June 16, 2024
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Registration End 22nd of March 2022..

In a democratic Governance, the Power of Who to Elect is bestowed on the people, the choice to either sell off their Vote or trade it for Food stuff, Transportation, or Clearance of temporarily Bill is dependent on Individual.

It is On this note, the Christian Association of Nigeria OyoState Chapter Cousel, advice and Sensitize the members of the Public on the Importance of their Participation in the coming Election.

Do not Just Obtain Your Voters Card, but be prepared to Participate in the Voting Process, Do not sell your Vote for any reason because the same condition that make you trade or sell off your Vote will continue, if you vote for the wrong Person at that Time your Cry, regret and Hardship, will continue for another TENURE.

Inec will not Count Prayers, Inec will not count Fasting, Inec is only Interested in your Vote as such they can work with to ensure Justice, God will not Come down to Elect for the Masses he only need you to Pray and Carefully Obtain your Voters Card while you do the Voting.

Obtain your Voters Card today and Vote for the Right Person and For the Right Reason.

ยฉDr.Olamide Olanrewaju
ยฉChristian Association of Nigeria (Oyo State Chapter)


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