June 19, 2024
Reflections / Sermons


Events in history is similar to a spider’s web. Tiny strands connect to form a whole network of webs. Human activities are strands that make a great web. Mary and Joseph humble presentation of Jesus in the Temple fulfils the prophecy for Simeon the High Priest who must see the messiah before passing on. It brought to light the legacy of Anna the Prophetess who lived for God her whole life. It highlighted the future experience of Mary the Mother of God- a sword will pierce through your soul. It reinforced the identity of the baby Jesus who grew to maturity in wisdom and favour before God and men. Our humble Yes to God’s will perfects God’s plan in our lives and others’. Joseph and Mary offered a simple offering of turtle doves (Lev. 12:8) but it brought blessings to others and fulfilled history (Lk 2:22-40). It is not how expensive our sacrifice is but our timely obedience and sincerity that matters. Let us say Yes to God’s command to us today and weave the beautiful history of salvation around us. May you act in faith and fulfil God’s purpose in your life and others through Christ our Lord.

Fr Christopher Ogaga

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