July 22, 2024
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The Population Research Institute (PRI), a Non-Profit Organization with its headquarters in the USA, has donated a state of the art ultrasound scan machine to Our Lady Catholic Hospital, Iseyin, Oyo State. This was made possible through Bishop Badejo and the patronage of Dr Theresa Okafor, a committed pro lifer and strong advocate of Marriage and Family Life. She is a director of the Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (FACH) and the CEO of Life League.

At the occasion which took place on Sunday, November 7, 2021, in the hospital hall, the Matron of the hospital, Rev. Sr. Teresa Peter SSL,ย while welcoming all present, gave a citation on Dr. Okafor, whose grand personality and the positive impact she is making worldwide, on issues of Pro-Life, are quite evident in her CV. This was further confirmed when Dr. Okafor took the stage. She explained the reason why Our Lady Hospital, was chosen by the Population Research Institute, to be the recipient of the ultrasound scan machine. According to Dr. Okafor, the influence and contributions of Bishop Emmanuel Badejo, to various Pro-Life activities both within and outside Nigeria, contributed in no small measure to why the ultrasound scan machine is being donated to the hospital. She explained to those present that it is the focus of the Research Institute to promote life, because our future lies in saving babies. More importantly the children are the faith future of our world. She noted the danger and the negative impact of nudity and pornography, through which the devil is attacking, the family, education and marriage. This of course results in the difficulty of those who seek to influence the culture with the new language of tolerance and other euphemistic expressions, such as referring to the evil of abortion as reproductive rights.ย  It for this that it is necessary for all to be actively involved in safeguarding and promoting the culture of life and respect for life. Dr. Okafor said emphatically, that it is not likely that a woman who has had the opportunity to see her child, in her womb, with a consistent heartbeat and other growth,ย  through the instrumentality of an ultrasound machine,ย  will request that such a baby be aborted. Hence, the reason behind the donation of the scan machine to the hospital. The more cheering news is that, the Population Research Institute usually makes a careful choice in her donation. As such, in the whole of Nigeria, Our Lady’s, Iseyin, is only the second hospital, to have received such an ultra-modern ultrasound scan machine. Dr. Okafor entertained some questions and took other comments from those present.

In his remarks, Bishop Emmanuel Badejo thanked Dr. Okafor, for her relentless efforts in being an “unrepentant Pro-Lifer”, and for making sure that Our Lady Hospital, got the donation of the scan machine. He asserted that the machine will definitely benefit the hospital in no small measure, being one of the institutions through which the Church performs the important responsibility of reaching out to the people of Iseyin and Oke Ogun in general. The bishop called for more support and backing for those who know the truth about being Pro-Life, so that they can turn the tide around from the fake news of the deceptive language and cultural imperialism. He expressed his joy at having all the priests in Iseyin Deanery, the female religious, the representatives of the lay faithful and the staff members of the hospital in attendance. There was a light musical interlude by the Chaplain to the hospital and the Dean of Iseyin Deanery, Rev. Fr. Martin Badejo, with the Sisters of St Louis.

After the formal presentation of the ultrasound machine to the Matron and Chief Medical Director of the hospital, there was a closing prayer and group photographs were taken. Others present at the occasion were the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Jack Ngawono, and the Members of the Hospital Board.

– Correspondent, St. John the Baptist, Iseyin.

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