June 14, 2024
Reflections By Rev. Fr. David Okolie



Rev. Fr. David Okolie

Just recently, dearest friends, I had an interaction with a friend of mine during which he expressed his disappointment towards his Alma mater (the Secondary school he attended), because of how the school has fallen from the *pinnacle of EXCELLENCE to the oblivion of MEDIOCRITY.* According to him, he came to the above knowledge after he discovered that the EXCELLENCE found on the certificate of a number of the candidates from the institution do not synchronize with the quality of the candidates in question, both in KNOWLEDGE and CHARACTER.

After a long discussion, this my friend concluded that either this his Prestigious Alma mater has clearly joined the League of Exam Miracle Centres (i.e. Schools that are Distinguished for Examination Malpractice) or that the principal and teachers now turn blind eyes to the Exam activities of the students which certainly fall short of EXCELLENCE. He further wondered if the teachers there are still of the required quality.

👉🏼Well, after that our interaction, I thought about an aspect of school system that some students, principals, teachers and proprietors of schools may not have been considering. That aspect is the very Connection between the Certificates that bear the NAME of the SCHOOL and then the QUALITY of the Candidates that bear these Certificates.

👉🏼The truth remains that the Certificate either MAKES or MARS the INTEGRITY of both the Candidate and the Institution; not excluding the Proprietor and the Teachers. If the Certificate is Excellent and the Candidate’s Knowledge and Character synchronize with the certificate, no doubt, the GOOD NAME of the school will continue to spread like wildfire. However, the school would come to be known as GOOD for NOTHING when the candidates that graduate from the school brandish Questionable Grades on their certificates which do not synchronize with either their knowledge or their character.

👉🏼Therefore, dearest friends (Teachers, Parents, Principals, Proprietors, etc.), there is no gain sacrificing the GOOD NAME of your school just because of EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE and the EMPTY material gains that are attached to it. Always remember the saying that: ‘Good NAME is better than RICHES.’

Finally, let me ask you, dearest friends, would you be proud to talk about your Alma mater, if it has degenerated into a Den of EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE ?

We sincerely wish all those writing their final examinations a maximum success🙏🏼

Remain blessed🙏🏽

Rev. Fr. David Okolie is a Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria. He is a prolific writer, retreat preacher and social media evangelizer.

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