July 22, 2024
Reflections By Rev. Fr. David Okolie



Rev. Fr. David Okolie

Dearest friends, there is great JOY all over the world because of the fulfilment of the Promise that Jesus Christ made to us — ‘To send the Holy Spirit to us‘ (cf. Jn 14:16-18, 26).

The coming of the Holy Spirit is so important to us because of the Spiritual Riches that he comes with. The Catechetical Tradition outlined these Spiritual Riches (GIFTS of the Holy Spirit) as follows: “Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord” (cf. CCC n. 1831). Again, this same Holy Spirit forms in those who receive him SPECIAL PERFECTIONS which the tradition of the Church calls ‘FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT’; they include: ‘Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Generosity, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Modesty, Self-control, Chastity’ (cf. CCC n. 1832).

👉🏼Dearest friends, please, gently take a look at the above GIFTS and FRUITS of the Holy Spirit once again. Would you not really want your entire life to be ALWAYS filled with them?

👉🏼Now, while Jesus Christ has graciously fulfilled his Promise today by sending to us the Holy Spirit, the Scripture reminds you and I of this possible carelessness: “DO NOT SADEN the Holy Spirit of God by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption” (cf. Eph 4:30). Remember that the Holy Spirit can be SADDENED when we begin to yield to the DESIRES of the FLESH; namely: ‘Sexual immorality, Lust, Licentiousness, Idolatry, Sorcery, Enmity, Strife, Jealousy, Anger, Selfishness, Dissension, Party spirit, Envy, Drunkenness, Carousing, etc.” (cf. Gal 5:16-21). Indeed, the Holy Spirit cannot dwell in a person whose life is filled with the above.

We pray the Blessed Virgin Mary to always support us with her powerful intercession. Amen🙏🏼

Remain blessed🙏🏼

Rev. Fr. David Okolie is a Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe, Imo State, Nigeria. He is a prolific writer, retreat preacher and social media evangelizer.

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