June 20, 2024
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5 implications of AI to humanity: Bishop Ajang breaks down Pope Francis 2024 WCD message

In the wake of the evolving Artificial Intelligence technology and its potential effect on humanity, the Episcopal Chairman on Social Communications, Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), Most Rev David Ajang, pointed out 5 lessons and its implications on humanity from Pope Francis message for the 2024 World Communications Day (WCD) celebration on the theme: “Artificial intelligence and wisdom of the heart for a fully human communication.”

In his homily at the Mass for the World Communications Day celebration at St. John Parish, Mararaba, Catholic Diocese of Lafia recently, Bishop Ajang who is also the Local Ordinary of Lafia Diocese, noted that from the Holy Father’s message, Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world of information and communication, affecting everyone, not just professionals, and called for necessary precaution in its applications even with the excitement and confusion that comes with rapid innovation.

On the other hand, the Prelate observed the Pope’s emphasizes on the importance of the human heart, symbolizing freedom, decision-making, integrity, and unity, and encouraged all to engage their emotions, desires, and dreams, and encounter God in the inward place of their heart.

Consequently, Bishop Ajang pointed out that the wisdom of the heart enables humans to integrate various aspects of life, by putting God first above all things. He maintained that in this way, one can become truly and fully human and be guided toward a purposeful life and authentic communication.

Furthermore, the homilist appealed that as technology advances, one must not lose sight of humanity, but that all should rather engage AI with openness and sensitivity. Emphasizing that AI must never replace human beings, he admonished that all must strive to become a new kind of human being with deeper spirituality, freedom, and maturity by putting humanity first in all things.

On a final note, the Cleric affirmed that Artificial Intelligence is a tool that can effectively build community if properly deployed, even as it remains subject to the Almighty Intelligence (God), and to His creatures (human beings who are made in His image).

The Mass for the 58th World Communications Day celebration, also commemorated the conclusion of the 3rd edition of the Communications Week (ComWEEK) celebration; a week-long media literacy programme for the church in Nigeria.

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