. Bernard Iheoha 14/02/82 42. Rev. Fr. John Iwe 14/08/82 43. Rev. Fr. Martin Onyebuchi 02/07/83 44. Rev. Fr. Linus Iwuanyanwu 09/07/83 45. Rev. Fr. Michael Ebo 09/07/83 46. Rev. Fr. Donatus Ekenachi 15/07/83 47. Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Uzoma 16/07/83 48. Rev. Fr. Oliver Mbagwu 07/07/84 49. Rev. Fr. Athanatius Owunna 07/07/84 50. Rev. Fr. Desmond Obi 14/07/84 51. Rev. Fr. Maurice Jiwike 21/07/84 52. Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Ofoegbu 21/07/84 53. Rev. Fr. Cletus Ehiem 08/12/84 54. Rev. Fr. Josephat Nwankwo 08/12/84 55. Rev. Fr. Bernard Okafor 21/09/85 56. Rev. Fr. Hilary Ihedioha 05/10/85 57. Rev. Fr. Edmund Uzoegbu 16/08/86 58. Rev. Fr. Ukachukwu Sebastian A. Onyeabor 23/08/86 59. Rev. Fr. Clement Uche 20/09/86 60. Rev. Fr. Cajetan Ehiem 21/06/87 61. Rev. Fr. Oliver Amaechi 25/07/87 62. Rev. Fr. Charles Okorougo 01/08/87 63. Rev. Fr. Lawrence Chukwu 22/08/87 64. Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Ajaelu 10/01/88 65. Rev. Fr. Samuel Onwuchekwe 10/07/88 66. Rev. Fr. Cyril Nwakamma 09/01/88 67. Rev. Fr. Ephraim Nwachukwu 09/01/88 68. Rev. Fr. Christopher Ogu 09/01/88 69. Rev. Fr. Joseph Ukwu 23/01/88 70. Rev. Fr. Nathaniel Okafor 07/10/89 71. Rev. Fr. John Enyinnaya 04/08/89 72. Rev. Fr. Evaristus Ekweke 07/10/89 73. Rev. Fr. Ethelbert Iwu 18/08/89 74. Rev. Fr. Joseph Ntamere 18/08/90 75. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Chukwu 18/08/90 76. Rev. Fr. Raymond Iwuji 03/08/9177. Rev. Fr. Isidore Nwanaju 03/08/91 78. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Ekeugo 17/08/91 79. Rev. Fr. Sabinus Nwachukwu 17/08/91 80. Rev. Fr. Joseph Nwoha 31/08/91 81. Rev. Fr. Ozioma Nwachukwu 14/06/92 82. Rev. Fr. John Ify Okoro 17/04/93 83. Rev. Fr. Anthony Nwohiri 24/07/93 84. Rev. Fr. Tobias Okoro 30/07/93 85. Rev. Fr. Patrick Iwuchukwu 31/07/93 86. Rev. Fr. Ignatius Ijere 31/07/93 87. Rev. Fr. Jacob Okafor 07/08/93 88. Rev. Fr. Kilian U. Maduka 14/08/93 89. Rev. Fr. Placid Iheduru 21/08/93 90. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Chinaka 21/08/93 91. Rev. Fr. Fidelis Lemchi 21/08/93 92. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Iwuagwu 03/09/93 93. Rev. Fr. Vitalis Abimiri 03/09/93 94. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Obiekwe 18/09/93 95. Rev. Fr. Matthew Onyeneho 24/12/93 96. Rev. Fr. Paul Ogoke 24/12/93 97. Rev. Fr. Vincent Ogu 22/07/94 98. Rev. Fr. Bede Nwadinobi 22/07/94 99. Rev. Fr. Michael Agbayi 05/08/94 100. Rev. Fr. Paul Nwaeze 20/08/94 101. Rev. Fr. Peter Anyanwu 02/09/94 102. Rev. Fr. George Okoro 02/09/94 103. Rev. Fr. Robert Ike 02/09/94 104. Rev. Fr. Benedict Ejeh 02/09/94 105. Rev. Fr. Cyprian Okoronkwo 25/02/95 106. Rev. Fr. Patrick Ugwaka 25/02/95 107. Rev. Fr. Peter Ndubuisi 09/09/95 1 0 8 . R e v. F r. J o h n C . O k o r o 09/09/95
109. Rev. Fr. Charles Ogbonna 09/09/95 110. Rev. Fr. Jude Igwe 09/09/95 111. Rev. Fr. Reginald Ejikeme 09/09/95 112. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chukwu 09/09/95 113. Rev. Fr. Louis Nwokeafor 09/09/95 114. Rev. Fr. Vincent Amusuo 09/09/95 115. Rev. Fr. Bede Inekwere 09/09/95 11 6 . R e v. F r. A n t h o n y I r o m e n u 09/09/95
117. Rev. Fr. Christian Eze 09/09/95
118. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Kurumeh 09/09/95 119. Rev. Fr. Patrick Okoro 09/09/95 120. Rev. Fr. John Ekeogu 20/07/95 121. Rev. Fr. Cajetan Ebuziem 27/07/96 122. Rev. Fr. Michael Ohanete 03/08/96 123. Rev. Fr. Anthony Onyenagada 09/08/96 124. Rev. Fr. Damian Ikejiama 10/08/96 125. Rev. Fr. Paul Obiji 15/08/96 126. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Okpara 16/08/96 127. Rev. Fr. Francis Nwachukwu 17/08/96 128. Rev. Fr. Onyedikachi Agoawike 17/08/96 129. Rev. Fr. Donatus Ihekwoaba 23/08/96 130. Rev. Fr. Simon Udemgba 24/08/96 131. Rev. Fr. Nicholas Nwoko 24/08/96 132. Rev. Fr. Callistus Ogu 31/08/96 133. Rev. Fr. Cletus Okoye 06/09/96 134. Rev. Fr. Modestus Adimekwe 19/07/97 135. Rev. Fr. Anthony Chimaka 19/07/97 136. Rev. Fr. Hippolytus Duru 26/07/97 137 Rev. Fr. Rowland Nwokocha 02/08/97 138 Rev. Fr. Anthony Abiamiri 02/08/97 139 Rev. Fr. Paul Odoeme 08/08/97 140 Rev. Fr. Daniel Ukaegbu 15/08/97 141. Rev. Fr. Michael Nwosu A. 16/08/97 142. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Uchendu 23/08/97 143. Rev. Fr. Temple Okoro 30/08/97 144. Rev. Fr. Anthony Jiwuba 06/08/97 145. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Aligwekwe 13/09/97 146. Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Onyenucheya 13/09/97 147. Rev. Fr. Francis Nwosu 11/07/98 148. Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Ukeh 24/07/98 149. Rev Fr. Bartholomew Ibe 31/07/98 150. Rev. Fr. Julian Ibemere 06/08/98 151. Rev. Fr. Jasper Onugha 06/08/98 152. Rev. Fr. Nicholas Nwagwu 07/08/98 153. Rev. Fr. Michael Chukwu 14/08/98 154. Rev. Fr. Andrew Okeke 04/09/98 155. Rev. Fr. Ambrose Alisa 04/09/98 156. Rev. Fr. Geoffrey Eboh 05/09/98 157. Rev. Fr. Martin Chukwu 05/09/98 158. Rev. Fr. Sabinus Iweadighi 05/09/98 159. Rev. Fr. Agim John 24/07/99 160. Rev. Fr. Emeka Emeakaraoha 24/07/99161. Rev. Fr. Michael Nwosu 24/07/99 162. Rev. Fr. Vitalis Ekemiri 31/07/99 163. Rev. Fr. Jude Ogoke 31/07/99 164. Rev. Fr. Patrick Orji 07/07/99 165. Rev. Fr. Paul Ogujiofor 07/08/99 166. Rev. Fr. Joseph Okafor 14/08/99 167. Rev. Fr. Isaac Ogu 14/08/99 168. Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Iwuji 21/08/99 169. Rev. Fr. Jude Uzukwu 28/08/99 170. Rev. Fr. Chukwuemeka Okafor 28/08/99 171. Rev. F r. Michael Nwokocha 28/08/99 172. Rev. Fr. Francis Okoro 03/09/99 173. Rev. Fr. Lawrence Ejiofor 18/12/99 174. Rev. Fr. Matthew Anyanwu 04/08/00 175. Rev. Fr. Peter Onyema 04/08/00 176. Rev. Fr. Martin Osorobi 04/08/00 177. Rev. Fr. Francis Okoli 11/08/00 178. Rev. Fr. Christian Nwaigwe 18/08/00 179. Rev. Fr. Sylvester Ihebuike 18/08/00 180. Rev. Fr. Martin Uwakwe 19/08/00 181. Rev. Fr. Cyprian Ukanwa 19/08/00 182. Rev. Fr. Kevin Okpala 26/08/00 183. Rev. Fr. Michael Ebo 21/07/01 184. Rev. Fr. Thaddeus I. Okafor 27/07/01 185. Rev. Fr. Saviour Nwaiwu 28/07/01 186. Rev. Fr. Boniface Osuafor 04/08/01 187. Rev. Fr. Isidore Ochiabuto 04/08/01 188. Rev. Fr. Philip Agu 10/08/01 189. Rev. Fr. Benjamin Nwosu 10/08/01 190. Rev. Fr. Leonard Lemchi 15/08/01 191. Rev. Fr. Isidore Orjikwe 18/08/01 192. Rev. Fr. Joseph Uchenwa 18/08/01 193. Rev. Fr. Sylvanus Mereni 18/08/01 194. Rev. Fr. Mark Nnopu 25/08/01 195. Rev. Fr. Anthony Umeora 25/08/01 196. Rev. Fr. Donatus Nwachukwu 20/07/02 197. Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Onu 20/07/02 198. Rev. Fr. Bartholomew Nnaemedo 02/08/02
199. Rev. Fr. Chidubem Nwachukwu 08/08/02
200. Rev. Fr. Callistus Okoroji 08/08/02 201. Rev. Fr. Felix Edomobi 15/08/02
202. Rev. Fr. Joachim Lechuk 17/08/02 203. Rev. Fr. Daniel Nnawulezi 23/08/02 204. Rev. Fr. Stephen Ubah 23/08/02 205. Rev. Fr. Charles Okereke 31/08/02 206. Rev. Fr. Innocent Ukaegbu 05/09/02 207. Rev. Fr. Patrick Osuji 06/09/02 208. Rev. Fr. Paulinus Anyanwu 05/12/03 209. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Onwu 05/12/03 210. Rev. Fr. Eustace Abazie 05/12/03 211. Rev. Fr. Lawrence Eze 05/12/03 212. Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Ngwaogu 06/12/03 213. Rev. Fr. Anthony Umeobika 12/12/03 214. Rev. Fr. Elesius Uju 12/12/03 215. Rev. Fr. Valentine Njoku 12/12/03 216. Rev. Fr. Simon Osuchukwu 13/12/03 217. Rev. Fr. Francis Opara 13/12/03 218. Rev. Fr. Joseph Ikeh 20/12/03 219. Rev. Fr. Angelo Unegbu 20/12/03 220. Rev. Fr. Paschal Ukaegbu 20/12/03 221. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Nwosu 22/12/03 222. Rev. Fr. Cyprian Osuegbu 22/12/03 223. Rev. Fr. Patrick Obeleagu 20/08/05 224. Rev. Fr. Albert Ezeanya 02/09/05 225. Rev. Fr. Louis Agim 09/09/05 226. Rev. Fr. Culbert Okeke 09/09/05 227. Rev. Fr. Francis Onwu 09/09/05 228. Rev. Fr. Stanley Ofoegbu 10/09/05 229. Rev. Fr. Charles Offor 17/09/05 230. Rev. Fr. Gregory Ihezie 21/09/05 231. Rev. Fr. Elias Unegbu 23/09/05 232. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Offor 28/09/05 233. Rev. Fr. Chales Osunwa 29/09/05 234. Rev. Fr. Vitus Echedo 29/09/05 235. Rev. Fr. Eugene Ucheoma 30/09/05 236. Rev. Fr. Alexander Onyemata 30/09/05 237. Rev. Fr. Daniel Odo 08/07/06 238. Rev. Fr. Innocent Okenagba 02/09/06 239. Rev. Fr. Charles Ekwonwune 02/09/06 240. Rev. Fr. Thadeus Odueze 02/09/06 241. Rev. Fr. Paschal Ihediohamma 02/09/06 242. Rev. Fr. Gregory Osuji 02/09/06 243. Rev. Fr. Francis Ihemeneke 02/09/06 244. Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Nwaka 02/09/06245. Rev. Fr. Mark Okoro 09/09/06 246. Rev. Fr. Jude Okonkwo 09/09/06 247. Rev. Fr. Camillus Ekedobe 16/09/06 248. Rev. Fr. Joseph Nwokenkwo 16/09/06 249. Rev. Innocent Agoha 16/09/06 250. Rev. Fr. Joseph Uwah 16/09/06 251. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Osuchukwu 16/09/06 252. Rev. Fr. Christian Ejiofor 11/08/07 253. Rev. Fr. Jude Iroleh 11/08/07 254. Rev. Fr. Charles Ohuabunwa 11/08/07 255. Rev. Fr. Christian Mbara 11/08/07 256. Rev. Fr. Edwin Ewuzie 11/08/07 257. Rev. Fr. Raphael Nwautirikpo 11/08/07 258. Rev. Fr. Augustine Odoemena 11/08/07 259. Rev. Fr. Innocent Madu 12/08/07 260. Rev. Fr. Patrick Okeke 17/08/07 261. Rev. Fr. Kenneth Okoroudo 17/08/07 262. Rev. Fr. Felix Ekemgba 30/08/07 263. Rev. Fr. Bartholomew Okorie 30/08/07 264. Rev. Fr. Kingsley Uzor 30/08/07 265. Rev. Fr. Chukwuma C. Chukwuma 16/08/08
266. Rev. Fr. Justin C. Nwokeocha 16/08/08 267. Rev. Fr. Vincent I. Emezue 16/08/08 268. Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Okereke 16/08/08 269. Rev. Fr. Michael Uzoagba 16/08/08 270. Rev. Fr. Desmond A. Emefuru 16/08/08 271. Rev. Fr. Henry O. Ukaegbu 23/08/08 272. Rev. Fr. Gerald C. Osuagwu 23/08/08 273. Rev. Fr. Godwin O. Okoye 30/08/08 274. Rev. Fr. Joseph U. Duru 15/08/09 275. Rev. Fr. Patrick N. Njoku 15/08/09 276. Rev. Fr. Daniel Ibemere Kelechi 22/08/09 277. Rev. Fr. Leonard S. Ewuzie 22/08/09 278. Rev. Fr. Joseph A. Ogbuagu 22/08/09 279. Rev. Fr. ThankGod E. Okoroafor22/08/09 280. Rev. Fr. Kelechi M. Uzuegbu 22/08/09 281. Rev. Fr. Cyril C. Agodi 22/08/09 282. Rev. Fr. Damian Iwundu 22/08/09 283. Rev. Fr. Henry Ezeonuogu 22/08/09 284. Rev. Fr. Innocent Obasi 22/08/09 285. Rev. Fr. Gregory Nduka 22/08/09 286. Rev. Fr. Romanus Okoli 22/08/09
287. Rev. Fr. Basil Onyejuruwa 22/08/09 288. Rev. Fr. Joseph Anumnu 22/08/09 289. Rev. Fr. Anthony Nwankwo 22/08/09 290. Rev. Fr. Godwin Eke 22/08/09 291. Rev. Fr. Jude Okeoma 22/08/09 292. Rev. Fr. Ambrose Kela 22/08/09 293. Rev. Fr. Hilary Ubah 22/08/09 294. Rev. Fr. Anthony Dieme 30/08/09 295. Rev. Fr. John Ifebigbo 05/09/09 296. Rev. Fr. Augustine Obilor 21/08/10 297. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Okoro U. 21/08/10 298. Rev. Fr. Peter Ekwebelem 21/08/10 299. Rev. Fr. Cyriacus Okoro 21/08/10 300. Rev. Fr. Ephraim Nwohiri 21/08/10 301. Rev. Fr. FitzGerald Nwadike 21/08/10 302. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Okoro C. 21/08/10 303. Rev. Fr. Donald Obi 21/08/10 304. Rev. Fr. Richard Nwagwu 21/08/10 305. Rev. Fr. Christian Ogu 21/08/10 306. Rev. Fr. Charles Uchendu 21/08/10 307. Rev. Fr. Paul Ukomadu 09/07/11 308. Rev. Fr. Francis Onwuegbuchulam 09/07/11
309. Rev. Fr. Kingsley Nwanwa 09/07/11 310. Rev. Fr. Augustine Okeke 20/08/11 311. Rev. Fr. Lucius Kwekwe 27/08/11 312. Rev. Fr. Maximilian Chilaka 24/09/11 313. Rev. Fr. Elias Nwodu 24/09/11 314. Rev. Fr. Stanley Ibeh 24/09/11 315. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Esiagu 24/09/11 316. Rev. Fr. MacDonald U. Ibe 24/09/11 317. Rev. Fr. Peter IK. Ibe 24/09/11 318. Rev. Fr. Augustine Eziefule 24/09/11 319. Rev. Fr. James Onyenani 24/09/11 320. Rev. Fr. Christian Egwuekwe 24/09/11 321. Rev. Fr. Charles Ukachukwu 24/09/11 322. Rev. Fr. John Ukaha 24/09/11 323. Rev. Fr. Michael Uzoma Chukwu 24/09/11 324. Rev. Fr. Innocent Okoronkwo 24/09/11 325. Rev. Fr. Kingsley Nwankwo 24/09/11 326. Rev. Fr. Livinus Iroh 24/09/11 327. Rev. Fr. Canice Ofoegbu 24/09/11 328. Rev. Fr. Evans Igbudu 24/09/11329. Rev. Fr. Justus Oruh 24/09/11 330. Rev. Fr. Jonas Uwaezuoke 24/09/11 331. Rev. Fr. Colman Nwokoro 24/09/11 332. Rev. Fr. Kingsley Diaku 24/09/11 333. Rev. Fr. Daniel Abazie 24/09/11 334. Rev. Fr. Paschal Onyemelusi 24/09/11 335. Rev. Fr. Bernard Chukwuma 16/07/12 336. Rev. Fr. Theddeus Nnebedum 16/09/12 337. Rev. Fr. Anyanwu Columbus 22/09/12 338. Rev. Fr. Anthony Eziefule 22/09/12 339. Rev. Fr. Valentine Ezisi 22/09/12 340. Rev. Fr. Christopher Iloha 22/09/12 341. Rev. Fr. Jude Kingsley Maduka 22/09/12 342. Rev. Fr. Paschal Ndukwu 22/09/12 343. John Bosco Nwakonye 22/09/12 344. Rev. Fr. Joseph Nwaigwe 22/09/12 345. Rev. Fr. Jude Nwaokoro 22/09/12 346. Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Ogu 22/09/12 347. Rev. Fr. Valentine Ojiegbe 22/09/12 348. Rev. Fr. Michael Okafor 22/09/12 349. Rev. Fr. Celestine Okezie 22/09/12 350. Rev. Fr. Vincent Okpara 22/09/12 351. Rev. Fr. Andrew Ononiwu 22/09/12 352. Rev. Fr. John Onwumere 22/09/12 353. Rev. Fr. Stephen Ihekandu 26/09/13 354. Rev. Fr. Joseph Anabi 18/05/13 355. Rev. Fr. Raphael Nzekwe 18/05/13 356. Rev. Fr. Stephen Iheakandu 26/09/13 357. Rev. Fr. Moses Ezeji 26/09/13 358 Rev. Fr. Cosmas Onuegbu 26/09/13 359. Rev. Fr. Gregory Ugwunwanne 26/09/13
360. Rev. Fr. Chibuike Okeagu 26/09/13 361. Rev. Fr. Adolpus Ofokpara 26/09/13 362. Rev. Fr. Charles Nwachukwu 26/09/13 363. Rev. Fr. Precious Osuji 26/09/13 364. Rev. Fr. Franklin Okoro 26/09/13 365. Rev. Fr. Leonard Nwosu 26/09/13 366. Rev. Fr. Stanley Nnedu 26/09/13 367. Rev. Fr. Marcel Obasi 26/09/13 368. Rev. Fr. Innocent Chukwunyere 26/09/13 369. Rev. Fr. Ikedi Obikaonu 26/09/13 370. Rev. Fr. Anthony Ukaegbu 26/09/13 371. Rev. Fr. Chidiebere Obiodu 26/09/13 372. Rev. Fr. Vincent Onwukwe 27/09/14 373. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Awah 27/09/14 374. Rev. Fr. Uzoho Reginald 27/09/14 375. Rev. Fr. Iroka Reginald 27/09/14 376. Rev. Fr. Obioha Christian 27/09/14 377. Rev. Fr. Madubuike Charles 27/09/14 378. Rev. Fr. Oforma Linus 27/09/14 379. Rev. Fr. Obi Henry 27/09/14 380. Rev. Fr. Madu Raphael 27/09/14 381. Rev. Fr. Nwordu Anthony 27/09/14 382. Rev. Fr. Ogu Callistus 27/09/14 383. Rev. Fr. Ike Benneth 27/09/14 384. Rev. Fr. Nwoneke Eric-Davis 27/09/14 385. Rev. Fr. Onyeihe Anthony 27/09/14 386. Rev. Fr. Okwuolise Paulinus 27/09/14 387. Rev. Fr. Okafor Theophilus 27/09/14 388. Rev. Fr. Azubuike Emmanuel 27/09/14 389. Rev. Fr. Nwagwu Paul 27/09/14 390. Rev. Fr. Ohalete K


Vicar General I: V. Rev. Cajetan Ehiem 08036723500
Vicar General II: V. Rev. Bartholomew Nnaemedo 08034964375
Chancellor/Secretary: V. Rev. Fr. Prof. Simon Anyanwu 08063897006
Episcopal Vicar Okigwe Zone: V. Rev. Fr. Josephat Nwankwo 08025298707
Financial Administrator: V. Rev. Fr. Cletus Ehiem 08077842761
Assistant Financial Admin.: Rev. Fr. Chidiebere Obiodu 08032517019
Assistant Secretary I: Rev. Fr. Justus Oruh Chigozie. 08035572014
Assistant Secretary II: Rev. Fr. Stephen Iheakandu 08038953134
Cathedral Builder: V. Rev. Livinus Iroh 08062427083
Canon Penitentiary I: Rev. Fr. Donatus Uwa – Okigwe Canon Penitentiary II: Rev. Fr. Prof. Francis Nwachukwu-Etiti Legal Adviser (Internal Forum): Rev. Fr. Oliver Mbagwu 08037923252
Most Rev. Dr. S. A Amatu (Bishop) Very Rev. Fr. Cajetan Ehiem. (Vicar General I) Very Rev. Fr. Bartholonew Nnaemedo ( Vicar General II) Very Rev Fr. Simon Anyanwu Chancellor / Ecumenical (Commission) Rev. Fr. Francis Ihemeneke (Director, Pontifical Mission Work) Rev Fr. Anthony Dieme (Sacred Music) Very Rev. Msgr. D. Abiamiri (Apostolic Union of the Clergy) Rev. Fr. G. Ohagwu (Lay Apostolate Commission) Rev. Fr. Patrick Ugwaka (Liturgical Commission) Rev. Fr. Bernard lheoha (Priests Welfare Commission) Rev. Fr. Boniface Osuafor (Medical Commission )Rev. Fr. Michael Nwosu (II) (Catechetical Commission) Rev. Fr. Anthony Jiwuba (Justice, Dev, & Peace Comm.) Rev. Fr. Jude Nwachukwu (Seminary Commission.) Rev. Fr. Louis Nwankwo ( Inter-religious Dialogue Comm. ) Rev. Fr. Josephat Nwankwo (Pastoral Commission) Rev. Fr. John Iwe (Biblical Commission) Rev. Fr. Peter Anyanwu (Media Commission) Rev. Fr. Oliver Mbagwu (Land/Legal Commission) Rev. Fr. Michael Agbayi (Marriage and Family Life.)


Nursery/primary Schools.
Sancta Maria Nursery/Primary St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Okigwe Ancilla Nursery/Primary School c/o Handmaid Sisters, St. Paulโ€™s Parish, Nunya, Isuikwuato L.G.A.
Immaculate Heart Nursery/Primary School, Immaculate Heart Parish, Obowo.
C.K.C. Nursery/Primary School C.K.C. Parish, Anara Osu Holy Rosary Nursery/Primary School St. John’s, Anara Osu St. Patrick’s Nursery/Primary Umuezeala Owerri, Ehime Marist Comprehensive Nursery/Primary School UturuHoly Cross Nursery/Primary School Holy Cross Parish, Uturu Immaculate Conception Nursery /Primary School Queen of Apostles Parish, Umuchieze
St. Philip’s Nursery/Primary School, (Lokpanta).
St. Philip’s Parish In-building, Lokpanta, Umuchieze Madonna Nursery/Primary School (Umunumo) St. Charles Parish Umunumo, Ehime Mbano L.G.A.
Mercy Nursery/Primary School Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Isuikwuato.
Bethel Academy Nursery/Primary School Good Shepherd Parish, Mbanabo, Ihube Sacred Heart Nursery/Primary School. Sacred Heart Parish Umuna, Onumo L.G.A.
Assumption Model Nursery/Primary School Ukwunwangwu Uturu.
Mercy Nursery/Primary School Mater Dolorosa Parish, Ihitte.
C.K.C Nursery/Primary School C.K.C Parish Umuoke, Obowo.
Mercy Nursery/Primary School, Mercy Hospital Umulogho, Obowo.
Mercy Nursery/Primary School St. Vincent De Paul Hospital, Umunakanu Owerri, Ehime Perpetual Succour Nursery /Primary School Our. Lady of. Perpetual Succour Parish, Okwe.
Mercy Nursery/Primary School C.K.C. Parish in-building, Ngodo Isuochi.
Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus Nursery/Primary School Nkwoagu, Amuda, Isuochi.
Mercy Nursery/Primary School St. Anthony’s Parish, Umuozu, Ugiri.
St. Michael’s Nursery/Primary School, St Michael’s Parish, Ugirinna.
IHM Nursery/Primary School, Obowo IHM Parish, Obowo All Saints Nursery Primary School Avutu Obowo St. Patrick’s Nursery/Primary School Umuezealaowerre Ehime Holy Child Nursery/Primary School Umuosochie Obowo Society of St. Vincent De Paul Nursery/Primary Umunumo St. Patrick’s Nursery/Primary Ogbor, UgiriMother of God Model Nursery/Primary School Amanze Obowo.
Madonna Nursery/Primary School Ovim Seat of Wisdom Nursery/Primary School St. Benedict Amaraku, Isiala Mbano St. Rita Nursery/Primary School Ibeme, Isiala Mbano Guardian Angel Nursery/Primary School Dimneze Uboma Holy Family Nursery/Primary School Christ the King Parish, Ikperejere Uboma Commercial/Vocational Centres 1. Missionary Daughters of Divine Presence Home Economics Centre Amaeze (Ogii Parish) 2. St.Joseph’s Vocational /Industrial College Okwe (Perpetual Succuor Parish) 3. St. Anthony’s Vocational Training Institute Aku (Aku Parish) 4. Vocational Secondary School Agbaja.
5. Skills Acquisition Centre Umunumo SECONDARY (TECHNICAL)
Queen of Apostles’ Girls’
Secondary Technical School Okigwe
Queen of Apostles’ Boys Secondary School Ogii
Queen of Peace Girls’ Secondary Technical School Umueze 1, Ehime Immaculate Conception Secondary School Umuchieze Assumption Model Secondary Technical School Ukwunwangwu, Uturu
Queen of Apostles Secondary Technical School Umuobiala Isuikwuato Regina Caeli Girls Secondary School Umunachi, Osu Mercy Girls’ Secondary School Uboma
Queen of Apostles Boys Secondary School Ngodo Isuochi Queen of Apostles Secondary Technical School Eziama ,Nneato.
Queen of Apostles Girls Secondary Technical School Obollo Sancta Crux Academy Mbano Hqs. St. Maria Goretti Secondary Technical School Umulogho, Obowo Sacred Heart Secondary Technical College Amuzi Obowo.
Queen of Angels Boys Secondary School Umuezegwu, Ihitte/Uboma St. Augustine’s Model Secondary Technical School Amainyi, Ihitte Queen of Fatima International Academy Umuakagu, Nsu Christus Dominus Secondary Technical School Ezelu Okwe.
Queen of Apostles Girls Secondary Technical School Umuduru-Egbeaguru.
All Saints Model Tech. Sec.School Ugwaku
Queen of Angels Girls Secondary School Okwueze, Amuro.
Rex Christus Secondary Technical School
Ikpaeze 1, Aro-Ndizuogu-in -Building. St Patrick’s Secondary School Ehime
St Charles International Secondary School Okwelle Mater Dei Secondary School Arondizuogu St Paul’s High School Osu
Holy Cross Secondary School Uturu
St. Thomas Aquinas Model Secondary School Umuosochie Obowo. All Saints Technical Secondary School Ugwaku. Seat of Wisdom College Nkwoagu Isuochi Madonna Comprehensive College Ovim Isuikwuato, Abia State.
Bethel Comprehensive School, Good Shepherd Ihube
Christ the Redeemer College Osuachara Stella Maris Comprehensive Secondary School Agbaja, Ehime Mbano St. Anthony’s Sec. School Umunkwo Bishop Gregory Ochiagha College Ibeme Isiala Mbano.
St. Peter’s Seminary Okigwe St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary Ihitte /Uboma L.G.A.
St. Charles Borromeo Seminary Ehime Mbano Schools Of Nursing School of Nursing and Midwifery, Umulogho School of Nursing Isiala Mbano Hqs.
Hospitals Mercy Hospital Okwelle – Mercy Sisters Okwelle.
Hopeville Cottage Hospital Uturu, Isuikwuato L.G.A, Abia State H.H.C.J. Hospital Isuochi, Umunneochi L.G.A, Abia State St. Vincent De Paul Hospital, Umunakanu Owerre Ehime Mbano.
Joint Hospital Mbano Isiala Mbano L.G.A.
Our Lady of Mercy Hospital Umulogho, Obowo.
Mercy Maternity Okwelle, Onuimo L.G.A.
Mercy Maternity Okwe, Onuimo L.G.A.
Mercy Maternity Umuna, Onuimo L.G.A Mercy Maternity Osuachara, Isiala Mbano L.G.A.
Mercy Maternity Umukabia, Ehime Mbano L.G.A Holy Rosary Maternity Umueleke Holy Rosary Maternity House Agbaghara Nsu St. Joseph’s Maternity Home Ikpem
Mater Dei Maternity Home Dioka/Nzerem Health Care Delivery Queen of Peace Health Centre Nunya, Isuikwuato L.G.A. Abia State, c/o HHCJ Sisters, Nunya.
Primary Health Care Centre Ikpem Co-ordinator: Rev. Mother Joseph Uzoigwe Divine Infant Jesus Health Centre Ndiogbuonyeoma Ndiuche, Arondizuogu.
Mercy And Charity Hopeville Rehabilitation Centre, Uturu (Marist Brothers)Motherless Babies Home and Orphanage, Okwelle (Mercy Sisters.)


S/N Name Date of Ord. Departed 1. Very Rev. Fr. Adolphus Osuji 05/08/62 03/03/92 2 Rev. Fr. Richard Onyeocha 11/12/66 25/05/93 3. Rev. Fr. Michael Anyanwu 05/05/73 17/11/95 4. Rev. Fr. Richard Onyegbule 05/05/73 13/07/99 5 Rev. Fr. Donatus Emeagi 1980 13/05/01 6 Rev. Fr. Martin Diribe 26/07/02 02/11/02 7. Rev. Fr. Godwin Nwachukwu 11/07/81 18/12/02 8. Rev. Fr. Cletus Nwachukwu 14/02/82 08/10/04 9 Rev. Fr. Innocent Okeke 18/12/99 29 /12/05 10. Rev. Fr. Pantaleon Iroegbu 05/07/80 24/02/06. 11. Rev. Fr. Justin Onwuka 18/04/71 15/02/07 12. Rev. Fr. Bernard Nwordu 05/04/75 02/10/08 13. Rev. Fr. Rowland Nkemakolam 21/08/10 10/11/10 14. Rev. Fr. Austin Ihekweme 14/06/92 15/04/11 15. Rev. Fr. Christopher E. Asuzo 30/08/02 07/12/11 16. Rev. Fr. Philip Anusionwu 13/09/69 06/09/12 17. Rev. Fr. Eugene Okafor 05/05/73 11/07/13 18. Rev. Fr. Basil Udechukwu 05/07/80 30/09/13 19. Rev. Fr. Raymond Onyidika 08/07/79 13/12/13 20. Rev. Fr. Magnus Anokwuru 14/02/82 13/10/14 21. Rev. Fr. Oliver Okeke 31/08/02 16/04/15 22. Rev. Fr. Gerald Onuoha


Abia State University, Uturu: St. Augustine’s Chaplaincy ACHA: St. Martin’s ACHARA, OBOWO: St. Joseph ACHARA UTURU: St. Michael’s ACHINGALI OBOWO in Building AGBAJA: Our Lady of Victorie AGBOBU in Building AKAEME NDUKA / AKUNWATA
St Mary’s Chaplaincy AKPUKPA/NDUDU UTURU
in Building AKU in Building ALIKE OBOWO: Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish AMANZE/UMUAGU:
St. Anthony’s AMARAKU: St. Benedict’s AMAUZARI: St. Theresa’s AMINYINTA: St. Michael’s AMINYIUKWU (St. Theresa’s) CHIBUGWUMBA
AMUZI: St. Mary’s ANARA: C.K.P.
in Building DIM-NA-EZE, UBOMA: Corpus ti DIOKA NZEREM: Holy Rosary In Building (EHIME: C.K.C) ST. CHRISTOPHER
EHIME: Immaculate Conception EHIME: St. Patrick’s EHUME: Regina Caeli ELUAMA: St. Anne’s EZIAMA-NNEATO: Holy Family EZIAMA OBOH, OSU: St. Mary’s EZINACHI/UGWAKU: C.K.C
St Joseph IKPEM in Building IKPEREJERE: Christ The King ISIAMA OSUOWERRE,
St. Mary’s ISUIKWUATO: Our Lady of Fatima ISUNABO UTURU in building ISUOCHI: Holy Trinity LEKWESI St Philomena LOKPANTA: St Philip LOWA (St. Patrick’s) Ugonna MBAMA: St. Anthony’s MBANO HQS: St. Jude’s MBATO: Holy Family MBEKE: St. Peter’s MGBELUMUNNEKWU
St. Mary’s Chaplaincy NGODO, ISUOCHI:
Sacred Heart NKUMEATO in Building NNEATO: Maria Assumpta NSU: St. Columba’s NZEREM: Holy Trinity ZEREM UMUOMA: St. Theresa’s NUNYA: St. Paul’s OBOLLO: St. Theresa’s OBOWO: Immaculate Heart OBULO EZIAMA NNEATO
OGII: All Saints in Building
ARO OGII: Ohengene/Amankwu St. Michael’s Parish in Building OKA, ISIALA MBANO:
St. Benedict’s OKIGWE: St. Mary’s OKIGWE: Cathedral of Immaculate Conception In Building OKIGWE: Low Cost Chaplaincy OKWE: Perpetual Succour OKWELLE: St. Charles OKWUOHIA: St. Bridget’s OSU: St. Paul’s OSUACHARA: St. Theresa’s OVIM: St. Peter’s OZARA: St Agnes in Building UBOMA: Holy Ghost UBOMA: St. Anthony’s UBOMA: Holy Trinity in Building Uboma: Holy trinity Parish in Building Abueke UGIRI: St. Patrick’s UGIRINNA: St. Michael’s UKWUNWANGWU in Building UMUAKAGU NSU:
Immaculate Heart of Mary UMUALUMAKU: St. Joseph’s UMUALUMOKE: Holy Family UMUANUNU/UMUNOHU:
Holy Ghost UMUARIAM:
Our Lady of Assumption UMUARIAM: Queen of Peace UMUARO II OSU in Building UMUCHIEZE: Queen of Apostles UMUCHEKE, OKWE:
St. Joseph’s UMUDERIM- IHITTE: St Peter’s Parish in Building UMUDURU, ISIALA MBANO:
St Gregory’s Parish in Building UMUDURU/UMUOPARA NSU:
Our Lady of Lourdes UMUEBIE: Archangel’s Parish UMUEHIE, ANARA: Holy Rosary UMUELEKE: St. Michael’s UMUEZE I: St. Michael’s UMUEZE II (OMAEKE): St. Jude UMUEZEALAMA: St. Paul’s UMUEZEALA NSU in Building UMUEZEALA OGWARA:
St. Michael’s UMUEZEGWU: St. Francis UMUEZEGWU: St. Patrick’s UMUIHI IHITTE: St. Mary’s UMUKA/UMUOPARA:
St. Anthony’s UMUKABIA, Madonna Parish UMUKABIA: St. Michael’s UMULOGHO: St. Peter’s UMULUWE AJIRIJA/UMUDURU
in Building UMUNA: Sacred Heart UMUNACHI: St. Anthony’s UMUNACHI, OBOWO:
St. Theresa’s UMUNCHI: C.K.C.
UMUNEKE: St. Philomena’s UMUNGWA Obowo Parish In Building St. Damians UMUNOHU: St. Peter’s UMUNUMO: St. Charles UMUNUMO: St. Ignatius UMUOBIALA, ISUIKWUATO:
St. Francis UMUOKE: Christ The King UMUOKORO UMUNKWO,
St. John’s UMUOMA UBOMA Our Lady of Loudes in Building UMUOPARA UGIRI: St. Michael’s
Parish in Building UMUOSOCHIE: St. Thomas Aquinas UMUOZU: St. Anthony’s UTURU: Holy Cross UTURU: Gregory University UTURU: Marist Chaplaincy UWAKAONYE/ANICHE/
IKPAKWU in Building


Daughters Of Mary Mother Of Mercy (DMMM)
Mercy Convent, Okwelle Mercy Convent, Umulogho Mercy Convent, Okigwe I โ€“ 08037335351
Mercy Convent, Okigwe Ii Mercy Convent, Ehime I Mercy Convent, Ehime Ii Mercy Convent, Umueze I Mercy Convent, Isuochi Mercy Convent, Umuozu -08035366035
Mercy Convent, Uboma Mercy Convent, Ihitte Mercy Convent, Umuohiri OsuacharaMercy Convent, Nzerem Mercy Convent, Ihube Mercy Convent, Uturu University Sisters Of Assumption (USOA)
Uturu Community Immaculate Heart Of Mary Sisters, IHM
IHM Mbano Convent (Phone No: 07032024207) Handmaids Of The Holy Child Jesus, HHCJ Etiti Community Isuochi Community Nunya Community Okigwe Community (Phone No: 08135206576) Parish Visitors Of Mary Immaculate (PVMI) Our Lady of the Visitation Convent, Umuihi Ihitte Email: May_1920 @ yahoo.com Tel: 082440216; 07082660848 Missionary Daughters Of Divine Presence, MDDP Mother House, Ogii Okigwe (Phone No: 08063041056) Ogii Community โ€“ 07031591815 Ugirinna Community Umunachi Community Ubaha Community (Okigwe) Nneato Community Mgbelu Isuikwuato Community Anara Community Umunohu Amakohia Ihitte Gregory University Uturu Community Ugwaku Community
The Sisters Of The Two Hearts Of Love Okigwe Community (Phone No. 08038080681) Umunumo Ehime Mbano Community Daughters Of Divine Love, DDL Okigwe Community โ€“ 07031901622 Ikperejere Community Ndiogbuonyeoma Arondizuogu Community
Passionist Sisters Of St. Paul Of The Cross Ogbor Ugiri Community 08037432081, 07065088667
Holy Family Sisters Of The Needy Obowo Community 08136257037